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Xref: info.physics.utoronto.ca news.answers:30030 sci.answers:1621 sci.geo.geology:14454 Path: amthyst!news From: R. Spencer Ramshaw Newsgroups: sci.geo.geology,sci.answers,news.answers Subject: sci.geo.geology FAQ 1/5 Introduction Message-ID: Date: Thu, 29 Sep 94 11:34:13 EDT Reply-To: amethyst@amthyst.dweomer.org Followup-To: sci.geo.geology Distribution: world Organization: Ramshaw's Computer Solutions Approved: news-answers-request@MIT.Edu Lines: 80 Archive-name: geology-faq/introduction Posting-Frequency: monthly Last-modified: 1994/08/22 Version: 11.0 sci.geo.geology FAQ 1/5 Introduction Introduction ------------ The purpose of this series of posts is to maintain the quality of messages in the s.g.g. newsgroup. Before going further I would like to make a few points about using the FAQ and the newsgroup. Please glance through this FAQ before posting. In urban areas of the world the best way to get an answer to a general geology question is to consult with your public librarian, your local university geology/geography department or local government geologists. Doing this before you post will save bandwidth and time. Most of these local people are waiting for your phone call right now! When posting to s.g.g. it is very important to attach a descriptive subject to your message. A well-thought out subject is the difference between a read post and an ignored post. Cross-posted items should contain a Follow-up: header that directs responses to a single newsgroup. Due to the open nature of the newsgroup it is highly recommended that you attach some statement of what education level you would like an answer directed to. If you are a high school student or an interested non-geologist identifying yourself as such will save on frustration. Make sure that the geographical locations of you and your question are well-defined in the body of your message. Message headers give little information as to where you are located and what you mean by local. REMEMBER, sci.geo.geology is international, please act accordingly. At this point the question racing through your mind is probably; Am I reading the latest version of this faq? The s.g.g FAQ is released on the morning of the 23rd of the month (it takes a couple days to propogate after that date). It isn't necessarily updated every month but I try. For the latest copy of the FAQ double-check your site's news.answers or sci.answers newsgroups first. If that doesn't help then you should be able to request the latest copy of the faq by sending an e-mail to mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu with the following message body: send usenet/news.answers/geology-faq/introduction send usenet/news.answers/geology-faq/contents send usenet/news.answers/geology-faq/faq send usenet/news.answers/geology-faq/glossary send usenet/news.answers/geology-faq/appendices Please send updates, corrections and comments to: amethyst@amthyst.dweomer.org Remember the FAQ when you are posting to s.g.g. Many things can cause me to miss something that should be included in the FAQ. CC:'ing me with the answer that you just posted will make sure I don't miss it. Thank you, R.Spencer Ramshaw Ramshaw's Computer Solutions 141 - 295 Water Street Guelph, Ontario, N1G 2X5 Canada tel: 519-823-1336 bbs: 519-823-9036 e-mail: rsr@amthyst.dweomer.org *** End of FAQ sci.geo.geology Introduction ****


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