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Xref: info.physics.utoronto.ca news.answers:30056 sci.answers:1640 sci.cryonics:1797 Path: cantaloupe.srv.cs.cmu.edu!tsf From: tsf+@cs.cmu.edu (Timothy Freeman) Newsgroups: sci.cryonics,news.answers,sci.answers Subject: Cryonics FAQ 9: Glossary Supersedes: Followup-To: sci.cryonics Date: 1 Oct 1994 07:02:46 GMT Organization: Carnegie-Mellon University, School of Computer Science Lines: 121 Approved: news-answers-request@MIT.Edu Expires: 14 Nov 1994 07:01:42 GMT Message-ID: References: NNTP-Posting-Host: pop.cs.cmu.edu Summary: This posting contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers about cryonics, the practice of carefully preserving very recently clinically and legally dead people in hopes that they can be revived in the future. It should be read by anyone interested in posting to sci.cryonics and by anyone who finds the prospect of certain death irritating. Archive-name: cryonics-faq/part9 Cryonics Frequently Asked Question List Section 9: Glossary Last Modified Sun Apr 3 21:42:31 1994 (You can fetch cryomsg "n" by sending mail to kqb@whscad1.att.com or to kevin.q.brown@att.com with the subject line "CRYOMSG n". The index to this FAQ list is cryomsg "0018.1".) Copyright 1993 by Tim Freeman. See the end of Section 1 for restrictions on redistribution. The next three sections have definitions of cryonics vocabulary. The list is divided (at the discretion of the editor) into words to use, words not to use, and words to use in jest. Words to Use CRFT has a glossary on pp. 57 - 58. biostasis - Synonym for "suspension". cardiac arrest - Cessation of heartbeat. clinical death - A person is clinically dead if they are in cardiac arrest and their pupils do not contract when light is shined into them. cryobiology - Biology at low temperatures. This includes organ preservation. cryogenics - Science in general at low temperatures. cryonics - The practice of freezing people at the end of their natural lifespan, hoping for eventual reanimation. information-theoretic death - A person has reached information-theoretic death if a healthy state of that person could not possibly be deduced from the current state. The exact timing of information-theoretic death depends on presently unknown details of how the brain works. The current best estimates put it several hours after clinical death. ischemia - Damage to tissues due to oxygen deprivation. legal death - A person is legally dead if a doctor has signed a death certificate with his or her name on it. This tends to happen when the doctor believes that modern technology will not be able to restore them to health. The criteria for legal death change with time. neurosuspension - The practice of only freezing a person's head or brain. revival - The process of restoring a clinically dead person to health. suspension - The process of preserving a person for eventual revival, usually by freezing in liquid nitrogen. This happens after legal death but hopefully before information-theoretic death. Words Not to Use corpsicle - Pejorative synonym for "suspended person". cryonicist - An ambiguous term. 1. One who studies or who tries to improve the process of freezing people for later revival. Use "cryonics researcher" instead. 2. One who is interested in cryonics. Use "cryonics fan" instead, or perhaps "person interested in cryonics". death - A vague term. Use "legal death", "clinical death", or "information-theoretic death" instead. deanimation - An ugly-sounding synonym for "clinical death". reanimation - An ugly-sounding synonym for "revival". Words To Use In Jest flexionally disabled - frozen stiff metabolically disadvantaged - clinically dead (Next five are from Alcor Indiana Newsletter #5 by Steve Bridge, cryomsgs 1148 and 1149.) chronologically gifted - old experientially enhanced - old achieved an overall metabolic deficiency - died, possibly frozen thermally challenged - frozen assumed room temperature - died, not frozen (Attributed to Rush Limbaugh) Credits The following people contributed to this document. Some of them contributed by posting messages to cryonet or sci.cryonics which I used. They are listed in alphabetical order by last name. Steve Bridge <72320.1642@CompuServe.COM> Kevin Brown Thomas Donaldson Tim Freeman Daniel Green Steven B. Harris <71450.1773@CompuServe.COM> Bryan Michael Kearney Simon Levy Lola McCrary Perry E. Metzger Micheal B. O'Neal Art Quaife Richard Schroeppel Garret Smyth Ralph Whelan <71532.2442@CompuServe.COM> Brian Wowk and one person on the cryonet mailing list who chose to remain anonymous.


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