Summary: It looks like a fake, but I don't know..... This message appeared on the GEnie on

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Summary: It looks like a fake, but I don't know..... This message appeared on the GEnie online service. I am the sysop of the gay & lesbian issues forum and this was entered by one of our users: ------------ Public Forum RT * Page 545 Category 16, Topic 14 Message 272 Fri Nov 06, 1992 Since this came unsolicited in my mail I do not need permission to quote it in it's entirety, and I think you should all see it. It comes from the Oregon Citizens' Alliance, the group that worked to put Measure 9 on the ballot in oregon. Dear Fellow Christian, As you know, we members and supporters of the O.C.A. have long been engaged in a Holy War against the "MILITANT HOMOSEXUAL LOBBY" and their pedophilic agenda to legalize sex with our minor children. Many lessons have been learned. We know that fighting the devil and his homosexual disciples within our political system is fruitless. Their perverted lobby, Satanic in nature, is extremely powerful and cannot be overcome or changed through man's laws alone. They can and will be defeated when all Christians unite. We must observe and implement God's methods to exterminate homosexuals as laid out and proscribed to us in detail by our Heavenly Father as found in His Holy Bible. -Execution-, -Castration-, -Imprisonment-! God's solutions!!! Plain and simple. The Bible commands you to raise up the "Sword of Righteousness" and slash the throat of the perverted heathen. Show your compassion for the soul of the tortured homosexual by bleeding his death. -This is an act of True Mercy-. You have freed this possessed pervert. "So Commandeth Your Holy Father." We all realize this is a difficult Commandment to adhere to as we are compassionate children of a kind God. But you -must- remember, -we are the only true children of God- and we have been commanded by God himself through the Bible to seek out and destroy those who would rape and recruit our male children. Jehovah compels us to protect our children. Remember Sodom and Gomorrah. Demonstrate your love for Jesus and for your children! The hope for a future without homosexuals is dependent on your faith and willingness to implement our Heavenly Father's plan as laid out in our Holy Bible. Join us in our Blessed Crusade to save the children of Oregon. Support the Oregon Citizens' Alliance. A public service message brought to you by the Ecumenical Christian Council and the many supporters of the oregon Citizens' Alliance. For more information please contact your local branch of the Oregon Citizens' Alliance. Should you know the names of suspected or self-admitted homosexuals, please send their names, addresses and phone numbers to the O.C.A. Homosexual Names Collection Division (H.N.C.D.) in your area. In Jesus' Name, God Bless you! ------------ The user has been discussing it there with others, and many expressed shock and outrage. I have asked for a copy of the actual letter, but I wanted to see if any of you in soc.motss or alt.politics.homosexuality land had seen or heard about this letter. Based on the generalized advice in the last paragraph instead of an acctual address or phone number, I feel this may be a hoax letter sent out to look as if it came from the OCA, in order to further escalate the fight... but with these folks, you never know. How stupid is stupid? -- -Ric __ __ __ \/ \/ Graffiti BBS 404 972-4999 \/ GEnie: GRAFFITI PO Box 3176, Lithonia GA 30058


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