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Archive-name: alt-sex/fetish-fashion/part2 Alt-sex-fetish-fashion-archive-name: FAQ-Part2 Version: 2.1 Last-modified: 21-Sep-94 Lines-excluding-headers: 1810 F R E Q U E N T L Y A S K E D Q U E S T I O N S (and other information) for ((( alt.sex.fetish.fashion ))) Posted bi-weekly (on the 8th and 22nd) in alt.sex.fetish.fashion, alt.answers and news.answers - or when significant updates require it. Created and maintained by: Per Goetterup Your input is *very* welcome! Send suggestions, additions, updates and corrections to me and it'll be included in this document. The contents of this document is a compilation and paraphrasing by me of the information supplied by the readers of this newsgroup. ==================== The latest version of this FAQ is (along with countless others) available by anonymous ftp from rtfm.mit.edu [] in the directory /pub/usenet/news.answers/alt-sex/fetish-fashion - where the parts will simply be titled part1, part2, part3 and so on - or in the directory /pub/usenet/alt.sex.fetish.fashion, where the three parts will be titled: FAQ-Part1, FAQ-Part2, ... FAQ-Part5. You can obtain it by E-mail as well if you have no ftp access, by sending an E-mail message to: mail-server@rtfm.mit.edu containing the single word 'help' (without quotes) in the message body to receive instructions. Alternatively you can request it by E-mail from me by sending me (pg@login.dknet.dk) an E-mail message with a subject containing the words 'faq-request' (the message body will be ignored). An automatic reply demon will then send you the complete FAQ in return to the sender address. Use a 'Reply-To' header if you want the FAQ sent to another address than the one the request was sent from, as this takes precedence over the 'From' header (RFC-822). Please do not include messages to me in the message body of your request as I'll never see the contents of messages processed by the reply demon. You can also view it (and *many* other FAQs) via WWW using the URL: http://www.cis.ohio-state.edu/hypertext/faq/usenet/FAQ-List.html and proceed through "Alt Sex" and then on to "Fetish Fashion". ==================== Dedicated to the late Thorkild Borup of Avantgarde (She-An-Me), Copenhagen, who made me aware of the fetish fashion world. R.I.P. ==================== TABLE OF CONTENTS. Editorial, Copyright and Disclaimer. << Part 1/5 >> 1. General. 1.1 FAQ Revision History. 1.2 Legend. 1.3 What is this newsgroup all about? 1.4 Netiquette on alt.sex.fetish.fashion. 1.5 Credits. 1.6 Other related newsgroups. 1.7 About the FAQ maintainer. 2. Frequently Asked Questions and other information 2.1 Questions and answers. 2.2 Jessica - Wearing high heels for an extended period of time. << Part 2/5 >> 3. Vocabulary. 3.1 UseNet jargon. 3.2 High heels. 3.3 Outfits. 3.4 Bondage fashions. 3.5 The materials. 4. The people behind the fashions. 4.1 The designers. 4.2 The models. 4.3 The photographers. 4.4 Advocacy groups. 4.5 Fetish Ball organizers. 5. Fetish fashion in literature, comics, on movies and TV. 5.1 About fetish fashion. 5.2 Containing or using fetish fashion. 5.3 Fetish videos or films. 6. Guides. 6.1 Product Guide. 6.2 Magazine Guide. 6.3 Shop guide - Reviews << Part 3/5 >> 7. The big shop list. 7.1 England << Part 4/5 >> 7.2 Europe and the Far East << Part 5/5 >> 7.3 North America ==================== EDITORIAL. This document was originally written by Per Goetterup, but has been expanded again and again with the interesting stuff surfacing in the newsgroup - and stuff mailed to me directly - all edited and still maintained by Per Goetterup. I will add all material posted in alt.sex.fetish.fashion or related newsgroups that I feel has a general relevance for new users or which is simply interesting, and I'll naturally add a note as to who wrote it. If you do *not* want your name in the FAQ (for whatever reason) when posting to the newsgroup then you must add a note to this effect to every article you post, or contact me directly by E-mail. I will also add stuff mailed to me directly, and as I'm often unable to verify the correctness of the supplied information, I'll add it and rely on *you* for verification. If you mail me stuff, I'll not always write a 'thank you' note in return as I'm often busy doing other things than just maintaining this document. This doesn't mean that I'm not grateful! - I am! - Very! - I'm just very busy and don't have the time to write these notes. You are always welcome to ask me to remove your name from the FAQ, or to use a pseudonym or an anonymous id instead. I respect and comply to such wishes, but I will not consent to remove the information itself unless it is invalid, incorrect, outdated or similar. COPYRIGHT! This FAQ is Copyright (C) 1993, 1994 by Per Goetterup and the members of the UseNet fetish fashion community for their individual contributions. All rights reserved. Permission to use, copy and distribute this FAQ, or parts thereof, by any means and for any purpose EXCEPT PROFIT PURPOSES is hereby gran- ted, PROVIDED that *both* the above Copyright notice and this permission notice appear in all copies of the FAQ itself, that the parts used are totally unaltered contents-wise and that information as to how to obtain the newest and most current release of this document is included, in particular when dealing with a published media inheritly outdated at time of release, like a printed publication or CD-ROMs. Also, in case this FAQ is published in a book, on a CD-ROM or similar, a minimum of one free copy of the final product delivered to the author free of any charge is required for permission to use anything from this document. Reproducing this FAQ or parts thereof by any means, included, but not limited to, printing, copying existing prints, publishing by elec- tronic or other means, implies full agreement and consent to the above non-profit-use clause, unless upon explicit prior written (non-electron- ic) permission of the author. It also implies full consent to the above one-free-copy-clause with no exceptions. DISCLAIMER! This FAQ is provided by the author ``as is'', and any express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, the implied warran- ties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are dis- claimed. In absolutely no event shall the author be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, or consequential damages (including, but not limited to, procurement of substitute goods or services; loss of use, data, or profits; or business interruption) however caused and on any theory of liability, whether in contract, strict liability, or tort (including negligence or otherwise) arising in any way out of the use of the informations herein contained, even if advised of the possibility of such damage. I'd also like to emphasize that I'm in no way connected to any of the businesses mentioned in this document, and that I'm doing this work purely for the benefit of the numerous people of the fetish fashion community and that I do not receive any kind of payment for any part of the work contained - and I don't want to. Please do *not* offer any kind of bribery or 'special services' in return for favorable mentioning or recommendations. I'll not accept it and I will continue to do my very best to keep this document as objec- tive as possible. I do not mind accepting favours *without* strings attached... ;-) ==================== << Part 2/5 - Background >> 3. VOCABULARY. 3.1 UseNet jargon. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Delurk, v.: The process of becoming an active participant on the newsgroup - to stop lurking. Some people add "(delurk)" to the subject when they post to the newsgroup for the first time. This simply indicates that they're posting on the subject for the first time, and that they've collected enough courage to go 'public'. Lurk, v.: To read the newsgroup without ever showing ones presence. In particular on the alt.sex.* news- groups there are always a lot of lurkers, some simply because they're curious about the sub- ject without having enough interest to partici- pate, others because they're shy or want to be anonymous but doesn't know how. Lurker, n.: One that 'lurk's! ;-) 3.2 High heels ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Baby dolls: Shoes with a type of toe box that is very rounded like a little girl's shoe. From: margo@netcom.com (Ms. Margo) Ballet Shoes/boots: Shoes and boots in various designs with the common specialty that you stand on the tip of your toes instead of on the balls of your feet as with ordinary high heels. These are almost exclusively used in scenes and/or in the bed- room. Ballet heels: They are heels which are so hign that the only part of the toe that touches the ground is the tip, much like a ballet dancer's toe shoes. The heels are usually 7" high, but with a tiny platform under the toe they can be as high as 17" (custom made). You can't really walk in these shoes, they're just for enjoyment. From: margo@netcom.com (Ms. Margo) Bottine: A boot with a moderate height, usually reaching to somewhere between the ankle and the calf. From: 'Pamela' Dianette: A form of sandels, where you have a strap be- tween your big and your second toe. From: 'Pamela' Heel heights: Centimeter <=> Inch conversion: 1" = 2.54 cm. This gives: 2"= 5.08 cm 3"= 7.62 cm 4"= 10.16 cm 5"= 12.70 cm 6"= 15.24 cm 7"= 17.78 cm 8"= 20.32 cm 9"= 22.86 cm 10"= 25.40 cm Heel types: Louis XV: The typical form of a 'high heel': ( \ /\ V \ I \____> Queeny: Like the Louis XV but the tip of the heel is placed more to the toe: ( \ \/\ I \_____> Block: Massive heel (opposite of stilet- to), usually used for platform shoes: ( \ I I\ I I \ I__I \_____> Bell bottomed: Begins like a normal heel but ends wide: ( \ /\ X \ /_\ \_____> From: 'Pamela' Mules: They have no back at all. The upper ends at mid-arch, much like clogs do. Mules are usually high-heeled and often are open-toed. Maribu feathers are optional. :) From: margo@netcom.com (Ms. Margo) Opera Pumps: Slender straight heel. Closed, slightly pointed toe. Without straps or decorations. Vamps that don't show much toe cleavage. Sides cut fairly high. Opera pumps are usually black patent or black kidskin. Just think of your typical re- presentaion of a fetish shoe and you've got it. From: margo@netcom.com (Ms. Margo) Also, no straps or adornment of any kind, self (ie. one) colored, frequently jet black or at least a dark color, and (strict interpretation) the sides are of one piece with no stitching half way between heel and vamp. From: jhurwit@netcom.com (Jeffrey Hurwit) Oxfords lace up: (aka. 'Old Oxfords') A classically designed shoe originating in Oxford, England. It's pretty much an ordinary, closed shoe, dark or plain black, with an ordi- nary 3 or 4 point lacing, but with the excep- tion of the heel height, that can be anything up to 6". High heeled Oxfords will have a closed toe box and lace closed with a tongue that extends to the ankle. From: Ms. Margo Platforms: Any shoe that has extra height added under the toes. It's a cheaters way to have very high heels. A 6" heel with a 3" platform feels the same (has the same rise) as wearing a 3" heel. From: margo@netcom.com (Ms. Margo) Pumps: An open shoe usually without any straps (except perhaps an simple ankle strap). Can sometime also be toeless. A pump is a high-heeled shoe with a full back and toe box. There are also open-toed pumps which have the end of the toe box cut out so the toes show. From: Ms. Margo Pump D'Orsy: The toe box ends at instep. The heel is held in a heel cup. Along the sole from the toe box to the start of the heel cup is open space about 1 to 2 inches depends on size. Toe box and heel cup are seperate from each other. The most sexy of pumps. Usually patent leather. From: G. Spelvin Saddle shoes: More or less the inverse of spectators, although one rarely finds high-heeled saddle shoes. From: margo@netcom.com (Ms. Margo) Sandels: They have straps for the upper. They are usu- ally flat heels, but can be high-heeled as well. Some people refer to any shoe with ankle straps as a sandel. From: margo@netcom.com (Ms. Margo) Shoe locks: Usually a simple system of straps, one going under the foot (between the heel and the in- step), the other around the ankle. These are locked together, preventing the wearer from removing the shoes without the key to the lock. Sometimes a shoe or boot is equipped with lock- ing ankle straps per design, serving the same function. Pantolette: Like mules but mostly made of wood, - a sort of high heeled clog. From: 'Pamela' Sabots: A kind of mules, but with closed toe box. From: 'Pamela' Shoe size conversion: US shoe sizes are roughly two full sizes more than those in the UK (for example, I take a size 4 1/2 in the UK therefore making me a size 6 1/2 in the US). Oh..and incidentally....I've found that the Canadians follow the same sizing pattern as in the States. However, it should also be noted, that this "two sizes more" rule is general -- as we all know, sizes vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. From: Rachel Marriott Also note that high heeled shoes tend to feel smaller than flats. If you've never worn high heels before and know your size from flats, you should probably add a half (minimum) to your size in high heels. This is not always the case, but often. Just keep it in mind when mail ordering. Shopping in person the first time might be a pretty good idea. From: PG Shoe Size Table: mm. Europe USA England France === ====== === ======= ====== 117.0 20 - - - 123.1 21 - - - 130.0 22 - - - 136.5 23 - - - 143.1 24 - - - 150.0 25 - - - 156.9 26 - - - 163.1 27 - - - 170.0 28 - - - 176.8 29 - - - 183.0 30 1 - - 188.0 - 1.5 - - 190.5 31 - - - 192.4 - 2 - - 196.8 - 2.5 - - 197.1 32 - - - 201.2 - 3 - - 204.0 33 - - - 205.6 - 3.5 - - 208.3 - - - - 210.0 - 4 - - 211.0 34 - - - 214.4 - 4.5 - - 217.0 35 - - - 218.8 - 5 - - 220.0 - - 2 35 221.5 - - - - 223.2 - 5.5 - - 224.0 36 - - - 227.6 - 6 - - 228.1 - - - - 231.0 37 - - - 232.0 - 6.5 2.5 35.5 234.7 - - - - 236.0 - 7 3 36 237.2 38 - - - 238.0 - - - - 240.8 - 7.5 - - 241.0 - - 3.5 36.5 244.5 39 - - - 245.0 - 8 4 37 247.9 - - - - 248.0 - - 4.5 37.5 249.6 - 8.5 - - 251.0 40 - - - 254.0 - 9 5 38 257.2 41 - - - 258.0 - 9.5 - - 259.0 - - 5.5 38.5 261.1 - - - - 262.7 - 10 - - 263.0 - - 6 39 264.0 42 - - - 266.0 - 10.5 6.5 39.5 267.7 - - - - 269.0 - - 7 40 271.1 43 11 - - 274.0 - - 7.5 40.5 275.8 - 11.5 - - 277.6 - - - - 278.0 44 - - - 279.0 - - 8 41 280.2 - 12 - - 282.0 - - 8.5 41.5 284.0 45 - - - 284.6 - 12.5 - - 287.5 - - - - 288.0 - - 9 42 289.0 - 13 - - 290.8 - - - - 291.0 46 - - - 292.0 - - 9.5 42.5 293.4 - 13.5 - - 294.1 - - - - 295.0 - - 10 43 297.8 - 14 - - 298.0 47 - - - 301.0 - - 10.5 43.5 306.0 - - 11 44 310.0 - - 11.5 44.5 314.0 - - 12 45 321.0 - - 12.5 45.5 Conversion from male --> female sizes... ---------------------------------------- Male size Female size ========= =========== Narrow Medium Medium Wide Add: Your size + 1/2 --> + 1 Any feminine style shoe with an open toe. Your size + 1 --> + 1 1/2 Any feminine style shoe with a closed toe. From: Tina H. Suit and shirt sizes: Conversions... Women. (DRESSES AND COATS) US 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 UK 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 (Blouses and sweaters) US 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 UK 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 (Shoes) US 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 UK 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 This is from Fodor's so it should be pretty accurate. From: Ms. Lisbetta Sling-backs: They are exactly what they sound like. They have no back, and have a strap the runs from the sides of the shoe around the back of the foot. This "sling" holds the shoe on. They can be open-toed or close-toed. From: margo@netcom.com (Ms. Margo) Spectators: Pumps which have a different colored toe box and (usually) heel. Popular spectator color combinations are white and blue and tan and cream. From: margo@netcom.com (Ms. Margo) Stilettos: Often the same as 'spikes'. Stilettos are are type of heel that is extremely thin and point- ed. Named after the very thin bladed knives. Spikes: Very thin heels, often almost ending in a point at the tip (like a nail). Thigh Highs: Long boots reaching al the way up to the thighs, thus the name. T-strap Pumps: Usually, this is in the style of a D'Orsay, with a strap extending up from the vamp, along the middle of the instep, to join an ankle strap. From: jhurwit@netcom.com (Jeffrey Hurwit) 3.3 Outfits ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Body: Garment that covers the body from the crotch to just below the neck, sometimes with the arms included. Can be made out of anything, usually something see-though or latex/PVC. Has some- times a snaplock at the crotch for easy bath- room use. Bodystocking: Like 'body' but also covers the legs and some- times the feet (like 'stockings' added to the 'body'). Catsuit: An all-over body suit. Usually without feet and hands, but these can be included, leaving only the head free. Most materials are used, in particular lycra, nylon, PVC and latex. Corset: Garment intended to create an ideal hourglass figure on a woman, either permanent through long training or by simply creating the illu- sion while wearing it. Usually it covers the body from the hips to the breasts, with a long lacing in the back. Some versions went all the way from the knees to the shoulders, often extra stiffly boned, intended to enforce a stiff posture if worn in the daytime (making the wearer unable to sit down), or as training corset worn during the night. Garter belt: A belt (goes around the waist) with attached garters which hold up 'stockings' or similar. Leotard: Almost the same as a 'body' but always without the snaplock at the crotch. Pantyhose: Like a pair of stockings with a panty built in. Comes in many materials. See also the newgroup alt.pantyhose. Stockings: Covers the feet and legs up to the thighs. These can either be the stay-ups type or the kind that needs a 'garter belt' to stay up. See also the newsgroup alt.pantyhose. 3.4 Bondage fashions. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hobble Skirt: A tight skirt usually made of leather, PVC or thick rubber, going from the waist to the an- kles. Leaves only very little space to move the legs in, thus acting as a hobble. Single Glove: Much as the name implies, it is a single glove to put both arms into. Made of many materials (usually leather though), it laces the arms together on the back, with straps going over the shoulders to prevent it from slipping down and off. Some versions are intended to be slightly loose, only trapping the arms, others are literary skin-tight, making the elbows touch behind the back. Zippers and buckles sometimes complement/replace the lacing. Discipline Hood: A hood usually made of leather, thick rubber or PVC with only a hole for the nose. Usually the subject is gagged with a ball-gag or similar under it. It is usually laced tightly in the back of the head. 3.5 Materials. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cire The term is french an means literaly "Waxed". It is made from lycra and is created by passing the fabric against a hot roller to melt the surface slightly, resulting in a 'wet-look' finish. Lycra An elastic fabric often used in numerous types of close-fitting sport outfits - and naturally as a less expensive fetish material. Spandex Trade name for lycra. ==================== 4. THE PEOPLE BEHIND THE FASHIONS. 4.1 The designers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jean-Paul Gaultier French designer, considered to be the "bad boy" of Paris fashion. He's best known for designing Madonna's "bullet-cone" corsets for her videos and Blonde Ambition tour, and for designing similar clothes for the movie _The Cook, the Theif, his Wife, and her Lover_. From: Allison Thurman Vivienne Westwood English designer who created the PVC and rubber "punk" look at her shop, Sex, in the 1970's, and one of the first women to use lingerie as outerwear. From: Allison Thurman Pam Hogg I dont know much about her work but ive read in some English magazines that some of her cloth- ing is PVC. From: Allison Thurman Lip Service, Inc. A Los Angeles label that (if its still in busi- ness) does lots of lycra-spandex wear, usually with lacing and/or little daggers on it. I've not seen much of the mens wear, but the womens is moslty leggings and minidresses. From: Allison Thurman 4.2 The models. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anette Kellendonk: Born 1965 in Wuppertal near Dusseldorf, Germany. She's 1.70 m high (without heels!) and weighs around 50 kg. Used to work closely with Peter W. Czernich as photographer but now works with several others. Her pictures has been in Playboy, Bild and in particular in early issues of <>. She released a techno-dance maxi-single enti- tled "The Fetish" in 1991. Ido Amin writes: The label is BOO RECORDS. I have "The Fetish" on BOO 00512 (12") and on its cover it mentions it's also available on BOO 00507 (7"), BOO 00515 (12"PD), BOO 00505 (5"CD). On the cover it also says GEMA LC 6559. Distributor is Dis- covery, Pf 1255, 4044 Kaarst., Germany, which is also A.K.'s fanclub. Quality? Not rec.music.materpieces stuff, being two years old, and not up to current MTV or dance standards. I kinda like it anyway. Has now begun a career as designer with a shop appropriately named 'Anette K. Fashion' in Dusseldorf, Germany (see details elsewhere). Info on other models much appreciated! 4.3 The photographers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Peter W. Czernich: Very active. Has worked primarily with Anette K. but now works mostly with varying models. He's the editor and publisher of <>. Trevor Watson: British photographer who works primarily with black & white photography. Among his best works are the series he made for Ectomorph. 4.4 Advocacy groups. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ These are organizations or groups of equal minded people who work actively to communicate our interest and way of living to the rest of the society, fighting for it in court or on the battlefield of the media if nessesary. National Leather Association. They promote the "leather lifestyle", which includes DFP and some BDSM. It is the only sort of U.S. Nationwide advocacy group, so it is important for people in the US to know about it. From: knewt@world.std.com NATIONAL LEATHER ASSOCIATION STATEMENT OF PURPOSE - To establish and maintain a national/worldwide communication, information, education, and support network for sisters and brothers of the Leather/SM/Fetish community. - To promote with power and pride the right of all adults to engage in Safe, Sane, and Consensual sexual expression. - To increase communication and understanding among women and men in Leather/SM/Fetish. - To facilitate political activism, visibility, and education in order to destroy stereotypes, misconceptions, and media misrep- resentation about the Leather/SM/Fetish family in the community at large. - To provide, through our publications, educational material, and "LIVING IN LEATHER" conferences, a forum for the sharing of knowledge, viewpoints, and practices of a diverse network of women and men. - To build, strengthen, and defend individuals, organizations, publications, and businesses within our community, especially against threats to their freedom of expression, freedom of the press, right to free association, and right to equal protection under the law. - To develop outreach to women, people of color, transgenderals, the deaf, the physically challenged, and other minorities who have traditionally been discriminated against or poorly repre- sented in the Leather/SM/Fetish community. - To facilitate fund raising for deserving projects, clubs, orga- nizations, defense funds, and/or charities which have given direct service to the Leather/SM/Fetish community. - To fight for decriminalization of all sexual acts between con- senting adults. - To preserve a record of our history, traditions, and culture. They publish a periodic newsletter (I don't know how frequently) called FIRST LINK. As of the date of this brochure, which is dated November 1990, their mailing address is: P.O. Box 17463 Seattle, Washington, 98107 USA. Tel: (206) 789-8990. Annual membership dues are $25.00 US, or $30.00 US outside of North America. From: Jeffrey Hurwit SMil Sorgenfrigade 8b, 2. DK-2200 Copenhagen N. Denmark Phone: (+45) 3181 0550 They are an organization for BDSM and fetish oriented people in Denmark. They provide counselling, club facilities in four major danish cities (Copenhagen, Aalborg, Aarhus and Odense) which are open 1-3 days a week, parties (both theme- oriented and more regular social gatherings) and both an inter- nal newspaper and an external magazine (called SMil-bladet). (myself, with additional information by Heikko Levanto) AXIS, P.O. Box 27, Stalybridge, Cheshire SK15 2ED AXIS provides a newsletter 10 times a year of around 30 - 40 pages which contains advice, reviews, stories and anonymous personals. Subscription is 45 pounds sterling for a year. The stated aims of the society are "To assist our members to fulfill their dreams and fantasies through contact with others or merey by reading about the subject dealt with by other enthusiastic members." Further information about AXIS can gained by sending a SAE to the above address. From: Monty 4.5 Fetish Ball organizers. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ These are the people or organizations setting up fetish theme balls/parties locally or in specific areas. USA: ==== Dressing for Pleasure. (usually the last weekend in Oct.) Dressing For Pleasure Constance Enterprises Box 43079 Upper Montclair, NJ 07043 Phone: 201-746-0072 From: jdblock@ic.sunysb.edu (Jonathan David Block) Boutique: 590 Valley Rd Upper Montclair, NJ 07043 Phone: 201-746-5466 From: ixion@mindvox.phantom.com (leonard) Club Fuck! 3909 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA (213) 463-7868 Has regular fetish/bdsm/debauchery nights, Sundays, 9pm - 2am. Sin-A-Matic 7969 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA Has pervery and fetishism on a regular basis. Info from James Stone at: (213) 463-7868. The above information was cribbed from Skin Two, issue 13. From: Bill Lemieux JAPAN: ====== Ms. Yumi or her husband Jean-Marie at Azzlo (fetish fashion store). Ms. Yumi organizes fetish fashion parties throughout the year. You can reach her at her shop: 21 Sakamanchi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160. Japan Tel: 03-3356-9267 They are open from noon till 10 every day. From: margo@netcom.com (Ms. Margo) ==================== 5. FETISH FASHION IN COMICS, LITERATURE AND ON MOVIES AND TV. High heels are pretty common in many movies and TV-shows, and particular german, english and italian TV-shows often feature the female presenters wearing 3" or 4" heels. Some TV-series and movies have characters wearing various fetish-related items as well, both in the regular cast and on the special guest stars. Music videos often have some form of fetish wear included in the visual attraction, in particular the bands from the techno scene use fetish fashion *very* often in their videos and stage shows. 5.1 About fetish fashion ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dianne Brill: "Boobs, Boys and High Heels" Published by the Penguin Group, Viking Penguin which is a division of Penguin Books USA Inc. New York: 375 Hudson Street, New York 10014, U.S.A. London: Penguin Books Ltd, 27 Wrights Lane, London W8 5TZ, England. From: Cecilia M Tan In Europe published by: Vermillion (imprint of Ebury Press) Random House UK Ltd. 20 Vauxhall Bridge Road London SW1V2SA ISBN: 0-09-177387-3 From: besten@faculty.chem.ruu.nl (Remco den Besten) Susan J. Kaplan: "The sexual perversions of women" (title translated from german). The german publisher is HEINE Verlag. From: Evelyne Pichler 5.2 Containing or using fetish fashion elements ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A list of TV-show/series or movies or shows with particular memorable scenes featuring some form of fetish wear, or persons having used some form of fetish wear. Some of these entries were taken from the alt.sex.fetish.feet FAQ, written by Mark Amann. A Fish Called Wanda: Movie. During the whole movie Jamie Lee Curtis is wearing knee-high patent-leather boots with 4" heels. Contains one scene with her 'brother' breathing in and blowing up her boots before making love to her. From: Hayo Schreijer Angel (I-II-III): Movies. Both the main character (in Angel III played by Mitzi Kapture, also starring in "Silk Stalkings") and several of the others wear 4" heels several times during the movie. PVC clothing is also seen in many street scenes. Babs, Lil: Swedish singer. Usually wear 4" or 5" heels when on stage. BatMan II: Movie. We see Michelle Pfeiffer playing Cat- Woman wearing a full latex catsuit (!) and boots with 4-5" heels throughout most of the movie. From: an59752@anon.penet.fi Dallas: TV-series. Both Pamela Ewing (Victoria Princi- pal) and Lucy Ewing (Charlene Tilton) often wore 3" or 4" heels. Demone, Gitane: Singer. On the dance cd-single, "Heavenly Mel- ancholy" she's lying on what looks like a latex sheet, dressed in a full-length latex catsuit, with gloves and heels. "Lullabies for a Trou- bled World" she sports what looks like a PVC jacket and thigh-high boots. From: an70925@anon.penet.fi (twist id) Dickinson, Angela: Actress. Often wear high heels in most movies and TV-series she's been in. Eleniak, Erika: Actress. She wore a black spandex body suit and 4" heels in the movie "Under Siege". En Vogue: Band. "Free Your Mind". Music video where the four girls of En Vogue appear in nice black shiny high heeled boots. Two of them have thigh high boots, one has about knee high boots and one has ankle "high" shoes. They wear also spandex suspenders, miniskirts, and stretch pants. From: an59752@anon.penet.fi Full House: In one rather early episode we see a backing singer in Jesse's band wearing 5" heels while rehearsing in the Tanner family living room. Groove Kissing: Dance band. In the video to the song "Rhythm of Saliva" they use lots of fetish fashion - both PVC and latex outfits and other avantgarde fashions. Heartbreakers: Movie. One of the main characters is an artist, Arthur Blue, who does fetishistic paintings featuring 6" heels, nylon stockings with seams, PVC or rubber clothing etc. Hagen, Nina: Singer. She almost always wear 5" or 6" heels in her videos, stage shows or appearances in talkshows. On the front cover of her latest album ("Revolution Ballroom") she's tied up in a chair wearing red pumps with 6" heels and a black PVC catsuit. Henry, Pauline: Singer. On the cover of both her album "Pau- line" and all the singles taken from it, she wears a black full-body suit in latex or leath- er with black 4" heeled boots to match. The booklet contains a bigger fold-out picture of her in the same outfit as on the cover. Has anyone seen any of the videos? - Does she wear this outfit in them as well? Jesus Jones: Band. In the music video "Devil You Know" there are quite many shots of various persons wearing some sort of leather/rubber clothes. And one girl for sure wears thigh high boots. From: an59752@anon.penet.fi Last Action Hero: Movie. In the imaginary movie world, almost all women wear very sexy PVC or spandex outfits and high heels. [I want to live there!] Minogue, Kylie: Singer. In the "Confide in Me" video, she wears a PVC catsuit and other fetishistic outfits. O'Conner, Sinead: Singer. Wore shoes with 5" heels on the cover of one of her albums. Once Bitten: Movie. With Lauren Hutton as a sexy vampire. A long shot of her high heels and black stockings at a school dance. From: mamann@Nimitz.mcs.kent.edu (Mark Amann) Page, Betty: The queen of fetish-wear in my opinion. She's an hot item in Holland at this moment. Several of her 50'ties movies of Irving Klaw are sold here and lot's of girls having that particular hair-look. Not to forget the high-heeled patent-leather shoes with the 'baby-doll' noses that are sold here with somewhat lower heels unfortunatly. From: Hayo Schreijer Parton, Dolly: Singer. Always wears 4"-5" heels and a tight- laced corset on stage, in her videos and her movie appearances. Pretty Woman: Movie. Actress Julia Roberts wears knee/thigh high black shiny high heeled boots for 45 mins. From: an59752@anon.penet.fi Rally Round the Flag, Boys: A very pre-Dynasty Joan Collins seduces a baby- faced Paul Newman with her feet in high-heel sandals. From: mamann@Nimitz.mcs.kent.edu (Mark Amann) Right Said Fred: Band. In the video for "I'm Too Sexy", at the very end are a few shots of a lady dressed in a PVC cat suit (even had a tail). From: Kris Robin S: Singer. In the video for "Give Me Love" numer- ous persons wear PVC and rubber outfits. Robo Jocks: Science Fiction movie from 1989 with Gary Gra- ham and Anne-Marie Johnson (from the series "In the Heat of the Night". Some of the soldiers wear VERY tight suits that look like PVC in this movie, INCLUDING Anne-Marie... From: Tina H. Rozalla: Singer. She wore red PVC pants and 3" heels in the video to her song "Are You Ready To Fly?" Scandal In a Small Town: Raquel Welch plays a cocktail waitress. During the opening credits she is painting her nails, putting on stockings and slipping in and out of high heels. She wears tight clothes and heels throughout the movie. From: mamann@Nimitz.mcs.kent.edu (Mark Amann) Single White Female: Movie. Very good shots of the high heels of Jennifer Jason Leigh and Bridgette Fonda. From: mamann@Nimitz.mcs.kent.edu (Mark Amann) Steele: Singer. Wore a tight laced corset, a name col- lar with a D-ring and high heeled boots in some scenes of the video to Felix' "It Will Make Me Crazy". In other scenes she wore a full body catsuit of black PVC. Straight Talk Movie. Nice shots of Dolly Parton's feet in high heels. From: mamann@Nimitz.mcs.kent.edu (Mark Amann) The Three-Inch Golden Lotus: Book by Teng Jicai. It is translated by David Wakefield, and is published by the University of Hawaii Press ($28 cloth, $12.95 paper). The book is a fictional novel, the first in a new series called Fiction From Modern China (pub- lished by the UH Press). The heroine, Fragrant Lotus, has her feet bound from when she is six, and rises in social stature because of the beautiful three-inch foot that she gets. From: Lani Teshima-Miller Turner, Tina: Singer. She wore 5" heels in the video to the song "What's Love Got To Do With It?", and often wears similar on stage. 2 Unlimited: Dutch techno/dance band. Features fetish wear in latex, lycra or PVC in most of their many hit videos. Under Siege: Movie. Erika Eleniak wears a black spandex body suit and 4" high heels. Wilde, Kim: Singer. Wore a skintight outfit and 6" heels on the cover of her maxi-single "The Second Time" 5.3 Fetish videos or films ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hidden Obsessions: Director: Andrew Blake Distributor: Ultimate Year: 1992 Actresses: Janine Lindemulder, P.J. Sparx, Deidre Holland, and others Actors: - Fetish: Latex/leather/PVC garments, thigh-high boots Unveiled: Director: V. Nye Distributor: VCA Year: 1986 Actresses: Krista Lane, Erica Boyer, Patti Petite, Alex Greco, Nikki Knights Actors: Mike Horner, Jake Scott, Jason Riley, Billy Dee Fetish: Thigh-high boots, few leather garments Freaks of Leather: Director: ? Distributor: ? Year: ? Actresses: Wendy Whoppers, Lisa Lipps Actors: - Fetish: Leather/PVC outfits, thigh-high boots ==================== 6. THE GUIDES. 6.1 Product Guide. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Not written yet. Your input would be most appreciated! 6.2 Magazine Guide. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Magazines about fetish fashion. <> Fashion, Fetish & Fantasies ---------------------------------- 107 pages, Full color, English language. Fetish designs, stories, artwork, readers own input, interviews and much more. 80-90% female fashions. Editor: Peter W. Czernich Published by: TECHCOM Verlags- und Vertriebs GmbH Kronprinzenstr. 30 D-42655 Solingen Germany Tel: (+49) 0212/56626 Fax: (+49) 0212/549094 Distributors: UK/Ireland: UNA DEVA P.O. Box 1426 Shepton Mallet Somerset, BA4 6HH England North America: DREAM DRESSER, Inc. 1042 Wisconsin Av. N.W. Washington D.C., 20007 U.S.A. Tel: 202 625 0373 Japan: TOKYO BOEKI SHOKAI LTD. 5-7 Shinjuku 1-chome Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan Att: Mr. Matsumoto Switzerland: FANCY BOUTIQUE Haltinger Str. 59 CH-4057 Basel Switzerland Att: Mr. Burgisser Benelux: SCALA B.V. Contactweg 28 1017 Amsterdam Holland Tel: 020 828 900 Italy: CYBERCORE Via Lame 57/G I-40122 Bologna Italy Pricing: DM 30 / $20 / #10 / FF 120 / hfl 35 / Lire 28000 / Yen 4000 / oS 280 / dkr 150 Latest issue: No. 22 (March 1994). Next (no. 23) expected in June 1994. Quality rating: Very good. Negatives: The bad binding method in the most recent is- sues (glue) makes the magazine fall apart after only a few readings, reducing it to a collec- tion of loose pages. Skin Two (UK): -------------- 132 pages, Full color, English language. Very art-like photogra- phy, lots of ads and useful addresses, lots of fetish related background including interviews with relevant people. Editor: Tim Woodward Published by: Tim Woodward Publishing BCM Box 2071 London WC1N 3XX England. Tel: 081 968 0234 Fax: 081 960 8404 Distributors: Australia: Studio Strak Box 4838 GPO Melbourne 3001 Australia. Tel: 03 809 2632 Holland: DeMask Zeedijk 64 1012 BA Amsterdam Holland. Tel: 205 603 Japan: Azzlo B1, 16-24 Arakicho Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo Japan. Tel: 03 356 9267 Pricing: #10 (pounds). Add for p&p #1 (UK), #2 (EC) or #5 elsewhere (airmail). Latest Issue: Number 15. Quality rating: Very good. Negatives: Publishing is (currently) very irregular, mak- ing it hard to wait for the next issue. Skin Two - Deutsche Ausgabe: ---------------------------- Not released anymore. This magazine was a german language predecessor to <> and back issues might be available from the same publisher or distributors as <> (see this). Only issue 1 to 7 was ever released before the name and language was changed, and issue 8 became <> no. 1. Atomage International: ---------------------- I'm not familiar with this - Review needed! Pussy Cat, the essential magazine: ---------------------------------- Hayo Schreijer writes: 64 pages, 8 pounds, format like 'SHINY'. The magazine is mostly into Female Domination, but the ladies are wearing lots of pervy clothes. In my issue #8 is something on 'St. Michael's Emporium', erotic rubber and a beautiful red-headed rubber-mistress. Published by: Black Box Productions Ltd. 52 Bermondsey Street, London Bridge London SE1 3UD, England Quality-rating: I don't think it's worth 8 pounds, but I got it on a sale for 3 pounds (that's good). Boot Lovers Digest: ------------------- Hayo Schreijer writes: 48 pages, $9.00, issue #3 RARE! Very nice magazine, completly filled with ladies on thight-high boots. In this issue 'Mistress Stephanie Locke' shows her col- lection of boots (hundreds of them!) and more. Also in issue #3 a list of Shoe/Boot-sellers over the world. I like this kind of magazines very much: just sticking to one fetish at a time and my favorite. According to the local-salesman these issues are very rare. I've got issue 2 and 3, can't find issue 1. I don't know if there are more... Publisher: Stricly Speaking Pub. Co., Quality Rating: Very nice. Bizarre O: ---------- Published by: Bizarre Spartacus, 13331 Garden Grove Blvd., Suite G, Garden Grove, CA 92645 USA Master Art Director: Mistress Cyntia. Pricing: $8.95 (for issue #3) The magazine is focussed on erotic fantasies and fetish (sic). It's complete (letters, drawings, lots of pictures in B/W and color and video and book-reviews, agenda with fetish-parties). Although it's from the USA the magazine is mostly oriented on the scene in Europe. In number 3 par example an article on 'Steve English's (Demask) Bewitched Party' in Amsterdam, article on fetish fashion by Chanel and Gianni Versace and on Eric Kroll, a fetish photographer. And..lot's of good pictures with beautiful ladies. The magazine is almost as good as <> or Skin Two. From: Hayo Schreijer Shiny International: -------------------- 43 pages, Mixed color and black/white, English language. Lots of dominant females both in regular photography and in comic strips. Both readers and publishers stories. Editor: Not listed. Published by: G & M Fashions (Leisure) Ltd. PO Box 42 Romford, Essex RM4 1QT England Pricing: 6 pounds. Quality rating: Okay (I'm not into female domination, so...) Dressing For Pleasure: ---------------------- Same as Shiny. The Rubberist: -------------- I'm not familiar with this - Review needed! 6.3 Shop guide - Reviews ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This section contains a few reviews of some of the many fetish shops listed in the big supplier lists. They are not the absolute truth but the personal opinion of the reporter. Perhaps the visit reviewed occured on a bad day for the shop - or a good one. Use this information only as a... guide. ;-) Dream Dresser: Reviewed spring 1994 by Ms. Margo I had called before I came down to see if they had any garter belts in a 38" waist for one of submissives, I had been told that they had one in reversible black and red. When I got there I spoke with Jackie. She was very polite and helpful without being pushy or in my face. I noticed that the store had started to stock a lot more "racy lingerie" and less fetish wear since the last time I was in there a year ago. But it still is a very nice and very comfortable store. It's very well lit, well organized, not sleazy, and you won't feel like some sicko going in or coming out. One couple and a bunch of unaccompanied men floated in and out during the time that I was there. There was one gentleman there trying on a red satin maid's outfit ($156.00 US) with matching red crinoline ($59.00 US). I suggested that green was more his color, but he ended up buying the red one. Jackie told me that they sold quite a few of them. (Colors available in the store vary, and it's only available in pink from the catalog.) They didn't have the reversible satin garter belt in black and red in size 38, but they did have it in black and pink (which I doubted that he would like). It was very well made. Heavyweight stitched satin with elastic only at the hook in the back. There were 8 adjustable garters, no lace or other edging. The cost was $47.00 US. It was an item that wasn't in their catalog. They had a black satin garter belt with black lace trim in an extra-large, but I doubted that it would fit him. I asked if they would be getting more of the red and black ones in, but these were all they had. There were matching bras to the revers- ible garter belts as well. (Go visit soon if you would like one.) I poked through the racks of lingerie, and although I found their range of sizes to be wide and range of styles to be good, I didn't find much that I was interested in giving as a gift. I looked for some things for myself. They had some fetishy boots and shoes on display - predominantly in red, black, and white patent - but they were very expensive. The 7" heel ballet shoes in red and black patent were $350.00 US. They had a pair of 5" heel thigh-high black leather boots that I had seen in their catalog, but the quality of the leather was not quite what I would have expected for the price of $390.00 US. I checked through the rack of leather skirts. I found a leather version of Stormy Leather's famous spanking skirt, which had elastic in the back instead of the buckled straps, but was still quite attrac- tive. However, they only had it in a large and an extra-large. (I'm 5'2" (156 cm), a US size 8 - definitely small.). Jackie found a laced back leather skirt ($110.00 US), and PVC copy of the Stormy spanking skirt ($149.00 US) for me to try on. The laced back skirt was a good design, fit well, but didn't really thrill me. The PVC was O.K. quality, but PVC in general doesn't do much for me. There was a lot bigger selection of PVC (which they also call stretch patent) than there was of leather or latex. The dressing rooms are fair sized, located well in the back of the store down a short hallway, had large mirrors, but could *really* benefit from having something to sit down on. Fetish fashions are not always the easiest to get into and out of. Paper panties are provided for trying on items. I checked out a leather halter top that I had seen in their catalog. It has unusual sickle shaped clasps in the front. I expected these to be metal, but they were metallic hard plastic. I was a little disappointed; if the clasps had been metal I would have bought the halter. The leather clothing selection was small. The de- signs were nice, but I would like to see them use a better grade of leather. The selection of latex was very good and I was quite taken with several of the latex mini-dresses with zippered fronts that either buckled over the zipper, or locked over the zipper, and latex dresses with fabric linings, but I didn't want to drop $200.00-$350.00 US on a whim. The latex was available in a variety of colors - with black and red predominating - and several pieces were in natural transparent latex. They had a pair of pants in black latex with transparent latex over the hipbones and over the butt. These were called "Peek-A-Bum" pants. There was a matching halter top with a large transparent latex circle in the middle of the chest. They have a small amount of bondage gear available. It was average quality and mostly standard designs with a few really interesting items thrown in. I particularly liked the men's pouch with the footlocker lock on the front, which when opened would leave a hole big enough for a medium sized penis. There were chest halters and a few average-low average quality whips. They have a wall of collars over the cash register, and some are quite attractive. The case in front has some small items such as cock rings, dildoes, tit clamps, and ball weights. There is also a standard selection of dildoes and other adult toys on the side wall in the back. It was the first time that I got to see their chain mail in person. The links are very fine, about the diameter of the stick on a Q-Tip, and flowed like silk. It was well worth the price of $175.00 US for the bra/halter. I also got to see the steel breastplate that is featured on the cover of their current catalog ($450.00 US - covers one breast, $550.00 US - covers both). I was very surprised by how light in weight it was. I expected it to be much heavier and cumbersome. I ended up having Jackie find me a pair of latex panties, ($45.00 US), which had just come in a shipment. She didn't mind letting me check each pair and pick the ones I liked best. These ended up being my only purchase, although I had been hoping to find something more. OVERALL: Dream Dresser Service: Great, relaxed, not pushy Atmosphere: Excellent PVC: Big selection, average prices Leather: Small selection, high-ish prices for quality Latex: Small, but very good selection, prices on par with quality. Shoes: Small, but nice selection, high prices Bondage Gear: Small selection, but might be worth a look Lingerie: Big selection, average prices Extras: Stockings, cards, adult toys, nipple and clit jewelry, spandex dresses, feather boas, TV wear. Store: Dream Dresser 1042 Wisconsin Avenue, NW (Georgetown) Washington, DC 200007 U.S.A. Phone: (202) 625.0373 Hours: Monday-Saturday 11 AM-8 PM Catalog: Dream Dresser Post Office Box 16158 Beverly Hills, California 90209-2158 U.S.A. (Don't ask me why the store is on one side of the country and the catalog address is on the other side - I don't know why.) Phone Orders: (202)625-0377 Hours: Monday-Saturday 10 AM-8 PM Fax Orders: (202)625-2761 Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Note: Some prices are from memory and are subject to the fail- ings of that system. I verified those prices that I could with their current catalog. The Pleasure Place: Reviewed spring 1994 by Ms. Margo The Pleasure Place used to be part of The Pleasure Chest chain, but the two Washington stores - the other is in Dupont Circle - broke off on their own. The stores themselves haven't changed, despite the change of name. The Georgetown store is the sort of place that one might go to buy a gag gift or bachelor party tidbit. The front of the store has a selection of lubes that is fairly good along with the "novelty "items, such as "pussy in a can" and wind-up jumping penises. Even though the store has a lot of that sort of stuff, they manage not to be overtly sleazy. The sales help is pleasant, but every time I'm in there I get the feeling that they really don't know their stock very well. Next to the gag gifts is a selection of adult toys, with the standard packaged dildoes, vibrators, and butt plugs, along with blow-up dolls. In a case near the front door is a very small selection of piercing jewelry. I was surprised that some of it was in unlabeled bags - no maker indicated. This certainly isn't where I would go to buy body jewelry, but it might do in a pinch. There is a low glass display case that has silk underwear for men and women, as well as some of their sequined items. The wall behind the cash register has their T-shirts. Most have a gay theme, but they had a nice one with silk-screened nipple clamps on it, which I ended up buying for one of my submissives. The counter near the cash register is scattered with condoms of various types along with condom cases, condom jewelry, and condom key rings. The racks on the wall opposite the cash register have a small selection of lingerie, which leaned heavily to spandex. I did find some Catherine Coatney clear vinyl items, though. The prices were well in line with what I would have paid through catalogs. The size selection was small. Prices seemed to be in line with the quality. A clothing rack in the middle of the store has lingerie on one side, T-shirts on the other. The lingerie was mostly of the lace, tulle, and net variety. There is a large selection of greeting cards and postcards in the back of the store. I bought a number of really nice black and white cards with fetishy themes to send to friends. The very back wall has an assortment of blow-up dolls and sex-related party items. The display case that reaches from the cash register to the back of the store has an assortment of items in it. There are a few stacks of T-shirts, some cock rings, nipple clamps, collars, and small leather restraints, some videos, but most notably there are books. I saw The SM Safety Manual, Leather- folk, Coming to Power, and a few other good titles all in one glance. Again, the accent is gay, but many are very applicable to straight play as well. I was happily surprised to find that they carried such quality titles. In the very back of the store is a small area that is closed off with a chain. This is where the serious fetish wear is kept. I took a quick glance and immediately saw something that caught my eye. In the middle of one of the racks full of black latex and black leather were three leather bras. One was white, one was bright yellow, and one was blue. The best thing though, was that hanging down from one of the bras, a tag with the French flag could be clearly seen. This was no ordinary leather - this was Pierre Balmain! Couture leather. I didn't think that they were being imported into the US anymore, so these must have been hanging around somewhere for a while. You need to ask someone to unlock the chain, but the (very attractive) lesbian woman at the register was happy to open it up for me without making me wait. She hung around a bit in the back room with me until she was reasonably sure that I wasn't going to steal anything. The bra was a long-line blue leather bra. Everything on the bra, including the straps, was leather. The price was $110.00 - a little steep for the item. I have been assembling a blue-leather outfit, and this might be just the thing. It was a size 34, so it may or may not have fit. I asked to try it on and the saleswoman showed me to a dressing room in the back of the store, next to the back room. The dressing room was large, with a mirrored wall and a stool to sit on. However, it was part of a pair of dressing rooms, one of which was being used to hold extra boxes, bags, and general junk. It felt a bit like changing in a warehouse. I was really hoping that the bra wouldn't fit so that I could say, "Awww. Can't get it." But of course, it fit perfectly. I looked at it in the mirror for quite some time - which caused the saleswoman to poke her head in to check that I wasn't stealing shopping bags - and finally I decided that it was just the wrong color. The rest of my blue leather outfit is bright jewel blue, and this bra was a dusky cornflower blue. Since the saleswoman was busy with someone else, I hung it back up in the back room and looked through the rest of the items. There was a small amount of latex available, and a large amount of XTC leather lingerie. There were some chest harnesses, some hoods, and a few whips. There was basically enough items in the back room to fill an average household closet. Not a lot, but certainly much more than your average adult shop. I didn't spend as long looking as I would have liked, since I did have a plane to catch. My purchases at The Pleasure Place were a dozen cards and a T-shirt. This isn't the best fetish wear shop in the world, but it is a "standard" among adult stores, and has the advantage of being open late in the evening. You may not find anything wonderful here, but you will find good quality items at fairly reasonable prices. The store in Dupont Circle is more gay ori- ented, and has a larger selection of leather goods - at least it did the last time I was there 5 years ago. OVERALL: The Pleasure Place Service: Pleasant, but observant. Atmosphere: Dark and slightly tawdry, but not sleazy, more gay oriented. PVC: A few scattered pieces. Leather: The basics, prices are average. Latex: Small selection, average prices. Shoes: None. Bondage Gear: Standard items, prices in line with most "adult" shops. Lingerie: Moderate selection, mixed bag on quality. Aver- age prices. Extras: Stockings, cards, adult toys, piercing jewelry, condoms, key rings, lubricants, videos, books, gag gifts. Georgetown Store: The Pleasure Place 1063 Wisconsin Avenue, NW (Georgetown) Washington, DC 200007 U.S.A. Phone: (202) 333-8570 Hours: Monday-Tuesday 10 AM-10 PM Wednesday-Friday 10 AM-10 PM Sunday Noon-7 PM Dupont Circle Store: The Pleasure Place 1710 Connecticut Avenue, NW Washington, DC 200009 U.S.A. Phone: (202) 483-3297 Hours: Monday-Tuesday 10 AM-10 PM Wednesday-Friday 10 AM-10 PM Sunday Noon-7 PM Note: Some prices are from memory and are subject to the fail- ings of that system. Regalia: Reviewed by Kris Davidson They had very little latex, mostly PVC, leather, lycra and lingerie. The people, however, were horrible. I walked in around 18:40 (they close at 19:00). I looked over the few items of latex they had and decided to try something on. By this time it was 18:45, still plenty of time. After asking I was told "we close at 7. And besides we really don't have a place for men to try things on." To which I replied, "how about I come back tomorrow. What time do you open?" Response: "Well...we don't have any place for men to try anything on." Needless to say, I then left the establishment. First, the clothes I was looking at were unisex. Second, since when does a dressing room care wht gender you are? Third, is the New York economy, or more precisely this stores sales, doing that well that they can just turn away a potential several hundred dollar sale? Address and phone numbers to be found in the supplier list. RIPPLESMOOTH: Reviewed by an anonymous reader in august 1994. This is a small mail order operation based in Birmingham, UK. It does four forms of rubberwear - moulded (presumably bought from a large supplier); made-to-measure conventional clothing; rubber restrictive garments; and garments made to customers' own designs. Taking these in order: There are two groups of moulded latex wear. There are items of conventional wear such as corsets, bras, tights, skirts, gloves, etc. and what they call "unusual" items. These include pants with various kinds of built-in stimulators such as dildos or sheaths (for men and women), erection pants, bras with built in stimulators, etc. All these are reasonably priced between $20 and $60 (1993 prices). The made-to-measure list includes skirts, trousers, jack- ets, nighties, and various dressing up outfits - nurse, maid and school girl. They are available in a variety of weights and color. As you would guess, these are considerably more expen- sive, ranging from $74 for a shirt to $132 for an evening dress and to almost $300 for the full nurse's outfit (dress, apron, surgical mask, cap, and cape). The made-to-measure restrictive garments are interesting if you are keen on bondage and rubber. There are sheaths for arm and legs and strait jackets. A loose-fit body sheath with at- tached mask costs $150 while the same, fully covering body and head, inflatable with a breathing tube will set you back $330. A restrictive leotard with strait jacket sleeves is $150. There are also inflatable gags. Finally, Ripplesmooth make items wear to their customers' specifications. The range of items that they make is very wide, from the conventional to the truly bizarre. As an example of the former, my wife has a favorite nightgown. I sent it to Ripple- smooth who made a copy in dark blue latex without even having to take the original apart. It was pretty stunning in the original but fantastic in its new incarnation. They will also work from photographs or drawings. The latter are important for the more bizarre creations - they will attempt to make anything and regard the more unusual as a challenge! Ripplesmooth has customers throughout the world including the USA and Australia. The owner is a real enthusiast and I recommend Ripplesmooth if you have the money and patience to wait for your specialist order to be filled. Address and phone numbers to be found in the supplier list. ==================== < Per Goetterup "No tears please! > < FAQ Maintainer, alt.sex.fetish.fashion It's a waste of good suffering!" > < TechnoVision Software, Denmark -Pinhead- > < Internet: pg@login.dkuug.dk, FidoNet: 2:235/208.10 (Hellraiser) >


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