By: Scot Bear Re: More about Texas AFA AUSTIN, Tex (Reuter) - A conservative Christian gro

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By: Scot Bear Re: More about Texas AFA AUSTIN, Tex (Reuter) - A conservative Christian group has touched off a battle with a gay newspaper by trying to persuade businesses to pull their advertising from the publication. Wyatt Roberts, head of the Texas chapter of the American Family Association, told Reuters Friday that he sent out letters to advertisers in the Texas Triangle warning that their names would be read on his weekly radio show. He accused the paper of condoning pedophilia, incest and blasphemy. ``I do think homosexuality is a sin, just like adultery, murder or anything else,'' Roberts said. Texas Triangle editor and founder Kay Longcope, a former Boston Globe reporter, said Roberts' actions have helped the paper, not hurt it. While some advertisers have pulled out, she told Reuters, a greater number of new ones have come in to show their support. ``There's a real groundswell of support beginning to emerge from the mainstream. We've had calls from lawyers and doctors saying 'I'm straight, but I support you,''' Longcope said. The Triangle prints about 15,000 copies weekly and is distributed in all of Texas' major cities. Roberts began attacking the publication several months ago on a local Christian radio station and started sending out letters to advertisers in late December. He said the Triangle has lost ads. ``We keep track of the ads in the paper'' he said. He said the campaign is part of a national effort by the Tupelo, Mississippi-based American Family Association, which supports conservative religious and family values, to ``clean up'' the media and improve the media's portrayal of right-wing Christian groups.


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