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From Thu Jun 24 16:19:47 1993 Received: from by (5.59/SMI4.0/RU1.5/3.08) id AA16937; Thu, 24 Jun 93 16:19:47 EDT Received: from by (4.1/SMI-4.1) id AA01034; Thu, 24 Jun 93 20:17:40 GMT Received: by (4.1/SMI-4.1) id AA13715; Thu, 24 Jun 93 15:21:02 CDT Date: Thu, 24 Jun 93 15:21:02 CDT From: (Paul Farrar) Message-Id: <> To: Subject: Film Rumor You may post this if you wish. Boy this is an ooooold one. This has been making the church bulletin circuit for about 15 years. Looks like it oozed across the equator to the antipodes. It's not a complete hoax, though. The film was made, in Germany, in about 1977. I can't give the exact year. I did hear an interview with the maker on TV. I encountered the story again (church bulletin, of course) in the 80s. We were ordered to send letters of outrage to somebody or another. One clue is the attorney general. William Scott was AG in Illinois from 1969. I can't find when his term ended, but he was in in 78, but out in 81. The IL AG office probably has a form letter on this, since they probably have been getting regular tranches of letters from outraged bulletin readers for a decade or more. PDF. not an official spokesman From Fri Jun 25 11:22:05 1993 Received: from by (5.59/SMI4.0/RU1.5/3.08) id AA27280; Fri, 25 Jun 93 11:22:05 EDT Received: from by with SMTP id ; Fri, 25 Jun 93 11:21:57 -0400 Received: by (4.1/SMI-4.0) id AA14540; Fri, 25 Jun 93 11:21:50 EDT Newsgroups: soc.religion.christian Path: watson From: (Stephen Watson) Subject: Re: Homosexual Jesus Film Message-Id: Sender: (News Administrator) Organization: Carleton University References: Date: Fri, 25 Jun 1993 15:02:41 GMT Lines: 33 Apparently-To: (Steve Hayes) writes: >The following message was posted in a Fidonet conference in south Africa >recently. It looks like an urban legend to me. It is undated, and the origin >is not specified. >Has anyone seen this before? Can anyone tell me more about it? >--------------------------> Cut Here <----------------------------------- >"Modern People News" has revealed plans for the filming of a movie based on >the SEX LIFE OF JESUS in which Jesus is portrayed as a swinging HOMOSEXUAL. [rest deleted] The "warning" is almost verbatim identical to the version given by Jan Harold Brunvand in _The_Mexican_Pet_, so it's definitely a Canonical Urban Legend. According to Brunvand, the origin of this UL is a 1977 story in _Modern_People_News_ (yes, the rag really did exist!) "in which the *discussion* of such a possible film project in Europe was mentioned". As far as can be determined, no such film was actually made, in Europe, Illinois, or anywhere else. And yes, Ann Landers did try to debunk this through her column in 1985. For more info, I suggest asking on alt.folklore.urban. Interesting foot-note from Brunvand: according to the New York Times (29 Sept. 1985, Art & Leisure section), Martin Scorsese's _Last_Temptation_of_Christ_ was cancelled by its backers because of rumours that it would portray Jesus as gay. My edition of Brunvand is 1986; obviously the Scorsese film didn't stay dead (when did it come out?). -- | Steve Watson a.k.a. === Carleton University, Ontario | | this->opinion = My.opinion; assert (this->opinion != CarletonU.opinion); | "Somebody touched me / Making everything new / Burned through my life / Like a bolt from the blue / Somebody touched me / I know it was you" - Bruce Cockburn


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