+quot;Restoring Sanity to the World+quot; Most readers do not know that the Flat Earth Soc

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------------------ "Restoring Sanity to the World" Most readers do not know that the Flat Earth Society's mission statement is simply, "To restore sanity to the world." Surely the world can use some sanity, I thought, as my wife ....and I drove ..... to Flat Earth Society headquarters just outside of Lancaster, California. My old friend Charles Johnson has been president of the Flat Earth Society for about two decades, and the world does seem a saner place now than when he took over. .. .. For some reason, many people think the Flat Earth Society is a joke. Let me assure everyone that Charles Johnson is on the level. The Flat Earth Society is, he says, the oldest organization on earth, having been founded by Moses in 1492 B.C. .. .. While Johnson eschews the Bible-thumping that has usually characterized the modern flat-earth movement, he does consider the spherical hoax part of a plot to discredit the Bible. If flat earthism has its religious implications, so does sphericity. Johnson claims that sphericity is a doctrine of the Church of England, which is behind the spherical hoax. Indeed, not just sphericity, but even heliocentricity really *was* [emphasis in original] a doctrine of the Pythagorean religion, and that almost two millenia before it was generally accepted. Johnson therefore refers to the theory of Copernicus (sorry, "Copernicious") as "Grease Ball Religion." Add a few bugs crawling out of a swamp (evolution), and you get "Buggy Spinning Balls Religion" .. .. ----------- You see, you're not the only loony around. You've got some real competition. Rob Zuber


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