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---------------------------------------------------------------------- Attorney General: Janet Reno NOTE: This World Wide Web server is currently under construction. As the largest law firm in the Nation, the Department of Justice serves as counsel for its citizens. It represents them in enforcing the law in the public interest. Through its thousands of lawyers, investigators, and agents, the Department plays the key role in protection against criminals and subversion, in ensuring healthy competition of business in our free enterprise system, in safeguarding the consumer, and in enforcing drug, immigration, and naturalization laws. The Department also plays a significant role in protecting citizens through its efforts for effective law enforcement, crime prevention, crime detection, and prosecution and rehabilitation of offenders. Moreover, the Department conducts all suits in the Supreme Court in which the United States is concerned. It represents the Government in legal matters generally, rendering legal advice and opinions, upon request, to the President and to the heads of the executive departments. The Attorney General supervises and directs these activities, as well as those of the U.S. Attorneys and U.S. Marshals in the various judicial districts around the country. Justice Department Organizations Executive Direction and Management Offices Litigation Organizations Investigatory and Law Enforcement Offices Legal And Policy Offices Alphabetical Index to DOJ Organizations Justice Department Issues Violent Crime and Law Enforcement Act of 1994 Eight-four Policing Agencies Awarded Funds to Redeploy Officers Americans With Disabilities Act Information Reward offered in bombing of Oklahoma City office building Information on the UNABOM Case Partnerships Against Violence (PAVNET) President Clinton's Speech on Affirmative Action - 7/19/95 Information Technology Support Services 2001 - Solicitation Overview Other Justice Department Information Sources Justice Department Gopher Server Attorney Vacancies within the Department of Justice Justice Department Press Releases Other Federal Government Information Sources Other Federal Government WWW servers Other Criminal Justice Information Sources Other Criminal Justice WWW servers Send Your Comments or Questions to


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