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Xref: helios.physics.utoronto.ca alt.sex:125103 alt.answers:1836 news.answers:18257 Path: homer.cs.mcgill.ca!superdj From: superdj@binkley.cs.mcgill.ca (David Johnson) Newsgroups: alt.sex,alt.answers,news.answers Subject: [alt.sex] FAQ (3/4) Followup-To: alt.sex Date: 15 Feb 1994 04:50:39 GMT Organization: SOCS - McGill University, Montreal, Canada Lines: 1059 Approved: news-answers-request@MIT.Edu Expires: 5 Apr 1994 Message-ID: <2jpkav$n79@homer.cs.mcgill.ca> NNTP-Posting-Host: binkley Summary: frequently asked questions for alt.sex Keywords: Parts c3-7 to c7-2. Originator: superdj@binkley.cs.mcgill.ca Originator: superdj@binkley.cs.mcgill.ca Archive-name: alt-sex/faq/part3 Last-modified: 14 Feb 1994 c3-7. How can females ejaculate? (read c3-6 for related G-spot info) From "Christopher K. Howard" Date: 4 March 1992 11:00:27 CST I have recently come across an very interesting short film of 15 minute length and is entitled "Nice Girls Don't Do It" by K Daymond. It is a documentary styled film which discusses what it is, how it is done and then gives directions of "how to do it" The remaining text is printed without permission Female ejaculation, once thought to be normal and a pleasurable part of female sexuality came to be a symptom of the hysteric, the content of male fantasy, and the property of pornographic woman. To accept female ejaculation one has to accept sameness and the equality of male and female bodies. Both male and female bodies have prostate gland structures along the floor of the urethra and have potential to ejaculate fluids during sexual stimulation. The female body, can ejaculate fluid from 31 ducts, can with stimulation, ejaculate repeatedly; and as well, can enjoy a plurality of genital pleasure sites; the clitoris, urethra, vagina... Female ejaculation can serve only one purpose: Pleasure The film contains scenes which show or describe the following: - hot sticky fluids very fluid in nature (looks like urine IMHO) - female ejaculation is so much more powerful that it belittles what we have always seen to be powerful in man. - visible pushing of vagina and urethra through vaginal orifice. - forces man's penis out to ejaculate. - shows scenes of woman in self bondage - 40% of all women ejaculate - no high content of urine, contains prostate gland fluid (IMHO the colour is wrong it is clear where it would need to be opaque) The following has been printed without permission: Directions on how to ejaculate: STEP ONE: Find the muscle and spongy tissue around that part of your urethra that is inside your vagina. It is about half a finger (more or less) inside your vagina and about a finger long across-- about two inches. If the muscles that go around your vagina have not been used much, they can be built up by doing contractions: pressing the top of your vagina against the bottom and releasing. This is fun and you could have an orgasm or two. DON'T WORRY: Strong muscles will not hold the penis in place; they will push it out when your ducts get full and you want to shoot. STEP TWO: Take two or three fingers and rub them against the part of your urethra inside your vagina. Press hard and notice the feeling of having to pee. You don't - this is the signal that you are ready to ejaculate. Now, place the middle finger slightly below the external part of your urethra and begin to masturbate the same way you rub your clit. As you are doing this you will notice that the two ducts, one at each side of your urethra, feel full and perhaps somewhat painful: you have another 29 ducts scattered over the top of your vagina. They are located in a pyramid from your clit to just above your ovaries. Once you get into the body feeling you will be able to locate them on the lower abdomen. (sounds like the urinary bladder IMHO) STEP THREE: Take your other hand and press down on one or more of the ducts from the outside. Push your urethra out and push the way you do when you pee. Liquid will come out -- perhaps in a steady stream or jet. My Summary: This seems to be a form of propaganda to make it a way for women to do the same thing as a man can do. I have dissected and studied human anatomy and there is no way this much fluid can come from anywhere but the urinary bladder. Plus during this film there is a tremendous amount of man bashing. Since I have posted these instructions I invite any woman to try it and report back!!! I am from Missouri "SHOW ME" The summary is strictly my opinion, responses can be directed to me. Carlos Subject: women who squirt Date: 1 Apr 92 05:51:00 GMT Organization: Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA Female ejaculation does not require direct g-spot stimulation. A few days ago, I read a summary of research concerning the g-spot and female ejaculation. The summary described the location and activity of the g-spot, stressing that stimulation of the spot required at least two fingers, quite far in, against the anterior wall of the vagina. It talked about female ejaculation as if it were a direct consequence of hands-on stimulation of the g-spot. Interestingly enough, two days after reading all that, I had the privilege of observing a woman ejaculate. As in other reports, this was in the form of a pearly liquid squirted out of the vagina (travelling a centimetre or two) at the onset of an orgasm. For what it's worth, the ejaculate tasted saltier than the normal slippery stuff. Also, it left a strange aftertaste in the back of my throat that was very similar to what I've observed of male ejaculate. The woman reported a much more intense orgasm than usual, but wasn't immediately aware that she had ejaculated. The reason I am posting about this experience (aside from the opportunity to brag ;-) is that it differed from published reports in an interesting way: no direct stimulation of the g-spot was involved. In fact, no penetration at all was involved: stimulation of the clitoris and entrance to the vagina and previously, the nipples brought the ejaculation on. Others who are not into penetration might want to keep this in mind, though I don't think i can offer a formula for ejaculation as the scientists seem to. By way of idle speculation, I have started to wonder how much conditioning goes into sexual response. Currently, we see men as easy to bring off and uniquely capable of ejaculation. Since women are apparently also capable of ejaculation, it is not obvious that the common view is at all justified. Perhaps if female children were taught as much as males to expect to ejaculate, they would acquire this ability while learning to masturbate. ------------------------------------------ c3-8. What about Oral/vaginal sex during a woman's period? What about it? For oral sex, this is a taste/smell issue; some people like it, some people don't. If both partners have no objections, go for it! I know women for whom orgasm is a wonderful reliever of cramps. As for vaginal sex, well, you need less lubricant. It's messy; use something (perhaps a red towel) to protect the bedsheets. Or do it in the shower, get clean and dirty at the same time! ------------------------------------------ c3-9. What can one do about premature ejaculation? From "Human Sexuality" a brief edition by James Leslie McCary. D. Van Nostrand Company, Copyright 1973, ISBN 0-442-25236-6 The Treatment of Premature Ejaculation Given the cooperation of his lover, a man can train himself (except when the cause is purely physical) to withhold orgasm until both want it to happen. The main enemy is the fear and anxiety engendered in the man by previous failures. Once he gains confidence in his "staying power" and accepts the fact that all men face the problem at one time or another, the battle is half won. To assist him toward confidence in his abilities, several routes can be taken. Some counsellors recommend that a local anesthetic (for example, Nupercainal) be applied to the penile glans--care being taken not to smear any of the ointment on the woman's vulva--a few minutes before the beginning of intercourse. The assumption is that the deadening effect will decrease the sensitivity of the penis and delay ejaculation. Others prescribe the wearing of one or more condoms to reduce the stimulation generated by the friction of intercourse and the warmth and moisture within the vagina. Since muscular tension is a notorious catalyst in ejaculation, premature ejaculation may be prevented by the man's lying beneath the woman and thus taking a more passive role in coitus. (Sexual intercourse in the cramped confines of an automobile is unsatisfactory for many reasons, one of which is that it often creates muscular tension that terminates in early ejaculation.) Some men also find that taking a drink just before coitus helps, since alcohol is a deterrent in all physiological functioning. Other men claim similar success through concentrating on singularly unsexy thoughts, such as their income tax payments. (It is suggested, however, that these men take care not to let their partners know of their diversionary thoughts, lest they be dumped from the bed before ejaculation, premature or otherwise!) Having an orgasm and, after a short rest, attaining another erection often permit a man to experience a more prolonged act of coitus the second time. Some men masturbate shortly before they expect to have sexual intercourse; because their sex drive will thereby be decreased, they can then prolong intercourse later. The technique of delaying the man's orgasm can be learned, and probably the best method is one requiring the cooperation of both the man and his sex partner. The best chance of success lies in both partners' consulting a psychotherapist who will, first of all, assure the couple that premature or early ejaculation is a reversible phenomenon. The couple will then be instructed in the somewhat complicated technique of bringing about the reversal of premature ejaculation. The technique requires that the woman manually stimulate her partners' genitals until the point that he feels the very earliest signs of "ejaculatory inevitability." (This is the stage of a man's orgasmic experience at which he feels ejaculation of seminal fluid coming, and can no longer control it.) At that moment he signal the woman with such a pre-agreed word as "now", and she immediately ceases her massage of the penis. She then quickly squeezes its glans, or head, by placing her thumb on the frenulum (on the lower surface of the glans) and two fingers on the top of the glans, applying rather strong pressure for 3 or 4 seconds. The pressure will be uncomfortable enough to cause the man to lose the urge to ejaculate. Such "training sessions" should continue for 15 to 20 minutes, with alternating periods of sexual stimulation and squeezing. In later sessions, the man inserts his penis in the woman's vagina as she sits astride him until he senses impending orgasm, at which point he withdraws and she once more squeezes the penis to stop ejaculation. Use of these techniques is continued in further sexual encounters until, progressively, the man is capable of prolonged sexual intercourse, in any position, without ejaculating sooner than he wishes. Two notes of caution should be sounded to those using this technique. First, the technique will be unavailing if the man himself applies the pressure to his penis; and, second, the couple must not treat this newfound sexual skill as a game and overdo it. If the technique is overused, the man may eventually find that he has become insensitive to the stimulation and unable to respond to it. He may then develop new fears, this time about his potency, and risk developing secondary impotence. The guidance of a therapist is strongly recommended in the treatment of premature ejaculation to prevent such secondary problems. Masters and Johnson report a 97.8% success rate in the treatment of premature ejaculation. In any discussion of premature ejaculation, a word of caution must be injected. It is important to understand that at any one time or another almost every man has experienced ejaculation more swiftly than he or his partner would have liked. The essential thing is that the man not became anxious over possible future failures. Otherwise what is a normal, situational occurrence may become a chronic problem. ------------------------------------------ c3-10. What are some good positions to try out? The Teachings of Kama Sutra: (See Appendix 2 in the alt.sex.wizards FAQ. The list is long enough to warrant its own section.) (See section c2-12 of this FAQ for details.) From the net (* indicates beginning of a new post): * Both are variations of the missionary position and can be done with either person on top: 1) Instead of the usual man's legs inside the woman's legs, have the man place one leg _outside_ the woman's legs. The allows a "sideways" penetration which makes my SO happy. 2) Place _both_ man's legs outside the woman's legs. This causes inward pressure on the vagina and clitoris and tightens the vagina. We both like this very much :) Note: If the woman is on top you must be careful not to crush the man's testicles :( * Have her lay on her side, bottom leg straight and top leg bent at the knee, which is in the air. You approach her, sitting up, straddling her bottom leg and enter her this way. This allows for *deep* entry which your SO may or may not like. * Penile thrusting from the right angle can pull the labia enough to give amazing clitoral stimulation. I usually find this happens most with rear-entry positions. * The first is with the woman on top, her legs straight and directly over the man's, pushing her weight backwards and forwards with her arms (above the man's shoulders); The other is basically the same thing with the man on top, sliding forward and backward. We also occasionally use a position with her legs inside mine, but on top. We both have to be pretty energetic for this, though. It seems to produce intense sensation, increased tightness and friction, etc., but we've never been able to make it lead to an orgasm for my partner. * Have the guy lie on his back legs spread wide. Have her mount with her back towards you. Now, with your thigh between her legs bend your knee slightly, this way she can bounce her clit on your thigh with each stroke. With your leg you can control how much she gets... straighten out your leg and she has to go down further to get the same stimulation. Guess it works well for me 'cause of my 18" thighs. ;) * A recent x-SO of mine had a favourite position, and I was wondering if other women enjoy this also. I would enter her from behind (just like doggy style), then while I was fully inserted she would lie down with me on top of her. We would both place our hands underneath her (just above where I was inserted. Then she would wiggle almost methodically. I assume this put great pressure on the clitoris. However after a short time she would orgasm and even sometimes multiple. * My ex-SO much preferred doggy style. She indicated that that was the right level of penetration. What is the position called that has man on top, woman with legs up so far that her knees are practically at her ears? My ex-SO did not like that, she said penetration was too deep. Same thing with her on top, but sitting up, making her body at right angles to mine. Also, she says that doggy style caused some stimulation of the clitoral and pudendal region that wasn't there in other positions, presumably because of the movement of tissues around the outside of the vagina during intercourse. Upside-down position: * That question on the purity test refers to (I believe) the people being opposite - ie one standing upright and one standing on their hands or head. This is a fun one, but you have to be careful that you don't stand up too quickly afterwards if you have been upside down or you could possibly pass out. OR * Have her sitting on the edge of the bed, facing away from the edge, on your lap. Lean over forwards, holding on to a handy dresser. She does a handstand, and you hold yourself up with one hand and hold both of you together with the other. Good for some giggles. * We prefer it with the man on his back, with lots of pillows under his rear end, propping him up. I then mount directly on top, one leg between his and the other between his leg and arm, i.e. I am at a 90 angle with him, sort of squatting, at least initially :-) If I then lean forward and move up and down and around, the combination of deep penetration and frontal rubbing of my clitoris on his leg makes for a very interesting combination. * standing up... my girlfriend's hanging on to my shoulders, and her legs definitely don't touch the ground. * My SO likes really deep penetration. She likes "doggie- style" but she prefers variations of "in the buck" (legs over the man's shoulders to provide deeper penetration.) Actually, as long as you get your arms under her knees it provides the same effect -- some women, my SO included, find it extremely uncomfortable to have their knees pressed all the way up to their chest during intercourse and just putting your arms under her knees or legs will lift her rear up and arch her back, giving you a better angle to penetrate at. Also, since your arms are under her legs, you are supporting some of her weight, so she doesn't have to hold her own rear up for you. When we get into this position, I've found that she prefers a sort of rocking motion as opposed to a straight in-and-out thrusting (try bending your own legs so that your knees come up about even with her hips, then you'll be almost cradling her in your lap and if you rock back and forth you will stay inside and alternate between plunging deep and not- so- deep-- this has been the easiest way for me to bring her to orgasm). Another thing she likes is to get on top and face away from me. I'm living in a college apartment and I've got the bottom bunk and the bed above has bars under it. I can grab one of these bars and pull myself up into her, and if I go fast and hard enough, we can get the bed bouncing pretty good and she actually bounces up off of my penis and plunges back down onto it. She really enjoys this but it's tough for me to do it for very long. ================================================================= Category 4. Biological stuff c4-1. What are the contents of semen? From _SEX A TO Z_ by Robert M. Goldenson, Ph.D., and Kenneth N. Anderson Copyright 1989 by Walter D. Glanze, Pub. by World Almanac, P. 243: Semen content - a term usually referring to the total content of semen (whereas the term semen analysis usually refers to the analysis of sperm). The question of semen content arises especially among persons who regularly swallow semen, as in fellatio, and who are concerned about calorie intake and nutritional substances. The average ejaculate of aboutonia, ascorbic acid, blood-group antigens, calcium, chlorine, cholesterol, choline, citric acid, creatine, deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), fructose, glutathione, hyaluronidase, inositol, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, purine, pyrimidine, pyruvic acid, sodium, sorbitol, spermidine, spermine, urea, uric acid, vitamin b12, zinc... For analysis of sperm, see SEMEN ANALYSIS. Note FRUCTOSE and SODIUM (salt) ARE listed. ------------------------------------------ c4-2. How much semen and how many sperm are in a single ejaculate? From _Dimensions of Human Sexuality_ by Curtis O. Byer and Louis W. Shainberg, third edition Copyright 1991 by Wm. C. Brown Publishers, P. 103: Although highly variable, there may be 40 to 120 million sperm per millilitre of semen. With a volume of 2 to 5 ml (1/2 to 1 tsp) per ejaculate, this means there may be 80 to 600 million sperm in one ejaculation. ------------------------------------------ c4-3. Does what I eat affect the taste of semen/vaginal fluids? From: unknown The old adage "You are what you eat" has been known for a long time. I have heard that the Chinese, most of whom have a genetic trait commonly known as Lactose Intolerance, think that Westerners "smell funny" and this has been attributed to the milk in the Western diet. Regarding vegetables, one of my old girlfriends had a habit of eating a lot of sweet fruits and veggies; she tasted wonderful. On the other hand, Xaviera Hollander (The Happy Hooker; Call Me Madam) once gave advice to a man who was seriously considering becoming a gigolo: Don't eat spicy foods. Your customers will smell it in your natural odour and may end up tasting it in your semen--a bad experience to receive. ------------------------------------------ c4-4. What's the average length and width penis? From: klaus@diku.dk (Klaus Ole Kristiansen) Date: 16 Sep 91 07:49:09 GMT According to the book Mandens Krop (which is translated from English, but does not give the original title) the average is 15cm and 90% are between 13 and 18cm. The records for a fully functional penis are 1.5 and 30cm. ----- [DISCLAIMER: The following study has been severely criticised for not taking a large enough sample of the population. Take what follows as rough estimates of the averages.] Source: "Race Differences in Behaviour: A Review and Evolutionary Analysis" by J. Philippe Rushton, Dept. of Psychology, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5C2 in "Journal of Personality and Individual Differences" Vol. 9, No. 6, 1009-1024, 1988. According to a paper by J. Philippe Rushton, the average size for erect penises is: Group Length Diameter Orientals 4 - 5.5" 1.25" Caucasians 5.5 - 6" 1.3 - 1.6" Blacks 6.25 - 8" 2" Clitoral lengths: Europeans 1.2" Africans 2". ------------------------------------------ c4-5. What's the average depth vagina? From: Ian Ballantyne References to the depth of the vagina at rest vary somewhat from book to book. They range from 3 to 4 inches up to 4 to 6 inches with varying measurements between. There are somewhat fewer references to what the vagina can stretch to in an erotically excited state (those wrinkles aren't there for nothing!). These are, in general, agreed to be around 8 to 8-1/2 inches. While these measurements are quoted as being right for most women, there will be individual variations. These measurements will be less for some women, while for others it will be greater. Be careful though! While stretching the vagina to its full length is extremely pleasurable, trying to stretch the vagina too far is very painful. Excessive stretching can also tear the walls of the vagina and make medical treatment necessary. Ian ------------------------------------------ c4-6. What are blue balls? From: markley@grad1.cis.upenn.edu (Jim Markley) Blue Balls is a real condition! The "correct" term for blue balls is epididymitis, which is an inflammation of the epididymis. So what is an epididymis, you ask? Well from the library dictionary -- an elongated mass at the back of the testis composed chiefly of the greatly convoluted efferent tubes of that organ. In simple terms blue balls most commonly occurs when the epididymis get blocked up when the sperm leave the testis but not the penis. The "efferent tubes" are the conduit for the sperm from the testis to the urethra. When they get blocked you get pain. Why blue balls and not "swollen balls," well maybe the connotation is that you balls have the "blues", or maybe its because with all that swelling some of the blood flow is restricted enough to cause some blueing of the area because of pooling blood. ------------------------------------------ c4-7. Is spanish fly dangerous? From: japlady@casbah.acns.nwu.edu (Rebecca Radnor) Subject: Re: Aphrodisiacs??? does really work??? There is this great show on CNBC called steals and deals that recently did a week on sex related stuff. They said that most of the spanish fly stuff that is sold is basically sugar water. The real machoy is illegal, and an overdose can be lethal. (I think they said it will give you a permanent hard-on that can develop gangrene and need to be surgically amputated, but I'm not sure.) There are some places that are selling it, but on the show they said that the risks are far to high compared to the benefits. From: gwh0621@Msu.oscs.montana.edu (The Bedroom Commando) Subject: Spanish Fly Spanish Fly has been used for almost a century that I am aware of along the Mexican-American Border by the Cattle Industry for breeding purposes. It has not, nor was it EVER intended for use by males... it was administered to cows orally... for the purpose of procreation (albeit heightened somewhat) of a new line of calves. Spanish fly is a powder of ground up wings of the CANTHARIS VESICATORIA beetle of the Southwest desert. As a child, I have had these light brown 1/2 inch long beetles alight upon my skin, and the noticeable resultant 'burn' was the same that one would receive if a drop of sulphuric acid had been placed there! One can find these beetles attracted to the lights around service stations and truck stops in the Southwest and many tourists leave, taking with them, the telltale burn mark of the Cantharide beetle every summer. Its use in the industry has been long discontinued in the US, but can still be found among the peon ranchers of Northern Mexico. One other thing, it is highly poisonous if taken internally. Much of this information can also be found in the "Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary"... Don't be misled that I'm on Net in Montana... I was born and raised on a ranch in the Sonoran-Desert Mountains of Southeast Arizona. ------------------------------------------ c4-8. Is it possible to get pregnant from anal sex? From: elf@halcyon.com (Elf Sternberg) Subject: simple question It is not *technically* possible to get pregnant from anal sex; there is no way for semen to get from the rectal tract to the vaginal tract. However, anal sex is still not a very good method of birth control. Semen leaking from the anus after intercourse may drip across the perineum (the short stretch of skin separating vulva and anus) and cause what is known as a 'splash' conception. The failure rate for this is surprisingly high! 8% of couples of who use anal sex as a method of birth control have babies each year. ================================================================= Category 5. Sexual aids c5-1. Should I buy a vibrator? What kind of vibrators are there? Do vibrators 'desensitize' women? Can I be replaced by a vibrator? From: elf@halcyon.com (Elf Sternberg) Vibrators come in three distinct 'types'. Many women find satisfaction in this most common (and more often thought of), the classic penis-shaped, battery powered shaft of plastic. These suffer, however, from a lack of real power and inconvenient battery death. The second type of vibrator, the 'wand' vibrator, overcomes these problems with wall current. These large, club-shaped vibrators provide LOTS of stimulation, and wall current provides all the power you could ask for, but the designers apparently intended for people not to view these things as sex toys, but as "personal massagers," and the ungainliness of these things reflects that. The third type of vibrator, the 'handle' type, looks vaguely like a small hairdryer with a small, perpendicular shaft out of the thicker end to accommodate a variety of soft plastic or latex heads. The best of all possible worlds, these vibrators never die, fit in one hand, and can provide a variety of sensations. Shower Massagers make a wonderful variation on the classic vibrator, and if you enjoy the warmth and wetness of the tub, you probably want to consider investing in a shower massager. Like the wand and handle vibrators, shower massagers have a host of uses beyond masturbation, too! BUYING A VIBRATOR: Don't make buying a vibrator a traumatizing experience. If you MUST have one of those penis-shaped things, most lingerie shops carry them. But most department stores sell the 'wand' or 'handle' vibrators under the guise of "personal massagers," and buying one from reputable department stores means a warranty, you can return it if unsatisfied, and it won't have "Doc Johnson's Love Machine" emblazoned across it in pink letters in case mother comes to visit. CAVEAT: Before using any mechanical vibrator, apply lubrication! Your lover probably does not rank friction burns in the same category as love bites. Use a water-based lubricant, such as K-Y (always recommended), Aegis, or Wet. CAVEAT: Do not purchase a vibrator specifically designed to deliver heat to the body as a sexual device. If they work on muscles, great, but don't use them on your cunts and cocks. I know of at least one case where a woman burned herself with one of these things because her climaxes were so strong she didn't notice how much the heater had burned her. RECOMMENDATION: I prefer the 'handle' type myself, with the Con-Air and the Oster "personal massagers" as my all-time favourites. Oster makes a 'heating' type of vibrator, as well, so be careful when you buy. ADVICE: Nobody knows how to masturbate YOU better than you do, and the same rule applies to everybody else. Don't use a vibrator on someone else until you've watched them use it on themselves, preferably several times. Men, especially, should watch how their girlfriends/ wives use the vibrator alone before taking the reins. No mechanical piece of plastic can replace the love and affection of a human being; try to see the vibrator as just another toy, and not as competition. Some women do experience a temporary 'desensitization' after the effects of a powerful vibrator, but put the toy away for a week and sensitivity returns to normal. Vibrators do not cause long-term desensitization. Should you buy a vibrator? That's a decision only you can make; I personally have bought two for my wife, and a shower massage, and they've made our sex life a whole lot better, not worse. As always, your mileage may vary. ================================================================= Category 6. General stuff c6-1. What is circumcision and why is it done? From: Travis Lee Winfrey "Male circumcision is the surgical removal of the foreskin from the penis. When performed in a hospital, it is usually done shortly after birth by a doctor or midwife. Circumcisions are also given to Jewish boys by a _mohel_ in a ceremony eight days after birth. Some (all?) Islamic boys are circumcised when they are older, around 12. The majority of American boys are circumcised. Common reasons for circumcision include: better hygiene, "normal" or "better" appearance, and "his penis should look like his father's." Common reasons against circumcision include: it is no longer necessary for hygienic reasons; it is a painful, barbaric practice; possibility of infection or surgical error; "normal" or "better" appearance; "his penis should look like his father's."; and "greater sensitivity of uncircumcised penis." Female circumcision is used to refer to a variety of practices, including the removal of the clitoral hood. It is primarily practised in Northern Africa." ------------------------------------------ c6-2. What percent of men and women masturbate? and at what frequency? According to Masters and Johnson in their book 'On Sex and Human Loving' third printing, page 295: Data about masturbation are a bit tricky to interpret. You may recall that Kinsey and his colleagues found a wide discrepancy in the incidence of masturbation between male and female adolescents, but some recent studies suggest that this difference may be narrowing (see chapter 6). A similar trend may also be occurring in regard to masturbatory behavior in adulthood. The kinsey reports stated that 92 percent of the males and 62 percent of the females queried had masturbated at least once in their lives. More recently, two separate studies came up with very similar statistics: The _Playboy_ survey (Hunt, 1975) found that 94 percent of 982 males and 63 percent of 1,044 adult females had masturbated, and Arafat and Cotton's study (1974) of 435 college students found masturbatory experience in 89 percent of males and 61 percent of females. However, Levin and Levin (1975), summarizing data from a _Redbook_ questionnaire survey answered by 100,000 women, found that almost three-quarters of the married women had masturbated since marriage. Providing additional evidence that more women seem to have tried masturbation today than in the past decades, Hite reported that 82 percent of her sample of 3,000 women had masturbatory experience. For more details and speculations as to why the rise, techniques used, frequency, etc -- buy the book. ------------------------------------------ c6-3. How are the bases defined again? (ie. 1st base = kissing, etc.) ,^. < 2 > 2nd Base: Groping, copping a / `.' \ feel / \ / \ 3rd Base: ,^./ _ \,^. Finger-fucking, < 3 > |O| < 1 > 1st Base: [French] mutual masturb. `.'\ - /`.' kissing \ / \ / \ ___ / | H | \./ Home Run: 'Going All The Way', Sexual Intercourse ------------------------------------------ c6-4. What is the M-spot? From: sorc@math.unm.edu (Sorc Kirishi) I don't know if the spot I'm talking about is really the "M-spot," or not. There's actually a *pair* of these "spots." You stimulate them from outside the body, unlike the G-spot, which you get at from inside the vagina. These "M-spots" are on both men and women! They're not easy to find, and you've got to already be somewhat sexually aroused, I think, or it won't feel like anything. I think you probably also have to be ticklish, but maybe not. Stand up. Take your shirt and pants off. Put your hands on your hips. Now, feel how your hands are resting on a big "shelf" of bone? That's your pelvic bone. Grip that bone, and get a feel for the shape of it in that area. Now, concentrate on where the tips of your fingers are. Feel around that area. Relax your stomach muscles completely. (Try sitting down if it helps you relax that area.) If you have big hands, or a small waist, your fingertips are probably already on "the spots." Otherwise, move your hands forward, around towards the front of you a little bit, until you find the edge of that bone, on both sides. Now reach around that ridge of bone, pressing in on the sides of your tummy. Dig in with your fingertips. That's it! They're *right* on the edge of that bone, off the insides of it, not off the top of it. Your fingertips should be somewhere just below and to the sides of your belly-button. I can't describe it any better than that. It's probably easier to find if your partner does the searching, instead. If you look for the spots yourself, you could be pressing right in them and not know it, because it's like trying to tickle yourself -- it just doesn't work. Get naked with your partner, do some normal foreplay for a while, and get to where you're really ready for sex. Then have your partner stand behind you, and have him/her put their hands on your hips, as if you were, then proceed as given above. If they push and poke around in that area long enough, they're bound to find the spots. They might end up just tickling you to death, though. :-) (If it tickles, they're not pressing hard enough.) When they do find your M-spots, you will KNOW IT. You will feel a fire light up inside you. Within moments, you will want to turn around and kiss your partner so hard they suffocate. It is VERY intense. It's kind of uncomfortable, at first, and you can't take it for very long. If you're SO is "moving too slow" during foreplay, go for these spots. Things will speed up REAL fast. Good luck... Sorc Re: M-spot I've experienced something like this, although she (my girlfriend at the time, not a prostitute :-) touched a spot to either side of the navel, not directly below it. 1 - 2 inches down is about right, but then 2 - 3 inches over. It's right on the inside of the pelvic bone. If you're wearing jeans, and you casually hang your thumbs over those first two belt loops, the tips of your thumbs are right there. This wasn't just a "male" thing -- it worked on her, too. It's just ticklish if you do it too lightly, but press a little more firmly, and it's *very* intense. It's not really orgasm-inducing, but it turns light arousal into high arousal *really* fast. Get ready for your partner to *tackle* you if you do this right. Use several fingers and kind of "push in" on it, like you're kneading dough with your fingers. So, I don't know if this is the "M-spot," but it's definitely some kind of spot. :-) And it was great for warming up, but I don't know what it'd be like having it stimulated during actual intercourse. If she was on top, so the guy was relatively stationary, and she did that "kneading" while "riding"... hm... I'll put that on my list of things to try. :-) ------------------------------------------ c6-5. How to shave your pubic region (female) From: cy004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Anne Duvall) Subject: How to perfectly shave your nether region Do you want a smooth pussy? Here's how I've been ridding myself of prickly pear: 1. Fill the tub half-way, so that when you're lying down, your twat is just above water level. Use a temperature that you find relaxing. 2. (YOU'RE STILL OUTSIDE OF THE TUB) trim excess hair, leaving a quarter-inch or so. If you don't pre-trim, you will have a hell of a time with a clogged razor. 3. Now get in the water! Expand your pores and follicles by soaking a small towel in the water and draping it across your nether region. Give yourself at least 5 or 10 minutes. 4. Now for the fun! Lather yourself up with shaving creme (I prefer Barbisol Menthol - it feels all tingly afterwards), feeling which direction your hair grows. Usually, you'll need to shave upwards, toward your torso. The labia is more complicated, and involves stretching the skin out flat and shaving towards your inner thigh. You may want to have someone else take care of that - you can get a nasty cut! Above all, TAKE YOUR TIME! You will probably know that if you shave your legs, that if you rush it, you'll most likely end up with a nasty scrape or gash. 5. Keep well lathered at all times! This avoids painful razor burn. Also, be sure to rinse your razor every couple of swipes - it tends to get extremely clogged. 6. Afterwards, rinse with cool water - hot will lead to greater irritation. Pat dry, and smooth some cream in (I have a little jar of Apricot kernel oil cream which works nicely, and smells sweet and romantic). Don't rub too hard - you'll irritate your newly exposed skin. 7. Don't shave everyday! Shave every three days, at the most. It's just too irritating. 8. Expect some redness and itchiness when your hair grows out. Keeping yourself well moisturized will minimize ingrown hair. If you do get an ingrown hair, don't shave it! You'll bleed! Apply antiseptic. You may attempt to pluck it out, but it may get nasty. 9. Don't have intercourse immediately afterwards, and rinse with cool water afterwards - semen tends to irritate freshly shaven pussy. 10. Otherwise, enjoy your new sensation! 11. About underwear - if the elastic is too tight, you may be easily irritated through the day. The smooth-pussed Aardvark ================================================================= Category 7. STDs A quick table of current treatment effectiveness: Gonorrhea: curable Syphilis: curable in early stages Herpes: incurable, but effective treatment available. HPV: incurable, but treatment available. Chlamydia: curable Lice: curable AIDS: incurable, but some treatment available. Hepatitis B: incurable, but vaccine available. ------------------------------------------ c7-1. How is the AIDS virus transmitted? and what does a HIV test show? (From: Travis Lee Winfrey ) "AIDS is caused by the Human Immuno-deficiency Virus (HIV). In a person infected with HIV, the virus can be present in the body's semen, blood, and breast milk. It can also be present, in much smaller quantities, in vaginal secretion, saliva, and tears. The AIDS virus can be transmitted via any of these fluids, but only the first two -- semen and blood -- are likely to be involved. Anal sex is the most commonly _perceived_ method of transfer, but vaginal sex has been repeatedly shown to transmit HIV. Men are less likely than women to be infected through vaginal sex, but they have, in fact, been infected this way. Cunnilingus and fellatio have also been established as capable of transmitting the virus. Sexual activities, not sexual orientation, transmit the virus. HIV cannot be passed on through casual contact, hugging, hand- shaking, touching the sweat of an infected person, or mosquito bites. HIV can pass through non-latex or "natural" condoms, such as Fourex Lambskin condoms. HIV transmission has nothing whatever to do with the presence of feces in anal sex. The HIV test shows the presence of antibodies to HIV. It does not show the presence of the virus: the body first has to develop antibodies, which normally takes about six weeks. Hence, a positive result means that someone has antibodies and could possibly develop AIDS in the future. A negative result means that someone does not have antibodies _at the moment_. If there is a reason to think that exposure was more recent than six weeks, then a test taken immediately can only serve as a baseline to compare against a test taken later. Within six months of HIV infection, 99% of the population will test positive. No one should be tested for HIV without first obtaining counselling and ensuring _beforehand_ support from his or her family or friends. The following numbers may be of use. AIDS Hotline (800) 342-2437 AIDS Information Clearing House (800) 458-5231 9-7 EST CDC AIDS Ethnicity, Age recording (404) 330-3020 CDC AIDS Transmission mode recording (404) 330-3021 CDC AIDS Top 10, Projections recording (404) 330-3022 ------------------------------------------ c7-2. What is HPV (human papilloma virus)? treatment? *** The writer raises several good questions, which are still *** *** unanswered. Any help will be greatly appreciated. *** From: loredich@miavx3.mid.muohio.edu (Loredich) Subject: HPV and genital warts: a dossier Message-ID: <427.294a72cb@miavx3.mid.muohio.edu> Date: 15 Dec 91 02:08:27 GMT HPV (human papilloma virus) is, like any virus, resistant to antibiotic therapy. Once a human is infected with the virus, there is no known treatment. HPV can cause warts to appear on the genitals, on the head of the penis in men, and both internally and externally in women. These warts have been inconclusively linked to cervical cancer in women. There is no reliable examination or culture that will reveal the presence of the virus unless warts have already developed, as far as I understand it. Is there anyone with differing information? Is it possible to diagnose HPV without the actual appearance of warts? The diagnostic procedure for women is called a colposcopy, which involves an examination of the cervix with a microscope-like device. The procedure for men involves an application of a solution to the penis which turns the warts white, making them easily visible. A similar examination for women involves the application of white vinegar, which makes the woman smell like a salad for several days afterward. The virus is transmissible through sexual contact. However, there seems to be some disagreement over the likelihood of transmission when no warts are present. The gurus at Planned Parenthood swear that the virus is transmissible at any time, with or without warts. But several letters I received declared that transmission is highly unlikely unless warts are present: apparently, the virus is not close enough to the surface of the skin to cause damage if no warts are visible. The jury is still out on this one. Anyone know for sure? Once the warts appear, they are removed either by freezing, burning, or laser surgery (which sounds like the least unpleasant option). Now, the virus itself does not go away, I was told, but the warts do once they are removed. Do they reappear? The consensus seems to be that they generally do not. One woman who wrote to me declared that she had seen no warts in seven years. Has anyone had recurring warts? No real word on whether oral sex is a bad idea. When the warts are present, I can't imagine that it would be too terribly pleasant, but wartlessly, is there a high risk of transmission? Again, Planned Parenthood shrieked in dismay and issued a stern "NO!" when I asked, but I am not quite sure how reliable their information has been. Does anyone know about this? Plenty of readers have suggested that oral sex be performed with a condom, but I am also concerned with being the receptive partner in this. Can oral sex be safely performed WITHOUT a condom or dental dam? Response from (anonymous) The serotypes of this virus that commonly cause venereal warts are associated with cervical cancer. Other serotypes of the virus have been linked to other malignancies. As to transmission of HPV in the absence of visible warts, even if no microscopic warts are present, the mechanical trauma of sex is known to cause at least microscopic damage to the skin/mucosa of the genitals that may provide a means of transmission of this virus. The presence of visible warts only increases the likelihood of such a transmission occurring in the absence of adequate barriers to transmission. HPV can be detected in a PAP smear as cellular atypia, but I believe that a PAP smear has a low sensitivity for detecting HPV. ------------------------------------------


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