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By: Fredric Rice To: Captain Fuck Re: Hate the fag! Hate the fag! dp> death; their bloodguilt rests upon them. FR> This was Rabbinic Law. Greeks and Romans were not FR> subject under that law, only Jews. Additionally, the FR> Greeks used to consider the taking of young male lovers FR> to be perfectly acceptable and nothing unusual. cf> Can you provide a reference for that statement, outside cf> of Roman literature intended as sarcasm? Which statement, specifically? That homosexuality was perfectly acceptable to the Greeks or that the Rabbinic Law only pertained to Jews? I'll answer both as the sources are the same. The Hellenic practice of erotic involvement with young men dates back quite a ways yet in 1958 Dr. Morton Smith, Emeritus Professor of Ancient History at Columbia University found a letter at Mar Saba which was from a founder of the Christian religion named Clement of Alexandria. The founder comments about a version of Mark which contains passages that do not appear in the versions of the bible we see today. Mark 10:46, for example, is missing the reason for a visit to Jericho which the later rewrites called Matthew 20:29 and Luke 18:35 elected to fix simply by deleting any mention of the trip. The section which was removed covered Jesus's stay in Jericho. "And the sister of the youth whom Jesus loved and his mother and Salome were there, and Jesus did not recieve them." -- "The Secret Gospel" (New York Harper & Row, 1973) written by Morton Smith. -- Clement of Alexandria and a Secret Gospel of Mark (Camvbridge, Mass. Havard University Press, 1973.) FR> Jesus took a young male lover, in fact, and wrestled FR> naked. When Rabbis came to arrest Jesus, his lover was FR> wearing only a loin cloth which was torn off as he made FR> his escape. cf> So Jesus must have been a Sumo wrestler, eh? No, to answer your question. He wrestled in the Greek tradition, fully unclothed with the swinging dick tied back with a leather thong. cf> I wonder what Hulk Hogan would think of your idea that cf> wrestling and sex are one and the same. In fact, I would get a cf> kick out of being there when you asked him. That's just it. It was highly erotic to the minds of the sick yet merely a sport for the rest of the people. (Yes, I would have enjoyed watching women wrestle naked as well, provided I got to be pinned to the mat a few times, too.) --- * Origin: Creationist: Why yes, Rome _was_ built in a day. (1:102/890.666)


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