Date: Tue Oct 11 1994 21:14:42 To: All Subj: Baker on MPD, SRA, ETC. Attr: FMS - (File: RS

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Date: Tue Oct 11 1994 21:14:42 From: David Bloomberg To: All Subj: Baker on MPD, SRA, ETC. Attr: FMS ------------------------------- (File: RSSISRA.ZIP) Skeptical Inquirer, Fall 1994 Psychic Vibrations Satanic Paranoia in Texas by Robert Sheaffer The more that becomes known about the great Satanist conspiracy in our midst, the easier it becomes to understand why the crimes go generally unnoticed and unpunished. An article in the April 1994 _Texas Monthly_ reveals much about the Satanist modus operandi, as uncovered by vigilant therapists in the Austin area. "They have infiltrated the legal, medical, and law enforcement professions with their agents," reported therapist Karen Hutchins. "The male agents tend to end up in the criminal justice system and the females in state hospitals." She belongs to the Travis County Society for the Investigation, Treatment, and Prevention of Ritual and Cult Abuse, which is part of a statewide organization headed by Dallas psychologist Randy Noblitt, who was paid $140 an hour to testify for the prosecution at a trial of alleged Satanists. They warn that the Satanists have learned how to induce multiple personality disorders (MPDs) in their victims, creating alternate personalities ("alters"), which can be invoked by the proper signal. These alters behave like mental robots and have been strategically placed to sabotage American institutions, as well as to recapture cult escapees or whatever else the Satan worshippers require. Sometimes an alter can even be activated as a potentially damaging witness in the courtroom; a simple hand signal from the satanic master sitting in the docket, and the cult victim switches from his normal personality to one that will testify: "I saw nothing." According to Hutchins, it is not uncommon for the eye color of an alter to be different from that of its host. Scars obtained during one personality's tenure may be missing when another takes over, Hutchins claims, and during therapy, burns or scars--actually "body memories"--may suddenly appear, like the rash in the form of Satan's tail in _Michelle Remembers_. Some therapists have even reported manifestations of "alters" that are actually animals. When these take over, the subjects may lie on the floor and growl. Utah psychologist Cory Hammond paints a dazzling scenario of mind control involving the CIA, former Nazi scientists, and a sinister, mysterious, "Dr. Greenbaum," who saved himself from the Nazi death camps by giving the Nazis the secrets of the Cabala. (In Orwell's novel _1984_, the villain made up by Big Brother to take the blame for everything is named Goldstein.) According to Hammond, patients being treated for multiple personality disorder all across the United States have spontaneously and independently mentioned "Greenbaum," who apparently was dumb enough to use his real name while performing his abominable acts. Why do the alleged victims of horrendous satanic abuse typically display no scars? Hammond explains that when the personality switches from one alter to the next, the scars change with it, instantly hiding all physical evidence. And on the basis of the well-rehearsed testimony of several children, bolstered by expert testimony by Noblitt, onetime day-care providers Fran and Dan Keller were sentenced to 48 years in prison. Among the crimes imputed to them by children were cutting up people with chainsaws and then putting their skins into the children's socks; turning the day-care into a working child brothel; kidnapping a gorilla from a nonexistent zoo; and flying the children on jets into Mexico for further abuse, always being careful to bring them back in time to be picked up by an unsuspecting parent. It would seem that being a "day-care provider" today ranks right up there with "bomb squad" and "test pilot" on the occupational-risk scale and may have to be paid accordingly. Confirming these allegations of government mind-control is Colin Ross, M.D., President of the International Society for the Study of Multiple Personality and Dissociation. Ross was the subject of the CBC program, "The Fifth Estate," last November 9, which detailed how he has uncovered a U.S. government plot going all the way back to the 1940s. Now, of course, it's under the control of the CIA. Victims are taken to special training centers where alternate personalities are created using sensory deprivation, flotation tanks, hypnosis, virtual-reality goggles, hallucinogenic drugs, and so on. "It appears that Sirhan Sirhan, who shot Robert Kennedy, was mind-controlled," Ross has written, "and this raises the question of whether Lee Harvey Oswald was" as well. Because Ross is starting to reveal all this, he's convinced the agents of the CIA are working to discredit him and the MPD movement, something it would appear Ross is accomplishing admirably entirely on his own. --- msgedsq 2.0.5 * Origin: The Temples of Syrinx! (1:2430/2112)


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