Freedom Writer - March 1996 New video targets Pat's gay-bashing By Paula Xanthopoulou Mel

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Freedom Writer - March 1996 New video targets Pat's gay-bashing By Paula Xanthopoulou Mel White, you'll remember, is Pat Robertson's former ghostwriter. For many years he fought against his sexual orientation in order to please, he believed, God. When he finally came to terms with being a gay Christian, he came out to his family, friends, and former clients. Of course, Pat Robertson, D. James Kennedy, and Oliver North never spoke to him again. Pat Robertson couldn't care less about homosexuals...except where the issue can be exploited to create fear and raise money for his Christian Broadcasting Network. Last year, Mel White tried very hard to meet with Robertson to ask him to tone down his rhetoric. To make a long story short, he showed up at Pat's doorstep in Virginia Beach and was arrested for trespassing. He served twenty-three days in jail, fasting and waiting for his former boss. When Pat showed up for a brief meeting, he agreed to renounce violence against homosexuals on "The 700 Club." He did that on March 10, 1995, but under duress. Nothing changed after that. Mel White and others have monitored every "700 Club" broadcast since that day, and Pat Robertson's campaign against lesbian and gay Americans continues along with the fundraising. So White has now put together a 35-minute tape of "700 Club" excerpts called "Pat Robertson's Anti-Homosexual Campaign: A Case Study in the Rhetoric of Intolerance." He wants everybody to see for himself. Anyone interested in receiving a free copy of the tape should contact Mel by mail at P.O. Box 609, Ennis, TX. 75120, by fax at (214) 875-4858, or by e-mail at [ref001] _Paula_Xanthopoulou_edits_an_electronic_news_service_ which_reports_on_Pat_Robertson._For_more_information,_ call_800-Watch97_or_email_[ref002] Copyright 1996 Public-Spirited Enterprises._ [ref003]Return to table of contentsCopyright 1996 IFASThe Freedom Writer / [ref001] [ref002] [ref003] index.html


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