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By: John Musselwhite To: Atheist Soldier Re: Re: Scott Shiflett's Bible Promises Hi Atheist! Tuesday August 17 1993, Atheist Soldier writes to John Musselwhite: jm>> I'm about half-way through "Don't Call Me Brother" right now... VERY AS> -= REQUEST TIME =- AS> When you get to the chapters outlining the percentages of clergy that were AS> _overtly_ homosexual, could you type in those three or four sentences? I AS> had typed them in for this forum before and have lost them. They would AS> make a great addition to everyones clergy abuse files. There are several, but here's some choice ones. "There were frequent news accounts of ministers of the Gospel getting caught in sin. The latest was Billy James Hargis, a high-powered Baptist televangelist who denounced homosexuality, extramarital sex, drinking and drugs from his pulpit. [...] He took millions of dollars from the faithful each year, until he was caught engaging in every one of the sordid practices he preached against - with his own students!" "I began to take special note of this sort (overt homosexual) of behavior in ministers as I went from church to church all over the United States and Canada. I recorded my impressions in my journal. Reviewing my journal, the proportion of ministers I have reason to suspect were homosexually inclined - from whom there had come some sort of clear demonstration of lascivious attention to another male in my presence - is a staggering eight out of ten. Eighty percent! And the great majority of them had what appeared to be good marriages." "The prevalence of Assemblies of God ministers committing - and getting away with - child molestation is a horror of the first magnitude." "Incidents of Assembly's ministers found patronizing prostitutes were on the rise. But that kind of sordid behavior tended to remain hidden, unless rivalries among preachers provided someone with an incentive to expose the offending minister." (from "Don't Call Me Brother" by Austin Miles, pp 148-149. ISBN 0-87975-507-5 1989) AS> It is a good book. Miles has a new one and he's with Walk Away. Got a title yet? I'd be interested to hear how he's doing now... John


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