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Xref: info.physics.utoronto.ca news.answers:30031 sci.answers:1622 sci.geo.geology:14455 Path: amthyst!news From: R. Spencer Ramshaw Newsgroups: sci.geo.geology,sci.answers,news.answers Subject: sci.geo.geology FAQ 2/5 Contents Message-ID: Date: Thu, 29 Sep 94 11:34:20 EDT Reply-To: amethyst@amthyst.dweomer.org Followup-To: sci.geo.geology Distribution: world Organization: Ramshaw's Computer Solutions Approved: news-answers-request@MIT.Edu Lines: 63 Archive-name: geology-faq/contents Posting-Frequency: monthly Last-modified: 1994/08/22 Version: 11.0 sci.geo.geology FAQ 2/5 Contents 1/5 Introduction ---------------- 2/5 Contents ------------ 3/5 FAQ ------- Questions Answered by this FAQ: 1. What is the s.g.g. charter? 2. Where do I look for the On-line Resources for Earth Scientists Guide 3. When did s.g.g. start? 4. Where should I look for information on geoscience software? 5. How many people are reading the newsgroup? 6. How do I start a new newsgroup? 7. What questions/statements shouldn't be posted to s.g.g.? 8. Where is the earthquake information? 9. Why should my geoscience institution or company use the INTERNET? 10. Who uses the Internet? 11. Are there more earthquakes now than in ancient history? 12. Are there any song lyrics related to Geology? Questions Waiting to be Answered by this FAQ: 1. Is there an archive site for the newsgroup? 2. Where can I buy? Topographic Maps Geologic Maps etc. 3. Why did the dinosaurs die out? 4. What are the top 10 unanswered questions in geology? 5. How can I get access to Georef over the Internet? 6. What is the best software to do foo? 7. Why shouldn't I flame a post that is contrary to science and my principles? 8. How do I read those USGS Quake maps? 9. Is the study of geology environmentally sustainable? 10. What works of fiction include geoscientists or geology? 11. What movies or TV shows have a geoscientist as a character? 12. What movies or TV shows use geology as a main plot element? 4/5 Glossary ------------ 5/5 Appendices -------------- E-mail Contact List Reference List for s.g.g. posters FTP Servers Telnet Addresses Gopher Servers World Wide Web Servers Mailing Lists Equipment Suppliers Software Suppliers **** End of FAQ sci.geo.geology FAQ 2/5 Contents ****


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