By: Sean McCullough Re: Anti-Gay GOPster Caught With Pants Down Forwarded from +quot;Alter

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By: Sean McCullough Re: Anti-Gay GOPster Caught With Pants Down * Forwarded from "Alternative News" * Originally by * Originally to All * Originally dated 3 Mar 1996, 10:16 -=> Note: Copied (from: seattle.politics) by Scott Parks using timEd. From: (Jeff Harris) Date: 3 Mar 1996 18:16:58 GMT Organization: Alternate Access Inc Anti-Gay GOPster Caught With Pants Down Remember when Susan Smith, the woman who murdered her two sons, told the world that her father, a local Republican / Christian Coalition leader, had sexually abused her since she was a girl? Smith' father is not the only anti-gay crusader from the unChristian Coalition who has been caught with his pants down. Reasonable folks are starting to ask why the GOP's unChristian Coalition doesn't focus on sin in their own damn family, instead of spending so much time promoting legislation that would deny basic civil rights like marriage to gay Americans. THE ORLANDO SENTINEL 633 N. Orange Ave., Orlando,FL,32801 Fax 407-420-5286, E-MAIL: Thursday, February 29, 1996 LAWMAKER ADMITS TO SEX WITH PROSTITUTES (excerpt) Marvin Couch, a conservative Christian, wants to finish House term By Sharon McBreen and John Kennedy, TALLAHASSEE BUREAU TALLAHASSEE -- State Rep. Marvin Couch, a family-values, conservative Christian legislator, has been charged with having sex with a prostitute in his truck at an Orange County shopping center. The Oviedo Republican paid $22 for oral sex from a prostitute he picked up Feb. 22 on Orange Blossom Trail, deputy sheriffs said Wednesday. He was charged with three misdemeanors and released after posting a $750 bond. Couch, 42, said he will not seek re-election this fall but hopes to complete his second term, which expires in November. He also admitted he has purchased sex from prostitutes on other occasions... ...In addition to prostitution, agents charged Couch with unnatural or lascivious acts and exposure of his sexual organs... ...Couch has been an ardent supporter of the religious right's political agenda. Last year he was one of a few Central Florida lawmakers to receive a perfect 100 rating from the Orlando-based Christian Coalition of Florida. The District 33 lawmaker has been a steady advocate for so-called pro-family legislation, including voluntary school prayer, crime-fighting measures and anti-tax issues. Couch also joined 14 other state legislators last fall in writing a letter to the Walt Disney Co. criticizing its new policy of extending health insurance to partners of gay and lesbian employees... --- FMail 0.94 * Origin: Vox Anarchistica! (1:128/203.666)


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