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Freedom Writer - June 1995 [ref001] Excerpts from theField Manual of the Free Militia Biblical authority_ Before we can rightly consider arming and organizing ourselves as a militia, we must consider whether or not doing so is the right thing to do. Later on we will see that we have the historical and constitutional right to form a militia. But ultimately, right and wrong is determined by God's will, and God's will is determined from the Bible. Why turn to the Bible to answer our questions about right and wrong? If you are a Bible believer, you must be committed to following its moral standards. If you do not believe the Bible, you should still know and weigh what it says and use it to justify your actions to Bible believers. To say that the entire Bible is equally inspired word for word does not necessarily mean that it is all of equal value or interest to us. It simply means that word for word it all came from God. The Bible is word for word the word of God. Therefore it is completely true or without any errors. This is what we mean by inerrancy. Think about it. If God knows everything (1 John 3:20) and cannot lie (Hebrews 6:18), and if the Bible's words are God's words, then there cannot be any mistakes in the Bible. Otherwise, God would either have to be wrong himself or lying to us. The fact that the Bible doesn't have any mistakes is not simply an "academic" truth. It is of immense practical importance. Only if it is all true can we know for sure that any particular part of it is true. Do you want to do right by obeying a command in the Bible only to find out later that you were wrong to do what you did? Of course not. We need a Bible that is true throughout to have any real hope of pleasing God. This leads us to the final point which needs to be made about the Bible: the Bible alone is authoritative, meaning that it, and only it, must be completely believed and obeyed. Since all of the Bible is God's word we cannot pick and choose what we want to obey. Since it is all true, we cannot neglect a portion of it by raising doubts about its reliability. Since it contains all we need for our Christian walks we cannot appeal to something or someone besides the Bible as our final authority on some issue. We must make sure that whatever we do in any department of life, including the use of force, conforms to the truth and moral principles of the Bible. _ 'Jesus Christ was not a pacifist' Christ's emphasis on love is sometimes perceived to imply that he was a pacifist who condemned all violence and war. But this is a misunderstanding. A close look at the Bible will show that Jesus Christ was not a pacifist, and will demonstrate that he approved of the justified use of deadly force. _ Neither John the Baptist, nor Jesus, nor the apostles, condemned soldiering. Luke 3:14, Matthew 8:5-13. Jesus Christ both permitted and commanded his followers to be armed. Luke 22:36, John 18:10-11, Matthew 26:52. Jesus Christ used just force. Matthew 21:12, John 2:15, John 18:6. Jesus Christ would have been justified in defending himself. Matthew 26:53. Jesus Christ will someday use deadly force on a wide scale. Matthew 13:41-43, Matthew 25:41, 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3, 2 Thessalonians 1:6-10, 2 Peter 3:10, Revelation 19:11-21. Jesus taught that force was a last resort. John 18:36, Matthew 5:9, Romans 12:17-19, Matthew 5:39, Matthew 5:44-45. _ Moral duty_ When elected officials break their oath to uphold the Constitution, it is not the patriotic citizen who is in rebellion, but the governing official! "For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and he will commend you" (Romans 13:3). If you do what is constitutionally right by forming a militia and the government accuses you of wrongdoing, then in fact they have lost all authority because they have turned away from the very thing which legitimizes them. Our country sprang into being and is founded on the principle of ordinary citizens like you and me arming and organizing ourselves to fight tyranny. If you become convinced that the federal government is bent on systematic violations of our personal liberties, it is your moral duty to join with others so convinced to restore true liberty for all Americans. We must ask ourselves: Is there any reason to suspect that my personal liberties are in jeopardy? Is there any indication that the government is systematically threatening my rights? Is there any possibility that a tyranny could be established in the United States? Affirmative answers to any of these questions should arouse our fervor for liberty and motivate us to spring immediately and effectively to arms. It will now be demonstrated that our liberties are in jeopardy, that our rights are systematically threatened, and that tyranny can happen in the United States. (I am not saying it will, I'm saying it could happen.) We will demonstrate this by examining the status of our civil, gun, property, and state rights. First, here are some examples of violated civil rights. The right to life (Fifth Amendment) For a generation we have had legalized abortion which denies the right of the unborn child to live. While an individual's right to privacy cannot be restricted by the interests of the majority, they are restricted by other individual rights. The Declaration of Independence and the Bible both imply that the right to life is superior to the right to privacy. Freedom of religion (First Amendment) The America 2000 education program is designed to standardize the curriculum in and centralize control of all public schools by imposing "outcome-based" education on all school districts. Freedom of the press (First Amendment) The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is a federal agency that funds public television. PBS is by its very nature informational. Thus we have a situation that in principle approaches having a state news agency like foreign dictatorships and autocratic governments have. _ A call to arms! From every legitimate angle, we are justified in keeping and bearing arms as well as forming or joining a militia independent of government control. The Bible tells us we are morally right. The American Revolution shows us we have the historical right. The Constitution protects our legal right. Moreover, our Constitutional liberties are systematically being eroded and denied. The fact that officials are infringing gun rights on every front is simply a manifestation of their inner tendency to empower themselves. Left unchecked, this tendency will lead to genuine tyranny. Remember, "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." So this is a pivotal point in American history. If the government is successful in banning semi-automatic paramilitary weapons, then they will be emboldened not only to further infringe gun rights, but to infringe all rights. This is because the Second Amendment is the teeth of the Bill of Rights, and assault rifles are the teeth of the Second Amendment. Without their bite, there is nothing to prevent a draconian state from devouring all of our precious liberties. Your right and duty is to arm and organize yourself against further federal and state encroachments on your liberties. At a minimum, you should purchase and learn how to effectively use a firearm, preferably a so-called assault rifle. The more citizens that own guns, the less willing the government will be to threaten us. Ideally, you should also join a local militia, committed to constitutional principles. You need to be organized, equipped, trained, and coordinated with other like-minded men to effectively stand up to the growing arrogance of the federal government. It was said during the American Revolution that "united we stand, divided we fall." This is still true today. So arm yourself. Organize yourselves. And prepare to fight if you have to. [ref002][ref003] Return to table of contents Copyright 1995 IFAS The Freedom Writer / [ref001] ../banner.gif [ref002] index.html [ref003] ../../uparrow.gif This file is copywritten by the Institute for First Amendment Studies. Subscribe to The Freedom Writer and Walk Away news letters by writing to or telephoneing the Institute for First Amendment Studies: Post Office Box 589 Great Barrington, Massachusetts. 01230 Telephone: (413) 528-3800 E-Mail: Web page:


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