(C) copyright 1991 Missouri Association for Creation, Inc. After being called a +quot;flat

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(C) copyright 1991 Missouri Association for Creation, Inc. After being called a "flat earther" by irate evolutionists for several years, I have finally located one person who appears to believe in a "flat earth" and who claims to represent the "Flat Earth Society"!! I have my suspicions about the legitimacy or seriousness of this "Society" and though you might like to read the letter I am sending to them: Charles K. Johnson Flat Earth Research Society International Box 2533 Lancaster, CA 63539 Dear Mr. Johnson, For years I have heard evolutionists refer to the "Flat Earth Society" and accuse others of being "flat earthers" but I have never met anyone who actually believes the earth is flat or who could even give me specific information about the existence of this "Society" or its members. It would appear that I have finally succeeded in locating this organization and I understand that you are its president. I must say for a world famous Society, and a much discussed one at that, you have been very difficult to track down. I hope you appreciate that were it not for evolutionists, your existence would be virtually unknown in our time. I would greatly appreciate receiving any information you might be willing to send me about the Flat Earth Society and its tenets. Do you have a journal or a news letter? Are you affiliated with any religious body or the Committees of Correspondence? I am particularly interested in the underlying assumptions behind this view and what you sight as scientific evidence for a flat earth, assuming of course you are serious about this. I must confess I have always assumed that the "Flat Earth Society" was rather like the famous "Procrastinator's Society." As you may know, this Society has been alleged to exist for over 100 years but has yet to get around to scheduling its first meeting. My interest in the Flat Earth Society is no mere idle curiosity. The label "flat earther" like "fundamentalist" has come to be used indiscriminatly by evolutionists as a pejorative against those who dare to disagree with their own world view, but I would rather be more more precise before I call names. Thank you in advance for any information you might be willing to send me about the Flat Earth Society. Your apparent belief in a flat earth is clearly at variance with my own understanding of the earth but I am honestly interested in your beliefs and will not ridicule them if I am convinced that they are sincerely held. I have found that there is often simply no accounting for another man's beliefs. When you get right down to it, your belief in a flat earth is no more outrageous than some much more widely held "scientific" beliefs. Why I know a large number of famous scientists who essentially believe that hydrogen is a colorless and odorless gas which, given enough time, turns into people! Sincerely, David N. Menton


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