By: Scot Bear Re: Letter re: Gay Marriage Editor The Providence Journal 75 Fountain St., P

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By: Scot Bear Re: Letter re: Gay Marriage Editor The Providence Journal 75 Fountain St., Providence, RI 02902 Dear Sir: One of the sadest traits which I frequently see in persons growing older in America is the loss of understanding that society is a dynamic institution. Society, its behavior and even its moral precepts, move and either we move with them or we are left in a tangle of inappropriate and outmoded mores. Martin Mawyer, who wrote the article on SAME-SEX MARRIAGE that appeared in your January 10th issue, reflects that intransigence that opts to return America to the Victorian era of a century ago. We do not live in a era of lower moral values than formerly...rather we live in times of greater openness, we live in times of greater personal honesty, we live in times of the truthfulness of our being. The Christian Right has long tried to convince people of their clearly erroneous idea that gayness is a willfully made moral wrong turn rather than to recognize what the fields of medicine, biology, psychology and sociology clearly tell us...that sexual orientation, whether from genetic or other causes, is present from birth. It is not a preference...a choice,it is a fixed aspect of our being from birth. By the same token,heterosexuals of whatever age cannot be "recruited" to homosexuality, nor can homosexuals be "cured" of their God-given traits, despite frequent untruths to the contrary. Homosexuals are people...honest, striving people contributing to the enrichment of mankind in many ways. We do both them and ourself an injustice in relegating them to second class citizenship. In the matter of same-sex marriage, the supreme court of Hawai'i has spoken wisdom in declaring that unless the state can find a compelling interest in preventing same-sex marriage, it should go forward as permitted by law. They are right, of course, if only America can shed itself of the straight-jacket of long outworn Victorian ideals! Mawyer, along with others, err in yet another way. The argument that marriage must entail procreation seems ludicrous in a time when hardly a single socioeconomic ill, within our country and elsewhere, cannot be traced to a burgeoning overpopulation that threatens the concept of "family" to a far greater degree than does same-sex marriage. The time has arrived, I believe, when we need to give far more mature consideration to these matters of same-sex marriage and family. A loving couple, regardless of sex, are indeed a family perhaps in a concept not fully appreciated until now. Cardinal Basil Hume said it most eloquently: "Love between two persons, whether of the same sex or of a different sex,is to be treasured and respected....To love another, whether of the same sex or of a different sex, is to have entered the area of the richest human experience. Bob Hosley Bozeman, MT 59715 [From GayNews...]


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