Subject: Fundimentalism vs Gays. The profound increase in Gay Bashings by the religious co

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From: Laura Masters Subject: Fundimentalism vs Gays. The profound increase in Gay Bashings by the religious community makes this necessary. ========================================================== To all religious fundimentalists: PLEASE STOP TRYING TO TELL ME HOW TO LIVE MY LIFE You simply have no right -morally or legally- to step into my life and make decisions for me, without any knowledge of who I am or what my life is really all about. Yes I mean this, you simply have no right. The "Divine Directive" so many of you expouse is nothing more than a justification you use to deal with your own revulsion and fear at encountering someone who is different than you are. In fact I strongly suspect that in many cases that is the reason that you have turned to religion in the first place. You seek the resolution for your insecurities in the words of a 5000 year old morality, written by people who were often just as insecure and confused as you are. Many Fundimentalists are apparently sick with anger and hatred. They seek to enforce a morality that has been outdated for centuries. They make a leap of faith that can only be made by going into deep denial of human nature. In the end you find yourself unable to make a move in your life without attributing it to God. If I were to label Your mindset I would use the word "paranoid". My life on the other hand, embrases Human Nature as the source of true understanding and God as a loving being who has provided -through his Son- a wonderous phylosophy of love and caring for our fellow man. I carry no judgements for anyone and am quite at ease to stand before my maker on the judgement day and plead my case. I don't fear death because I have lived a life of love and genuine concern for my fellow man. Yes, it is true. As a transsexual I have been given a very unusual life to live, but I believe that in the grand scheme of things there is a reason for this, and I accept and embrace what God has seen fit to challenge me with. Why then is it that YOU seek to force me into denial, and away from God's predestiny for my life? What right do you assume to have that permits you to usurp God's wisdom? I strongly suggest that if you are anti-gay you consider how much you are HURTING your fellow man every time you start expousing the word of our creator as an arguement to change their lives... Are you truly loving and caring about the person?... or are you venting your anger at living in a forced denial that wants you to see the variety in this world through incredulous eyes? /Laura Masters


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