By: John Passaniti To: Fredric Rice Re: Christian cannibalism +gt; Yes, Christian cannibal

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By: John Passaniti To: Fredric Rice Re: Christian cannibalism > Yes, Christian cannibalism is quite disgusting. I suspect > that the practice of ritual symbolic cannibalism in > Christianity stems from the belief that if they eat their > gods, they can become like them. Funny, I found it strangely erotic. I grew up as a Roman Catholic, and went to a Roman Catholic school. That means I was constantly surrounded by icons of Christ on the cross. At church was the largest of these icons, featuring a larger-than-life Christ looking down on the altar. Concurrent with this, I was beginning to come to terms with my sexuality. And for the latter years in that Christ cult, the image of that semi-nude man on the cross was increasingly fascinating to me. The Christ icon we had featured a very nicely proportioned man that was lovingly carved by someone who had an eye for male anatomy. The trace of clothing he had suggestively rippled in just the right places. Anyway, for years I had been going to Mass, and had been enjoying the bland flavor of the Eucharist. But with the convergence of my understanding of the "mystery" of the transsubstantiation along with coping with my sexuality, I had a funny thought. Christ was the first man inside my mouth. Just think of it. Here I am, an impressionable young boy looking up at a icon of a nearly-naked man. The priest stands before me. I open my mouth. He places Christ in my mouth. I slowly suck the wafer until it has dissolved, leaving a funny taste in my mouth that lasts for an hour. It was Christ's body right? Well, what part of his body? While I was chowing-down on Jesus, was I really kissing his lips, or tickling his chest with my tounge, or was I somewhere lower? My first sexual experience with another man wouldn't happen for several years after I left that school. Between those two events, I lost my faith, started to accept a more rational stance in my life, and went on to free myself of a few more shackles on my life-- most caused by my religious upbringing. I used to be a Roman Catholic, but thankfully, there was a cure.


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