Who is Howard Stern?

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߱ ߱ ߱ ߱ ߱ ۱ܱ ߱ ߱ ߱ ۱ܱ ߱ ߱ ۱ܱ ߱ UNAUTHORIZED FAQ Version 0.1 July 16, 1993 By Bruce.Goldman@Cdreams.com  ===== 01.00 ===== INTRODUCTION ====================================== 01.01 TABLE OF CONTESTS ===== 01.00 ===== INTRODUCTION ====================================== 01.01 Table of contents 01.02 What is an unauthorized faq? 01.03 What is the authorized faq? ===== 02.00 ====== PRIME DIRECTIVE =================================== 02.01 What is the (popular) prime directive of the Howard Stern Show? 02.01A What is the (real) prime directive of the Howard Stern Show? 02.02 Ratings, demographics and other lies? ===== 03.00 ===== WHO'S WHO ========================================= 03.01 Who is Howard Stern? 03.01A What is the Stern family tree? 03.01B Is Howard Jewish? 03.01C Did Howard serve in Viet Nam? 03.02 Who is Robin Quivers? 03.02A Is Robin black? 03.03 Who is Jackie the Jokeman? 03.04 Who is Fred Norris? 03.05 Who is Gary Del'Abate? 03.05A What is the origin of Baba-booey? 03.06 Who is Stuttering John Melendez? 03.06A Who are the other interns? 03.07 Who is Scott the engineer 03.08 Who is Billy West? 03.09 Who is Al Rosenberg? 03.10 Who is Ronnie Munn? 03.11 Who is Tom Chuisano? 03.12 Who is Mark Chernoff? 03.13 Who is Tim Sabean? 03.14 Who is Ed Moyers? 03.15 Who is Andy Bloom? 03.16 Who is Doug Poddell? 03.17 Who is Ed Levine? 03.18 Who is Domonic Barbara? 03.19 Who is super agent Don Buckwald? 03.20 Who is Pig Vomit? 03.21 Who is Dan Forman? 03.22 Who is Ralph Cirella? ===== 04.00 ===== PRE-WNBC DAYS ====================================== 04.01 Where did Howard attend college? 04.02 Where was Howard's first commercial radio job? 04.03 In what markets did Howard work between WRNW and WNBC? ===== 05.00 ===== WNBC DAYS ========================================== 05.01 What happened at WNBC? 05.02 A little history about WNBC-AM 660 & Howard Stern 05.03 Who were Howard's bosses at WNBC? 05.04 Who is Don Imus? 05.05 Didn't Imus and Stern do commercials for WNBC together? 05.06 What caused the Soupy Sales-Howard Stern feud? 05.07 Who is Jack Spector? 05.08 How did Howard get fired from WNBC? ===== 06.00 ===== INFINITY DAYS ====================================== 06.01 What is Infinity? 06.01A Infinity syndication 06.02 Who are the other DJs on WXRK? 06.02A Who is the Greaseman? ===== 07.00 ===== OTHER MARKETS ====================================== 07.01 What other markets did Howard go to? 07.02 Where can I hear Howard? 07.03 What cities will get Howard next? 07.04 How can I contact Howard Stern? 07.05 Why is the FCC after Howard Stern? ===== 08.00 ===== HOWARD STERN'S RADIO PROGRAM ======================= 08.01 How can I tape Howard Stern's radio show? 08.02 What does the studio look like? 08.03 What happens at the opening of the show? 08.04 Why does Robin sit in another room? 08.05 Who are the woman who like Howard? 08.06 Who are the woman who hate Howard? 08.07 Who are the male regular guests? 08.08 What Howard Stern regulars died? 08.09 Who did Howard make cry? 08.10 Who advertises on Howard Stern Show (past and present)? 08.11 Why are there no sports, weather or traffic reports? 08.12 Whats so special about Howard's birthday shows? 08.13 What are the superbowl parties? 08.14 What are the FM-ies? 08.15 What is one question and one question only? 08.16 What is dial-a-date? 08.17 Who are Out of the Closet Stern & Blackswell? 08.18 Who is Mama Look a Booboo Day? 08.19 Who is yelling "shut up! sit down!?" 08.20 What are the funerals? ===== 09.00 ===== HOWARD GROUPIES AND OTHERS ========================= 09.01 What are the Howard Stern callers? 09.01a ...and who are some of callers to the Howard Stern Show? 09.02 What happened between Howard Stern and Bon Jovi? 09.03 Is Howard really mad at Richard Simmons? 09.04 What is the Whack Pack? 09.04a What is the Not-so Whack Pack? 09.05 Who is Crazy Jerry, Gina-Girl and Gina-Man? 09.06 Who is the Mad Russian? 09.07 Who is "Melrose" Larry Green? 09.08 Who is Chauncy? 09.09 Who is Dr. Marshall King? 09.10 Who is Daniel Carver? 09.11 Who is Underdog Lady? 09.12 Who is Steve O? 09.13 Who is Elan Gold? 09.14 Who is Ira Zimmerman? ===== 10.00 ===== HOWARD ON TV ======================================= 10.01 When was Howard on Late Night with David Letterman? 10.02 When was Howard/Robin on Joan Rivers Show? 10.03 What is Howard Stern's Fox connection? 10.04 What is Howard Stern's connection with MTV? 10.05 What is Howard Stern's connection with Hard Copy? 10.06 What other shows have feature Howard as a guest? 10.07 What shows have mentioned Howard Stern? 10.08 What is Howard Stern's wrestling connection? 10.09 Was Howard ever on a game show? 10.09a Has Robin ever appeared on a game show 10.10 What TV series did Howard Stern host? 10.11 Where can I get a guide to Howard Sterns WWOR Show? 10.12 Who has Howard interviewed on E!? ===== 11.00 ===== FAN CLUBS ========================================== 11.01 Is there a Howard Stern fan club? 11.02 Are Captain Janks phony phone calls available? 11.03 What is the AFA Journal? 11.04 Are there any other Howard Stern clubs? 11.05 What magazines did stories on Howard? 11.05a What magazines did stories on Robin? 11.06 Are there any Howard Stern BBS? ===== 12.00 ===== MERCHANDISE ======================================== 12.01 What Howard Stern products are there? 12.01a Pay per view negligee & underpants party 12.01b U.S. Open Sores 12.01c Crucified by the FCC 12.01d Butt Bongo Fiesta ===== 13.00 ===== COPY CATS ========================================== 13.01 Does Howard also rips off? 13.02 Did Howard really create Fartman? 13.03 What is the origins of Butt Bongo? ===== 14.00 ===== SONGS AND BITS ===================================== 14.01 What is the song Elton John sings about Howard? 14.01a What are the words to the song Elton John sings about Howard? 14.02 What are the words to Seinfeld teen?  01.02 WHAT IS AN UNAUTHORIZED FAQ? This is a great way to cram ones opinions down some ones throat, without any responsibility. I believe the information is accurate, but I can't guarantee it. Legitimately this isn't a FAQ, in that it isn't based on questions in the Howard Stern conference, let alone frequently asked! I've use the question and answer style because it is good bathroom reading, fast little bits. Welcome fellow short attention spanners! If you don't like it, you can destroy it. The basic theory behind this article is to spark memories and explain the origins of some. If you have more info to add, lets go. My internet address is: Bruce.Goldman@Cdreams.com. 01.03 WHAT IS AN UNAUTHORIZED FAQ? The FAQ was written by Nick Simicich (NJS@SCIFI.UUCP). It is usually published once a month.  ===== 02.00 ====== PRIME DIRECTIVE =================================== 2.01 WHAT IS THE (POPULAR) PRIME DIRECTIVE OF THE HOWARD STERN SHOW? The 1st premise we know about The Howard Stern Show is that it is a comedy show. Although he is controversial, vulgar (?) and much of the time makes excellent sense the prime directive is COMEDY. He mocks and satirizes everything and whether he means to be insensitive or not, the laugh is the thing. Sometimes when he is trapped in a debate he will refer to the show as comedy show as his cop out. 2.01a WHAT IS THE (REAL) PRIME DIRECTIVE OF THE HOWARD STERN SHOW? To make money. Just like any other commercial entertainment outlet, the program does live and die by its ability to sell product. Obviously high ratings especially in the crucial demographics is important to attract sponsors. 2.02 RATINGS, DEMOGRAPHICS AND OTHER LIES? This is something I really know a lot about. My work is market and social research. I have worked for A C Nielson, Arbitron, Burke, Media Statistics, W R Simmons, 3 Sigma, Gallup Poll, Louis Harris, Westat, Research Triangle, Elrich and Lavich, Kane and Parsons, Temple University, Chilton, NORC, Daniel Yankelovich and at least 100 other research firms. Simply stated a demographic is merely a grouping of people, the group can be as large or as small as one wishes to make it. Using a spin doctor, anyone can claim to be #1, if they target the right group or sub group. Howard always made fun of Soupy Sales for his claim "#1 in cars."  ===== 03.00 ===== WHO'S WHO ========================================= 03.01 WHO IS HOWARD STERN? Howard Alan Stern was born on Jan. 12th 1954 to Ben and Ray Stern (B.10-22), in Roosevelt Long Island NY. Ben and Ray were married in 1946. His sister Ellen is about 3 years older than him. Ellen is married to Peter Dunn and they have two daughters (Sharon B.10/77 & ?). Howard married his Boston University sweetheart Alison (B.05-25-54) on June 4, 1974. Alison's parents are Bob and Norma who lived in Boston and now resides in Florida. Alison's brother Bruce (B.1956) lives in Atlanta. Bruce has appeared a number of times on Howard's radio show (He speaks in monotones). Alison also has a sister named Betsy. Howard & Alison have 3 daughters, Emily (B.1983), Deborah (B.1987) and Ashley Jade (B.1993). Howard and family currently reside on Long Island. [Note: I May have mixed up Emily & Deborah, also one of them was born with a different name something like Jennifer, which Howard changed] 03.01a WHAT IS THE STERN FAMILY TREE? STERN Bob Norma Ray Ben -------------- ---------- | | | STERN | | DUNN Betsy Bruce Alison Howard Ellen Peter ---------------- ----------- | | | | | Deborah Emily Ashley Sharon Daughter 03.01b IS HOWARD JEWISH? He claims to be half-Jewish, which is at least half-true. He claims his mother is Italian and christian. Through inference, when his sister Ellen called to explain why their mother didn't call the show, he claimed for denying his full Jewishness is so that when he mocks other religions and races, there isn't an anti-semitic backlash. His sister by the way married a non-Jew (Peter), but yet both their daughters were Bat-Mitzvahs. I also recall back in the WNBC days when he & his mother got into an argument, where she wanted him to wear a suit for Yom Kippur. His eldest daughter is studying Hebrew and this is verified in the parody "Mr. Rabbi." Other various proofs are that he takes off for many Jewish holidays, he uses many Yiddish idioms, and seems to be most GENUINELY upset when Jewish groups take him to task for anti semitic remarks. (See prime directive) (Appearing on Larry King Live on CNN (approx. Mar, 1988) King: Why do you let your hair grow like that, you're a Jewish boy? Stern: Well I'm half-Jewish King: Half-Jewish? Stern: Yes King: Oh, I see, what, your father's half? Stern: You got to say half-Jewish or else the Catholics will beat you up in NY for the things I say 03.01c DID HOWARD SERVE IN VIET NAM? No. But his brother Wilbur did (Although he doesn't have a brother Wilbur). 03.02 WHO IS ROBIN QUIVERS? Robin Ophelia Quivers was born on Aug. 8th 1952 in Baltimore Maryland. She seems to be at odds with her parents (even to this day). She joined the Air Force and then became a registered nurse. She was offered a job in the late 70s as a newscaster for a Washington DC radio station. There, She was teamed as Howard's news person. Howard (much like Steve Allen, although he will deny it) enjoys making personalities out of everybody. He encouraged Robin to engage in conversation rather than just be a news reader. She obliged and a chemistry between the two began. She has branched out on her own and appeared on the Joan Rivers Show (92), Scattergories (3/93) & CNBC special (5/93). She also was featured in People Magazine (4/93). She currently has a weekly commentary segment on Good Morning America-Sunday Edition. Among others, she has dated Penn Jillete (Penn & Teller), Michael Swan (Duncan-Another World), & even Richard Simmons (to see "Legs Diamond"). For a while Robin lived in Queens she now resides on the upper east side of Manhattan. 03.02a IS ROBIN BLACK? Yes 03.03 WHO IS JACKIE THE JOKEMAN? John Martlin, Jr., "Jackie the Jokeman," was born on Feb. 14th, 1949 in East Norwich Long Island. Jackie went to Michigan State. He is married to actress/folk singer Nancy Sirianni (All Folked Up) who he met while she was hitchhiking. They were married in 1988 after living together for several years and have no children. Jackie's job is to write jokes and hand them to Howard. Jackie has written joke pages which appear in the Beat, Penthouse and soon, Platinum. He is primarily known as a stand up comedian. He lost to Steve O on Ed McMahon's Star Search. (As a side note Steve O beat Martin Lawrence the week before). He is Howard Stern's head writer. He writes gags on the fly. He is known for suffering from ten nail syndrome, (had all his toe nails pulled out). He wears finger cotts. He has a deformed belly button. He also writes and performs some comedic songs with a definite country flavor (Roll out the Reefer, Flies). His company is Off-Hour Rockers. The phone # is 1(516)922-WINE. He and his wife live at "Jokeland" in Bayville LI. 03.04 WHO IS FRED NORRIS? "Frightening" Fred Norris was born on July 9th 1955, and is of Latvian descent. He is known as the king of Mars, & has worked with Howard since WRNW. When WNBC fired the entire Howard Stern Show, only Fred kept his job with WNBC. He is best known for his sound effects (painting). Most of the time he has to explain them. His job is to prepare the sound bites for the 1st ten minutes of the show & run the commercials. He is instrumental on sketches and parodies. He plays guitar, sings and does imitations. He does Kurt Waldheim, Jr., a nazi who likes to play guess who's the Jew (gives 3 names, & contestant picks the Jew). He is also Dr. Norris when ever Howard is talking to anyone in the medical profession. A past reoccurring character was Mrs. Flemstein. Mrs. Flemstein (which hasn't been used in years) calls up and asks riddle after riddle. Fred also plays the gay character Blackswell. Fred is a very private person, and rarely if ever has any of his work mates to his home. He exploded when Howard grabbed his bag and rifled through his papers. To add to Fred's strangeness, he carries shovels in his car and use to sell flank steaks at Stern's live shows. Another weirdness is that he use to wear two watches. He has a fan club called "CLUB FRED." He met his live-in girlfriend (the Jewish princess) Allison on a dial-a-date, they live in Manhattan. 03.05 WHO IS GARY DEL'ABATE? Gary Dell'Abate was born in 19603. He is the producer of the Howard Stern show and gets a lot of air time. His father was an ice cream salesman and his mother has a large collection of saints. Gary originally was interning at WNBC to assist Roz Frank a traffic reporter. Howard took pity on Gary, who was being mistreated by Roz. He called him "Boy" Gary (obvious parody of "Boy" George). He gave him a job on the show which eventually grew to producer. Howard constantly makes fun of Gary's giant caps and bad breath. He makes it seem that Gary is inept and is always on the verge of firing him. He would force Gary to repeat things like "I am inept and will do better." Gary reluctantly would do this in an obvious condescending tone calling Howard, "Boss." After Gary got married he refused to repeat. Gary is best known as Baba-booey. He and his wife Mary married on July 3rd 1992. They live on the upper west side of Manhattan. 03.05a WHAT IS THE ORIGIN OF BABA-BOOEY? Gary Dell'Abate's hobby is collecting cells of animated characters. He has paid hundreds (thousands?) of dollars for celluloid frames from cartoons. Howard was as usual poking fun at this endeavor and feigning interest asked Gary what was he looking to add to his collection. He responded "Baba-Booey" This caused partial snickering and confusion. Since Gary is clearly the expert on the panel concerning animations it spurred a half hour debate as to the correct pronunciation. After everyone was convinced that Gary wrongly pronounced Baba Louie (Quick Draw MacGraw's sidekick), the non-ceasing ribbing got underway. Perhaps the most damning was when Gary came in after about an hour of total abuse. He claimed that it was no longer funny and that the bit had worn thin. This only caused the abuse to grow. Eventually they even played pranks on Gary, with a series of phone calls. Billy West called up looking for an intern job. He said his name was Bob and eventually when Gary was happy with his qualifications and asked him his whole name, he said Bob A Booey. He later called back as a female named Barbara. She became Barbara Booey. After years of referring to Gary as Baba-Booey, they decided to let it evolve. Billy West was called in again to play with it and came up with things like Fa-Fa Fooey, Fa-Fa-Flunky, Re-Re-Retard, Ma-Ma-Monkey and so on. 03.06 WHO IS STUTTERING JOHN MELENDEZ? John Melendez was born in 1966 in Massapequa Long Island. When Mitch (Fertel) the intern, complete his internship with Howard, he brought in his friend John as his replacement. John became an intern around 1989. Howard was immediately delighted by John's stutter. He informed Howard that he was planning to become a rock guitarist. His group was called Rock Slide, and they appeared on the Joe Franklin Show. He played with groups named Munn (after Ronnie the Limo driver) and Rubber Beaver. He even wrote a song about Howard, titled something like the Kike from New York City. Howard wishing to use John's stuttering ability made him an interviewer. For some reason his first few interviewing situations threw him in contact with Carly Simon (also a stutterer). His interviews were featured prominently on the Stern Show and earned him the nickname "King of the Stupid." For a few months, Infinity gave John a DJ job on its NYC AM affiliate Z-Rock. John appeared with Rock Slide, Vinny Mazzio & Jody Bongiovi on Joe Franklin. John is dating Karen Harris from the Howard Stern TV Show (They appeared together on the Newlywed parody). John currently lives in Manhattan and Masapequa. 03.06a WHO ARE THE OTHER INTERNS? From the NBC days Howard turned his interns into on-air personalities. On NBC he had "Boy" Lee, "Boy" Gary Dell'Abate and "Dead" Dave. "Dead" Dave earned his nickname from his monotone styling. Every so often Howard will play the "Dead" Dave interview with Dr Ruth. On K-Rock, Howard featured the intern Mitch Fertel. Mitch did a homeless make over on the Underpants Pay-per-view special. He quit to work for David Brenner's Nightlife program on ABC. Mitch introduced his friend John Melendez to Howard as replacement intern. Since then other interns have joined but John has hung on. Steve Grillo (Gorilla) who for about two weeks presented the Stern Week-in- review. Mike Gangi, who has a weird speech affect which Fred loves to imitate. Big Joe who was rarely on the air. Perhaps the most embarrassing moment on the Stern show was Big Joe's last day as an intern (May 28, 1993). Howard was shocked that the obese Joe could get girls. Joe had claimed he had many girlfriends, and brought in his current one. Howard found it quite unusual that a such a beautiful girl would date Joe. After questioning them, and still unconvinced, he wanted them to kiss. Although they did, the girl was obviously repulsed and all came out. Joe was a good sport in admitting, they were just good friends and never really dated. There was an obvious uneasiness and Howard seemed genuinely bad at uncovering this. As to Robin's interns, although a few of them have made it on the air, there is only one of real note. Her name was Jackie the intern. Howard had Dr. King hypnotize her on the air. He also used her for some British TV appearance in which Jackie appeared in a bikini and sat on Howard's lap. Most of her interns are female. I am not sure but I think Big Joe mentioned above was Robin's intern. Shelli interned for a while, she had great typing skills and was always ready to appear topless for Howard. 03.07 WHO IS SCOTT THE ENGINEER Scott Salem is the engineer for the Howard Stern Show. He basically does the editing on all Stern bits and news clips. Howard pokes fun at Scott's smoking and baldness. He runs a DJ service called Rocket Entertainment (1-800-BAG-5040). Classic bit was when Corey Feldman as Donotello, one of the Ninja Turtles called Scott's young son. 03.08 WHO IS BILLY WEST? Billy West is from the Boston area. He does a number of voices on the Stern show including Leona Helmsey, Lucille Ball, Suzanne Pleshette, Marge Schott, Larry Fine, Red, etc. He is currently the voice oF Stempy on the Ren & Stempy show. 03.09 WHO IS AL ROSENBERG? Back in the old NBC days, Al wrote and worked with Howard. He also worked for Don Imus. Later he worked for WNEW in NYC. He then went on to work on the Howard Stern TV Show. 03.10 WHO IS RONNIE MUNN? Ronnie is Howard's limo driver(/bodyguard?). He does get occassion air play. He has argued with Sam Kinison and LA programming director Andy Bloom on the air. 03.11 WHO IS TOM CHUISANO? Tom "Cheap-a-sano" (B.1948?) is the general manager of WXRK-FM. Normally Howard calls him in to complain. Tom is ribbed by Howard about his golf playing. He & his wife Penelope has a son who likes to play hockey. They live in Westchester. 03.12 WHO IS MARK CHERNOFF? Mark was WXRK's program director who's ideas were in conflict with Howard. Howard would constantly berate Mark and make fun of his diminutive size. Mark would always try to get Howard to be a team player and promote the other DJs and be available for sponsor meetings and charitable events. It one of the more memorable moments Howard donated money to save the rain forest in return Mark had to show him his penis and walk around the station in a Hitler moustache. Mark took over the directing abilities on Infinities AM sister station All-Sports Radio WFAN. Howard try to talk him into staying on WXRK, but Mark was determined to go to WFAN. 03.13 WHO IS TIM SABEAN? Tim is the program director on WYSP and now WXRK also. He seems to be pretty hands off and Howard rarely discusses him. 03.14 WHO IS ED MOYERS? Ed Moyers is WXRKs top salesman. He gets advertising for Howard's show. Ed is known as a real party animal. 03.15 WHO IS ANDY BLOOM? Andy Bloom was the station manager for WYSP FM in Phila. He and Stern have a good relationship. He went on to become GM at KLSX in Los Angeles, and was successful in getting Howard on that radio station. Andy got involved with Capt Janks and with Ronnie the Limo driver. 03.16 WHO IS DOUG PODDELL? Doug Poddell was the station manager in Detroit when Howard was on. He once told his audience that they can "Jew" down the prices on a sponsors product, innocently not realizing this is a racial slur. Being that it was obvious that Doug meant no harm no one got too upset but it makes a funny story. Doug currently is with WNCX in Cleveland and hired Howard for the Cleveland market. 03.17 WHO IS ED LEVINE? A few years ago Howard was broadcasting the Grammies from Los Angeles. As usual Howard was grouped with other DJs in one large room. Howard turned this negative into a positive by being annoyed by everything and picking fights with everyone and everything including Elaine Boosler's boyfriend. The on going fight was the "Balls" fight between Ed Levine and Howard. Ed was the station manager in Albany and not only took the abuse from Howard but fought with an aggressive vengeance. The fight quickly fell into second grade mentality with "You don't have the Balls" being the prominent swing phrase. Year later due to Howard's insisting, WJFK hired him as program director. Howard said if a guy can fight that way for losers in Albany think what he could do for Howard in Washington DC. Howard and Ed were really big fans of each other. However unfortunately Howard did not do as well in Washington DC as he did in NY or Philly. The Greaseman was still a thorn in his side, and frustrated Ed Levine left and went back to Albany. Howard was incensed by this and swore vengeance on Ed and quickly looked for an option to get on in Albany. When he did, Ed, who can street fight with the best of them published a paper on How to Beat Howard Stern. 03.18 WHO IS DOMONIC BARBARA? "Bloated attorney" Domonic Barbara, is a divorce attorney. He was/is also Jessica Hahn's attorney. Domonic will call in when a legal question arises. He also is good friends with Howard, they go to Atlantic City together and play cards together. 03.19 WHO IS SUPER AGENT DON BUCKWALD? Don is Howard and Robin's agent. He can be seen in the Open Sores tape. 03.20 WHO IS PIG VOMIT? Pig Vomit is a Bronx based club rock group (they even do Bar Mitzvahs). They won a Stern parody contest. Howard was so impressed by their skills that he invited them to do the music tracks for his parodies. They can be seen on the Open Sores video. 03.21 WHO IS DAN FORMAN? Dan Forman was the director of Howard Stern's WWOR TV Show. He worked in the WWOR TV Newsroom and is currently directing WNBC-TV's News. Dan has appeared a number of times on the TV Show, especially noteworthy was the time he appeared with his wife on the Sternlywed Game. He can be seen on Butt Bongo Fiesta. 03.22 WHO IS RALPH CIRELLA? Ralph is Howard's personal make-up man and also makes the costumes for Howard's characters on WWOR. Howard had a major problem with Ralph taking pictures at the Geraldo Rivera-Frank Stallone fight. Ralph gave him the pictures and everything cleared up. Howard makes fun of Ralph's look (broken tooth and berry on his face).  ===== 04.00 ===== PRE-WNBC DAYS ====================================== 04.01 WHERE DID HOWARD ATTEND COLLEGE? He attended Boston University and worked on their college radio station, WTBU. The program was called the "King Schmaltz Bagel Hour". He was fired on the air. 04.02 WHERE WAS HOWARD'S FIRST COMMERCIAL RADIO JOB? He began working with WRNW in Bryn Myr (Westchester, NY) in 1977. WRNW transmitted with 3,000 watts on 107.1. He was paid $97 a week. Here is some information on Stern's gig at WRNW, he worked the 10 AM - 2 PM Shift "Oldies to new wave, some jazz, soul, funk, folk." (Radio Guide 7/78) 10 am close ups 12 noon concert rock 1 PM concert/club lists From there he got a job in the Hartford Connecticut area. There he met Fred Norris and worked with Meg Griffin who later went on to WNEW-FM, WPLJ-FM and eventually WXRK where she followed Howard's show. 04.03 IN WHAT MARKETS DID HOWARD WORK BETWEEN WRNW AND WNBC? He then worked in Detroit (WWWW). WWWW went all country, he was enticed to the Washington DC market. He worked for WWDC FM (101). Due to his great popularity, WNBC in New York was interested in Howard's services for their afternoon drive. Howard had much bad blood in Wash DC, in that he earned $40,000 a year and the general manager was earning $500,000. As he moved on to NYC, the Wash DC station claimed to have fired Howard. The station claimed they fired Howard for calling Air Florida after the Jan 13, 1982 crash of its Boeing 737 into the 14th street bridge over the Potamic River. He called Air Florida to find out the fare from Florida to the 14th street bridge. Although he did do that, Howard denies that is the reason for his firing. He claims the station only fired him to humiliate him, knowing he was heading to NY after his contract ended. He disliked the station manager who he feels paid him way less than he deserved. Howard tells stories of the station managers favorite word (fartig), liking for taking steam baths, his palacial estate and his need to humiliate Howard. He also tells a story of how everyone thought the guy was going to die from a mysterious disease, but it turn out he was bitten by a tick. Howard was replaced by Doug Tract, the Greaseman, who had no problem maintaining the #1 morning show in Wash DC. In Oct. of 1988 Howard figured he would get revenge as he began his syndicated show into Wash. Howard would mimic Greaseman's speech pattern and his long bits on serving in Viet Nam. However much to Howard's chagrin, Howard had rating problems in DC. Eventually Greaseman signed with Infinity, and they began syndicating him. Howard still resents Greaseman and in NY refuses to play his promo under the guise of mechanical failure.  ===== 05.00 ===== WNBC DAYS ========================================== 05.01 WHAT HAPPENED AT WNBC? In 1982 he joined WNBC, 660 AM in NYC for the home time drive. WNBC was the top rated station in the market with morning show "Imus in the Morning." WNBC was looking for a comedy-music format to go along with Imus and hired Stern and Soupy Sales to fit into that format. Howard Stern handled the afternoon drive shift and had many run ins at WNBC. They wanted him to promote the other station personnel and to stick to a rigorous schedule (talk less, play pre-recorded bits, less spontaneity). He was fired after airing a discussion of a bestiality dial-a-date. 05.02 A LITTLE HISTORY ABOUT WNBC-AM 660 & HOWARD STERN July 25, 1922 A.T.&.T. purchases a NYC radio outlet, the govt. grants them the call letters WBAY ??? ??, 19?? RCA (owner of NBC), purchases WBAY and changes the call letters to WEAF Nov 10, 1946 WEAF changes call letters to WNBC Oct 18, 1954 WNBC changes call letters to WRCA May 23, 1960 WRCA changes call letters back to WNBC ??? ??, 197? WNBC hires Don Imus Feb ??, 1982 Howard Stern joins WNBC as their afternoon man [2/82???] ??? ??, 1984 Howard Stern fired by WNBC [1984 or 85???] ??? ??, 1985 Howard Stern joins WXRK, as their afternoon man vowing to destroy WNBC, and wanting to go on in the morning ??? ??, 1985 Howard replaces Jay Thomas as morning man to go head to head against WNBC's Don Imus Oct 22, 1986 Traffic report Jane Dornacher, aboard the N-Copter, dies in a crash July 1, 1987 An incident that will eventually effect WNBC. WFAN, the 1st all sports radio station replaces WHN on 1050 in NYC, begins broadcasting. Oct 7, 1988 WNBC last day - Emmis purchases frequency rights and moves their all sports radio WFAN form 1050 to 660 ??? ??, 19?? WFAN hires WNBC's Don Imus as their morning man ??? ??, 1991 Infinity purchases WFAN 05.03 WHO WERE HOWARD'S BOSSES AT WNBC? Randy Baumgarten and John Hayes 05.04 WHO IS DON IMUS? Don Imus is probably the original shock-jock. He has been on WNBC radio for what seems like hundreds of years. His big things were "How's Your Donkey Kong, Baby?" & "Are You Naked?" His major character was Reverend Bill Saul Hargass. He also played a "quack-quack" duck sound. He is one of the first to combine a pop music format with comedic talk, bits and telephone games. Howard despises him and really hated that the general manager (who he calls Pig Virus) wanted him to be more like Imus. When Stern left WNBC he vowed he would go against Imus with a morning show and destroy him and WNBC. 05.05 DIDN'T IMUS AND STERN DO COMMERCIALS FOR WNBC TOGETHER? Yes, they did a series of TV comls. Although my memory is quite sketchy about these early 1980 commercials, I recall one about a toll booth, another where they are sitting on swivel chairs with their backs to the camera and another with a priest who I think drew mustaches on their billboard. 05.06 WHAT CAUSED THE SOUPY SALES-HOWARD STERN FEUD? Soupy Sales who preceded Howard's show on WNBC had a piano and piano player. Soupy use to do some bits which involved this piano. Well it seems that someone during Soupy's shift ate a salad and left a major mess in the studio. Howard as usual went ballistic and threatened Soupy that if someone doesn't clean it up immediately he would cut strings on Soupy's piano. Soupy was in a meeting planing future shows and could not be reached in time. Eventually a very apologetic Soupy called but it was too late Howard already damaged the piano strings. Soupy made light of it on the air but was truly pissed. 05.07 WHO IS JACK SPECTOR? Howard refers to Jack Spector who was one of the DJs in the 50s/60s during the heyday of rock and roll AM radio in New York. He was with the ilk of Dan Ingram, Cousin Brucie Morrow, Murray the K, Allen Freed, WMCA good guys, etc. Howard really liked Jack who always said pleasant things to and about him. He would tell Howard to get FU money (Enough money so if you want to get out of the business you can tell your boss F.U.). Anyway Jack Spector who was basically a great voice that just spun records was given a gig with WNBC during the Stern era. He followed Stern with of all things a sports talk show. He admittedly knew nothing or little of sports and would say things that sports really didn't matter "the sun will rise the next day" whether your team won or lost. Now one must remember that Yankee, Met, Islander, Ranger, Knicks, Nets, Giants, Jets NY contains die hard fans. As a matter of fact WNBC had hired Bill Mazer in the past, and eventually its frequency and station was bought for WFAN, the 1st all sports radio station. Spector just thrown into the wrongest possible job he could have. So night after night while Spector was berated by callers, he just happily collected his check and continued. Well Howard decided to have some fun with Jack and he called him on his sports show as Russell. Perhaps one of the funniest calls ever, he somehow got the conversation on to football players wives and girl friends and into Jack's personal life. The call went on for a long while, mostly with Russell (Howard) praising Jack, and Jack seemed upset when Russell finished his call. Jack was very complimentary about Russell. The next day Howard played the call on his show and indeed Jack was a good sport about it, but every time he got a good call he suspected it to be Howard Stern. When someone called Jack about a highly technical question on of all things yachting, Howard claimed he did it (although later he confessed he wasn't the caller) 05.08 HOW DID HOWARD GET FIRED FROM WNBC? In late 1984 he was fired from WNBC. He discussed doing a bestiality Dial-a- date on a Thursday. On Friday there was a hurricane and Howard and crew still came to work. He did not return to the air the following Monday. An NBC exec who listened to that Thursday show dropped the axe. Howard believes that it was Grant Tinker. In Mid 1985 WXRK hired him. Later that year he replaced Jay Thomas as the morning man. Howard vowed to destroy WNBC  ===== 06.00 ===== INFINITY DAYS ====================================== 06.01 WHAT IS INFINITY? Infinity is a broadcasting group that owns WXRK, WYSP, WJFK, WBCN, WFAN among many others. 06.01a INFINITY SYNDICATION On Aug 8, 1986, WYSP-FM Philadelphia, also owned by Infinity, began simulcasting him. He vowed to beat his competition John D'Bello of WMMR. He was/is successful in Philadelphia so Infinity began airing his show in Washington DC. On Oct 3, 1988, WBMW-FM changed its call sign to WJFK-FM as it began transmitting the Stern morning program. Howard's competition in Wash DC, was the Greaseman {Doug Tract who was born in the Bronx NY). After Howard defeated him, Infinity contracted with the Greaseman and syndicated his program too, much to the chagrin of Howard. 06.02 WHO ARE THE OTHER DJS ON WXRK? Howard refers to many of the other DJs on WXRK. Here are some short capsules on each. Meg Griffin (Also on VH-1) was his favorite cross-over (cross over is like a relay race, where you pass the baton) dj. He had worked with Meg in the 70's at WRNW. Meg would get especially riled up when Sam Kinison was Howard's guest, she is a staunch feminist. Howard wrote a song called "The Angry Young Meg," to which Meg answered back with a song backed up by her favorite group The Washington Squares. Another cross over was Jimmy Fink, who's family owned the Fink Bread Company. Howard would pick on Jimmy's great wealth. Marc Coppola (Francis Ford Coppola's nephew) was a fill-in DJ. Howard would annoy Marc about his lack of hair and the fact that Francis Ford Coppola doesn't offer him any acting jobs. Maria Malito & Bob Wah (See OUT OF THE CLOSET STERN) use to do Overnights (2 AM-6 AM shift) and did some of the Best of Stern shows. Allison Steele (Nightbird) now handles the overnight shift & did the Woodstock Moment with Larry Fine bit. Dave Herman who competed with Howard, doing mornings on local competition WNEW. Howard would constantly poke fun at Dave's age, but when Dave came over to WXRK, Howard eased up. He now mocks Dave for using Prodigy. The Turtles (Flo & Eddie) handled afternoon drive for a while. Another guy who later became Meg's boyfriend was a DJ for a while. WXRK began syndicating the Greaseman, which has really hit the ire of Howard. Another of Howard's favorite foils was the madame (Jo Mader). Another DJ (name escapes me) was the afternoon guy on WXRK. He dated (and may still be dating) Meg. 06.02a WHO IS THE GREASEMAN? Doug Tract was born in the Bronx. He was a DJ working in Florida, when Howard Stern was on WWDC in Washington DC. When Howard left his #1 show to go to WNBC NY, WWDC replaced him with the Greaseman. Howard was shocked that Greaseman, was able to maintain the #1 spot, which did not sit well with Howard's ego. Howard is extremely annoyed that Infinity gave Greaseman a contract and has him syndicated out of California. He is currently on Howard's flagship station WXRK at 6PM-10PM. Howard refuses to run any promos for the Greaseman.  ===== 07.00 ===== OTHER MARKETS ====================================== 07.01 WHAT OTHER MARKETS DID HOWARD GO TO? In 1991 Howard signed a contract with Infinity allowing him to market his program on non-Infinity stations. Within 2 years he went from 3 markets to 15. 07.02 WHERE CAN I HEAR HOWARD? Thanks Charles Kunz (CKUNZ@SRC4SRC.LINET.ORG) For phone numbers - STERN = 78376 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ STATE | New York |Pennsylvania |D.C. |California CITY | New York |Philadelphia |Washington |Los Angeles START DATE | ??/??/1985 |10/03/1985 |10/03/1988 |07/25/1991 CALLS | WXRK-FM |WYSP-FM |WJFK-FM |KLSX-FM FREQUENCY | 92.3 |94.1 |106.7 |97.1 START TIME | 5:55 AM |5:55 AM |5:55 AM |3:00 AM END TIME | After 10:00 |After 10:00 |After 10:00 |After 10:00 LIVE OR TAPE | Live |Live |Live |3-6 Live, then tape PHONE NUMBER | 1(212)955-9292|1(800)44-STERN|1(800)44-STERN|1(800)23-STERN COMPETITION | Don Imus |John D'Bello |Doug Tract |Mark & Brian | Scott Shannon |(Zookeeper) |(Greaseman) |Jay Thomas ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ STATE | Maryland |Ohio |Texas |New York CITY | Baltimore |Cleveland |Dallas/Ft Wort|Albany START DATE | 10/01/1991 |08/31/1992 |10/03/1988 |07/25/1991 CALLS | WJFK-AM |WNCX-FM |KEGL-FM |WQBX-FM FREQUENCY | 1300 |98.5 |97.1 |103.9 START TIME | 5:55 AM |5:55 AM |5:55 AM |5:55 AM END TIME | After 10:00 |After 10:00 |After 10:00 |After 10:00 LIVE OR TAPE | Live |Live |Tape |Live PHONE NUMBER | 1(800)44-STERN|1(800)84-STERN|1(800)54-STERN|1(800)685-STERN COMPETITION | |Jeff & Flash | |Ed Levine | |John Lanigan | | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ STATE | Illinois |Nevada |New York |Massachusetts CITY | Chicago |Las Vegas |Rochester |Boston START DATE | 10/15/1992 |11/09/1992 |02/18/1993 |03/??/1993 CALLS | WLUP-AM |KFBI-FM |WRQI-FM |WBCN-FM FREQUENCY | 1000 |107.5 |95.1/95.5 |104.1 START TIME | 5:55 AM |3:00 AM |5:55 AM |7:00 PM END TIME | After 10:00 |After 10:00 |After 10:00 |After 11:00 LIVE OR TAPE | Live |Live 3-6, tape|Live |Tape PHONE NUMBER | 1(800)94-STERN|1(702)792-2345|1(800)STERN-95|NONE COMPETITION | | |Brother Weas | | | |(Alan Levin) | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ STATE | California |New York |Louisiana | CITY | San Jose |Buffalo |New Orleans | START DATE | 02/??/1993 |03/??/1993 |03/ /1993 | CALLS | KOME-FM |WWKB-AM |WRNO-FM | FREQUENCY | 98.5 |1520 |99.5 | START TIME | 5:55 AM |5:55 AM |5:55 AM | END TIME | After 10:00 |After 10:00 |After 10:00 | LIVE OR TAPE | Tape |Live |Tape | PHONE NUMBER | 1(800)24-STERN|1(800)522-1520|1(800)46-STERN| COMPETITION | Alex Bennett | | | | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 07.03 WHAT CITIES WILL GET HOWARD NEXT? Thanks to Charles Kunz: Phoeniz, AZ - very likely Fresno, CA - not anytime soon Denver, CO - how much longer? Hartford, CT - been promising this one for months Miami, FL - this should have happened weeks ago Minneapolis, MN - this one is a maybe Atlanta, GA - still waiting... Detroit, MI - been promising this one for months, too Pittsburgh, PA - how much longer? Providence, RI - very likely Houston, TX - very likely Seattle, WA - how much longer? 07.04 HOW CAN I CONTACT HOWARD STERN? Fax: 212-759-KFAX (5329) Address: Howard Stern Radio Show WXRK-FM (92.3 K-ROCK) 600 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10022 07.05 WHY IS THE FCC AFTER HOWARD STERN? The FCC original complaint concerned Bob and Ray. These are characters portrayed by Howard and Robin in deep voice. They act like super macho men, discussing tractor pulls, guns, sports and sexual prowess. In one conversation they discussed Shari Lewis' puppet Lamb Chop and the use of such for sexual pleasure. The second FCC complaint concerned Howard's Christmas show when he mentioned Lesbians full of lust. (I don't know about you but this has cause me to pillage, rape and plunder).  ===== 08.00 ===== HOWARD STERN'S RADIO PROGRAM ======================= 08.01 HOW CAN I TAPE HOWARD STERN'S RADIO SHOW? The best way is using a VCR. A BETA 750 tape set at Beta III gives 4 hours A VHS T-120 gives a little over 6 hours set at SLP. If you are using the usual standard stereo receiver, there are output and input jacks in the back. Normally they are labelled as VCR or TAPE jacks. You need to connect a cabled pair of RCA phono jacks from the TAPE OUT on back of the Receiver to the INPUT in the back of the VCR. Make sure (R)ight and (L)eft match. Next you need to connect another pair of RCA phono jacks to the TAPE IN on the receiver to the OUTPUT on the VCR. Next thing necessary is to set you VCR programmer to the time of broadcast (in NYC that is 5:55 AM to 11:05 AM, weekdays). 95% of the time 11:05 AM will give enough time to get the entire show but once or twice a month Howard goes nuts and goes off later. Make sure the program is set to LINE, some older machines need you to throw a switch. The tricky part is getting your receiver to be on at those hours. The easiest and costliest is to just tune your receiver into to the correct station and leave it ON. There are timers (even timers built-in to components) than can either turn you receiver on or off or both. I just leave it on. There is no need to leave the volume on, you can even turn off the speakers. If everything is done correct, you should record Stern or any radio program flawlessly To run a test to make sure the connections are correct, simply set your receiver to any station, turn on your VCR (set to line) and press record. You can monitor the sound on your TV, or play it back and listen to it on the radio (make sure to have the receiver set to line monitor (usually TAPE MONITOR or VCR/TV). 08.02 WHAT DOES THE STUDIO LOOK LIKE? This is definitely not drawn to scale. The studio is quite small, and this is just to give you an idea of what it looks like. Stern sits with his back to the CDS and Records. Fred, Jackie and Robin face Howard. The Guest(s) sit with their back to the cassette wall. ___________________________________ | CDS RECORDS | | C | | (STERN) A | | G S | | CONSOLE U S | | E E | | DESK DESK S T | | T T | | (FRED) (JACKIE) S E | | | | D | | O \ | TABLE O \ | R | |-------------------------------- | | GLASS PARTITION | |-------------------------------- | | | | TABLE | | D | \ O (ROBIN) | \ O | | R | ----------------------------------- 08.03 WHAT HAPPENS AT THE OPENING OF THE SHOW? Fred Norris plays about 10 minutes of both Howard Stern bits and quotes/quips for various media sources. Howard is then introduced by a canned introduction from one of his many TV appearances (Usually David Letterman, sometimes Arsenio Hall or Dick Cavett). A piano version of "In a Mellow Tone", is played by Errol Gardner as Howard's theme music. Howard will usually open up with a short comment and take an immediate break. When he returns, Howard usually discusses what is planned for the program (much of which he doesn't get to). He then either take calls from listeners or plays phony calls from Capt Janks, King of Messengers et al. 08.04 WHY DOES ROBIN SIT IN ANOTHER ROOM? Many times, on the radio a guest will be surprised to see that Robin is in a separate room. The official reason for this is that Howard has a flatulent problem, and Robin doesn't want to be subject to these odors. However other reasons suggested are that Robin needs to be away from the chatter to work on her news section or that Robin has a paranoia of all the weirdos that come into the studio. However another thought might be that she is embarrassed by her own hygiene problems, it seems she is always rushing off to the bathroom. 08.05 WHO ARE THE WOMAN WHO LIKE HOWARD? Beverly D'Angelo, Jessica Hahn, Stacy Galina, Joan Rivers, Tawny Kitaen 08.06 WHO ARE THE WOMAN WHO HATE HOWARD? Roseanne Arnold, Elaine Boozler 08.07 WHO ARE THE MALE REGULAR GUESTS? Steve Rossi, Richard Simmons, Gilbert Godfried, Grampa Al Lewis, Sam Kinison Andrew Dice Clay, Leslie West, Dee Snider, Joe Walsh, Joe Piscopo, Pat Cooper 08.08 WHAT HOWARD STERN REGULARS DIED? Froggy, Ted the Janitor, Sam Kinison 08.09 WHO DID HOWARD MAKE CRY? Jessica Hahn - he told her, her belly button smelled Judy Tenuta - said Roseanne Barr was better Sally Kirkland - Won't let her be Ashley's godmother Gilda Radner - annoyed her about her book (WNBC) Richard Simmons - all the time 08.10 WHO ADVERTISES ON HOWARD STERN SHOW (PAST AND PRESENT)? This in no way is complete, it just should spark memories of some of his commercials. Dial a Mattress, Try a Bed, Daniel Rogers, Nutra System, Snapple, Wiz, Mens Hair Now, Car companies, Beanstalk, Subway, Poland Springs, Beanstalk, Brother, Mystic, Jan & Craig Window Factory, Car dealers?, Bonsai trees, Subway sandwiches, Grand Central Radio, E Vincent Luggage, Tom Calisino Diamonds, Fortunoff, Chicagoland Coins, 08.11 WHY ARE THERE NO SPORTS, WEATHER OR TRAFFIC REPORTS? Obviously, Howard likes to do all the talking and doesn't want to be bothered with that. He did have some interesting reporters though. SPORTS Leonard Marshall (then of NY Giants) would call up giving NY Giant reports. Howard questioned him mostly about his white wife which got Leonard so upset that he stopped doing his report. Eventually Leonard & his wife divorced. Howard had to kiss Leonard's ass on his TV show when he bet him the Giants won't win the Superbowl. WEATHER For one week he hired Sukreet Gabel to do the Weather. Sukreet is the daughter of Judge Gabel who ruled on Bess Myerson (1945 Miss America/NYC consumer affairs official) divorce which seemly overwhelmingly favoring Bess. Bess got Sukreet a job (thus a scandal). During Sukreet's 15 minutes of fame Howard hired her. Sukreet was a strange one indeed, she took her name when working in the Indian pavilion at the 1964 NY World's Fair. She also had shock therapy. TRAFFIC (SHADOW TRAFFIC) Susan "Bezerkowitz" Berkley, was one of Howard's favorite. Her father was the creator/owner of Archie comics. He drove her so nuts that she had two or three nervous breakdowns. She ended up getting out of the traffic business and started a radio announcer school. She appeared on the Joe Franklin show in November, 1987). Candy Roth enjoyed the banter with Howard. Howard preferred the conflict rather than her ease with him. So he rarely had her on. She got invited to one of his on air Christmas parties. In a semi-confrontation, he told her she was uninteresting and that is why she gets little air time. She asked what she could do to change that, so he told her to kiss a lesbian. Although a heterosexual, eager to please Howard, she did. This cost her job on other radio stations (WYNY NYC) and of course Howard quickly lost interest in her again. She still works for Shadow Traffic. 08.12 WHATS SO SPECIAL ABOUT HOWARD'S BIRTHDAY SHOWS? On about Jan 15th (Howard's Birthday) Gary and Robin surprise Howard with a big birthday bash usually at Tavern on the Green. There is always an all star band (usually featuring Leslie West, Joe Walsh, Phoebe Snow, Turtles, etc). The show is packed with celebrities and Sterns Family. Sponsors shower Howard with high cost (sometimes practical joke) gifts in appreciation for Howard's efforts. There are celebrity call-ins and the show is littered with prepackaged taped birthday wishes 08.13 WHAT ARE THE SUPERBOWL PARTIES? Every year for Superbowl Howard has a huge party complete with male bonding, massage girls and food. Originally they were held at Neal Drake's house. Neal is a mutual friend of Robin and Howard and was an advertiser. Now they are held at motels in Long Island. 08.14 WHAT ARE THE FM-IES? About once a year during Emmy time Howard awards FM-ies. The FM-ies show(s) are highlighted with production numbers and phone calls from winners. 08.15 WHAT IS ONE QUESTION AND ONE QUESTION ONLY? 1 question & 1 question only, is exactly what it says. Howard picks up the phone and only allows the called to ask one quick question. He answers it and then continues with the next caller. 08.16 WHAT IS DIAL-A-DATE? Howard usually does this on irregular Fridays. Howard has a guest in the studio and then takes phone calls until he finds 3 eligible people for dates. The date sometimes has a theme (Lesbians, Virgins, etc). Fred Norris met his girlfriend through a Dial-a-Date. 08.17 WHO ARE OUT OF THE CLOSET STERN & BLACKSWELL? Out of the Closet Stern (Howard) & Blackswell (Fred) are gay characters. They usually do a "Whatever Happened to . . ." interview. Their classic interview was with Dick York, comparing him to Dick Sargent on Bewitched. The obvious "Dick" jokes were flowing. Another thing they would do is cover parades, especially the gay parades. Another routine was the "Homo Room." There favorite person to bring down there was Bob Wah, a good looking overnight DJ for WXRK. Bob left the station for another job, and they rarely use the Homo Room since. 08.18 WHO IS MAMA LOOK A BOOBOO DAY? This is a black traffic reporter played by Howard, He created the character back in Washington. He still gets occasional use out of it. 08.19 WHO IS YELLING "SHUT UP! SIT DOWN!?" One of the most priceless moments from the Stern show was when Howard brought in tapes from 1962 recorded by his father. Howard's father Ben ran a radio production studio. One weekend he brought the entire family into Manhattan to record. The entire tape is funny from Ben testing the equipment (Green light tube) to the interview portion (We don't want the Japs anymore) to Ben singing Old Man River. The highlight came when 8 year old Howard wore his father's nerves so thin, that he yelled "Shut up! Sit Down!" 08.20 WHAT ARE THE FUNERALS? When Howard goes to number one in the market he holds a funeral. He goes to the area (so far Phila and LA) and buries the competition, with a parade and stage show.  ===== 09.00 ===== HOWARD GROUPIES AND OTHERS ========================= 09.01 WHAT ARE THE HOWARD STERN CALLERS? These are calls in which a program that is taking phone calls will get a caller that just yells HOWARD STERN. This has evolved into everything from camouflaging his name (How would you Stern a ...), to long winded good questions that end with the name Howard Stern, to mentioning the cast (Baba Booey, Calling from Martling NJ, etc). Captain Janks a rather diminutive listener in Philadelphia is considered to be the originator and perhaps best of this type calls. Usually Stern will play some of these calls in the 1st hour of his show. Other top callers are king of subpoenas & king of vcrs (who works for Alice Cooper). The usual victims are Fox's STREET TALK, LARRY KING SHOW, PHIL DONAHUE SHOW, CNBC, HOME SHOPPER'S NETWORK. Some of the classics were a call to the Jerry Lewis telethon, to Ross Perot on the TODAY SHOW, to John D'Bello, NBC news during the World Trade Center disaster. This was even parodied on Gary Shandlings HBO "Larry Sanders Show." Larry's co-host Hank was hawking the "Hankerciser" on a shopper's network. They get a call where someone askes if it would work on Howard Stern's ass. 09.01a ...AND WHO ARE SOME OF CALLERS TO THE HOWARD STERN SHOW? Many times they are randomly selected by Howard while on the air. Sometimes Gary or the other interns screen calls. Other times, Howard will call people who send him letters. At one point Howard spun a wheel to decide from which market to take a call. There are a few who become regular callers, mostly those of the Captain Janks ilk, who was discussed above. Some of the more famous include Jerry who will be discussed in the next paragraph. One guy referred to himself as "the caller" and would actually mention the amount of times he has called. Chauncey of "Stepping Out" magazine is another caller. For a while Howard was getting a caller who would just say "Gotta Go, Bye!" and hang up. After a while Howard started using that for his commercial in "Gotta Go Buy Crucified by the FCC" 09.02 WHAT HAPPENED BETWEEN HOWARD STERN AND BON JOVI? When Bon Jovi was just breaking in, Howard took a quick liking to them. He had featured them on his NBC show. However when Bon Jovi hit big, they not only went on his competition but snubbed Howard. Howard of cause didn't like this and started a feud with them. Sam Kinison acting as peace maker, promised to bring Richie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi on the Stern Show. Howard hawked this and publicized it for days. However, when the day cam for their appearance both Sam Kinison and Bon Jovi stood up Howard. Howard was again pissed and eventually made up with Kinison. Robin surprised Howard during his 1992 Birthday show with an appearance of Bon Jovi. 09.03 IS HOWARD REALLY MAD AT RICHARD SIMMONS? This is somewhat complex and is changeable. Howard credits himself with reviving Richard Simmon's career. He claims to have made him very marketable and a sought after guest. Richard and Howard did become real chummy as Richard would visit Howard's house often. Richard would shower Stern's family with lavish gifts (Designer Barbie Dolls, etc). Richard would constantly offer to take Howard and Robin to dinner and plays. Robin went to see Legs Diamond with Robin. Whenever Richard was on the show, something would happen that would cause Richard to storm out crying (usually Howard insulting one of Richard's "Fat" clients). Howard would call Richard and half-heartily apologize and Richard would be back. Howard spoke of the time that Alison had a miscarriage prior to Ashley's birth, and that Richard called them and cried more than they had. Richard even picked out the name Ashley for the baby. The major blow out came when Howard promised Richard he would go to "Prince of Tides" with him. Richard flew into NY but Howard had stood him up. Since then there friendship has been strained. 09.04 WHAT IS THE WHACK PACK? The whack pack is made up of fans who were on Howard Sterns radio show and became friends. BECKY THE MENTAL PATIENT. Becky claims to have multiple personalities and sometimes uses the name Denise. She also claims that a stuffed monkey is her son. She is a stand-up comedienne. Becky appeared on The Negligee & Underpants party. CELESTE, a middle-aged woman who drags her leg. Howard was quite pissed when she tracked him down to his house and trick or treated, Celeste offered to sleep with Fred the Elephant boy to end his virginity but Fred declined. Celeste appeared on a Joan Rivers show with Howard. SIOBAHN THE TRANSSEXUAL, who's real name is Bill. Siobahn was invited to Jackie's 4th of July party, went into his office and copied down Howard's home address and phone number. CRAZY JERRY, who introduced us to GINA GIRL and GINA MAN. Jerry and Gina man are seen on the Open Sores video. RACHEL THE SPANKER winds up the group. She also can be seen on the Open Sores video. 09.04a WHAT IS THE NOT-SO WHACK PACK? KEVIN THE NEWSLETTER GUY, CAPTAIN JANKS, QUENTIN THE STUTTERER and FRED THE ELEPHANT BOY. Janks & Fred were seen on Butt Bongo Fiesta. Fred & Quentin appeared on Stern's TV show and Quentin appeared on the Negligee and Underpants party. 09.05 WHO IS CRAZY JERRY, GINA-GIRL AND GINA-MAN? Jerry's inherited his family's liquor store, which he sold and retired. He use to call Howard quite frequently and his schtict was to overload Howard with compliments. Whatever Howard did was the greatest thing ever. Jerry, found a mentally disabled woman and brought her on to Howard's Show. She had a weird speech impediment and did what she called the Gina-Dance (Gina pronounced as in Vagina). She talked of her "Mini" skirt and her love for Tom Fruise (Cruise). Within weeks her guardian found out about this and ordered that Howard no longer have her on the show, which Howard reluctantly had to accept. Jerry went out and found a postal worker who also had mental problems. He was called Gina man, and basically at Jerry's prompting he would yell out non-sequiturs, most famous being "This is Mother Theresa speaking from the bed, God don't want me yet, I got more feet to taste." Jerry and Gina Man can be seen on the open sores tape. Jerry has since, retired to Florida. 09.06 WHO IS THE MAD RUSSIAN? He is a cab driver and free lance reporter. He does the stuttering John type interview (perhaps a bit more hostile) and sends the results to Howard. 09.07 WHO IS "MELROSE" LARRY GREEN? "Melrose" Larry Green is an accountant based in California. He is a one-man publicity stunt for Howard. He walks up and down Melrose Blvd with a sandwich board proclaiming Howard for President. 09.08 WHO IS CHAUNCY? Chauncy is a publisher/writer for Stepping Out Magazine, a free-be given out at supermarkets. Chauncy is a big fan of Howard. 09.09 WHO IS DR. MARSHALL KING? Dr. King is a hypnotist who has appeared on Howard's radio and TV program and Open Sores. He hypnotizes women to fall in love with Howard. 09.10 WHO IS DANIEL CARVER? Daniel Carver is a spokesman for the KKK. Howard calls his tape announcement and plays it over the air. Daniel was featured on the TV show and Butt Bongo Fiesta. 09.11 WHO IS UNDERDOG LADY? Susan Muldowney who appears only on his WWOR TV Show, performs as Underdog Lady. She is very serious about the character underdog and seems determined to uphold the integrity of underdog. Her dedication, commitment and seriousness about the underdog character is what sparks interest. 09.12 WHO IS STEVE O? Steve O is a comedian who beat Jackie Martling on Star Search. I use to see him at the Ground Round on Central Avenue, Yonkers NY. Once I was eating dinner at Edo's Japanese Hibachi restaurant in Pelham Manor NY. You know the Beni-Hana type where they fill up the table with up to 8 people. After talking to him for several moments, he had informed me in a polite way that he really didn't enjoy discussing comedy, but he and his girlfriend were quite friendly. He did say he does not like to work dirty. Very interesting trivia was the week before he beat Jackie he beat Martin Lawrence to become champ. 09.13 WHO IS ELAN GOLD? Elan is a comedian who lives in the Bronx. He appears on MTV and according to Howard does the best imitation of Howard Stern. Elan has appeared on the Stern Show but did not fool anyone. He is pretty close but has a higher pitch when compared directly to Howard. 09.14 WHO IS IRA ZIMMERMAN? He has been on the Stern show a few times, upset that Howard abuses stutterers. He is the head of a stuttering group (membership unknown). He has been harassing prodigy members with his anti-stern rhetoric.  ===== 10.00 ===== HOWARD ON TV ======================================= 10.01 WHEN WAS HOWARD ON LATE NIGHT WITH DAVID LETTERMAN? The 1st mention of Howard Stern came in early 1984. David decided to tap into the NBC complaint line and take calls. Being that Dave records at around 5:30, and that Howard's radio program was on at that time, can we guess what most of the complaints were about? Dave whether genuine or not had little or no knowledge about Howard, but the audience seemed to howl with every mention. Dave thought it might be interesting to get Howard on. (This in no way pretends to be complete, but feature 16 appearance - any help out there?) ???, 1984 Howard's 1st appearance July, 1984 Howard discusses his July, 1984 Qui Magazine pictorial, and an NBC TV pilot to be shot in Aug, 1984 & his manager Steve Rossi July 1986 Howard now on WXRK, talks about Imus & Soupy & his new syndicated radio show, He discusses his pictorial in the Sept 1986 Penthouse and being simulcast WYSP in Phila & bestiality Oct, 1987 Howard talks about Fox TV, Jessica Hahn, Bork's nomination to the Supreme Court, his Jewish nose & the vodka gift for Imus Feb, 1988 Howard promotes his pay per view show & Cosmopolitan mag Aug, 1988 Howard discusses his VHS tape of the Negligee & Underpants Party and the taping of Hollywood Squares Oct 4, 1988 Howard Stern talks to Jack Bruce, discusses going on in Wash DC Apr 25, 1990 Howard Stern, John Chancellor, Pat Methany Howard plans the Philly Funeral for John D'Bella on May 11, 1990 He talks about Mrs David Letterman and his upcoming Summer Show (lesbians), Howard offers to comb Dave's hair with his left foot Jul 16, 1990A Howard discusses Dave's studio temp at 55F & Frank Gannon, He also talks about Mrs David Letterman & Edgar Rosenberg Nov 8, 1990 Howard discusses Dave's appearance on Larry King's NBC Show, Joan Rivers & Roseanne Barr, Jan 15, 1991 Howard celebrates his Birthday & again talks about the 55F temperature of the studio and see his father naked, May 21, 1991 Howard pokes fun at Morty, Hooker Family Feud, Raping in the night, and hawks Crucified by FCC Sept 12, 1991 Howard resigns from Dave's show because Dave had Don Imus as a guest, He also talks about Mark & Brian, then hugs Dave July, 1992 Howard in Superman T-shirt. Howard talks of Dave's negotiations, Dave's lunch with Johnny Carson, and lusting for Sharon Stone Sept. 2, 1992 Howard talks about Sharon Stone 1992 Howard Stern (1992 Top Ten French Truck drivers) Oct 28, 1992 Howard Stern, Ron Wood & Marv Albert, Julia Roberts Howard ponders Dave's future with NBC, He promotes his E! Show and Butt Bongo Fiesta 10.02 WHEN WAS HOWARD/ROBIN ON JOAN RIVERS SHOW? Nov 4, 1990 Howard gets Angie Bowie to reveal that David Bowie and Mick Jagger were lovers. July, 1990 Howard is on for most of the show, he meets Mr Gay America Brandy Alexander July, 1991 Robin Quivers is on along with Howie Mandel, she speaks about her breast reduction, lost 35 lbs., dating Penn Jillete. Joan arranges a date for Robin with soap star Michael Swan 1991/1992 Howard appears on her show Nov(?), 1992 Howard appears on her show Dec, 1992 Robin appears on 2nd annual sexiest man of the Year contest other judges include Stacy Galina, Rhonda Shear, Denny Dillon 10.03 WHAT IS HOWARD STERN'S FOX CONNECTION? Fox executives were grooming Howard Stern to replace Joan Rivers on her late show. When this didn't go, in May 1987, they gave him a 5 pilot show deal. Howard's band leader was Leslie West. Some of his guests included Steve Rossi and Jackie Mason. Fox refused to air the shows saying they just weren't any good. Howard claims that owner Rupert Murdoch canned the shows as a favor to NY's John "Cardinal" O'Connor also siting his FCC problems. In Sept. 1987, Howard appears on FOX's LATE SHOW WITH ARSENIO HALL, (this is when Arsenio was the (oxymoron alert) permanent guest host, prior to his own late night show). Howard claimed FOX killed Edgar Rosenberg. Edgar was Joan River's husband who committed suicide shortly after Joan's Fox show was cancelled. Howard was very argumentative and during a commercial he was escorted out of the building. This caused a feud between Howard and Arsenio. He was later asked to appear on the FOX NY morning show GOOD DAY NEW YORK. He agreed with the understanding that he can make statements against Rupert Murdoch and other uncensored statements. On approx. Feb 7, 1989 their roving reporter Gordon Elliot came into the studio's live. Howard & crew wore T-shirts & had signs saying "FOX SUCKS" Recently Howard had a run in with NY FOX's correspondent Penny Crone. She is featured on FOX's STREET TALK and has been deluged with Howard Stern calls especially by the King of Messengers. 10.04 WHAT IS HOWARD STERN'S CONNECTION WITH MTV? Well actually Boy Gary seems to have the bigger connection here. Boy Gary actually tested to be a Vee-Jay. Howard has a copy of this and plays it every so often (Gary screws up on the word Bousterre (sp) and tells Dweezil to step back). Gary also worked for a month or two as a consultant on an MTV game show. MTV thanksgiving weekend of November 1987 was hosted by Howard with Boy Gary dressed in a turkey suit. Howard Stern appeared as Fartman on MTV Awards on Sept. 9, 1992 10.05 WHAT IS HOWARD STERN'S CONNECTION WITH HARD COPY? Hard Copy has run two of the most hysterical pieces on Howard Stern and his competition. Howard is seen as a great evil, while his competitors are seen as nice guys. On Oct 2, 1992, Howard vs Phila's John D'Bello. In April 1993, a similar peace but this time with Brother Weas (Alan Levin) in Rochester. 10.06 WHAT OTHER SHOWS HAVE FEATURE HOWARD AS A GUEST? Howard appeared on the very last Nightlife with David Brenner (May, 1987) Talks about Fox show, raps with Billy Preston & Dan Ingram, He did a scene with David Brenner's girlfriend Victoria Campbell wearing bikinis. At the end of the show David brings out his entire production staff including Mitch Fertel (former Stern intern). Howard appeared on Jay Leno's Tonight Show (Jul 24, 1992), Along with Howard were Lyle Lovett & Anne Marie Johnson. Howard stole the show. Howard appeared on Later with Tom Snyder (Mar, 1991) - definitely the most wild and ridiculous half hour of TV. Howard came on to plug Crucified by the FCC, but got into an argument with Tom. Some of the better moments were when Tom called Howard's daughter Emily, Evelyn. When Tom accused Howard of causing stalkers like the one who kill Rebecca Shaefer. ...and the tickling match. Howard appeared on a local "Live at Five" (7-10-90A) interview with news anchor Sue Simmons. Howard has appeared on Dick Cavett's CNBC interview show. 10.07 WHAT SHOWS HAVE MENTIONED HOWARD STERN? Herman's Head (Lita Ford) Larry Sanders Show In Living Color - Adventures of Handiman (...every hearing aid will share a radio frequency with Howard Stern) Northern Exposure Beverly Hills 90210 Amy Fisher movie - Joey Buttafucco talks to Howard and Robin Jay Leno's Tonight Show - Roseanne Barr spoke of Howard Sterning of America Night Games (July, 1992) Contestant's 3 best friends interview 3 people to find the best partner for their date Jeff Marder is the host Robert, Wayne & Steve for contestant Jeff interview Shevone Shevone a 25 year old Robert: Do you live in L.A. now? Shevone: Um, L.A. county Robert: Do you listen to Mark & Brian, Kevin & Bean or Howard Stern in the morning? Jeff Marder: That will play well in NY, Robert, thanks Shevone: Probably Kevin and Bean. Howard Stern he's a little too shocking Wayne: a little too arrogant? Robert: Definitely play well in New York Shevone: He is just shocking, some of the things he comes up with, is just, you know, I like Kevin and Bean. Jeff Marder, You know, he is a Mormon too, which is really frightening Shevone: He is a Mormon? Jeff Marder ... unbelievable. Shevone: Yes 10.08 WHAT IS HOWARD STERN'S WRESTLING CONNECTION? WCW wrestling began programing on local WCBS TV in NYC. To give the show a NYC flavor the announcers would constantly drop in local icons, among which Howard Stern was mentioned many times. Howard's regular Fred the Elephant Boy is a wrestling fanatic and good friend to wrestler Cactus Jack. Howard reluctantly allowed Cactus Jack on the show. 10.09 WAS HOWARD EVER ON A GAME SHOW? Yes, Howard appeared for a week on Hollywood Squares, he replaced Shadoe Stevens. Shadoe relinquished his announcing and square duties to replace Jon Davidson as host. This was taped in June 1988 Hollywood Squares - Shadoe Stevens host Glenn Campbell Edie McClurg Ross Shafer Princess Zsa Zsa Jm J Bulloch Leslie Easterbrook Michael Winslow Howard Stern Joyce Brothers MONDAY Contestant Bonnie mistakenly calls him Michael Stern Shadoe: Nothing lays a bigger egg than what? Howard: Fox network, - Duck Billed Platypus Bonnie: Disagree Shadoe: The answer is ostrich Shadoe: You are an animal with no heart and no head, when you are touched you do not react. What are you? Howard: Jimmy Swaggart or the other guy with Jessica Hahn, Jellyfish Steven: Agree Shadoe: It is a sponge TUESDAY Shadoe: It's inscribed on a statue that stands on the midst of a NYC landmark, It reads Let us beat swords into plow shares, Where is it? Howard: Probably just below Jm J Bulloch's belt buckle; At the statue of Liberty Katherine: Disagree Shadoe: The UN WEDNESDAY Not called on THURSDAY Not called on But was the lucky celebrity (contestant won car) FRIDAY Shadoe: Who is the higher paid Mayor, Ed Koch of NY, Tom Bradley of LA or Kathy Whitmore of Houston? Howard: Mayor Koch Nate: Disagree Shadoe: Mayor Koch (Howard made a censored comment that Why would Koch need money he doesn't go on dates) 10.09a HAS ROBIN EVER APPEARED ON A GAME SHOW Robin appeared in Mar, 1993 on Scattergories hosted by Dick Clark. The four other guests were Adam West, Betty White, Mark DeCarlo & Nicole Eggert. There were jokes about Batman and Robin. 10.10 WHAT TV SERIES DID HOWARD STERN HOST? 5 pilots for Fox filmed in May, 1987 - Never shown on TV - Fox owns them Howard Stern's Negligee and Underpants Party on Pay-Per-View on Feb 27, 1988 Howard Stern's Summer Show" premiers on WWOR-TV on July 14, 1990 (4 Shows) Howard Stern's TV Show - (Extension of Summer Show) on August 11, 1990 (65) Howard Stern Interview on E! Network premiered on Nov 27, 1992 10.11 WHERE CAN I GET A GUIDE TO HOWARD STERNS WWOR SHOW? I have uploaded a personally written guide to Internet. I am sure other or myself can resubmit it on request. There were 69 shows in total. 10.12 WHO HAS HOWARD INTERVIEWED ON E!? [Help is needed here, I think he sign for 57 shows] Moon Zappa, Bon Jovi, Andrew Dice Clay, Mario Van Peebles, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Donald Trump, James Brown, Joan Rivers, Susan Vega, Don King, Dick Cavett  ===== 11.00 ===== FAN CLUBS ========================================== 11.01 IS THERE A HOWARD STERN FAN CLUB? Paul Richards (PR@PEGASUS.ATT.COM) writes: There is a quarterly publication, "The King of All Media Newsletter" published by a NJ fan, Kevin Renzulli. In June 1993 it celebrated its fourth anniversary. It contains articles on the show and its personalities, pictures, and a "Daily Digest" listing highlights of each day's show. The June 93 issue includes exclusive photos of Fred the Elephant Boy's "Buffalo Date with an Angel". A Sample issue is $3.50, check made out to Kevin Renzulli. For subscription information call 201 228 KING or write The King of All Media Newsletter, 627 Eagle Rock Ave.Suite 69, West Orange NJ 07052." [BTG Note - Kevin also wrote the booklet for "Crucified by the FCC." However it should be noted that Howard took legal action against Kevin for advertising his Newsletter. Howard didn't want his name appearing in ads, that might make some think he endorses the product. Howard is very protective of his name, but considering that Howard has used Kevin on many occasions, one might think he could go a little lighter on him. BTW sample issues are free, just a Stamped Self Addressed with $.52 postage is required] 11.02 ARE CAPTAIN JANKS PHONY PHONE CALLS AVAILABLE? Paul Richards (PR@PEGASUS.ATT.COM) writes: (This comes from the KOAM newsletter) Yes, Captain Janks has issued three "Scams O'Plenty" tapes. Volume III, the Final Chapter is currently available. The 90 minute tape sells for $13 ($10 + $3 p+h) and is available only in these forms: cash, or a check or money order made out to CASH. He seems to want you to use the coupon in the kOAM news letter. You order it through the address above, but suite # is 169. "For more info and a sample janks call, call 201 228 KING." [BTG note: I personally find Janks more annoying than funny. Janks can be seen dating Annette D'Bella in Butt Bongo Fiesta] 11.03 WHAT IS THE AFA JOURNAL? You may have heard Howard speak of Rev Donald Wildmon. He publishes a "Christian" newsletter. The newsletter runs about 24 pages and is chocked full of all the nasty things that the media does (including Howard Stern). A look at the May, 1993 issue features "Donahue wants to show a live execution" and "Pepsi, NBC bring pro-homosexual show" (that was about Seinfeld). It tells you all the bad things TV/Radio/Media does to you and list top advertisers with phone numbers for each program it lambastes. Subscriptions are $15 per year or if you have a group of 10, it is $4 per subscription ($40 total), or if you like a single issue you can get 50 copies of 1 issue for $12.50. Address is AFA Journal, P.O. Drawer 2440, Tupelo Mississippi 38803. AFA stands for American Family Association. [BTG note: This is a newsletter for weak minded people who like to throw stones while hiding behind God. IT is quite funny reading, though!] 11.04 ARE THERE ANY OTHER HOWARD STERN CLUBS? Jim.Marinucci@Satalink.Com found this on Prodigy National Stern Project 11.05 WHAT MAGAZINES DID STORIES ON HOWARD? Rolling Stone Esquire - "I Hate Myself" Penthouse Magazine (Sept, 1986) - Pictorial Penthouse Magazine (Sept 1992) "Howard Stern's Small Penis" Pgs 82-94 By Marvin Kitman 11.05a WHAT MAGAZINES DID STORIES ON ROBIN? People Magazine (April 5, 1993) "Stern Adviser" Pgs 103-105 By Tom Gliatto & Sabrina MacFarland 11.06 ARE THERE ANY HOWARD STERN BBS? Yes and No. There is a Jackie the Jokeman BBS. It is located in NJ and updates you are Jackie and Nancy. It contains bulletins, GIF pictures and mail concerning Jackie and the Howard Stern Show. JACKIE THE JOKEMAN BBS (IBM PCB 14.4K N-8-1) in New Jersey 1(908) 591-2673 1(908) 679-1413 Another BBS that features some stuff of interest to Howard Stern fans is located in New York City. It is mostly concerned with the media including regular updated bulletins about what is happening in the entertainment field. The Downloads are keyed mostly to GIFs including many Jessica Hahn and even the cover of Butt Bongo Fiesta. MOVIE BBS (IBM PCB 14.4K N-8-1) in New York City 1(718) 939-5462 (will hunt) 939-5502 939-5505 Gary Dell'abate is on Prodigy under an assumed name  ===== 12.00 ===== MERCHANDISE ======================================== 12.01 WHAT HOWARD STERN PRODUCTS ARE THERE? 50 Ways to Rank Your Mother (1980? - Record) Pay per view Negligee & Underpants party (Feb 27, 1988 - VHS) $24.95 U.S. Open Sores- (Sept. 30, 1989 - VHS) Crucified by the FCC (1991 - cassettes or CDs) Butt Bongo Fiesta (1992 - VHS) Untitled ("My Book" or "Howard Stern's Private Parts") Book due in Sept 1993 12.01a PAY PER VIEW NEGLIGEE & UNDERPANTS PARTY Pay Per View Feb 27. 1988 $19.95 ($14.95 - club) (2 hours) VHS - $24.95 Quentin the Stutterer Craig (of the window factory's) 40th birthday Elton John Song - FCC rally Howie joins the show Howard introduces Shiobahn (Bill) the transsexual Disrobing Julie Brown outside - people trying to get in The itinerary Introduces Robin Quivers (wearing a tiara) Howard talks to the audience - Shiobahn (Bill), guy kisses him Lesbian Dial-A-Date (212-355-6858) Alexas Firestone, Jennifer DeLon Alison calls in, Amy beats Claudio & 35 year old man Geraldo exercising Leslie West - Mississippi Queen Gay Untouchables Becky the Mental Patient (Denise) Vinny Mazzeo lights penis on fire Penn & Teller Telephone Calls Howard discusses Penn & Teller's tricks Dance party segment with Scott (Borneo - Club 240) Richard Belzer, Judy Tenuda and Emo Phillips Steve O vs. Jackie Steve Jackie Emo 4 5 Judy 3.5 3.75 Richard 4.3 4.9 Total 11.8 13.65 Moon Unit & Dweezil Zappa Bum Make over - Mitch the intern Fertel & Anthony Bartol (homeless) Anthony is give a supermarket sweep ($70.10) & given $500 Jessica Hahn & Doug the Dwarf Howard Dances with Jessica (Minor Emergency) Kurt Waldheim, Jr. Guess Who's the Jew - Authors Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, Kurt Vonnegut , jr.,. Jessica guesses correctly Arthur Miller Steve Rossi sings "Vehicle" as sprayed with Silly String Underpants Party Credits: Richard Belzer Julie Brown Jennifer DeLon Alexas Firestone Penn Gillete (sic - Jillete) Jessica Hahn Andy Matola Steve O Emo Phillips Charles Randolph Steve Rossi Teller Judy Tenuta Omer Travers Leslie West Dweezil Zappa Moon Zappa ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pay per view Negligee & Underpants party Pay Per View Feb 27. 1988 $19.95 ($14.95 - club) (2 hours) VHS - $24.95 (1 hours) Besides the editing (I recall Leslie West upset by shortening his song) three segments were completely cut: Julie Brown Howard discussion of Penn & Teller's tricks Moon Unit & Dweezil Zappa Added Some back stage stuff at the beginning and end Dr Randall remove Gary's old caps and replaced Discussing Vinny setting his penis on fire 12.01b U.S. OPEN SORES Sept. 30, 1989 Ron Delsener Production - $22.50 ticket Howard Stern's office meeting - Telephone call to Jessica Hahn Ball Girl tryouts on the radio (Shelli) Pre game activities - Ball Girls, Ronnie, Leslie West, Grampa Al, Don Buckwald Back stage - Alison Stern, John Melendez, Darren the Footlicker, Fred's girlfriend Allison, Nancy Sirianni Jackie warms up the crowd Celestine - national anthem Rachel the Spanker Marshall King hypnotizes Jessica Hahn & Kimberly Taylor Kurt Waldheim, Jr. & Anne Frank Match 1 Darren the Footlicker vs. Robin Quivers - Robin wins 2 games to 1 Announcer - Quentin the Stutterer Color - Stern & Waldheim (Norris) color Ball Boys - one legged guy (Stumpy) and guy in wheelchair (Mega-Man) Ball Girl dressing room & some backstage stuff Match 2 Howard vs. Gary - Gary wins 4 games to 2 Announcer - Fred the Elephant Boy Color - Robin & Grandpa Al Ball Girls Poor sportsmanship Sam Kinison introduces Maleeka, makeup against Dice Sukhreet Gabel Judy Carne Vinnie Mazzeo, Jr. Kimberly Taylor Dr King & Kimberly Taylor Gina Man & Crazy Jerry Back stage - Jessica, Sam & Ronnie the Limo driver Jessica Hahn & Sam Kinison battle Wild Thing - Leslie West, Sam Kinison, Maleeka & Sabrina, After the show Ben and Ray Stern + Ellen Vinnie D'Amico Grand prize winners Ted the Janitor Pig Vomit - Tim Curtin Rachel the Spanker bronskees Gina Man Jessica Hahn Kimberly Taylor Howard & Sam discuss movie deal Credits - oil wrestling 12.01c CRUCIFIED BY THE FCC 1991 Anti Censorship Rally Celebrities Sex Phone/Viper Christmas Party Phony Phone Calls Various Bits remembered I Bob 'n Ray Fartman Out of the Closet Movies Various Bits remembered II Sam and Jessica Stern Family Gynecologist 12.01d BUTT BONGO FIESTA 1982 Fred the Elephant Boy reads viewer discretion notice Stuttering John Tempest removes her top What do you want to see? Jackie's Belly Button Jungle Man & Adv of Big Naked Sloppy Titty Women in 3D (with Jessica Hahn) Phila Funeral - Bus trip, Jackie moons, John jumps into Jessica's bath, Planning Meeting, Funeral, Capt Janks dates Annette D'Bello Guess Who's the Jew KKK guy Daniel Carver rates ethnic groups Eskimos-Chinks-Gooks-Mexicans-Mullattos-Niggers-Gays-Kikes Guess Whos the Jew? Joyce Brothers, Sally Kirkland or Belinda Carlisle Marie Bronson-Carlisle, Daniel Carver-Kirkland, Kurt Waldheim Jr-Brothers Kim barks like a dog Tribute to the Vagina - Stuttering John interviews about vagina Pick Your Partner's Vagina Production number Robins breasts Lesbian Love Connection Leetha Weapons kisses Elephant Boy Pranks - legs under car, rabbit humping a balloon, pick nose with tongue mouse on back, farts out of bed, pregnant nude dancing, Howard Estern's Butt Bongo Extra stuff - Gary's booga, Elephant Shit, Kim's dog bark, Pierced tongue Elastic girl, Howard tap dancing Jokes in credits - Lottery numbers Accounting - Phil Theejew (filthy jew) Dental Costs Sports scores Personal Ad For a transcript of this tape, play it again and type like a motherfucker  ===== 13.00 ===== COPY CATS ========================================== 13.01 DOES HOWARD ALSO RIPS OFF? Although Howard loves to rant and rave about how everyone steals his act, even that to has been done. There are many comedians who claim that others have stole their act (Milton Berle was accused of this many times in the '40s). "Best of Stern" and Sternac are Johnny Carson mainstays. 13.02 DID HOWARD REALLY CREATE FARTMAN? No! Fartman is a character created by National Lampoon. In fact Fartman's theme song on the show is the National Lampoon's version. 13.03 WHAT IS THE ORIGINS OF BUTT BONGO? Howard was ranting and raving about how everyone steals his bits. He was reading an article about a radio station in Maine that did Butt Bongo. Howard is keen on spanking girls and when he read about it, he said it was time he stole something from someone else. Not only did he take the bit, but using creative history is now crediting himself with inventing it.  ===== 14.00 ===== SONGS AND BITS ===================================== 14.01 WHAT IS THE SONG ELTON JOHN SINGS ABOUT HOWARD? For a few weeks Howard had a national syndicated radio show (circa 1985). He wrote a parody for his guest Elton John to sing. Elton being very magnanimous, wrote original music for the words, sung the song and gave it to Howard as a gift. 14.01a WHAT ARE THE WORDS TO THE SONG ELTON JOHN SINGS ABOUT HOWARD? There's a man, who has a small penis and in high school he was beaten up by blacks and whites Oh, he's admired by white trash and the media He could have girls but he is faithful to his wife Howard Stern is better than Johnny Carson He's kept it in his pants . . . and he never left his wife He don't have Ed to sit beside him and kiss his butt Oprah Winfrey's Fat Phil Donahue just take a hike Why Won't they let Howard Stern on TV? Although I spin the dial I can get no relief There's all the crap on ABC, CBS, NBC There are those everywhere Why aren't you Howie baby, Howard Stern, Why isn't Howard Stern on . . . Why isn't Howard Stern on TV? 14.02 WHAT ARE THE WORDS TO SEINFELD TEEN? Thanks to Mathias@Tarkus.Ocis.Temple.Edu (Sung to the tune, "At Seventeen" by Janis Ian.) 1st performed June 25, 1993 - Sung by Howard Stern & Janis Ian "A Seinfeld Teen" Seinfeld's girl is seventeen An innocent with double-Ds He saw those breasts and flipped his lid For a real young busty high school kid A horny, lonely TV geek Her major jugs made Jerry week Can't he find girls his age to date She's seventeen and she's jailbait He takes her out in New York town That lovely girl and the TV clown She barely shed her training bra She kisses lips for candy bars Some nice guy you turned out to be Did she sit upon your knee You shouldn't really grope for them At seventeen Her panties smell like a rose Is Seinfeld just like Piscopo Seducing girls in a limousine While his fans think that he's so damn clean Fell for an old man from TV Did her pubic hair grow in last week With fresh and firm and round butt cheeks At seventeen Can't he find some older dame Do private parts all look the same Does he make her parents shout When he sticks his tongue in her mouth Does he think that he's a stud He should drown in a frigging flood For fooling with a girl Who's seventeen Now, Jerry, I ask you, Do you have a brain When you see her do you make a stain Can't he get an older girl He's damn near old as Milton Berle You're making such a spectacle Thinking with your testicles If you're gonna make some glue You should date girls as old as you ===========================================================================


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