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Xref: helios.physics.utoronto.ca alt.security.pgp:11427 alt.answers:2470 news.answers:21454 Newsgroups: alt.security.pgp,alt.answers,news.answers Path: netcom.com!gbe From: gbe@netcom.com (Gary Edstrom) Subject: alt.security.pgp FAQ (Part 4/5) Message-ID: Followup-To: poster Summary: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for alt.security.pgp Keywords: pgp privacy security encryption RSA IDEA MD5 Supersedes: Reply-To: gbe@netcom.com (Gary Edstrom) Organization: Sequoia Software X-Newsreader: TIN [version 1.2 PL1] References: Date: Mon, 18 Apr 1994 00:52:50 GMT Approved: news-answers-request@mit.edu Expires: Sun, 31 Jul 1994 07:00:00 GMT Lines: 865 Archive-name: pgp-faq/part4 Version: 9 Last-modified: 1994/4/17 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- a convenient package that everyone can use in a desktop or palmtop computer. Then I gave it away for free, for the good of our democracy. This could have popped up anywhere, and spread. Other people could have and would have done it. And are doing it. Again and again. All over the planet. This technology belongs to everybody. III. People want their privacy very badly. PGP has spread like a prairie fire, fanned by countless people who fervently want their privacy restored in the information age. Today, human rights organizations are using PGP to protect their people overseas. Amnesty International uses it. The human rights group in the American Association for the Advancement of Science uses it. Some Americans don't understand why I should be this concerned about the power of Government. But talking to people in Eastern Europe, you don't have to explain it to them. They already get it-- and they don't understand why we don't. I want to read you a quote from some E-mail I got last week from someone in Latvia, on the day that Boris Yeltsin was going to war with his Parliament: "Phil I wish you to know: let it never be, but if dictatorship takes over Russia your PGP is widespread from Baltic to Far East now and will help democratic people if necessary. Thanks." Appendix -- How Public-Key Cryptography Works - --------------------------------------------- In conventional cryptosystems, such as the US Federal Data Encryption Standard (DES), a single key is used for both encryption and decryption. This means that a key must be initially transmitted via secure channels so that both parties have it before encrypted messages can be sent over insecure channels. This may be inconvenient. If you have a secure channel for exchanging keys, then why do you need cryptography in the first place? In public key cryptosystems, everyone has two related complementary keys, a publicly revealed key and a secret key. Each key unlocks the code that the other key makes. Knowing the public key does not help you deduce the corresponding secret key. The public key can be published and widely disseminated across a communications network. This protocol provides privacy without the need for the same kind of secure channels that a conventional cryptosystem requires. Anyone can use a recipient's public key to encrypt a message to that person, and that recipient uses her own corresponding secret key to decrypt that message. No one but the recipient can decrypt it, because no one else has access to that secret key. Not even the person who encrypted the message can decrypt it. Message authentication is also provided. The sender's own secret key can be used to encrypt a message, thereby "signing" it. This creates a digital signature of a message, which the recipient (or anyone else) can check by using the sender's public key to decrypt it. This proves that the sender was the true originator of the message, and that the message has not been subsequently altered by anyone else, because the sender alone possesses the secret key that made that signature. Forgery of a signed message is infeasible, and the sender cannot later disavow his signature. These two processes can be combined to provide both privacy and authentication by first signing a message with your own secret key, then encrypting the signed message with the recipient's public key. The recipient reverses these steps by first decrypting the message with her own secret key, then checking the enclosed signature with your public key. These steps are done automatically by the recipient's software. - -- Philip Zimmermann 3021 11th Street Boulder, Colorado 80304 303 541-0140 E-mail: prz@acm.org - -- ld231782@longs.LANCE.ColoState.EDU ======================================================================== Appendix VI - Anouncement of Philip Zimmermann Defense Fund. Reproduced by permission. ======================================================================== - From prz@columbine.cgd.ucar.EDU Thu Oct 14 23:16:32 1993 Return-Path: Received: from ncar.ucar.edu by mail.netcom.com (5.65/SMI-4.1/Netcom) id AA05680; Thu, 14 Oct 93 23:16:29 -0700 Received: from sage.cgd.ucar.edu by ncar.ucar.EDU (5.65/ NCAR Central Post Office 03/11/93) id AA01642; Fri, 15 Oct 93 00:15:34 MDT Received: from columbine.cgd.ucar.edu by sage.cgd.ucar.EDU (5.65/ NCAR Mail Server 04/10/90) id AA22977; Fri, 15 Oct 93 00:14:08 MDT Message-Id: <9310150616.AA09815@columbine.cgd.ucar.EDU> Received: by columbine.cgd.ucar.EDU (4.1/ NCAR Mail Server 04/10/90) id AA09815; Fri, 15 Oct 93 00:16:57 MDT Subject: PGP legal defense fund To: gbe@netcom.com (Gary Edstrom) Date: Fri, 15 Oct 93 0:16:56 MDT From: Philip Zimmermann In-Reply-To: <9310112013.AA07737@netcom5.netcom.com>; from "Gary Edstrom" at Oct 11, 93 1:13 pm From: Philip Zimmermann Reply-To: Philip Zimmermann X-Mailer: ELM [version 2.3 PL0] Status: OR Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1993 02:41:31 -0600 (CDT) From: hmiller@orion.it.luc.edu (Hugh Miller) Subject: PGP defense fund As you may already know, on September 14 LEMCOM Systems (ViaCrypt) in Phoenix, Arizona was served with a subpoena issued by the US District Court of Northern California to testify before a grand jury and produce documents related to "ViaCrypt, PGP, Philip Zimmermann, and anyone or any entity acting on behalf of Philip Zimmermann for the time period June 1, 1991 to the present." Phil Zimmermann has been explicitly told that he is the primary target of the investigation being mounted from the San Jose office of U.S. Customs. It is not known if there are other targets. Whether or not an indictment is returned in this case, the legal bills will be astronomical. If this case comes to trial, it will be one of the most important cases in recent times dealing with cryptography, effective communications privacy, and the free flow of information and ideas in cyberspace in the post-Cold War political order. The stakes are high, both for those of us who support the idea of effective personal communications privacy and for Phil, who risks jail for his selfless and successful effort to bring to birth "cryptography for the masses," a.k.a. PGP. Export controls are being used as a means to curtail domestic access to effective cryptographic tools: Customs is taking the position that posting cryptographic code to the Internet is equivalent to exporting it. Phil has assumed the burden and risk of being the first to develop truly effective tools with which we all might secure our communications against prying eyes, in a political environment increasingly hostile to such an idea -- an environment in which Clipper chips and Digital Telephony bills are our own government's answer to our concerns. Now is the time for us all to step forward and help shoulder that burden with him. Phil is assembling a legal defense team to prepare for the possibility of a trial, and he needs your help. This will be an expensive affair, and the meter is already ticking. I call on all of us, both here in the U.S. and abroad, to help defend Phil and perhaps establish a groundbreaking legal precedent. A legal trust fund has been established with Phil's attorney in Boulder. Donations will be accepted in any reliable form, check, money order, or wire transfer, and in any currency. Here are the details: To send a check or money order by mail, make it payable, NOT to Phil Zimmermann, but to Phil's attorney, Philip Dubois. Mail the check or money order to the following address: Philip Dubois 2305 Broadway Boulder, CO USA 80304 (Phone #: 303-444-3885) To send a wire transfer, your bank will need the following information: Bank: VectraBank Routing #: 107004365 Account #: 0113830 Account Name: "Philip L. Dubois, Attorney Trust Account" Any funds remaining after the end of legal action will be returned to named donors in proportion to the size of their donations. You may give anonymously or not, but PLEASE - give generously. If you admire PGP, what it was intended to do and the ideals which animated its creation, express your support with a contribution to this fund. - ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted to: alt.security.pgp; sci.crypt; talk.politics.crypto; comp.org.eff.talk; comp.society.cu-digest; comp.society; alt.sci.sociology; alt.security.index; alt.security.keydist; alt.security; alt.society.civil-liberty; alt.society.civil-disob; alt.society.futures - -- Hugh Miller | Asst. Prof. of Philosophy | Loyola University Chicago FAX: 312-508-2292 | Voice: 312-508-2727 | hmiller@lucpul.it.luc.edu PGP 2.3A Key fingerprint: FF 67 57 CC 0C 91 12 7D 89 21 C7 12 F7 CF C5 7E ======================================================================== Appendix VII - A Statement from ViaCrypt Concerning ITAR Reproduced by Permission ======================================================================== - -----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- The ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) includes a regulation that requires a manufacturer of cryptographic products to register with the U.S. State Department even if the manufacturer has no intentions of exporting products. It appears that this particular regulation is either not widely known, or is widely ignored. While no pressure was placed upon ViaCrypt to register, it is the Company's position to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. In keeping with this philosophy, ViaCrypt has registered with the U.S. Department of State as a munitions manufacturer. - -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: 2.4 iQCVAgUBLQ+DfmhHpCDLdoUBAQGa+AP/YzLpHBGOgsU4b7DjLYj8KFC4FFACryRJ CKaBzeDI30p6y6PZitsMRBv7y2dzDILjYogIP0L3FTRyN36OebgVCXPiUAc3Vaee aIdLJ6emnDjt+tVS/dbgx0F+gB/KooMoY3SJiGPE+hUH8p3pNkYmhzeR3xXi9OEu GAZdK+E+RRA= =o13M - -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- ======================================================================== Appendix VIII - United States Congress Phone and FAX List ======================================================================== Since PGP is such a political piece of software, I felt that it would be appropriate to include a phone and fax list for the executive and legislative branches of the United States government. If you care at all about the issue of personal privacy, please write to your local representitives and the President expressing your feelings. ======================================================================== US GOVERNMENT ADDRESSES 1 February 1993 The White House === ===== ===== President Bill Clinton 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20500 (202) 456-1414 Switchboard (202) 456-1111 Comment line (202) 456-2883 FAX 1 (202) 456-2461 FAX 2 75300.3115@compuserve.com EMail president@whitehouse.gov EMail First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20500 (202) 456-6266 Vice President Albert Gore Old Executive Office Building Washington, DC 20500 (202) 456-2326 vice-president@whitehouse.gov EMail The Cabinet === ======= Commerce - -------- Ronald H. Brown Department of Commerce 14th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20230 (202) 482-4901 Defense - ------- Les Aspin Department of Defense The Pentagon Washington, DC 20301 (703) 697-5737 State - ----- Warren Christopher Department of State 2201 C Street, NW Washington, DC 20520 (202) 647-6575 (202) 647-7120 FAX Justice - ------- Janet Reno Attorney General Department of Justice 10th Street and Constitution Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20530 (202) 514-2007 (202) 514-5331 FAX Treasury - -------- Lloyd Bentsen Department of the Treasury 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20220 (202) 622-2960 (202) 622-1999 FAX Federal Information Center - ------- ----------- ------ (800) 726-4995 US Senate, 103rd Congress phone and fax numbers =============================================== Information from US Congress Yellow Book, January 1993 p st name phone fax = == ======================== ============== ============== R AK Murkowski, Frank H. 1-202-224-6665 1-202-224-5301 R AK Stevens, Ted 1-202-224-3004 1-202-224-1044 D AL Heflin, Howell T. 1-202-224-4124 1-202-224-3149 D AL Shelby, Richard C. 1-202-224-5744 1-202-224-3416 D AR Bumpers, Dale 1-202-224-4843 1-202-224-6435 D AR Pryor, David 1-202-224-2353 na D AZ DeConcini, Dennis 1-202-224-4521 1-202-224-2302 R AZ McCain, John 1-202-224-2235 na D CA Boxer, Barbara 1-202-225-5161 na D CA Feinstein, Diane 1-202-224-3841 na D CO Campbell, Ben N. 1-202-225-4761 1-202-225-0228 R CO Brown, Henry 1-202-224-5941 na D CT Dodd, Christopher J. 1-202-224-2823 na D CT Lieberman, Joseph I. 1-202-224-4041 1-202-224-9750 D DE Biden Jr., Joseph R. 1-202-224-5042 na R DE Roth Jr., William V. 1-202-224-2441 1-202-224-2805 D FL Graham, Robert 1-202-224-3041 na R FL Mack, Connie 1-202-224-5274 1-202-224-8022 D GA Nunn, Samuel 1-202-224-3521 1-202-224-0072 R GA Coverdell, Paul 1-202-224-3643 na D HI Akaka, Daniel K. 1-202-224-6361 1-202-224-2126 D HI Inouye, Daniel K. 1-202-224-3934 1-202-224-6747 D IA Harkin, Thomas 1-202-224-3254 1-202-224-7431 R IA Grassley, Charles E. 1-202-224-3744 na R ID Craig, Larry E. 1-202-224-2752 1-202-224-2573 R ID Kempthorne, Dirk 1-202-224-6142 1-202-224-5893 D IL Moseley-Braun, Carol 1-202-224-2854 na D IL Simon, Paul 1-202-224-2152 1-202-224-0868 R IN Coats, Daniel R. 1-202-224-5623 1-202-224-8964 R IN Lugar, Richard G. 1-202-224-4814 na R KS Dole, Robert 1-202-224-6521 1-202-224-8952 R KS Kassebaum, Nancy L. 1-202-224-4774 1-202-224-3514 D KY Ford, Wendell H. 1-202-224-4343 na R KY McConnell, Mitch 1-202-224-2541 1-202-224-2499 D LA Breaux, John B. 1-202-224-4623 na D LA Johnston, J. Bennett 1-202-224-5824 na D MA Kennedy, Edward M. 1-202-224-4543 1-202-224-2417 D MA Kerry, John F. 1-202-224-2742 na D MD Mikulski, Barbara A. 1-202-224-4654 1-202-224-8858 D MD Sarbanes, Paul S. 1-202-224-4524 1-202-224-1651 D ME Mitchell, George J. 1-202-224-5344 na R ME Cohen, William S. 1-202-224-2523 1-202-224-2693 D MI Levin, Carl 1-202-224-6221 na D MI Riegle Jr., Donald 1-202-224-4822 1-202-224-8834 D MN Wellstone, Paul 1-202-224-5641 1-202-224-8438 R MN Durenberger, David 1-202-224-3244 na R MO Bond, Christopher S. 1-202-224-5721 1-202-224-8149 R MO Danforth, John C. 1-202-224-6154 na R MS Cochran, Thad 1-202-224-5054 na R MS Lott, Trent 1-202-224-6253 1-202-224-2262 D MT Baucus, Max 1-202-224-2651 na R MT Burns, Conrad R. 1-202-224-2644 1-202-224-8594 R NC Faircloth, D. M. 1-202-224-3154 1-202-224-7406 R NC Helms, Jesse 1-202-224-6342 na D ND Conrad, Kent 1-202-224-2043 na D ND Dorgan, Byron L. 1-202-225-2611 1-202-225-9436 D NE Exon, J. J. 1-202-224-4224 na D NE Kerrey, Joseph R. 1-202-224-6551 1-202-224-7645 R NH Gregg, Judd 1-202-224-3324 na R NH Smith, Robert 1-202-224-2841 1-202-224-1353 D NJ Bradley, William 1-202-224-3224 1-202-224-8567 D NJ Lautenberg, Frank R. 1-202-224-4744 1-202-224-9707 D NM Bingaman, Jeff 1-202-224-5521 na R NM Domenici, Pete V. 1-202-224-6621 1-202-224-7371 D NV Bryan, Richard H. 1-202-224-6244 na D NV Reid, Harry 1-202-224-3542 1-202-224-7327 D NY Moynihan, Daniel P. 1-202-224-4451 1-202-224-9293 R NY D'Amato, Alfonse M. 1-202-224-6542 1-202-224-5871 D OH Glenn, John 1-202-224-3353 na D OH Metzenbaum, Howard 1-202-224-2315 1-202-224-6519 D OK Boren, David L. 1-202-224-4721 na R OK Nickles, Donald 1-202-224-5754 1-202-224-6008 R OR Hatfield, Mark O. 1-202-224-3753 na R OR Packwood, Robert 1-202-224-5244 na D PA Wofford, Harris 1-202-224-6324 1-202-224-4161 R PA Specter, Arlen 1-202-224-4254 na D RI Pell, Claiborne 1-202-224-4642 1-202-224-4680 R RI Chafee, John H. 1-202-224-2921 na D SC Hollings, Ernest F. 1-202-224-6121 na R SC Thurmond, Strom 1-202-224-5972 1-202-224-1300 D SD Daschle, Thomas A. 1-202-224-2321 1-202-224-2047 R SD Pressler, Larry 1-202-224-5842 1-202-224-1630 D TN Mathews, Harlan 1-202-224-1036 1-202-228-3679 D TN Sasser, James 1-202-224-3344 na D TX Krueger, Robert 1-202-224-5922 na R TX Gramm, Phil 1-202-224-2934 na R UT Bennett, Robert 1-202-224-5444 na R UT Hatch, Orrin G. 1-202-224-5251 1-202-224-6331 D VA Robb, Charles S. 1-202-224-4024 1-202-224-8689 R VA Warner, John W. 1-202-224-2023 1-202-224-6295 D VT Leahy, Patrick J. 1-202-224-4242 na R VT Jeffords, James M. 1-202-224-5141 na D WA Murray, Patty 1-202-224-2621 1-202-224-0238 R WA Gorton, Slade 1-202-224-3441 1-202-224-9393 D WI Feingold, Russell 1-202-224-5323 na D WI Kohl, Herbert H. 1-202-224-5653 na D WV Byrd, Robert C. 1-202-224-3954 1-202-224-4025 D WV Rockefeller, John D. 1-202-224-6472 1-202-224-1689 R WY Simpson, Alan K. 1-202-224-3424 1-202-224-1315 R WY Wallop, Malcolm 1-202-224-6441 1-202-224-3230 103rd Congress phone and fax numbers ==================================== The following information is from the US Congress "Yellow Book," Jan. 1993. Four seats were vacant at that time, in CA, MS, OH, and WI. The list below of 436 people includes 5 non-voting members, from Guam (GU), Puerto Rico (PR), Samoa (SA), Virgin Islands (VI), and DC. (some of those abbreviations may be wrong) p st representative phone fax = == ============================= ============== ============== R AK Young, Donald 1-202-225-5765 1-202-225-5765 D AL Bevill, Thomas 1-202-225-4876 1-202-225-0842 D AL Browder, Glen 1-202-225-3261 1-202-225-9020 D AL Cramer Jr, Robert E. 1-202-225-4801 na D AL Hilliard, Earl F. 1-202-225-2665 na R AL Bachus, Spencer 1-202-225-4921 na R AL Callahan, H. L. 1-202-225-4931 1-202-225-0562 R AL Everett, Terry 1-202-225-2901 na D AR Lambert, Blanche 1-202-225-4076 na D AR Thornton, Raymond 1-202-225-2506 1-202-225-9273 R AR Dickey, Jay 1-202-225-3772 1-202-225-8646 R AR Hutchinson, Tim 1-202-225-4301 na D AZ Coppersmith, Sam 1-202-225-2635 1-202-225-2607 D AZ English, Karan 1-202-225-2190 1-202-225-8819 D AZ Pastor, Ed 1-202-225-4065 1-202-225-1655 R AZ Kolbe, James T. 1-202-225-2542 1-202-225-0378 R AZ Kyl, Jon L. 1-202-225-3361 na R AZ Stump, Robert 1-202-225-4576 1-202-225-6328 D CA Becerra, Xavier 1-202-225-6235 1-202-225-2202 D CA Beilenson, Anthony 1-202-225-5911 na D CA Berman, Howard L. 1-202-225-4695 na D CA Brown Jr., George E. 1-202-225-6161 1-202-225-8671 D CA Condit, Gary 1-202-225-6131 1-202-225-0819 D CA Dellums, Ronald V. 1-202-225-2661 1-202-225-9817 D CA Dixon, Julian C. 1-202-225-7084 1-202-225-4091 D CA Dooley, Calvin M. 1-202-225-3341 1-202-225-9308 D CA Edwards, Donald 1-202-225-3072 1-202-225-9460 D CA Eshoo, Anna G. 1-202-225-8104 na D CA Fazio, Vic 1-202-225-5716 1-202-225-0354 D CA Filner, Bob 1-202-225-8045 na D CA Hamburg, Dan 1-202-225-3311 na D CA Harman, Jane 1-202-225-8220 na D CA Lantos, Thomas 1-202-225-3531 na D CA Lehman, Richard H. 1-202-225-4540 na D CA Martinez, Matthew G. 1-202-225-5464 1-202-225-4467 D CA Matsui, Robert T. 1-202-225-7163 1-202-225-0566 D CA McCandless, Alfred 1-202-225-5330 1-202-226-1040 D CA Miller, George 1-202-225-2095 1-202-225-5609 D CA Mineta, Norman Y. 1-202-225-2631 na D CA Pelosi, Nancy 1-202-225-4965 1-202-225-8259 D CA Roybal-Allard, Lucille 1-202-225-1766 1-202-226-0350 D CA Schenk, Lynn 1-202-225-2040 1-202-225-2042 D CA Stark, Fortney H. 1-202-225-5065 na D CA Torres, Esteban E. 1-202-225-5256 na D CA Tucker III, Walter R. 1-202-225-7924 1-202-225-7926 D CA Waters, Maxine 1-202-225-2201 na D CA Waxman, Henry A. 1-202-225-3976 1-202-225-4099 D CA Woolsey, Lynn 1-202-225-5161 na R CA Baker, Bill 1-202-225-1880 1-202-225-2150 R CA Calvert, Ken 1-202-225-1986 na R CA Cox, Christopher 1-202-225-5611 1-202-225-9177 R CA Cunningham, Randy 1-202-225-5452 1-202-225-2558 R CA Doolittle, John T. 1-202-225-2511 1-202-225-5444 R CA Dornan, Robert K. 1-202-225-2965 1-202-225-3694 R CA Dreier, David 1-202-225-2305 1-202-225-4745 R CA Gallegly, Elton 1-202-225-5811 na R CA Herger, Walter W. 1-202-225-3076 1-202-225-1609 R CA Horn, Steve 1-202-225-6676 na R CA Huffington, Michael 1-202-225-3601 na R CA Hunter, Duncan L. 1-202-225-5672 1-202-225-0235 R CA Kim, Jay C. 1-202-225-3201 1-202-226-1485 R CA Lewis, Jerry 1-202-225-5861 1-202-225-6498 R CA McKeon, Howard P. 1-202-225-1956 1-202-226-0683 R CA Moorhead, Carlos J. 1-202-225-4176 1-202-226-1279 R CA Packard, Ronald 1-202-225-3906 1-202-225-0134 R CA Pombo, Richard 1-202-225-1947 1-202-226-0861 R CA Rohrabacher, Dana 1-202-225-2415 1-202-225-7067 R CA Royce, Ed 1-202-225-4111 na R CA Thomas, Bill 1-202-225-2915 na D CO Schroeder, Patricia 1-202-225-4431 1-202-225-5842 D CO Skaggs, David E. 1-202-225-2161 na R CO Allard, Wayne 1-202-225-4676 1-202-225-8630 R CO Hefley, Joel 1-202-225-4422 1-202-225-1942 R CO McInnis, Scott 1-202-225-4761 1-202-226-0622 R CO Schaefer, Daniel 1-202-225-7882 1-202-225-7885 D CT DeLauro, Rosa 1-202-225-3661 1-202-225-4890 D CT Gejdenson, Samuel 1-202-225-2076 1-202-225-4977 D CT Kennelly, Barbara B. 1-202-225-2265 1-202-225-1031 R CT Franks, Gary 1-202-225-3822 1-202-225-5085 R CT Johnson, Nancy L. 1-202-225-4476 1-202-225-4488 R CT Shays, Christopher 1-202-225-5541 1-202-225-9629 D DC Norton, Eleanor Holmes 1-202-225-8050 1-202-225-3002 R DE Castle, Michael N. 1-202-225-4165 1-202-225-2291 D FL Bacchus, James 1-202-225-3671 1-202-225-9039 D FL Brown, Corrine 1-202-225-0123 1-202-225-2256 D FL Deutsch, Peter 1-202-225-7931 1-202-225-8456 D FL Gibbons, Samuel M. 1-202-225-3376 na D FL Hastings, Alcee L. 1-202-225-1313 1-202-225-0690 D FL Hutto, Earl 1-202-225-4136 1-202-225-5785 D FL Johnston II, Harry 1-202-225-3001 1-202-225-8791 D FL Meek, Carrie 1-202-225-4506 1-202-226-0777 D FL Peterson, Peter 1-202-225-5235 1-202-225-1586 R FL Bilirakis, Michael 1-202-225-5755 1-202-225-4085 R FL Canady, Charles T. 1-202-225-1252 na R FL Diaz-Balart, Lincoln 1-202-225-4211 1-202-225-8576 R FL Fowler, Tillie 1-202-225-2501 na R FL Goss, Porter J. 1-202-225-2536 1-202-225-6820 R FL Lewis, Thomas 1-202-225-5792 1-202-225-1860 R FL McCollum, William 1-202-225-2176 na R FL Mica, John L. 1-202-225-4035 1-202-226-0821 R FL Miller, Dan 1-202-225-5015 1-202-226-0828 R FL Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana 1-202-225-3931 1-202-225-5620 R FL Shaw Jr., E. C. 1-202-225-3026 1-202-225-8398 R FL Stearns, Clifford B. 1-202-225-5744 1-202-225-3973 R FL Thurman, Carol L. 1-202-225-1002 1-202-226-0329 R FL Young, C. W. 1-202-225-5961 1-202-225-9764 D GA Bishop, Sanford 1-202-225-3631 1-202-225-2203 D GA Darden III, George 1-202-225-2931 na D GA Deal, Nathan 1-202-225-5211 1-202-225-8272 D GA Johnson, Don 1-202-225-4101 1-202-226-1466 D GA Lewis, John 1-202-225-3801 1-202-225-0351 D GA McKinney, Cynthia 1-202-225-1605 1-202-226-0691 D GA Rowland, J. R. 1-202-225-6531 na R GA Collins, Mac 1-202-225-5901 1-202-225-2515 R GA Gingrich, Newt 1-202-225-4501 1-202-225-4656 R GA Kingston, Jack 1-202-225-5831 1-202-226-2269 R GA Linder, John 1-202-225-4272 na D GU Underwood, Robert A. 1-202-225-1188 1-202-226-0341 D HI Abercrombie, Neil 1-202-225-2726 na D HI Mink, Patsy T. 1-202-225-4906 1-202-225-4987 D IA Smith, Neal 1-202-225-4426 na R IA Grandy, Fred 1-202-225-5476 na R IA Leach, James 1-202-225-6576 1-202-226-1278 R IA Lightfoot, James R. 1-202-225-3806 1-202-225-6973 R IA Nussle, James Allen 1-202-225-2911 1-202-225-9129 D ID LaRocco, Larry 1-202-225-6611 na R ID Crapo, Michael D. 1-202-225-5531 na D IL Collins, Cardiss 1-202-225-5006 1-202-225-8396 D IL Costello, Jerry F. 1-202-225-5661 1-202-225-0285 D IL Durbin, Richard J. 1-202-225-5271 1-202-225-0170 D IL Evans, Lane 1-202-225-5905 1-202-225-5396 D IL Lipinski, William O. 1-202-225-5701 1-202-225-1012 D IL Poshard, Glendal W. 1-202-225-5201 1-202-225-1541 D IL Reynolds, Mel 1-202-225-0773 na D IL Rostenkowski, Daniel 1-202-225-4061 na D IL Rush, Bobby L. 1-202-225-4372 1-202-226-0333 D IL Sangmeister, George 1-202-225-3635 1-202-225-4447 D IL Yates, Sidney R. 1-202-225-2111 1-202-225-3493 R IL Crane, Philip M. 1-202-225-3711 na R IL Ewing, Thomas 1-202-225-2371 1-202-225-8071 R IL Fawell, Harris W. 1-202-225-3515 1-202-225-9420 R IL Gutierrez, Luis V. 1-202-225-8203 1-202-225-7810 R IL Hastert, J. D. 1-202-225-2976 1-202-225-0697 R IL Hyde, Henry J. 1-202-225-4561 1-202-226-1240 R IL Manzullo, Donald 1-202-225-5676 1-202-225-5284 R IL Michel, Robert H. 1-202-225-6201 1-202-225-9461 R IL Porter, John E. 1-202-225-4835 1-202-225-0157 D IN Buyer, Steve 1-202-225-5037 na D IN Hamilton, Lee H. 1-202-225-5315 1-202-225-1101 D IN Jacobs Jr., Andrew 1-202-225-4011 na D IN Long, Jill 1-202-225-4436 na D IN McCloskey, Frank 1-202-225-4636 1-202-225-4688 D IN Roemer, Timothy 1-202-225-3915 1-202-225-6798 D IN Sharp, Philip R. 1-202-225-3021 na D IN Visclosky, Peter J. 1-202-225-2461 1-202-225-2493 R IN Burton, Daniel 1-202-225-2276 1-202-225-0016 R IN Myers, John T. 1-202-225-5805 na D KS Glickman, Daniel 1-202-225-6216 na D KS Slattery, James 1-202-225-6601 1-202-225-1445 R KS Meyers, Jan 1-202-225-2865 1-202-225-0554 R KS Roberts, Pat 1-202-225-2715 1-202-225-5375 D KY Baesler, Scotty 1-202-225-4706 na D KY Barlow, Tom 1-202-225-3115 1-202-225-2169 D KY Mazzoli, Romano L. 1-202-225-5401 na D KY Natcher, William H. 1-202-225-3501 na R KY Bunning, James 1-202-225-3465 1-202-225-0003 R KY Rogers, Harold 1-202-225-4601 1-202-225-0940 D LA Fields, Cleo 1-202-225-8490 1-202-225-8959 D LA Hayes, James A. 1-202-225-2031 1-202-225-1175 D LA Jefferson, William 1-202-225-6636 1-202-225-1988 D LA Tauzin, W. J. 1-202-225-4031 1-202-225-0563 R LA Baker, Richard H. 1-202-225-3901 1-202-225-7313 R LA Livingston, Robert 1-202-225-3015 1-202-225-0739 R LA McCrery, James 1-202-225-2777 1-202-225-8039 D MA Frank, Barney 1-202-225-5931 1-202-225-0182 D MA Kennedy II, Joseph P. 1-202-225-5111 1-202-225-9322 D MA Markey, Edward J. 1-202-225-2836 1-202-225-8689 D MA Meehan, Martin T. 1-202-225-3411 1-202-226-0771 D MA Moakley, John Joseph 1-202-225-8273 1-202-225-7304 D MA Neal, Richard E. 1-202-225-5601 1-202-225-8112 D MA Olver, John W. 1-202-225-5335 1-202-226-1224 D MA Studds, Gerry E. 1-202-225-3111 1-202-225-2212 R MA Blute, Peter I. 1-202-225-6101 1-202-225-2217 R MA Torkildsen, Peter G. 1-202-225-8020 1-202-225-8037 D MD Cardin, Benjamin L. 1-202-225-4016 na D MD Hoyer, Steny H. 1-202-225-4131 1-202-225-4300 D MD Mfume, Kweisi 1-202-225-4741 1-202-225-3178 D MD Wynn, Albert R. 1-202-225-8699 1-202-225-8714 R MD Bartlett, Roscoe G. 1-202-225-2721 na R MD Bentley, Helen D. 1-202-225-3061 1-202-225-4251 R MD Gilchrest, Wayne T. 1-202-225-5311 1-202-225-0254 R MD Morella, Constance 1-202-225-5341 1-202-225-1389 D ME Andrews, Thomas H. 1-202-225-6116 1-202-225-9065 R ME Snowe, Olympia J. 1-202-225-6306 na D MI Barcia, James A. 1-202-225-8171 1-202-225-2168 D MI Bonior, David E. 1-202-225-2106 1-202-226-1169 D MI Carr, Robert 1-202-225-4872 1-202-225-1260 D MI Collins Jr., Barbara 1-202-225-2261 1-202-225-6645 D MI Conyers Jr., John 1-202-225-5126 1-202-225-0072 D MI Dingell, John D. 1-202-225-4071 1-202-225-7426 D MI Ford, William D. 1-202-225-6261 na D MI Kildee, Dale E. 1-202-225-3611 na D MI Levin, Sander M. 1-202-225-4961 1-202-226-1033 D MI Stupak, Bart 1-202-225-4735 1-202-225-4744 R MI Camp, David Lee 1-202-225-3561 1-202-225-9679 R MI Henry, Paul B. 1-202-225-3831 na R MI Hoekstra, Peter 1-202-225-4401 na R MI Knollenberg, Joe 1-202-225-5802 1-202-226-2356 R MI Smith, Nick 1-202-225-6276 na R MI Upton, Frederick S. 1-202-225-3761 1-202-225-4986 D MN Minge, David 1-202-225-2331 na D MN Oberstar, James L. 1-202-225-6211 1-202-225-0699 D MN Penny, Timothy J. 1-202-225-2472 1-202-225-0051 D MN Peterson, Collin C. 1-202-225-2165 1-202-225-1593 D MN Sabo, Martin O. 1-202-225-4755 na D MN Vento, Bruce F. 1-202-225-6631 na R MN Grams, Rod 1-202-225-2271 1-202-225-9802 R MN Ramstad, James M. 1-202-225-2871 1-202-225-6351 D MO Clay, William L. 1-202-225-2406 1-202-225-1725 D MO Danner, Pat 1-202-225-7041 na D MO Gephardt, Richard A. 1-202-225-2671 1-202-225-7452 D MO Skelton, Ike 1-202-225-2876 1-202-225-2695 D MO Volkmer, Harold L. 1-202-225-2956 1-202-225-7834 D MO Wheat, Alan 1-202-225-4535 1-202-225-5990 R MO Emerson, Bill 1-202-225-4404 1-202-225-9621 R MO Hancock, Melton D. 1-202-225-6536 1-202-225-7700 R MO Talent, James M. 1-202-225-2561 1-202-225-2563 D MS Montgomery, G. V. 1-202-225-5031 1-202-225-3375 D MS Parker, Paul M. 1-202-225-5865 1-202-225-5886 D MS Taylor, Gene 1-202-225-5772 1-202-225-7074 D MS Whitten, Jamie L. 1-202-225-4306 1-202-225-4328 D MT Williams, Pat 1-202-225-3211 na D NC Clayton, Eva 1-202-225-3101 na D NC Hefner, W. G. 1-202-225-3715 1-202-225-4036 D NC Lancaster, H. M. 1-202-225-3415 1-202-225-0666 D NC Neal, Stephen L. 1-202-225-2071 1-202-225-4060 D NC Price, David E. 1-202-225-1784 1-202-225-6314 D NC Rose, Charles 1-202-225-2731 1-202-225-2470 D NC Valentine, Tim 1-202-225-4531 1-202-225-1539 D NC Watt, Melvin 1-202-225-1510 1-202-225-1512 R NC Ballenger, Thomas C. 1-202-225-2576 1-202-225-0316 R NC Coble, Howard 1-202-225-3065 1-202-225-8611 R NC McMillan, J. A. 1-202-225-1976 na R NC Taylor, Charles Hart 1-202-225-6401 1-202-251-0794 D ND Pomeroy, Earl 1-202-225-2611 1-202-226-0893 D NE Hoagland, Peter 1-202-225-4155 na R NE Barrett, William E. 1-202-225-6435 na R NE Bereuter, Douglas 1-202-225-4806 1-202-226-1148 D NH Swett, Richard N. 1-202-225-5206 na R NH Zeliff Jr., William 1-202-225-5456 1-202-225-4370 D NJ Andrews, Robert E. 1-202-225-6501 na D NJ Hughes, William J. 1-202-225-6572 1-202-226-1108 D NJ Klein, Herbert C. 1-202-225-5751 na D NJ Menendez, Robert 1-202-225-7919 1-202-226-0792 D NJ Pallone Jr., Frank 1-202-225-4671 1-202-225-9665 D NJ Payne, Donald M. 1-202-225-3436 1-202-225-4160 D NJ Torricelli, Robert 1-202-224-5061 1-202-225-0843 R NJ Franks, Bob 1-202-225-5361 1-202-225-9460 R NJ Gallo, Dean A. 1-202-225-5034 1-202-225-0658 R NJ Roukema, Marge 1-202-225-4465 1-202-225-9048 R NJ Saxton, H. J. 1-202-225-4765 1-202-225-0778 R NJ Smith, Christopher 1-202-225-3765 1-202-225-7768 R NJ Zimmer, Richard A. 1-202-225-5801 1-202-225-9181 D NM Richardson, William 1-202-225-6190 na R NM Schiff, Steven H. 1-202-225-6316 1-202-225-4975 R NM Skeen, Joseph 1-202-225-2365 1-202-225-9599 D NV Bilbray, James H. 1-202-225-5965 1-202-225-8808 R NV Vucanovich, Barbara 1-202-225-6155 1-202-225-2319 D NY Ackerman, Gary L. 1-202-225-2601 na D NY Engel, Eliot L. 1-202-225-2464 na D NY Flake, Floyd H. 1-202-225-3461 1-202-226-4169 D NY Hinchey, Maurice D. 1-202-225-6335 na D NY Hochbrueckner, G. 1-202-225-3826 1-202-225-0776 D NY LaFalce, John J. 1-202-225-3231 na D NY Lowey, Nita M. 1-202-225-6506 1-202-225-0546 D NY Maloney, Carolyn B. 1-202-225-7944 na D NY Manton, Thomas J. 1-202-225-3965 na D NY McNulty, Michael R. 1-202-225-5076 1-202-225-5077 D NY Nadler, Jerrold 1-202-225-5635 1-202-225-6923 D NY Owens, Major R. 1-202-225-6231 1-202-226-0112 D NY Rangel, Charles B. 1-202-225-4365 1-202-225-0816 D NY Schumer, Charles E. 1-202-225-6616 1-202-225-4183 D NY Serrano, Jose E. 1-202-225-4361 1-202-225-6001 D NY Slaughter, Louise M. 1-202-225-3615 1-202-225-7822 D NY Towns, Edolphus 1-202-225-5936 1-202-225-1018 D NY Velazquez, Nydia M. 1-202-225-2361 1-202-226-0327 R NY Boehlert, Sherwood 1-202-225-3665 1-202-225-1891 R NY Fish Jr., Hamilton 1-202-225-5441 1-202-225-0962 R NY Gilman, Benjamin A. 1-202-225-3776 na R NY Houghton, Amory 1-202-225-3161 1-202-225-5574 R NY King, Peter T. 1-202-225-7896 1-202-226-2279 R NY Lazio, Rick A. 1-202-225-3335 na R NY Levy, David A. 1-202-225-5516 1-202-225-4672 R NY McHugh, John M. 1-202-225-4611 na R NY Molinari, Susan 1-202-225-3371 1-202-226-1272 R NY Paxon, L. W. 1-202-225-5265 1-202-225-5910 R NY Quinn, Jack 1-202-225-3306 1-202-226-0347 R NY Solomon, Gerald B. 1-202-225-5614 1-202-225-1168 R NY Walsh, James T. 1-202-225-3701 1-202-225-4042 D OH Applegate, Douglas 1-202-225-6265 na D OH Brown, Sherrod 1-202-225-3401 na D OH Fingerhut, Eric D. 1-202-225-5731 na D OH Hall, Tony P. 1-202-225-6465 na D OH Kaptur, Marcy 1-202-225-4146 1-202-225-7711 D OH Mann, Davis S. 1-202-225-2216 na D OH Sawyer, Thomas C. 1-202-225-5231 1-202-225-5278 D OH Stokes, Louis 1-202-225-7032 1-202-225-1339 D OH Strickland, Ted 1-202-225-5705 1-202-226-0331 D OH Traficant Jr., James 1-202-225-5261 1-202-225-3719 R OH Boehner, John Andrew 1-202-225-6205 1-202-225-0704 R OH Gillmor, Paul E. 1-202-225-6405 na R OH Hobson, David L. 1-202-225-4324 na R OH Hoke, Martin R. 1-202-225-5871 1-202-226-0994 R OH Kasich, John R. 1-202-225-5355 na R OH Oxley, Michael G. 1-202-225-2676 na R OH Pryce, Deborah 1-202-225-2015 1-202-226-0986 R OH Regula, Ralph 1-202-225-3876 1-202-225-3059 D OK Brewster, Billy Kent 1-202-225-4565 na D OK English, Glenn 1-202-225-5565 1-202-225-8698 D OK McCurdy, David 1-202-225-6165 1-202-225-9746 D OK Synar, Michael 1-202-225-2701 1-202-225-2796 R OK Inhofe, James M. 1-202-225-2211 1-202-225-9187 R OK Istook, Ernest Jim 1-202-225-2132 na D OR DeFazio, Peter A. 1-202-225-6416 na D OR Furse, Elizabeth 1-202-225-0855 na D OR Kopetski, Michael J. 1-202-225-5711 1-202-225-9477 D OR Wyden, Ronald 1-202-225-4811 na R OR Smith, Robert F. 1-202-225-6730 na D PA Blackwell, Lucien E. 1-202-225-4001 1-202-225-7362 D PA Borski, Robert A. 1-202-225-8251 1-202-225-4628 D PA Coyne, William J. 1-202-225-2301 na D PA Foglietta, Thomas M. 1-202-225-4731 1-202-225-0088 D PA Holden, Tim 1-202-225-5546 1-202-226-0996 D PA Kanjorski, Paul E. 1-202-225-6511 1-202-225-9024 D PA Klink, Ron 1-202-225-2565 na D PA Margolies-Mezvinsky, Marjorie 1-202-225-6111 1-202-226-0798 D PA McHale, Paul 1-202-225-6411 1-202-225-5320 D PA Murphy, Austin J. 1-202-225-4665 1-202-225-4772 D PA Murtha, John P. 1-202-225-2065 1-202-225-5709 R PA Clinger Jr., William 1-202-225-5121 1-202-225-4681 R PA Gekas, George W. 1-202-225-4315 1-202-225-8440 R PA Goodling, William F. 1-202-225-5836 1-202-226-1000 R PA Greenwood, Jim 1-202-225-4276 1-202-225-9511 R PA McDade, Joseph M. 1-202-225-3731 1-202-225-9594 R PA Ridge, Thomas J. 1-202-225-5406 na R PA Santorum, Richard J. 1-202-225-2135 1-202-225-7747 R PA Shuster, Bud 1-202-225-2431 na R PA Walker, Robert S. 1-202-225-2411 na R PA Weldon, Curt 1-202-225-2011 1-202-225-8137 D PR Romero-Barcelo, Carlos 1-202-225-2615 1-202-225-2154 D RI Reed, John F. 1-202-225-2735 1-202-225-9580 R RI Machtley, Ronald K. 1-202-225-4911 1-202-225-4417 D SA Faleomavaega, Eni F.H. 1-202-225-8577 na D SC Clyburn, James E. 1-202-225-3315 1-202-225-2302 D SC Derrick, Butler 1-202-225-5301 na D SC Spratt Jr., John M. 1-202-225-5501 1-202-225-0464 R SC Inglis, Bob 1-202-225-6030 na R SC Ravenel Jr., Arthur 1-202-225-3176 na R SC Spence, Floyd 1-202-225-2452 1-202-225-2455 D SD Johnson, Timothy P. 1-202-225-2801 1-202-225-2427 D TN Clement, Robert 1-202-225-4311 1-202-226-1035 D TN Cooper, James 1-202-225-6831 1-202-225-4520 D TN Ford, Harold E. 1-202-225-3265 na D TN Lloyd, Marilyn 1-202-225-3271 1-202-225-6974 D TN Tanner, John S. 1-202-225-4714 1-202-225-1765 R TN Duncan Jr., John J. 1-202-225-5435 1-202-225-6440 R TN Gordon, Bart 1-202-225-4231 1-202-225-6887 R TN Quillen, James H. 1-202-225-6356 1-202-225-7812 R TN Sundquist, Donald 1-202-225-2811 1-202-225-2814 D TX Andrews, Michael A. 1-202-255-7508 na D TX Brooks, Jack 1-202-225-6565 1-202-225-1584 D TX Bryant, John 1-202-225-2231 na D TX Chapman, Jim 1-202-225-3035 1-202-225-7265 D TX Coleman, Ronald D. 1-202-225-4831 na D TX Edwards, Chet 1-202-225-6105 1-202-225-0350 D TX Frost, Martin 1-202-225-3605 1-202-225-4951 D TX Geren, Peter 1-202-225-5071 1-202-225-2786 D TX Gonzalez, Henry B. 1-202-225-3236 1-202-225-1915 D TX Green, Gene 1-202-225-1688 1-202-225-9903 D TX Hall, Ralph M. 1-202-225-6673 1-202-225-3332 D TX Johnson, Eddie Bernice 1-202-225-8885 na D TX Laughlin, Gregory H. 1-202-225-2831 1-202-225-1108 D TX Ortiz, Solomon P. 1-202-225-7742 1-202-226-1134 D TX Pickle, J. J. 1-202-225-4865 na D TX Sarpalius, Bill 1-202-225-3706 1-202-225-6142 D TX Stenholm, Charles W. 1-202-225-6605 1-202-225-2234 D TX Tejeda, Frank 1-202-225-1640 na D TX Washington, Craig A. 1-202-225-3816 na D TX Wilson, Charles 1-202-225-2401 1-202-225-1764 D TX de la Garza, E 1-202-225-2531 1-202-225-2534 R TX Archer, William 1-202-225-2571 1-202-225-4381 R TX Armey, Richard K. 1-202-225-7772 1-202-225-7614 R TX Barton, Joseph 1-202-225-2002 1-202-225-3052 R TX Bonilla, Henry 1-202-225-4511 na R TX Combest, Larry 1-202-225-4005 na -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: 2.3a iQCVAgUBLbHXMkHZYsvlkKnJAQG0PQQAph4jy+vyzSKOMV/BhjKu4zNtczjKttei noTkbExGU+dUb6RI4w2SvRIbVyXaU/cmRGLB3Gg9P1kiTIHsOxQcwrM16lBfiPfU Yt6tzw7T3fs+2nyZ1hRSTgtbu6PMHftZTbwZRF12hJBi8hO4BO0zLu/GGtOksW5U 7OjpSU0OcWo= =txYc -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----


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