Freedom Writer - April 1996 ACTIVIST GUIDE Mel White's soul force Last month the Rev. Mel

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Freedom Writer - April 1996 ACTIVIST GUIDE Mel White's soul force Last month the Rev. Mel White shared some of his principles for activists. While his religious philosophy may not be for everyone, we feel many of his ideas are useful for activists. White's "soul force" principles come directly from the writings of Gandhi and the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. 13 examples of the soul force principles We will succeed in our struggle for justice... _ by refusing to remain silent and inactive in the face of injustice. by believing that God (the Universe, our Higher Power) is on the side of justice. by believing that within everyone (even your worst adversary) there is an amazing potential for positive change. by seeing your adversary not as an evil person but as a victim of misinformation. by trying to win your adversary's friendship and understanding. by speaking the truth in love relentlessly, (without half-truth, lie, or exaggeration), trying to persuade your adversary on the basis of truth alone. by attacking the false idea, not the person who holds the idea. by believing that it is as much a moral obligation to refuse to cooperate with evil as it is to cooperate with good. by insisting the means must be as pure as the end. by insisting on non-violence. by avoiding internal violence of the spirit (hate) as well as physical violence. by accepting and absorbing suffering without retaliation. by not fearing death. _ 6 sample stages of a soul force action _ Recommit yourself to the non-violent soul force principles. Before you take on any untruth seriously, review the "soul force" principles. Recommit yourself and your allies to them. Sign a non-violence pledge. Research. Do not approach your opponent (the source of untruth) or the media until you have a carefully documented case. Details. Details. Details. Negotiate. Take your case directly to your adversary. Try to settle the matter amicably, outside the public arena, but present the truth in love relentlessly. Educate. If no reconciliation is reached, present your carefully documented case to the public through the media. Be sure everyone understands both the untruth and the truth involved. Continue to negotiate with your adversary. Direct action/confrontation. If your adversary refuses to see the truth, escalate the conflict through direct non-violent action. Present the truth in love relentlessly. Reconciliation. Your goal is to bring your adversary to an understanding of the truth and create a world where you and your adversary can live in peace. _ [ref001]Return to table of contentsCopyright 1996 IFASThe Freedom Writer / [ref001] index.html


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