Originally Dated: Wed, 28 Sep 1994 09:03:47 GMT Originally From: Doug Hill +lt;doughill@NE

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* Originally Dated: Wed, 28 Sep 1994 09:03:47 GMT * Originally From: Doug Hill * Original Subject: Call for cong. hearings on FMS I recently received a request from a local FMSF member to send letters to congress requesting a joint public hearing before the U.S. House Judiciary Committee and Post Office and Civil Service Committee to discuss Memory Retrieval Therapy. Note that this is a request for hearings (to gather and publicize information) rather than a request to pass a specific piece of legislation. Letters are requested to be sent to Representatives Jack Brooks, Xavier Becerra, Carlos Moorhead, Elton Gallegly, Don Edwards, and Howard Berman of the House Judiciary Committee and Rep. William Clay of the House Post Office and Civil Service Committee. I might also suggest you write your own representative. Your letter should state that you support Dr. Christopher Barden's and Dr. Terence Campbell's request for these hearings. (The following is a suggested template to be used as a guide by people wishing to write in support of a joint public hearing into Memory Retrieval Therapy.) *your address here* 1994-- United States Representative Reps. Jack Brooks, William Clay, Xavier Becerra, Carlos J. Moorhead, Elton Gallegly, Don Edwards, & Howard L. Berman House Office Building Washington, DC 20510 Dear Congressman: Mental health is a serious concern for all Americans and we must have compassion for those in need. Unfortunately, some therapists are using unscientific practices and are thus practicing mental health at the expense of the patient, the patient's family, and society as a whole. Consumer, patient, and professional groups are now realizing that mental patients across the U.S.A. are being subjected to experimental and potentially dangerous forms of psychotherapy including "Repressed Memory Therapy" at taxpayers' expense. Therapists are billing Medicare, Medicaid, Champus, and private insurance companies for controversial, unproven, and unscientific treatment on unsuspecting and unwarned patients. This raises serious legal, legislative, and public policy issues which must be addressed immediately. These widespread fraudulent practices waste billions of taxpayers' dollars, violate the civil rights of patients and families and defiles American standards of justice. We respectfully request open hearings into these important scientific, legal, consumer protection and public policy issues. We are in complete agreement with Dr. Christopher Barden and Dr. Terence Campbell's request for these hearings. We are asking that you too have compassion and listen to what is occurring thruout this country. It must be stopped. Sincerely, *your signature here* *your name here* ================= Douglas E. Hill 1-310-607-1905 Los Angeles, CA doughill@netcom.com *E-O-F*


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