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The world is only limited to your imagination, radio communication, the use of camera's, sound editing equipment is all at our disposal. We must take the time to understand these things and then it will be another useful weapon to add to our ever growing arsenal. -- FreeStyle. Introduction : Are you finding that the 0014 numbers and also exchanges are being updated and also monitored more widely these days ??? It's getting tiring trying to find out the new frequencies for a certain number to box off. The federal police are happily waiting to catch us with the use of CLI's and also telecom. WELL this problem could be solved, or should I say that a method which I have not yet read about on any BBS board, has been well under way for many, many years. This is the use of phreaking using cordless phones. This method was come across after a friend brought a brand new radio transmitter which was capable of transmitting on the cordless phone system. It is a easy to do and has been widely used for many years by certain people who shall remain anonymous. Cordless Phones : There are many models of cordless phones on the market today. The basic models do not have any code security at all. The up market models around the $200 - $400 usually have a 4 digit code security (just like a PBX system) this prevents other people dialing out on their own phone. The cordless phones operate 6 main different frequencies, which have been laid out by the DOTAC (The department of Transport and Communication) and all manufacturers must comply with these rules. These frequencies enable you to transmit your phone conversation to your base set, which then sends the conversation to the phone lines. When you pick up your cordless phone and move around the house or office etc.. with it. The conversation is transmitted via 1 of the 6 frequencies to your base set. This is why some cordless phones have different switches on the back to change the frequency of the base set (pick up) and also the handset (transmission). This is to avoid crossovers of the conversation being transmitted to a nearby neighbors cordless phone and getting interference from one another. Cordless Phone Phreaking : With the use of electronic technology, there will always be a way of avoiding the same technology we invent, this also applies to cordless phones. During the Summer of 1991 a friend and I brought a new transmitter and we were able to transmit on most cordless phone systems. Boy did we have fun for a while. In the end we were using our cordless phones, like carphones and pocket mobile phones and making calls overseas's and interstate on others peoples lines. The best way to do this is the following: The security code on most phones, prevents unauthorized use of the phone. Most people set their password to 1234 or 4321 or 9876 etc.. (just like PBX's) Take your cordless phone and attach a piece of coax, or wire to a car CB antenna. The cordless phones uses a frequency of just above 30 Mhz. So therefore a normal CB antenna which has a SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) of 26-27Mhz will be around the right antenna. This is not perfect, but it will do. If people would like to SWR their antenna into the correct resident frequency of 30Mhz then you will be able to receive calls and transmit a lot better. This can be done using a GOOD SWR meter which is capable of measuring output power and SWR. Once you have finished your connection of the piece of wire to CB antenna, then connect the other end of the wire to your cordless phone antenna. This will enable you to get out and also receive a lot better. Then cruse around the streets until you hear a dial out tone. This tone will be from a cordless telephone which is being used or lying idle. Sometimes you will hear a conversation, DON'T speak at all into your cordless phone. if you do, they will hear you. You can work out how close you are to the house which uses the cordless phone, by driving up and down until you get the best receive area. Now you wait until they have finished and have hung up. If the phone does not come back out with a dial tone, then it is security locked or they have replaced the phone on the base set and have switched it all off. So then go and find another phone to phreak off. If the dial tone comes back on, then wait for a while and make a call on your cordless phone and have a chat to someone. If someone picks up the phone again and you are chatting on it, GET OFF quickly. They will wonder what the hell was going on, but usually they will not give a shit. It is amazing how many people use cordless phones and tell personal details on them, thinking that they are safe. You can obtain credit card details, phone numbers, passwords etc.. of the people from cordless phones. This can be handy for the elite hacker (more on this later). Make a map of where the best cordless phones are located and whether they have security locking etc.. and you can use them all the time. I personally know of about 7 people in my area where I can dial out anytime I feel like it. But that would be illegal and I'm not in any way responsible for other peoples actions. This article is written to improve my knowledge on the cordless phone subject only. Anyway once you have your map, you can visit the street regularly and make free phone calls overseas's or where you like. You can usually park well away from the house and transmit to their cordless phone base set providing you have a car CB Antenna. Now if you hear a conversation going, take note of it on your map and wait until they hang up. When they hang up and no dial tone is there anymore. Then the person who made the call has replaced the handset down on the base unit and switched it off, or they have a security lock out number. If they have this system, you can then hack out their password manually and it will usually be about a 4 digit password (numbers only). Common passwords are 1234, 4321, 9876, etc.. once these are obtained, you can then get the dial out tone and quickly place your call. Cordless Phones & Computer : This method of using the cordless telephone was tried and completed in late 1991. This involved a lap top computer and the use of a pocket modem. While sitting in your car or friends. You are able to place calls using the lap top computer which was connected to the modem and also the cordless phone. This involved drilling a hole into the cordless phone and making a switchable circuit which was able to process the information (telephone call) to the hookup of the pocket modem. The circuit is located right near the speaker of the cordless telephone and made switchable so you can turn it on or off. Get an old phone and experiment with this idea, each model is different. After a while of use the cordless phone would start to lose power, so to get around this you can make a little recharging jack (dick smith) and strap / or drill this into the bottom of the phone where the batteries are and then plug it into the cigarette lighter place of the car. You can buy the special voltage converter from dick smith for about $20. It is best to get a 12v - 3v converter. Or the easiest way is to obtain an acoustic coupler (which is the very old type of modems, where you used to put the phone on the acoustic pad, coupler) Then you are able to phreak, hack of it etc.. or just plain listen in on the other person. Cordless Phone & Hacking Use's : Another topic which we have not presented yet is how the cordless telephone can be used to gain unauthorized access to computer systems of varies kinds. There is a advantage, when using cordless phones of being untraceable when hacking into a system. Ideas have sprung to life regarding this issue, many methods are currently being used. It is quite easily to hook up a telephone to outside phone wires on houses, buildings of any sort which have a connection already in place. Units are a very good source of hooking up a cordless telephone. The cordless telephone would have to be adjusted to be able to receive a lot further than what they are originally designed for. This is very easy to do, first open up the base set and look for some variable resisters (Pots) and there should be about 3 or 4 in the base set. One will be the frequency shift of the base to the handset, the other will be a resister limiting the reception of the cordless phone, this is the one you need to turn fully up. The others will be for the bell, and clarity etc.. Once the cordless phone is fine tuned to be able to receive at about 800m - 1km, this is very handy for the hackers use. All you need to find is a junction box on a pole, or look at were the wires come into buildings etc.. and connect the base set up to wires in parallel. Uni's and flats are very useful for this purpose also because groups of units have a telecom pit or a telecom walk in little room, where all the lines for the group of buildings are located. Schools also provide these easy access telecom sites. Now I will not go into the details of how to connect the base set to the wires because there are so many text files around which tell you how to do this anyway. But it is very easy to do, one you have connected the base set to the lines, leave it there and close the door etc.. and then you must have a car or live very close to where you have connected the cordless phone base set. If you live in a group of units and have connected the base set to the telecom walk in room or whatever then you have the ideal situation. You switch on your cordless phone remote handset and should be able to get a dial tone (providing you are not located far away) from the base set. Now you can call some American PBX's or Australian PBX's, diverters, extenders, etc.. and this will add to the extra security of not being traced fast enough. Or you cannot be bothered, then call directly to the source of the system you want to learn about ehehehe. You should hopefully be far away enough that if a trace is done and the authorities are after the caller, then all they will find is the base set connected to a person's line. By that time you have already disconnected and maybe even watching the commotion from across the street or where ever you maybe. This is a professional way of hacking, as you can rarely get caught. Cordless Phones Worries : When using the Cordless Phone, you must be sure that the other person is not going to pick up the phone etc.. otherwise you will lose carrier (or they will be wondering what the fuck is going on) So when phreaking using this method, do it when you know the person has gone out for a while or otherwise you are taking a risk. Also do not make many overseas's calls on the one persons line. He/She will get the bill and will freak out at all the overseas's numbers that have been dialed, so use other people's. There is no way of tracing the calls back to you because if a trace is done, it will go back to their address anyway. Your cordless telephone can be traced in only one way and that is if the DOTAC find out that your are transmitting and they know that you are in the middle of the call etc.. and lay a trace on where the transmission is coming from. This will never really happen, as the federal police would have to lay a trace on the phone, then get the help of a different department (DOTAC) and then they can zero in on the location the call is being made by the use of the triangle towers which they use to catch pirate radio stations, CB's etc.. THIS is very highly unlikely to happen. If you would like more information on this subject then, try it for yourself, experimentation is the only way. If you are into Packet Radio, then this method of phreaking is much easier as you already should have the equipment to do it with. If you would like to just have fun with the cordless telephone system then all you need is your trusty amateur radio which can go down to 30 Mhz or your cordless telephone hooked up in the way I explained. But remember that the monitoring of the telephone frequencies is illegal in the eyes of the law and should not be engaged in whatsoever. There a big fines if you get caught (yeah right). Some Interesting Frequencies : Cordless Phone Cordless Phone Base Frequencies Portable Frequencies ---------------------------------------------------- 30.100 Mhz | 39.775 Mhz 30.125 Mhz | 39.825 Mhz 30.150 Mhz | 39.850 Mhz 30.175 Mhz | 39.875 Mhz 30.225 Mhz | 39.925 Mhz 30.275 Mhz | 39.975 Mhz ---------------------------------------------------- Inside Stories : (With Cordless Phones) Hey bitch, your using MY phone, You are currently being monitored by the NSA, Shutup Bitch, Your a faggot mate ! What are you doing ? hey honey, let's go.. This call is unauthorized, I'm sorry but no calls can be made during this time, Hello Telecom, someone is using my cordless phone (SHUTUP Bastard) All our lines are busy sir, Your calling a faggot hotline arghhhhhhhhh 0055 Free sex, Don't do that man... hey this is the CIA (What In Australia)? I wanna chips, and a coke NOW ! Who said that Honey, have you got another man in the room ? Check this out, the bitch is calling the police.. Chill out man... lets' go and play... Anyway, stay tuned for other titles yet to be released. - Advanced Social Engineering { This involves using radio transmitters and obtaining details } { from varies government sources e.g. - Male/Female IVR's, } { License checks.. etc... } - Advanced CyperPunk Techniques { This is a jammed pack txt file which covers a lot of things } { for the hacker & phreaker which the ELITE have been using } { for a long while.. e.g. - Using Radio phone patches for } { phreaking os, & hacking, also more cordless phone info.} { The use of bugging Telecom TEST lines & RTA, & also most } { Government agencies. Obtaining credit info on people } { Video & Camera editing and monitoring of varies people. } { And many more inside information.........} - Advanced Anarchy & Fraud { This will include : Transmitting on McDonalds, & ALL other } { Fast Food places with drive throughs.. Breaking into cars } { & houses the professional way, Insurance frauds, Dealing in } { stolen goods - Things to look for etc.. Avoiding security } { in shops, Myers, Coles, etc... Avoiding speed camera's. } - Advanced Hacking Techniques { This will include : Unix, DEC, VAX, and many other systems } { Also locations where to hack & phreak safely. Avoiding } { traces - Bouncing radio signals off the moon etc.. Also } { routing information, PBX info, BB info, At&t and other } { cards.. Billing procedures, also and social engineering } { information. Professional hacking techniques by the HITMEN } { who hack for pure money against government & private } { companies and sell the information to other companies etc..} { changing your voice with the use of electronic toys ehehe } { to whom you want to sound like etc.. & MORE !!!!! } If you would like to contact me then call these BBS's Empire Of Darkness, Deadcity, Destiny Stone, * Also friendly greetings go to all those people who know me and I have contact with in the computer underground, You all know who you are.. I would have said your names but you may prefer to stay silent and deadly. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- uXu #159 Underground eXperts United 1993 uXu #159 Call DEMON ROACH UNDERGROUND -> +1-806-794-4362 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------


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