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IFAS Bookstore [ref001] How to order Send check or money order to PO Box 589, Great Barrington MA 01230. Or use your credit card and call 1-800-370-3329. For shipping charges, add $3.50 for the first item and $1.75 for every item thereafter. Massachusetts residents, please add 5% sales tax. _America's_Constitutional_Heritage_ ACLU / $20.00 The ACLU's answer to David Barton's America's Godly Heritage video. Features interviews with constitutional scholars and others. _ACLU._ Video_-_44_minutes._ _Blood_in_the_Face_ James Ridgeway / $19.95 _Blood_in_the_Face_ is the first book to expose the racist far-right movements of America and Europe - movements whose participants range from armed underground extremists to mainstream lobbyists and state legislators. It tells their story from the inside out, in interviews, photos, recruiting pamphlets, cartoons, rants, sermons, threats, police reports, and famous last words before the final shootouts. _Village_ Voice_ political correspondent James Ridgeway highlights the words and artifacts of the racist far-right and details the movement's volatile history and rapid expansion in the last decade. _Blood_in_the_Face_ is the most current and comprehensive survey to date of a culture that is too powerful - and too much a part of American culture - to be ignored or dismissed. _Thunders_Mouth_Press._Paper_-_203_pages_ with_index._ _Church_Schools_and_Public_Money:_The_Politics_of_Parochiaid_ Edd Doerr and Albert J. Menendez / $14.95 The authors examine and critique the attitudes and activities of federal, state, and local government regarding parochiaid. They offer a searing indictment of the resurgent drive to support sectarian schools with tax dollars. Concentrating on the last five decades, during which the parochiaid lobbies have gained in influence, the authors reveal that lawmakers in 42 states have increased tax support of chuch schools to more than $1 billion per year. _Church_Schools_and_Public_Money_ includes a state-by-state survey of the most generous giveaways, revealing statistics on nonpublic school enrollments, and an examination of the biases taught by sectarian schools, particularly those operated by Protestant fundamentalists. Doerr and Menendez skillfully summarize the case against parochiaid and uncover the faulty reasoning of its advocates. Prometheus Books. Paper - 156 pages._ _The_Coors_Connection_ Russ Bellant / $9.00 Journalist Russ Bellant examines the influential but little-known role of the Coors beer family in American politics. Through their philanthropic donations, Joseph Coors and other family members have bankrolled a right-wing agenda of union-busting, homophobia, sexism, racism, and covert operations. The Coors family has served as the cornerstone of the right-wing movement known as the New Right. _The_ Coors_Connection_ details the individuals, organizations, and causes supported by Coors philanthropy. A picture emerges of a family's frighteningly narrow vision of the American dream, and its willingness to support extremists who would undermine American democracy. _South_End_Press._ Paper_-_150_pages_with_index._ _50_Ways_to_Fight_Censorship_and_Important_Facts_to_Know_About_the_ Censors_ Dave Marsh / $5.95 Best-selling author Dave Marsh has created the first how-to manual for people who want to respond to the growing list of challenges to First Amendment freedoms. This positive, straightforward action guide includes reports on the recent censorship battles over music, literature, film, television, and the fine arts, as well as news coverage of the Gulf War; comprehensive and at times shocking information about pro-censorship forces, including individuals, organizations, and elected officials; things you can do on your own or with others to fight back against censorship, from boycotting products made by companies that fund the censors to starting an anti-censorship petition campaign; and extensive lists of organizations and resources. _Thunders_Mouth_Press._Paper_ -_128_pages_with_index._ _Freedom_Writer_10-Year_Collection_ IFAS / $30.00 Completely indexed, bound collection of _The_Freedom_Writer_, from its inception in September 1984 through December 1994. _Institute_ for_First_Amendment_Studies._ _Hawking_God:_A_Young_Jewish_Woman's_Ordeal_in_Jews_for_Jesus_ Ellen Kamentsky / $12.95 Jews for Jesus is a multimillion-dollar, fundamentalist Christian missionary machine whose goal is to covert as many Jews, world-wide, as possible. From Boston to New York to Los Angeles, Ellen Kamentsky takes you deep inside Jews for Jesus. Through her fascinating eyewitness accounts, you'll see how Jews for Jesus sucked in a young, bright, talented Jwish woman and kept her in with mind control. You'll learn how they twist the meaning of Jewish symbols and holidays, raise money from the Christian community, and target Jews in metropolitan areas. Kamentsky eloquently recounts the painful story of how her parents struggled for three years to free her from the group. If you've ever wanted to know what Jews for Jesus is really all about, this book is the definitive story. _Sapphire_Press._Paper_-_178_pages._ _Homophobia:_A_Weapon_of_Sexism_ Suzanne Pharr / $9.95 _Homophobia_ is the first book of its kind on the subject of homophobia and sexism. It is essential reading for those whose lives and organizations are affected by homophobia and for those who do trainings on homophobia. Why homophobia exists, how it works, and what to do about it. Pharr tackles her subject from a lesbian perspective and includes a discussion on "internalized homophobia." _Chardon_Press._Paper_-_91_pages._ _How_to_Teach_the_Bill_of_Rights_ John J. Patrick with Robert S. Fleming / $17.00 The concepts of law with order, majority rule with minority rights, limited government, and civil liberties are explained in this handbook for teaching the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Lessons are based upon primary documents and case studies and emphasize classroom discussion. _Anti-Defamation_League._Paper_-_106_pages._ _Jesus_Doesn't_Live_Here_Anymore:_From_Fundamentalist_to_Freedom_Writer_ Skipp Porteous / $24.95 A nationally prominent First Amendment advocate and authority on the Religious Right tells of his break with fundamentalist and the growth of his intellectual and moral freedom. Porteous was saved at the age of 11 by people who thought they were doing him - and God - a favor. Their actions sent him on a long, arduous inner journey. Porteous embraced fundamentalism because it provides simplistic solutions - the Bible purportedly contains the answer for everything - and, like millions of others, he needed to believe that he had found the one true religion. A leave of absense from the Pentecostal ministry because his first step in walking away. Removed from the extreme fundamentalist viewpoint, with its narrow world view, his mind cleared. Reason and logic emerged, and for the first time in his life he was free and happy. Porteous explains how he was deceived into becoming a born-again Christian, what he endured for so many years, how he got out, and finally, why he fights so hard against the movement today. Using the knowledge he has obtained in monitoring the Religious Right, he outlines in disturbing detail what we can expect from the movement in the next decade. _Prometheus_Books._Hardcover_-_313_pages_with_index._ _Leaving_the_Fold_ Marlene Winell / $13.95 A guide for former fundamentalists and others leaving their religion. "This new book by psychologist Marlene Wynell provides valuable insights into the dangers of certain forms of religious indoctrination and outlines what therapists and victims can do to reclaim a healthier human spirit." - Steve Allen. _New_Harbinger._Paper_-_297_pages._ _Losing_Faith_in_Faith_ Dan Barker / $20.00 _Losing_Faith_in_Faith_ records Dan Barker's dramatic journey from devout soul-winner to one of America's most prominent freethinkers. After nineteen years of preaching following his calling at age 15 - including work as a missionary, ordained minister, associate pastor, touring evangelist, and Christian songwringer and performer - Dan Barker lost faith in faith. Today Barker frequently represents freethought on the talk show circuit and at personal appearances around the country. In _Losing_Faith_in_Faith_, Barker explains why he left the ministry. He also offers a definitive, compelling analysis of why he rejects belief in a god and the claims of religion. He explores the fallacies, inconsistencies, and harm of Christian doctrine and theistic dogma. In its place, he issues an appealing and compassionate invocation of freethought, reason, and humanism. _Losing_Faith_in_Faith_ is both a challenge to believers and an arsenal for skeptics. _Freedom_From_ Religion_Foundation._Paper_-_392_pages_with_index._ _The_Missionary_Threat_ Rick Ross / $3.00 "Jews around the world are now faced by the greatest missionary threat in history. “Born-again” crusades for converts are now stronger, with more money and power, than ever before. The targets are you, your children, and your parents. Colleges, high schools, nursing homes, centers for the disabled, hospitals, and even prisons are being infiltrated. Missionaries are exploiting the vulnerabilities of the young in transition, the old and lonely, the sick who are helpless, and people in crisis." - from _The_Missionary_Threat_. Rick Ross is a cult deprogrammer who has been featured on "48 Hours," "Phil Donahue," and other national television programs._Institute_for_First_Amendment_Studies._Paper_ -_11_pages._ _The_Myth_of_Separation_ David Barton / $7.95 Using quotes from the Founding Fathers and the decisions of the Supreme Court, the author claims to prove that the separation of church and state is a myth. "This book will examine the doctrine behind the prhase 'separation of church and state.' The Courts' use of separation of church and state has enabled it to restructure significant aspects of national public affairs; activities which were part of American life for generations are now banned. Despite being so well recognized by the general public and so heavily utilized by the Courts, few know the origin of the phrase 'separation of church and state,' how it was originally applied, or even when it was introduced into contemporary American life. This book will examine that history and the evolution of that phrase." - from the preface. _Wallbuilder_Press._Paper_-_336_ pages_with_index._ _Old_Nazis,_the_New_Right,_and_the_Republican_Party_ Russ Bellant / $11.00 A provocative, sometimes chilling expose of domestic fascist networks, which include Nazi collaborators, within the Republican Party. Bellant examines the willingness of related right-wing groups, such as the World Anti-Communist League and the American Security Council, to tolerate racism and anti-Semitism under the banner of anti-communism. He includes a discussion of the role right-wing extremists play in the formulation of U.S. policy toward South Africa and Central America. _South_End_Press._Paper_-_146_pages_with_index._ _The_Opposition_Research_Handbook:_A_Guide_to_Political_Investigations_ Larry Zilliox / $20.00 Spells out clearly and concisely exactly how a novice investigator would go through the processes of gathering information. This handbook is aimed toward members if issues-oriented grassroots organizations and uses as its example the investigation of a political candidate. The techniques presented, however, can be used to investigate any individual or corporation. The book is divided into nine broad categories covering everything from how to organize an investigation and search for information, through the variety of research methods and resources available. The handbook also contains an extensive appendix including checklists for tracking the information as it is gathered, directories for many state and federal court systems, a recommended reading list, and much more. The material covered ranges from the basics of how one should begin an investigation through some unusual, or at least uncommon, ways of finding out certain information. In addition to being a well-organized wealth of information, _The_Opposition_Research_ Handbook_ is fun to read. The key to its success, for the author and especially the reader, is its simplicity. _Investigative_Research_ Specialists._Binder_-_64_pages._ _Religion_in_the_Public_Schools_ ADL / $2.50 The place of religion in the nation's public schools has been hotly debated for years, and recent efforts to introduce more religion into them have increased the controversy. To highlight the potential problems and to provide guidelines, ADL has published this handbook for school board members, school administrators, teachers, parents, and others. _Anti-Defamation_League._Paper_-_34_pages._ _Religious_Liberty_and_State_Constitutions_ Edd Doerr / $19.95 A summary of religious liberty provisions in the state constitutions. _Prometheus_Books._Paper_-_117_pages._ _Religious_Liberty_and_the_Secular_State_ John Swomley / $14.95 Swomley surveys the current efforts of some religious and political leaders to tear down the wall of separation of church and state, claiming that the First Amendment clause "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion" was intended merely to prohibit the designation of any one church as a national one and to keep one denomination from receiving preference over others. The author demonstrates that this clause referred to the practice in the colonies and states of multimple establishment of religion and was meant to prohibit the federal government from giving even non-preferential aid to religion institutions. Swomley asserts that the doctrine of separation of church and state was not fully developed by those who wrote the Constitution but, rather, is the product of a continuing revolution that took place in the various states. He details the counter-revolution of the past quarter-century led by ultraconservative politicians and by religious leaders who would profit from government aid. He also discusses the Supreme Court's erosion of the Establishment Clause and its progress in defending the Free Exercise Clause. _Prometheus_Books._Paper_-_ 148_pages._ _The_Religious_Right:_Assault_on_Tolerance_ David Cantor / $7.95 This new book is a must read for anyone engaged in the battle to protect democracy from its assault by the radical Religious Right. The only contemporary book of its kind, _The_Religious_Right:_The_Assault_on_ Tolerance_and_Pluralism_in_America_ offers a helicopter view of the entire battlefield. All the key players and groups of the Religious Right are explained in detail, along with their strategies, strengths, and weaknesses. David Cantor, senior research analyst at the Anti-Defamation League, has done his homework. His fact-filled primer is written with a true understanding of the agenda of the Religious Right. This timely and readable book will satisfy anyone who's awakened to the threat posed by the Religious Right. A real eye-opener! _Anti-Defamation_ League._Paper_-_193_pages_with_index._ _Shut_Up,_Fag!_ Nathan Callahan and William Payton / $8.95 A collection of California Congressman Bob Dornan's outrageous statements on gays, choice, drugs, education, culture wars, and other topics. Includes a brief biographical sketch. "For sheer nastiness, there hasn't been anything on Bob Dornan's scale since Caligula held office in Rome. _Shut_Up,_Fag!_ will provide hours of spine-tingling reading for the whole family." - Barbara Ehrenreich. _Mainstreet_Media._Paper_ -_120_pages._ _Spiritual_Warfare:_The_Politics_of_the_Christian_Right_ Sara Diamond / $16.00 The most comprehensive treatment available, this book exposes the enduring political clout of the Christian Right, from its control of a multibillion-dollar broadcast industry to its counterinsurgent "missionary" work in the Third World. Starting where the superficial media coverage of the TV preacher scandals left off, Diamond examines in riveting detail the movers and shakers of the Religious Right - the propagandists, fundraisers, and freedom fighters who aid and abet the most regressive U.S. government policies, both foreign and domestic. In addition to the extensive treatment of religious broadcasting, _Spiritual_Warfare_ includes a harrowing description of authoritarian shepherding churches, as well as analyses of Christian Right activism in the Republican Party, the mobilization of anti-feminist women on "pro-family" issues, ongoing efforts to delegitimize progressive Christianity, and a multitude of "low-intensity conflict" projects in Central America, southern Africa, and the Philippines. This unsettling journey into the little-known but extremely dangerous Christian Right is informed by extensive first-hand research - hundreds of interviews, attendance at scores of evangelical meetings, and more than a decade of monitoring religious broadcasting. _South_End_Press._Paper_-_292_pages_with_index._ _Stars_in_the_Constitutional_Constellation_ Steven Green / $14.95 An annotated guide to federal and state constitutional provisions on church and state. _Americans_United._Paper_-_145_pages._ _Stranger_at_the_Gate:_To_Be_Gay_and_Christian_in America_ Mel White / $23.00 White, a former ghostwriter for Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson, comes out of the closet to confront homophobia in the Religious Right. _Simon_&_Shuster._Hardcover_-_333_pages._ _Teaching_the_Bill_of_Rights_ William Brennan Jr. / $2.50 Supreme Court Justice William Brennan discusses the problems of individual civil liberties within the framework of the Constitution. He presents teaching methods helpful in explaining the interdependence of our legal and educational systems. _Anti-Defamation_League._Paper_-_23_ pages._ _Theocracy_in_America?_The_Religious_Right's_Political_Agenda_ Skipp Porteous and Lou Sheldon / $5.00 Debate with Porteous of the Institute for First Amendment Studies and Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition. _Americans_United_ for_the_Separation_of_Church_and_State._Audio_-_60_minutes._ _Visions_of_Reality:_What_Fundamentalist_Schools_Teach_ Albert J. Menendez / $14.95 Menendez examines history, English, and science textbooks most widely used in fundamentalist private schools, and documents the fact that these schools promote prejudice against people of other faiths, distort history, derogate our literary heritage, cast science in a bad light, and otherwise indoctrinate children with visions of reality that are incompatible with public tax support. _Prometheus_Books._Paper_-_152_ pages._ _Why_the_Religious_Right_Is_Wrong_About_Separation_of_Church_and_State_ Rob Boston / $15.00 Award-winning journalist Rob Boston lambastes the zealots of the Religious Right for spreading misinformation about the constitutional separation of church and state. He reveals how a band of ultraconservative religious groups with a political agenda - led primarly by televangelist Pat Robertson - is conducing a systematic war against the separation of church and state. The tactics of these groups are designed to exploit unfounded fears and turn the American people against the separation principle. To expose the Religous Right's blatant distortions of U.S. history and correct its skewed analysis of legal rlings, Boston objectively reviews the evolution of church-state relations in the United States and looks at how the separation principle has been applied by the courts. He also examines efforts by sectarian groups to win government support for their schools, the school prayer issue, the history of the free exercise of religion, and the controversial role of religion in the public square. Boston concludes by giving readers strategies for defending the separation principle from attacks by the Religious Right. The author insists that separation of church and state is the best policy for both insitutions and asserts that without it the United States cannot remain a free nation. _Prometheus_Books._Paper_-_257_ pages_with_index._ [ref002][ref003] Return to table of contents IFAS / ifas@crocker.com [ref001] bookstore.gif [ref002] index.html [ref003] uparrow.gif This file is copywritten by the Institute for First Amendment Studies. Subscribe to The Freedom Writer and Walk Away news letters by writing to or telephoneing the Institute for First Amendment Studies: Post Office Box 589 Great Barrington, Massachusetts. 01230 Telephone: (413) 528-3800 E-Mail: ifas@crocker.com Web page: http://www.crocker.com/~ifas


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