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Xref: info.physics.utoronto.ca news.answers:30034 sci.answers:1625 sci.geo.geology:14458 Path: amthyst!news From: R. Spencer Ramshaw Newsgroups: sci.geo.geology,sci.answers,news.answers Subject: sci.geo.geology FAQ 4/5 Glossary Message-ID: Date: Thu, 29 Sep 94 11:34:34 EDT Reply-To: amethyst@amthyst.dweomer.org Followup-To: sci.geo.geology Distribution: world Organization: Ramshaw's Computer Solutions Approved: news-answers-request@MIT.Edu Lines: 53 Archive-name: geology-faq/glossary Posting-Frequency: monthly Last-modified: 1994/08/22 Version: 11.0 sci.geo.geology FAQ 4/5 Glossary [This glossary tries to not only define terms and abbreviations used in the FAQ but also common terms used in s.g.g. discussions. If posts in s.g.g. contain terms you don't understand and they aren't in this glossary or in a dictionary of geology please e-mail me. Thank you, Spencer] COGS - Computer Oriented Geological Society DEM - Digital Elevation Models DLG - Digital Line Graph, USGS Digital Map Data Format DTM - Digital Terrain Models E&P - Exploration & Production (for and of petroleum) GAC - Geological Association of Canada GPS - Global Positioning System GSA - Geological Society of America GSC - Geological Survey of Canada HTML - Hypertext Markup Language used with World-Wide-Web HTTP - Hypertext Transfer Protocol used by World-Wide-Web IAMG - International Association for Mathematical Geology K/T - Cretaceous/Tertiary Ma - millions of years before present OGS - Ontario Geological Survey pC - Precambrian SDTS - Spatial Data Transfer Standard TOC - total organic carbon URL - Unique Resource Locator for the World-Wide-Web USGS - United States Geological Survey WWSSN - World Wide Standard Seismograph Network. A network of 70 or so stations set up largely with US Defense funding in the sixties. World Wide Web - kind of like a multi-media gopher (but with some WWW significant differences in operation). **** End of FAQ sci.geo.geology Glossary


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