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Freedom Writer - June 1995 [ref001] Contract on the American family By Skipp Porteous On May 17, Ralph Reed unveiled the Christian Coalition's Contract with the American Family, a 10-point legislative proposal to supplement Newt Gingrich's Contract with America. Although it appears innocuous, the contract subtly introduces Pat Robertson's radical agenda for America. Briefly, the 10 points of the contract are: _ Religious equality Local control of education School choice Family-friendly tax policy Restoring respect for human life Restricting pornography Privatizing federal funding of culture Support for private charities Protecting parental rights Punishing criminals, not victims _ Back in 1984, speaking at Robert Tilton's Word of Faith World Outreach church in Dallas, Pat Robertson outlined his plan for a reconstructed Christian America. "I want you to imagine a land where little children pray in schools, and they read the Bible to them and they're taught the things of God...there are no more abortions ...where the prisons are virtually empty... there is no need for a great big police force... workers and managers respect each other as children of God...the church members have taken dominion over the forces of the world." Christian Reconstructionist thought advocates a theocracy in which the Bible rules every aspect of society. Sin is not allowed. When laws are broken, criminals either make restitution for lesser offenses or are executed for capital offenses, eliminating the need for prisons. "We're going to see a society where people are living godly and moral lives," Robertson continued while describing his agenda. Christians "will be the head and not the tail... education of the young is going to be in the hands of godly people..." "Imagine a time," he said, "when...the people of God will be the most honored people in society...when the pornographers no longer have any access to the public whatsoever... where there is no more of that stuff on our newsstands or anyplace else..." And, "when those who are supposed to serve are honest, honorable, Jesus-loving human beings..." Robertson's agenda leaves no room for non-Christians in education, religion, health, business, entertainment, or politics. It embraces a nation run by Christians - Robertson's kind of Christians. In conclusion he said that his plan "may sound like a fairy tale...but God will do it." Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition Contract with the American Family calls for "religious equality" by allowing voluntary prayers in public schools. In fact, the First Amendment already protects children who desire to pray in public school. The contract calls for taxpayer money in the form of vouchers so parents can send their children to private religious schools of their choice. The only "choice" in the notion of school choice is that the private schools can choose who they will accept and who they will reject. Public funding for education should be limited to secular public schools under full public control. The contract calls for drastic restrictions on abortion, including defunding Planned Parenthood and other groups that offer birth control and abortion counseling. This would make it difficult for poor women to obtain family planning services. The contract calls for criminals to make restitution to their victims. While this may be feasible in some cases, in many cases it would be totally impractical. The contract calls for greater restrictions on pornography. As obscenity is already illegal, one must assume that the Christian Coalition will define pornography for us. While sexual exploitation is loathsome, censorship is undesirable in a free society. First, so-called "religious equality"; then, religion rules. First, taxpayer money for religious schools; then, abolish public schools. First, greater restrictions on abortion; then, abolish abortion. First, have some criminals make restitution to their victims; then, execute the rest of them. First, greater restrictions on pornography; then, abolish free speech. If implemented, the Christian Coalition's Contract with the American Family will bring this nation another step closer to fulfilling Pat Robertson's vision for America. [ref002][ref003] Return to table of contents Copyright 1995 IFAS The Freedom Writer / [ref001] ../banner.gif [ref002] index.html [ref003] ../../uparrow.gif This file is copywritten by the Institute for First Amendment Studies. Subscribe to The Freedom Writer and Walk Away news letters by writing to or telephoneing the Institute for First Amendment Studies: Post Office Box 589 Great Barrington, Massachusetts. 01230 Telephone: (413) 528-3800 E-Mail: Web page:


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