Ethnologue Database - Eleventh Edition - May 21, 1988 Barbara F. Grimes, editor Copyright

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Ethnologue Database - Eleventh Edition - May 21, 1988 Barbara F. Grimes, editor Copyright 1988 Summer Institute of Linguistics, Inc. \C1 Country 1 \NAM Name \XXX XXX code \CNT Continent code \SER Serial \NAM Name \NAL Alternate(s) \D Dialects \DAL dialect alt \XXX XXX code \X4 Related codes \ID Update code \NO Not included \B Bibliography \SB Word list bib \SC Word list src \EB Ethnologue bib \EC Ethnologue src \G Genetic tree \GP Phylum \GS Stock \GF Family \GB Branch \GSB Subbranch \GR Group \GG Subgroup \GC Classified by \GM Intel with \GT Intel test by \HUB Primary country \REG Geo region \LAT Latitude \LAN N \LAS S \LON Longitude \LOE E \LOW W \CNT Continent code \POPU Population \PE (estimated) \PDT Population date \PEC Population srce \PPC Pop pcntge \PM Monolinguals \PB Bilinguals \CA Comprhn-att \BL Biling vector \BEC Biling estimatr \BDT Biling est date \PO1 First lang spks \PO2 Sec lang spkrs \PIN Bilingual in \PS of other langs \PX Dialect tot und \C1 Country 1 \PC1 population 1 \MC1 monolinguals 1 \BC1 Bilingual in \A11 at \C2 Country 2 \C3 Country 3 \C4 Country 4 \C5 Country 5 \C6 Country 6 \C7 Country 7 \C8 Country 8 \C9 Country 9 \C10 Country 10 \C11 Country 11 \C12 Country 12 \C13 Country 13 \C14 Country 14 \A1 Agency 1 \AY1 began \A2 Agency 2 \AY2 began \A3 Agency 3 \AY3 began \A4 Agency 4 \AY4 began \A5 Agency 5 \AY5 began \SIL SIL \M1 Organization 1 \MY1 began \M2 Organization 2 \MY2 began \M3 Organization 3 \MY3 began \M4 Organization 4 \MY4 began \M5 Organization 5 \MY5 began \BB Entire Bible \OT Old Testament \AP Apocrypha \NT New Testament \4G Four Gospels \PR Separate books \BX Bible out \BR Bible repr \NX NT out \NR NT repr \RV Rev history \TC Transl status \TCN Need undefined \HEW HEW priority \CAL CAL priority \EE Transl remarks \SA Sacred books \CM Communist lit \NAT National lang \GOV Official lang \ELE Elementary ed \SEC Secondary ed \WID Wider comm \TRA Trade language \VER Vernacular \ALL Used by all \OLD Used older than \PEA Used PeaceCorps \R Remarks \SDY Word list year \SDM Word list month \SDD Word list day \KT Transcript key \KG XXXG gram codes \KI XXXI inf codes \KR Word list remk \WU Write unified \WC Write compet \WA Write alph \WS Write syll \WI Write ideo \WB Write some alph \WT Write some syll \WJ Write some ideo \WH Devel since \AD century A.D. \BC century B.C. \WP Phonemic \WQ Near phonemic \WM Morphophonemic \WN Near morphphnmc \WR Roman \CY Cyrillic \DN Devanagari \CH Chinese \AR Arabic \WO Orthog trad \LIT Literature \NAV by natv spkrs \LT transl from \LL Lyrics, plays \LF Fiction \LE Elem texts \LD Devot lit \LP Pop prose \LS Sec texts \LR Ref prose \LX Learned prose \LY Poetry \LK Print oral trad \MN Newspapers \MR Relig mag \MRY Relig mag youth \MM Gen mag \MMY Gen mag youth \MY Yrbk, almanac \MH Major media \ML Regular media \MO Occas media \AT Terrain access \ACC Communc access \AL Land access \AS Sea access \AA Air access \AM Mail access \ARA Radio access \ATE Telph access \AG Telgr access \AF Food supply \ACM Com srvce \ACL Climate \ALR Altitude range \SO Social att \SAC Strong accult \SBL Some biling \SI Isolated \SU Unfriendly \ECT Ecosystem type \GET Geological type \SBT Subsis type \AML Learning mtls \ATP Tapes from \ADI Dictionaries \AGR Grammars \ATX Texts \ATR Relig record \TP Phon typology \TG Gram typology \TS Sem typology \M6 Organization 6 \MY6 began \M7 Organization 7 \MY7 began \PNAM Print name \PTO Tot all cntries \BPO Blind popu \BPS Blind % popu \BCA Blind causes \BBB Braille Bible \BNT Braille NT \BOT Braille OT \BPR Braille Portion \BEE Braille trn rmk \C15 Country 15 \DPL Displaced lang \REL Religion \M8 Organization 8 \MY8 began \M9 Organization 9 \MY9 began \M10 Organization 10 \MY10 began \M11 Organization 11 \MY11 began \M12 Organization 12 \MY12 began \M13 Organization 13 \MY13 began \M14 Organization 14 \MY14 began \M15 Organization 15 \MY15 began \M16 Organization 16 \MY16 began \M17 Organization 17 \MY17 \M18 Organization 18 \MY18 began \M19 Organization 19 \MY19 began \M20 Organization 20 \MY20 began \C16 Country 16 \C17 Country 17 \C18 Country 18 \C19 Country 19 \C20 Country 20 \C21 Country 21 \C22 Country 22 \C23 Country 23 \C24 Country 24 \C25 Country 25 \C26 Country 26 \C27 Country 27 \C28 Country 28 \C29 Country 29 \C30 Country 30 \C31 Country 31 \C32 Country 32 \C33 Country 33 \C34 Country 34 \C35 Country 35 \C36 Country 36 \C37 Country 37 \C38 Country 38 \C39 Country 39 \C40 Country 40 \C41 Country 41 \C42 Country 42 \C43 Country 43 \C44 Country 44 \C45 Country 45 \C46 Country 46 \C47 Country 47 \C48 Country 48 \C49 Country 49 \C50 Country 50 \C51 Country 51 \C52 Country 52 \C53 Country 53 \C54 Country 54 \C55 Country 55 \C56 Country 56 \C57 Country 57 \C58 Country 58 \C59 Country 59 \C60 Country 60 \C61 Country 61 \C62 Country 62 \C63 Country 63 \C64 Country 64 \C65 Country 65 \C66 Country 66 \C67 Country 67 \C68 Country 68 \C69 Country 69 \C70 Country 70 \C71 Country 71 \C72 Country 72 \C73 Country 73 \C74 Country 74 \C75 Country 75 \C76 Country 76 \C77 Country 77 \C78 Country 78 \C79 Country 79 \C80 Country 80 \BRR Braille remarks \DPO Deaf popu \DPS Deaf % popu \DCA Deaf causes \DI Deaf institutn \SPL Spec interest


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