Quote from the Booklet: +quot;DEATH PENALTY for HOMOSEXUALS is Prescribed \ in the Bible+q

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Quote from the Booklet: "DEATH PENALTY for HOMOSEXUALS is Prescribed \ in the Bible" "The truth of the matter is, in one respect, homosexuals are far more virtuous than are the lukewarm, cowardly, goody goody, praise the Lord Judeo-Christians. Homosexuals are willing to promote their life style, endure public scorn and rejection if necessary, rally to the aid of another homosexual, fight any who oppose their life style. Unlike the modern day, lukewarm Judeo-Christian, they are radicals and extremists. To Jesus they are far more acceptable than these useless so called "Christians". "I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot; I would that you were cold or hot. So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit (vomit) you out of My mouth." Rev. 3:15,16 (NAV) To the Homosexual, it should be said that you've made great gains in promoting your lifestyle. You have and continue to fight courageously. You want to eliminate discrimination and intolerance against homosexuals and have fought hard to eliminate any laws that would discriminate against you. DON'T YOU BECOME LUKEWARM HYPOCRITES LIKE THOSE SO-CALLED CHRISTIANS IN THE CHURCHES. Go after the Bible Law, also. Demand that the Bible be outlawed as hate literature or some such thing. At the very least, demand that these Bible Scriptures be removed that discriminate against you. It shouldn't be that hard. The so-called Christians didn't put up much of a fight when a few black robed individuals demanded the Bible be removed from their schools, so it shouldn't be that hard to remove it entirely or at least those Bible Scriptures that oppose you. Perhaps you could start off by promoting a law of man that demands all Bible translations be revised to eliminate discrimination and intolerance concerning homosexuals. Do it in the name of love, peace and harmony. In fact, you could even do it in the name of Christianity using the cross and a passivist, effeminate looking Jesus on a banner for such a crusade. Maybe you could use a slogan such as, "Jesus loves homosexuals, why don't you?" on the banner and those who oppose you, you can label as haters, radicals, extremists, bigots, etc. It shouldn't be that hard to do. Let's face it. You'll have plenty of help from the liberal media and there are plenty of politicians that will fall all over themselves to help you as long as you'll vote for them. At first, you could do this on a state by state basis. Perhaps you could make it so that all Christians or churches have to certify they will use on the revised, non-discriminatory Bibles. Most churches are state incorporated and thus will do what their masters, such as the Secretary of State; tells them. Any church that refuses can then be hauled into court by the state attorney general's office. The judges (who may fear the homosexual crowd more than God or who may be one themselves) will then uphold state imposed fines against that church and the pastor of that church. Don't worry about the other churches rallying to the cause because they don't want to offend anyone and risk a drop in attendance (bad business you know). Besides, tell them that Romans chpt 13 says they have to obey the authorities. later, the law could be expanded to require all Christians to register their Bibles and all unsanitized Bibles be confiscated least one falls into the hands of an extremist and he begins to believe and someone gets hurt. You homosexuals should think about this project very seriously. You can do it. You've showed more courage and fight than those so-called Christian "soldiers" who oppose you by trying to strike down pro- homosexual city ordinances that you've worked so hard to get. You really believe in your life style. They don't even believe or promote all the Bible Scriptures concerning homosexuality. Obviously they don't fully believe their Bibles so they wont fight that hard when you demand the revision of their Bibles. Think about it. For the truth is, unless you take action along these lines, you stand in danger. For someone's liable to start reading and believing the Bible as it now stands. If that happens, then it's all over for you.


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