fw-1-94.zip Freedom Writer - January 1994 Coalition opens doors to public, but forgets wel

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fw-1-94.zip Freedom Writer - January 1994 Coalition opens doors to public, but forgets welcome mat New Coalition video aims to deceive; Robertson softens on abortion issue Council for National Policy members hold cloistered session in Saint Louis fw-2-94.zip Freedom Writer - February 1994 More bigotry on the ballot Do-it-yourself hatred in Colorado Religious Right update Religious Right in Canada Wildmon locked in protest Grimstead eyes Colorado Springs Robertson, Porteous tangle Speaking of bigotry ... Todd launches Senate campaign Focus on the Family rakes in $90 million Christians dominate Case to watch in Mississippi Coalition strategy courts minorities fw-3-94.zip Freedom Writer - March 1994 Moon over Bridgeport Peacocke gets ready to 'kick a little butt' The net widens Religious Right update Jury rules against OCA appeal ACLJ on abortion: no compromise Reclaiming America Pastors and politics: the new stealth ACLJ absorbs Sekulow's CASE Vista board faces voter recall fw-4-94.zip Freedom Writer - April 1994 Guerillas in our midst Buzzwords Questions for candidates Tactics of the Right Flush Rush! National Religious Broadcasters snub Clinton at annual shindig TVC yanks short story from English curriculum School prayer and America's deeply rooted traditions Religious Right update Terry targets Taxpayers Party Tucci resigns from Operation Rescue Founding Fathers: pious and plastered Coalition's Rodgers steps down Pagans in prison Stealth? Deception? You decide. fw-5-94.zip Freedom Writer - May 1995 Anti-Semitism: its prevalence within the Christian Right Christian leaders can help diminish anti-Semitism fw-6-94.zip Freedom Writer - June 1994 Profile: Rutherford Institute Legal perspective: is separation a myth? Right responds to 'Schindler's List' Religious Right update COR stays put -- for now COR influence on Vista board? Focus on truth Christian Identity expands in Florida TVC thwarted Christian preferred IFAS member wins school prayer case Catholics and evangelicals form political bloc fw-7-94.zip Freedom Writer - July 1994 Graduation prayer advisory What to do when the Religious Right comes to town Project Choice = Project Hoax Abortion myths Religious Right update Coalition fails on home turf Assemblies settles out of court Trouble in paradise? More bickering Iowa update Vista correction fw-8-94.zip Freedom Writer - August 1994 Inside Glen Eyrie Castle: the organized assault on gay rights Who was there? Conference speakers bare hidden agenda Responding to homophobic rhetoric fw-9-94.zip Freedom Writer - September 1994 Is Jerry Falwell a liar? Creationism: the growing threat Religious Right update Rob Schenck launches church Paul Schenck joins ACLJ Promise Keepers explodes Hello Dolly, so long Jay American Christian Party is born Focus on Mel White Road to Victory IV fw-10-94.zip Freedom Writer - October 1994 Why we are concerned about the Religious Right Using computers to fight the right Kiryas Joel's impact on separation Telling your story to the media Defensive Action declaration Religious Right update Billy McCormack's church destroyed Minister endorses murder Phone company supports right Religious Right assails the ADL "Wanted: Bill (Slick Willie) Clinton" z fw-11-94.zip Freedom Writer - November 1994 Road to Victory Church organization is key to Coalition's success What churches may do What churches may not do Ultraconservative Jews pose threat Road to Victory '94 in words and pictures Pat Robertson addressing RTV Dan Quayle signing autographs David Barton's Wallbuilders New York Coalition elects candidates Pierre Bynum: Death penalty for abortionists Communications technology What's up with Wildmon? Getting involved in the party of your choice Religious Right update Terry assails Christian Coalition ACLJ attorney defends killing The Birch connection Measuring political correctness Farris counters EMILY's List Non-profit endorses North fw-12-94.zip Freedom Writer - December 1994 Christian Coalition warns of conspiracy The Grinch: eight years later 'The Old Lighted Cross' What does the Supreme Court say? Moment of silence in public schools Potential church-state cases for 1994-1995 term Canada honored by PEARL Florida Religious Right hits some snags 'America First' policy scrapped AFA chapter head pleads guilty to child abuse Profile: Focus on the Family Colorado says no to bigots fw-1-95.zip Freedom Writer - January 1995 Profile: Chalcedon Right victorious nationally Winning GOP candidates receving 100% rating from the Christian Coalition GOP tidal wave in California Concerned about Concerned Women for America Keeping in touch with elected officials fw-2-95.zip Freedom Writer - February 1995 Profile: NACE/CEE Simonds' 'exceptionally successful platform' Newt set strategy for Religious Right -- 10 years ago! Editorial: Leaders should take responsibility Reed masks Coalition's true agenda Reader's Digest errs on church-state separation Religious Right update North stays in politics Foxman responds to evangelicals Wildmon urges prayer in school Grimstead's think tank Dobson too late for Dahmer 'Prolife' activist arrested on battering charges fw-3-95.zip Freedom Writer - March 1995 Profile: Christian Coalition Pat Robertson's empire Current concerns Coalition activist booted from Fresno DA's office 10 years ago: Abortion clinic bombings Bill Baird rejects bishop's offer Religious Right update Clinic fires in California Creationists invade New Hampshire Coalition harbors reconstructionists FEC investigating Christian Coalition CEE candidates win in Texas Third party for Religious Right? Reed issues ultimatum to GOP fw-4-95.zip Fzreedom Writer - April 1995 Gramm's no cracker John Stoos reveals ... a hidden agenda? Dobson conference slams GOP What went wrong? The Religious Right and the American Jewish Community Religious Right update Changes at Robertson empire Christian Coalition Live by satellite Focus on the GOP fw-5-95.zip Freedom Writer - May 1995 An olive branch with thorns? Florida Minutemen 10 years ago: Sam Ervin's legacy Feminazis versus machonazis Catholic politicians face Pope's wrath California's Education Alliance Prager on school prayer New York church runs afoul of IRS Religious Right update Beware of taxpayer groups Pataki thanks Religious Right Road to Victory '95 plans announced Christian Coalition Live update OR founder rejects GOP fw-6-95.zip Freedom Writer - June 1995 Militia madness Excerpts from the field manual of the Free Militia Contract on the American Family Clandestine council meets in Virginia 10 years ago Religious Right update Another Kennedy goes to Washington An end to stealth? Open to persuasion Protect religion? fw-7-95.zip Freedom Writer - July/August 1995 Plot revealed to usurp Republicans in 1996 Operation Rescue hits LA How to write your Congressmen 10 years ago: NACE/CEE Religious Right update Court upholds face Dr. Foster defeated Christian nation Motley's crew Christian Coalition prayers More GOP warnings Specter challenges Robertson Suit claims Robertson threatened life Oh, those letters! fw-9-95.zip Freedom Writer - September 1995 Profile: Promise Keepers OR founder calls for a Christian nation Massachusetts school meets challenge Conference leaves families out of focus Dobson, Phillips form third-party pact Conservatives push religious-equality amendment 'See You at the Pole' injects religion into school Legal update Quiz: What do you know about separation? Editorial: Friends of Pat Activist profile: Julie Schollenberg and Paula Pilecki Activist guide: Coalition building 10 years ago: Is Falwell the phony? Question of the month Religious Right update Flip flips Jane Roe Reed meets with Dole Opposition research? Wildmon joins Buchanan campaign Coors cares The Revolutionary Force of America God and country in Branson fw-10-95.zip Freedom Writer - October 1995 Road to Victory '95 So much for 'casting a wider net' Texans prepare to 'kick liberal boot' How the Christian Coalition uses the Internet The rights and wrongs of the Religious Right Sheldon agitates for Gramm Buchanan stirs the troops RTV roundup In Korea, world's largest church has tremendous political clout _Activist_profile:_ Jerry Sloan of Project Tocsin_ _Activist_guide:_ Success story_ Questions of the month _Ten_years_ago:_ Falwell's missionary position_ Religious Right update Model school prayer Satellite network Catholic Alliance Clinic attack thwarted Killer prayers Christian folklore A mole on the hill? fw-11-95.zip Freedom Writer - November 1995 GOP shells out to Sheldon Right victorious in Des Moines Best of The Freedom Writer Terrorist war against abortion Robertson to televise second coming Christian Coalition enters New York City What's in a name Radical Religious Right responds! Question of the month: Colin Powell Activist guide: 10 things to do when the Radical Right comes to town Activist profile: Anne Bower of the Body Politic Religious Right update Buckley's advice to Coalition CNP honors D'Souza Police prevent abortion Thousands pray at their poles Back to basics with Baldwin fw-12-95.zip Freedom Writer - December 1995 Road to Armageddon Pat Robertson quiz Pat's postmodern Armageddon Robertson fails as novelist Diamonds are Robertson's best friend Christian Coalition's Catholic front Robertson on God's love Book review: Roads to Dominion Book review:A Private Matter Activist profile:Renee Hillman Activist guide:Campus organizing Question of the month:Pat Robertson Religious Right update AFA boycotts Disney Letter linked to bomb plot Religious equality amendments introduced Coalition membership overstated Religious tests in South Carolina Christian Coalition support Spooky stuff Say what? Closer look at welfare reform fw-1-96.zip Freedom Writer - January 1996 Council for National Policy instrumental in government shutdown CNP rules and regulations Sampling of CNP members CNP leads the way in California Coalition's fiesta lures Hispanics Robertson's crystal ball Woman, Atheist, Anarchist: Madalyn Murray O'Hair On separation of church and state Activist guide: Home-based activism Activist profile:David and Jo Martin of Pro-SOCS Question of the month: The end of the world Religious Right update COR update More benefits for gay partners Catholics against Christian Coalition Reed's frantic letter "How to Elect Christians" is back Will Republicans choose choice? Robertson associate heads Dole's Iowa effort Washington for Jesus 1996 Explicitly Christian politics Just a theory IFAS home page recognized fw-3-96.zip Freedom Writer - March 1996 Secret files menace doctors Pro-life faction safe from conspiracy charges Clinic violence: the python of choice Phillips sets tone for strategy briefing Texas precinct politics heats up New video targets Pat's gay-bashing Colorado debates abolishing tax exemption for churches Question of the month: Why does the Religious Right hate women? Activist guide: Organizing a candidates' forum Activist guide: Five tips for social action Activist profile: Kathy Frasca Religious Right update Interfaith Alliance forms in Oregon Bishop assails Catholic Alliance Long-distance discrimination Persecuted for objecting to Christian film NPR under fire from Wildmon Chaplain's prayer causes dissension Bauer suggests third party More Christian Coalition lies Back to the golden age? Reconstructionist goal for education Christian youths love their MTV Coalition rates senators fw-4-96.zip Freedom Writer - April 1996 On the road with Pat Buchanan Interview: Phillips on Buchanan Pat Buchanan: the politics of cluelessness Buchanan's narrow vision of America Turning back the clock in Tennessee Activist guide: Communication techniques Activist guide: Mel White's soul force Activist profile: Jann Renert Question of the month: the new world order Religious Right update Mentoring the president Church growth movement castigated Pastor opposes women candidates Coming to a city near you Colorado won't pay for chaplains Christian leaders urge pro-life plank retention Christian Coalition split in Erie Inside the CNP Coalition recruits GOP delegates


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