Programs by Pro~Formance This describes many of our programs. There's something here for E

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Programs by Pro~Formance This describes many of our programs. There's something here for EVERYONE. So please glance at each description. A price list and an order form are on the last 2 pages. For more informa- tion on these or our other programs, or to order: Call: Rob Smetana (415) 863-0530 (9-5 Pacific time) Write: Pro~Formance 132 Alpine Terrace San Francisco, CA 94117 USA ============================================================== PDT The Pro~Formance Data Tool ============================================================== Very simply, PDT is the finest file editor available! If you ever need to edit dBase, other database files, binary or EBCDIC files, you'll find that PDT is an indispensable tool. * You can view and edit ANY file: dBase files, other types of data files, executable files (eg., .Exe or .Com files), EBCDIC files, ASCII files, font files -- any file. * You can manage data files like you've never been able to before. PDT offers unique features to help you manage dBase or ANY fixed-length record file (data or font files, etc.). - PDT automatically detects dBase ".DBF" files, formatting your "view" of them in logical rows and columns. - With other fixed-length data files (like those created by programs written in C, Pascal, BASIC, COBOL, etc.), PDT lets you easily and quickly define their "structure." Once you define a file's structure, which is easy to do, PDT formats your "view" of these files in logical rows and columns and offers **many** other features as well. - Once PDT knows the structure of a file, you'll be able to: -- Easily view and edit the file, tabbing quickly from field to field. You can even press a key to edit numeric fields stored in "packed binary" form. -- Mark blocks (either columns or records) and then: Export them, Copy them, Erase or Fill them, etc. -- Expand or Shrink the width of fields! This feature is amazing to watch. And PDT can update the dBase header and its own "structure" files to reflect the change. continued . . . PDT (continued) * You can view and edit ANY SIZE file -- up to two gigabytes! Jump from the top to the bottom of any size file instantly. In fact, you can open 1 to 4 files at once. View and compare different files. Or work in different areas of the same file. Since each file can be up to two gigabytes in size, you can work with up to 8 gigabytes of data at once! * PDT even manages EBCDIC files -- like those found on, or downloaded from, large IBM computers. - PDT's dynamic EBCDIC-to-ASCII translation lets you view AND edit EBCDIC files in easy-to-understand ASCII mode. Changes you make to the file are saved to disk in EBCDIC. - PDT will even translate EBCDIC files to ASCII, or vice versa. * PDT can also help you: - Repair files -- regardless of their type or size. - Determine a file's structure (record or field length, etc.). - Edit executable files to customize messages or options. * Finally, PDT is very logical and easy-to-use. It offers about 50 options to help you edit and manage files. And to make these easy to use, PDT offers pull-down menus, mouse support, fast keyboard hotkeys and extensive on-line help. ============================================================== Professional Scribe (Pro~Scribe) PS Express (PSE) ============================================================== Pro~Scribe and PSE help you improve anything you write (or help you improve the writing of others -- your staff, students, etc.). Pro~Scribe is used around the world in companies like IBM, AT&T, Hewlett Packard, Lockheed, Citicorp and Bank of America to help improve memos, letters, manuals, documentation, contracts, pro- motional material, etc. Here's how Pro~Scribe and PSE help: * They examine your writing for many types of writing mistakes. * You can look at overall results for an entire letter, report, etc. Or, if you prefer, they'll examine your writing line-by-line. * They show suspect problems and offer suggestions. * They show results numerically and with colorful graphs. * They come with two manuals (plus a Quick Reference Guide) - One covers the basics of running PS and using results. - "Effective, High-Impact Writing" has more writing tips. * They're colorful, fast, fun, and a terrific value: $39 for both! How are Pro~Scribe and PSE different? First, PS Express is a RAM-resident program. That means it's always ready to help when you need help most -- while you're actually writing! Run PSE, then run your word processor and start writing. When you need help, just press a key. * When PSE pops up, just mark the text you want PSE to examine. A window pops up with INSTANT feedback on your writing. * PSE is like having an English teacher looking over your shoulder, gently coaching you as you write. Pro~Scribe gives you everything PSE does, and much, much more. It reads files saved by your word processor, or you can type text directly into PS. Like PSE, Pro~Scribe shows how complex your writing, words and sentences are. It also offers you: * Feedback on "Word Wasters" (5 categories of writing errors). * Three RGL (Running Grade Level) options (line-by-line feedback). * An option to flag complex words and Word Wasters in each line. * A Personal Interest score showing if you write as you speak. * Options to: Customize the program, send results to your printer. ============================================================== Multi-Print The ultimate text printing utility! ============================================================== Multi-Print (MP) prints ASCII text files (like this one) on HP LaserJets -OR- Epson -OR- DeskJet printers (or compatibles). MP prints 1 - 9 PAGES of text on each SHEET of paper, on both sides of the paper if you like, SAVING over 80% of the paper you'd normally use. With MP you can: * Print 5 different ways on Epson, LaserJet or DeskJet printers! - Use Newspaper, 2-column format, or normal portrait format. - Print "sideways" in Booklet or Left-to-Right formats. - Or, if you have wide forms, spreadsheet, database or other wide data, use MP's Wide, 1-column format to print up to 210 characters-per-line -- sideways, in landscape mode. * Do all of this on EPSON, LASERJET or DESKJET Plus and 500 printers (and compatibles), using Letter, Legal or A4 paper. That's right! Even on Epson printers you can print sideways, in landscape mode, in 3 different ways. And LaserJet or DeskJet users will enjoy MP's 16 hand-crafted, high-quality fonts to improve the appearance of printed text, or to simply give you variety. And unlike most text-printing programs, Multi-Print is menu-driven (there are few arcane command-line switches to remember), supports a mouse, and even has features designed to make you smile. Finally, MP saves most options you choose so next time you run it, MP pre- selects options YOU prefer. MP offers many options ====================== * Print in 5 different ways to suit your needs or preferences. * Print on Letter (8.5 x 11), Legal (8.5 x 14) or A4 paper. * Print titles with page numbers, the date, and the name of the file you're printing (or a custom title) ÄÄ in any combination. Print titles at the TOP or BOTTOM of each page in several styles. * Print both sides, the front or the back, or a range of pages. The option to print a range of pages is useful to skip pages, or to re-print damaged pages. * Control Top, Left and Right Margins. "Wrap" long lines of text (Lasers only). Print to LPT1, 2 or 3 or "to a file." And more! ============================================================== inform-Z (also see Mail Call) Professional Forms Design ============================================================== inform-Z is a complete form system. Built-in features include easy form design, math, "auto-edit," high quality printing, etc. Design, edit and print forms with inform-Z. * Draw lines or boxes, or add shading, in several styles. * Enter text, auto-centered inside boxes if you like. * Automatically date, sequence number and time-stamp forms. * Add "formulas" for spreadsheet convenience, speed & accuracy. * Quick, easy block options: Copy, Move, Erase, Shading. * Vary fonts, type styles, line spacing. * inform-Z is very easy to use. And it's "lesson forms" cut the learning time dramatically. Then use inform-Z or Mail Call to fill out forms. * "Auto-Edit" fields lets you quickly skip through a form, editing just fields you "marked." On order forms, for example: Quantity, Description, Price per Unit. Math options will do the math for you! * Let Mail Call fill in other information for you -- pulling names, addresses, etc. from your database, putting them where you want them. Produce high-quality, professional looking forms in minutes with Epson printers or HP LaserJets (+/500/Series II or later). And you DON'T need expensive font cartridges or soft fonts for lines, boxes, shading, etc. We use built-in features for these. "But, I don't have a LaserJet or an Epson" you say. Not to worry. inform-Z has two other printer options so it works with any printer. Together, inform-Z and Mail Call can help you manage almost every piece of paper in your office. Forms: Invoices, Purchase Orders, Personnel Forms, Work Orders, Work Schedules, Travel or Expense Reports, Accounting Forms, Application Blanks, Org. Charts As Well As: Letters, Memos, Envelopes, Mailing Labels, Personalized Documents (ie., form letters), Reports, Client or Employee lists, etc. ============================================================== Mail Call and MC Express (MCE) Our mailing assistant ============================================================== Mail Call (MC) is a full featured mailing assistant. Add names to a database, then Browse, Search, Print, Sort, etc. * Print envelopes in several sizes. * Print mailing labels (several sizes plus a "roll-your-own- size" option) 1 to 99 copies of each label, 1 to 3 columns across. * Print personalized documents (or form letters). * Print forms -- with "auto-edit," date, sequence number and math features! Create forms using inform-Z. * Print reports, phone books, appointment schedules, etc. Mail Call offers UNlimited capacity -- use as many database files as you want. And its "Mail Merge" option lets you Import or Export names to files used by word processors or other database programs. MC Express, a "RAM-resident" program, that lets you: 1) print envelopes while INSIDE your word processor; and, 2) lets you "write out" names & addresses to a file you can later "import" into MC (no re- typing). MCE, optional, works with ALL versions of the HP LaserJet. ============================================================== P~F Presents (PFP) A DESKTOP PRESENTATION System ============================================================== P~F Presents comes with several programs to help you create, manage and display presentations. The two main programs are P-Screen and PFP. With P-Screen you: (See the next page for more on P-Screen) ------------------ * Design screens (or "slides"). * Save screens in libraries (or print them, or save them to ASCII files, or executable ".COM" files.) * NOTE: We offer TWO "screen-capture" programs to help you capture screens from existing applications. One captures text screens. The other captures ANY type of screen! With PFP you: ------------- * Create presentations ("slide shows") which can include: - Menus which "branch" to various parts of your presentation, depending on the option your viewer selects. For example: -- Which product do you want information on? -- Which topic (in a tutorial) do you want to review? - Timed slides (PFP pauses, then automatically shows the next) - Special effects: animation, sound, loops, exploding windows * Display your presentations, or let others do it by them- selves. A "use monochrome" option lets you display presen- tations on virtually any monitor. The Possibilities are Endless: ------------------------------ * Sales presentations * Management/Staff briefings * Training programs * Tutorials or Demos * Meetings * Highlight product information * Investment opportunities * Advertising on disk (SoftAds) * Customer information * Tourist guides * Restaurant guides * Directories (Names, phone #s) And on and on and . . . ============================================================== P-Screen & P-Screen Professional Programmer's screen support ============================================================== Professional screen design and screen management system for any level C, Pascal, Basic and PowerBASIC programmers. P-Screen is the most powerful, flexible, easy-to-use program- mers screen system available. Everyone will enjoy it's ease of use and it's many unique options (compressed screens, screen libraries, CALLable OBJ screens, recolor, Big! Font, etc). And DOS users will enjoy P-Screen's compressed, executable .COM screens (available in registered versions). Create colorful, dramatic screens, save them as executable screens, then just run them from batch files, from DOS, etc.. Whether you program in C, Pascal, BASIC, Assembler or other compatible languages, you'll enjoy how quickly you can design user interfaces, menus, help screens, tutorials, etc.. You'll also enjoy the blazing speed and the many ways you can display screens from programs: as CALLable screens (eg., Call MyScreen), from screen libraries, as ASCII text screens, etc., with NO TSRs! Finally, programmers will enjoy the most code-efficient screen system available. P-Screen's compressed screens are often 40-70% smaller than uncompressed versions. And one, small ASM routine is used to to display both CALLable OBJ screens and screen-library screens: there's no duplicitous code! Here is a summary of a few of P-Screen's many features: * DESIGN screens using logical, easy-to-remember commands: D = Draw, C = Copy, P = Paint, etc. And, of course, we offer pull-down menus, mouse support AND "lesson screens." You can save full -or- partial screens in 25-, 43- or 50- line modes, then display them instantly. * SAVE screens in 6 different ways: - To screen libraries (which store 1-100 compressed screens). - To compressed ASM/OBJ screen files (CALL them to display). - To ANSI files (for use on BBSs or with ANSI.SYS loaded). - As executable, compressed .COM screens (run from DOS). - To BSAVE screen files. - To ASCII text files (great for titles, screen shots, etc.). * DISPLAY screens from your programs easily and with little code: call MyScreen, or call DisplayScreen (Library, ScreenName) You can even RECOLOR screens on-the-fly as you display them! This feature is available BOTH with ASM/OBJ screens and with screens you display from screen libraries. ============================================================== Font Pak Pro (also see Font Pak DOS) Programmer's Fonts/Mouse ============================================================== Font Pak helps programmers set their programs apart from the ordinary. Your user's (or colleague's) mouths will drop when they see what you can do in TEXT -or- GRAPHICS modes. Font Pak is a programmers' font and mouse shape system. Vir- tually ANY programmer can use it. Use it in C, BASIC, Visual Basic for DOS, Pascal, Assembler, PowerBASIC, etc. With Font Pak you can: * CHANGE TEXT-MODE fonts and even display 2 or more fonts at the same time -- in TEXT mode! - You can load 4-8 "sets" of fonts and switch among them at any time. You can link fonts to your programs and just "call [font name]," or you can load fonts from disk! - And with Font Pak you can work with efficient "partial" fonts. Re-map English-language or line-draw characters, or control codes (ASCII 0-31) or ASCII 224-255 -- whatever and whenever you like. "Partial" fonts give you tremen- dous flexibility, and help keep font files and EXEs small. * Use Font Pak fonts in GRAPHICS mode, TEXT mode or both, even in the same program if you like. * Change MOUSE CURSOR SHAPES in TEXT mode. Choose from a library of over 80 mouse cursor shapes, or design your own. You can even use TWO cursor shapes at once! * Change the shape of LINES and BOXES. You're NO LONGER limited to square-cornered boxes. Choose rounded corners, bold or whimsical boxes, or design your own. * Enjoy Font Pak's incredible EFFICIENCY and EASE-OF-USE! If you add EVERY option, your program's EXE size will increase by only about 3k (plus the size of any fonts you Link)! * GET UP AND RUNNING QUICKLY. We include: - Dozens of fonts you can use as-is or edit to your liking. - A "library" of mouse cursor shapes. - Small, fast, easy-to-use assembler language routines. - And incredible font editor (EGA/VGA required). Edit fonts, merge partial fonts together, rotate, flip, italicize characters, and much more. - Font2Asm.Exe -- a program to convert fonts to ASM/OBJ files you can Link to your programs (works in text mode). ============================================================== Font Pak DOS (see Font Pak Pro) Hundreds of Text-Mode Fonts ============================================================== Font Pak DOS replaces our **very popular** Text Font, which was recently recommended by PC World magazine. It's available in 2 versions: Font Pak "plus" and "lite" versions. What is Font Pak DOS? ===================== * Have you ever wanted to replace the dull, ordinary font your PC normally uses to display text? Would you like a **hundred** alternative fonts to use as your preferences, needs or moods change? * Have you ever wanted to surprise or amuse friends by display- ing messages in unusual, dramatic or striking fonts? Would you like to watch as your boss or a co-worker returns from lunch to find the text on their screen upside down or ???. * Are you visually impaired? Is someone you know? Would larger or bolder fonts make it easier to use the PC? * In batch files, menus or presentations, would you like to: - Customize the way text and options appear? - Display different types of messages in different fonts? If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, you'll find Font Pak DOS a welcome and valuable addition to your tool kit! On EGA or VGA monitors, Font Pak (or FP) replaces the font all text-mode programs (including DOS) use to display text. (FP does NOT affect how graphics-mode programs operate.) * Try Script, Old English, Medieval, Tall Bold, or Future. * Or try Hebrew, Cyrillic or Thai. Or Reverse or Underlined. * Or change the shape of lines, boxes and shading. Registered users also receive a RAM-resident (or TSR) version. Run it, then run Microsoft Windows or your favorite program. If a program switches to graphics mode, and then back to text mode, this TSR restores the font YOU prefer. Font Pak Plus or Lite ===================== Both versions come with about 100 fonts, plus programs to try out fonts, load them, keep them resident, plus some "executable" fonts. The "Plus" version (just $10 more) also includes an incredible font editor, plus "MakeCom" to create executable fonts. With our font editor, you can edit fonts, merge fonts together, transform fonts (rotate, italicize, flip, etc.). And everyone loves the "executable" fonts you can create and then run from DOS, batch files, from inside programs, etc. ================================================================= The Printer Programmers' Printer Code Database ================================================================= The Printer is a database of printer codes for OVER 700 printers! For each printer, space is reserved for 70 printer codes. (Note: some codes aren't relevant for some printers.) The Printer helps eliminate a nightmare many programmers face: printing formatted text on different printers, with each printer requiring different instructions/different printer codes. * If you want bold here, italics there, this phrase underlined, etc., you need the printer codes to "turn on" these options. * And if you distribute your programs, you'll often need printer codes for the dozens (or hundreds) of different printers your users have -- unless you want to limit your audience! Few programmers have the time and resources to obtain appro- priate codes for every printer. Fortunately, you don't have to: The Printer offers you codes for hundreds of printers. * And with The Printer, you can, in many cases, develop simple print routines you can use REGARDLESS OF WHICH PRINTER A USER SELECTS! * Finally, ANY programmer writing in ANY language can use The Printer. If you can read a fixed-length record, you can use The Printer. Your program(s) need only read Printer.Cfg and send it's printer codes to the printer. If your user selects a different printer, your program does NOT change! You just read the new Printer.Cfg file -- as you did before! The Printer includes: * Printer.Exe, a dual-purpose program which: - Lets you select a printer (from a menu), view and edit printer codes for the selected printer, then save a "configuration file" to disk (Printer.Cfg). - Lets YOU expand the database to a fixed-length format (Printer.Exe actually contains the database -- compressed by about 85%). You may view and edit the expanded, fixed- length database (edit or add codes, add printers, etc.) * Edit.Exe, which you may distribute with your programs if you like. Your users would use Edit.Exe to view and edit printer codes in Printer.Cfg -- giving them the flexibility to manage their printer the way THEY need or want. ============================================================== The Survey Catalyst ============================================================== The Survey Catalyst (TSC) is for anyone who works with employee attitude or opinion surveys. It helps you create surveys in minutes or hours -- not days! * TSC includes a database of thousands of survey items--like items used in most Fortune 1000 companies' employee surveys. - You can review items, edit them or add new ones. - OR, when you see an item you want to add to a survey, just press a key and add it--fast and simple. * TSC also comes with dozens of response scales. When you print surveys, TSC prints the right response scale--automatically. * And speaking of printing, TSC's many options let you print surveys as you want them and fast! - Group items by Category, by Response Scale, or Randomize them. - Print response scales above or neside items (or not at all). - Print key punch instructions (optional) - Print a title--at the top or bottom of each page. - Or, print your survey "to a file" to dress it up later. ============================================================== Pro~Stamp Stamp Collection Manager ============================================================== Pro~Stamp is our full-featured stamp collection manager. * It's very easy to use: pull-down menus, extensive on-line help; Calculations done for you, select "Type" & "Condition" from menus, and more. * Your worksheets are set up like most popular collectors' manuals (eg., Scott). * Track small to huge stamp collections with ease and convenience. * Automatic calculations (Values of each stamp, Increase in value) give you spreadsheet convenience. * Sort: On any of several fields. Print: Entire worksheets or a range you specify. And it's customizable: Edit menu items or printer codes your way. ============================================================== Ram-Man RAM-resident file browser ============================================================== Ram-Man is a RAM-resident (TSR) program to turn ANY text file into a pop-up quick-reference guide (or manual). For example, keep THIS MANUAL at your fingertips while learning this program. * Pop up your text file while you're working in virtually any text-based (not graphics) program. * BROWSE through it. * SEARCH, looking for a topic or phrase you're interested in. * LOOK UP words, which we'll read directly from your screen! We supply the RAM-resident "engine," you supply the text. Ram- Man conserves memory by keeping ONLY its engine in memory. It displays your text from disk (hard or RAM disk recommended). You can change which file you're viewing without unloading Ram-Man. That means you load Ram-Man once, then change ref- erence guides as your needs or the programs you use change. Examples: * The complete, on-disk manual for a program you're using. * A series of help screens or "Quick Reference Guides" (eg., tips on using DOS, tips on using a program). - You can display standard DOS text files, like those you create using an editor or word processor. - Or you can display special "screens" you create with programs like our P-Screen Screen Designer. * Appointment Calendars, Building directories, To Do Lists, etc. Other features: * BROWSE through files -- line by line or page by page. And you can jump to the top or bottom of small -or- huge text files in 1/2 second or less. * SEARCH for topics relevant to your needs. "LOOK UP" words Ram-Man reads directly off your screen! * UNLOAD Ram-Man and reclaim the memory it uses. * RUN-TIME OPTIONS let you choose: - The "hotkey" you want to use to call Ram-Man up. - The size of the screen you want to use -- to let you switch between 25, 43 or 50 row screens at will. - The colors we use to display text. These options help ensure that Ram-Man's hotkey, colors and screen modes never conflict with the programs you use. ============================================================== SPARKLE & MENU MAGIC Add some sparkle to your batch files. ============================================================== Sparkle is an AMAZING utility to enhance batch files, use from DOS, or use through other programs (via "shell"). And Sparkle now includes Menu Magic which lets you quickly create scrolling bar menus (see Menus below) and writes your batch files for you! Finally, registered versions come with Sparkle2 -- with even more incredible options -- plus a few "executable" text-mode fonts from our Font Pak DOS utility. One small (9k) program offers these many features: * MENUS Sparkle offers 3 menu options. Turn ANY screen into a menu. Or turn ANY text screen into a Vertical or Horizontal "scrolling bar" menu! * SOUND Over 35 sound effects, from simple to elaborate. * WINDOWS Create windows (boxes) in over 250 styles, with/without shadows, and in any color. * QuikPRINT Display text anywhere on the screen in any color. * ASK Ask the user to press a key -- to get a menu choice or to simply pause. - You can display any message you like in any color. - You can specify which keys are "valid." For example, suppose your menu had 3 choices and you ask someone to press 1, 2 or 3 to choose one of them. Just tell Sparkle that "123" are your "valid keys." Sparkle will wait until one of these keys (or Escape) is pressed -- then tell you which one was pressed. * PAUSE You can pause for brief moments (1/3 second) or for several minutes. And Sparkle even gives you the option to let your users "press a key" to interrupt a pause and move on. * MONITOR Determine what type of monitor is active. Use Menu Magic to write your batch files for you! Run it, then type in your menu options (plus a title if you like). Menu Magic will then save your menu screen as an "executable screen" (nice!) and write your batch file. You can run this batch file immediately to see how it will work. Then edit it to do what YOU want done when each menu option is selected. To Register or Order ================================================================== Because we offer so many programs, our order form has 2 pages. Please read CATALOG.DOC for descriptions of each program. * THIS PAGE lists our programs and the per-copy cost of each. * THE NEXT PAGE is the actual order form. - On the next page, fill in the name of each program you're ordering. PLEASE BE CAREFUL here and use the names listed below. If we're not sure which program you're ordering, we may have to return you're order. - If ordering by Visa or MasterCard, fill in the section for credit card orders. BE SURE TO SIGN it. Program Name Per Copy ============================================================== Multi-Print $29 if ordered w/ ANY other program $39/$29 The Printer Programmer's Printer Code Database $49 Font Pak "Pro" Programmer's Fonts & Mouse Shapes $49 Font Pak "DOS" Hundreds of DOS text-mode fonts $29 PDT The Pro~Formance Data Tool $139 inform-Z Professional Forms Design/Database $49 Mail Call With MC Express $49 " " Without MC Express $40 Pro~Scribe & PS Express $39 P~F Presents Professional $79 " " Plus (with intro. copyright) $49 P-Screen Professional $49 " Plus $29 Pro~Stamp Stamp Collection Manager $29 Ram-Man RAM-resident Text File Browser $19 Sparkle AND Menu Magic $29 The Survey Catalyst $495 ================================================================= PACKAGE DISCOUNTS Call about quantity discounts & site licenses. ================================================================= THE WORKS! One of each program (except The Catalyst) $349 inform-Z AND Mail Call $79 P-Screen Pro AND P~F Presents (Pro versions of both) $109 ============================= TO ORDER ============================= For FASTEST delivery of your programs, CALL with a Visa/MC card number. F __________________________________________ M Rob W. Smetana Pro~Formance R __________________________________________ A T 132 Alpine Terrace San Francisco, CA O __________________________________________ I O 94117 (415) 863-0530 M __________________________________________ L Make checks payable Phone ( ) ______-________ Date ___/___/___ to: Rob W. Smetana ======================================================================= For Visa or MasterCard Orders ======================================================================= Credit Card Number: ________________________________ Expires: ___|___ Signature (Required for credit card orders): __________________________ Be sure your name at the top matches how it appears on your credit card. ============================================================ prn 1.4 == Name of Program or "Package" # of Copies Price/Copy Total ======================================================================= Multi-Print ($29 if ordered /w other pgm) _____ x $29/$39 = $_______ _____________________________________ ________ x ______ = $_______ _____________________________________ ________ x ______ = $_______ ======================================================================= Shipping & Handling: Total Number @ $4/copy (US/Canada) of Programs (and Copies) ----->> _____@ $8/copy (Elsewhere) $ ______ =============================+========================================= | Subtotal $ ________ INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: : : | | CA. residents, add 8.5% tax $ _______ * US funds only please. +-----------------------+----------------- * Money order, check drawn a | US bank, or VISA/MasterCard |TOTAL $ ________ =====================================================+================= WHERE did you got your copy of our program? _________________________ This helps us learn the best way to get new programs to you. And feel free to write comments and suggestions on the other side. Thank you.


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