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This is only a short article and only a few things have been included by varies sources etc... It also involves the recent busts which have been happening Australia wide and the tapping of the phone lines on a number of bulletin boards. This article is not to be taken lightly and also involves details on how we "The people can fight back" against the system which is designed to suppress the individuals rights to learn, think, privacy. This is not a manual on how to hack a system or how to phreak without getting caught, but rather a political statement about how society is being manipulated by our very own government and their role in the total monitoring of all people in the future. if you would like detailed information on how to hack/phreak or whatever then you can still obtain access to a number of H/P bulletin boards which are still operating in Australia and also overseas's, there you will find what you require. " The people are the power, bring back the power to the people " We live in a society which is dominated by computers and electronic gadgets to help us in our everyday lives. New technology is being invented or improved upon every year. Computers are being widely used in nearly every business, school, and the home, in fact nearly everything you can think of. With computers we are faced with new crimes such as Fraud, Hacking, phreaking, theft etc.. These laws were made up by our own government to protect the rights of it's people in society, or where they ? The question must be asked , are the governments really protecting our lives, rights etc.. The answer to that question will be determined by you the reader of this article, but let us face the facts for now. Documents have been obtained to what the government is really up to and how society fits into their plan. These documents explain conspiracy up to the highest levels of the government in stopping certain knowledge falling into the publics view. The ultimate goal is the monitoring of every single individual and also a one world government, economy and in effect a total system of control over it's people. All these things are being slowly brought to our attention and migrated into our way of life every year. The UN which we now read about in the news papers are going to be the one world government in the future. In effect this means that the united states government will have total control, After all the UN headquarters is located in New York. Big business will play a vital role in the monitoring of the people as well as government agencies, telecommunications, large mining corporations, banks etc.. have more power over the people that what we are lead to believe. Australian Governments Role ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Australia is one of the leading countries operating secretly towards the New World Order. Monitoring of the people of Australia has increased dramatically over the pass 10 years. The government tried to introduce the I.D card but too many people rejected their plans, so they brought out the tax file number instead. Everyone has a large file about themselves which is linked up to the government agencies across Australia. Students are monitored with either the Tax file number, Austudy or just applications you must fill out to enter a course. It is very easy to monitor large numbers of people now because of the introduction of large computers and also their networks. Our government is actively co-operating with other governments around the world and exchanging data on it's people. This is illegal, but know one seems to care or notice, after all the key to power is knowledge. Camera's are everywhere nowadays, not only are we being monitored by shop camera's but we also have speed, red light, and even football camera's which are a nice means of raising money and also gathering information. Should we believe our own government when it is common knowledge that they lie to us and that even our police force is very corrupt and are able to kill, bash, drink and drive, etc.. and then turn around and say that we must obey their laws. Our government is using the media to play a very important role in advertising to us killings, rappings, etc.. so that we the people then turn around and say that "We need tighter laws etc.." This is exactly what the government wants and needs to implement it's plan of total control. Documents obtained form varies sources on Milnet show clearly what the United states and also other countries have been researching for many years and that is ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) weapons against certain people. This research project is so well advanced that it will be for the normal person unbelievable. Research has been done and put into affect on how ELF affects the brain waves of people, animals and all matter itself. This research has also been used to change people's thought patterns and is being used to manipulate people in varies ways. Cellular phones have been introduced for many years now, and are a great form of monitoring society. Everytime you turn on your cellular phone telecom know exactly where you are all the time, also how long you have used the phone for etc... The same also goes for normal house, business phones. Customer details are all processed by large computer data bases and are passed on to governments agencies when needed. People are using credit cards all the time nowadays which makes it much easier for the governments to keep track on what people are buying etc.. Noticed how we are slowly losing our 1c 2c coins ? also other coins ? this is a slow process of weaning out coins and taking on the credit cards as normal. Why ? well it's because every transaction you make using credit cards go into a large computer in banks etc.. and therefore it is much easier to store data on the people who use them. Cash payments are the biggest worry for the government, because they don't have much control over thing like that - but in the future their will be no cash anyway. Large corporations buy data off other agencies. E.g. - each time you use your credit card, your purchase is logged and also how much you payed etc.. Now the product companies come along and buy this information off banks, super markets etc... to see who buy's there products and also how their products are going. This is also illegal because it is invading your privacy, don't you worry, the government knows EVERYTHING about you. What colour hair you have, Size, dental records, car you drive, working/studying, food you eat, animals you own, phones you have, money, house's, etc... We pay rates on almost everything now and all that information about us goes into a government agencies computer data base. They are even trying to see what garbage we throw out now. (they are trying to put electronic monitors on our bins) The government are the real criminals. Private information about it's people are being given to other countries and also other agencies, companies etc.. Information is being withheld from the public, special deals are going on secretly all the time. We even have a corrupt police force who love to kill, bash, and also drink drive. (it seems they are different law enforcement, their law). We now have news in the paper that we even have to get our cats registered. Is this a form of money raising for the government as well as monitoring. Anyone who has been pulled over by the police will know how many questions they have to answer before being let go. Even if you are not the driver of the car etc.. you are forced to tell them everything. You are under no legal means to do so, but they WILL enforce you. Also isn't it quite strange that the head of government run Telecom was one of the bosses of At&t (The US company). maybe he is teaching Telecom a thing or to about how to monitor people and organize the control much better. We all know that 0014 numbers and 008 numbers are being logged, but are unsure as to what reasons. If their reasons of phreakers, hackers were valid, then why not just put filters on the line etc.. to stop these people. Ahhh they have to monitor the lines and see who is calling what companies. Also the the American NSA (National Security Agency) owns over three quarters of the cray super computers, these are the biggest, fastest computers in the world. Why on earth would they need to own even half of these computers ?? Monitoring of all people in society is the answer. They even sold computer software to countries all around the world which had trojan horses in them, so they could access it remotely themselves. The software was also one of the fastest, most capable software on the market for the purpose of monitoring large amounts of people in society. The middle east has remained so unstable for many years due to the fact of other nations pouring millions into the countries to de-stabilize the whole of the middle east, why ?? The answer is simple, the first biggest bankers in the world came from the middle east, because of the oil wells etc.. They held the balance of power within the banking world. America did not like that, and also the other countries in the New World Order didn't like that either, so the whole middle east has been de-stabilize and are fighting one another. YET who are supplying these countries with the arms to fight ??? America, France, Germany, Australia, etc.. most of the countries who are now against them. I will not go into any of this political side of it as it would take far to long to explain about it. Anyway we have in Australia a special police task force which is setup by the government to look into the so called "Normal police corruption", isn't this crazy, we have the police monitoring the police !! They have shown themselves to be so corrupt anyway that it's a joke. Look at all the current affair shows of how the police have bashed people, have drunk and driven themselves, etc.. It's like the blind leading the blind.. We all know how corrupt the police are in NSW and also WA, so what makes it any different in Vic or NT (anywhere) only they have not been caught enough YET !! Many police have told me that once your out of the public view your history.. But these days they do not seem to even care about bashing you behind their walls. Look at the Rodney King bashing, and also many others.. they take the law into their own hands and the government is letting them. Never trust a politician, they are the biggest liars on this earth. They say they are going to do this and that and end up doing something different, or not doing it at all. The last election was proof of that, (no promise has been kept) Who do we have monitoring the governments actions ? no one really, so that's where the hackers role will have to come in. Hackers & Phreakers can fight back. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Many bulletin boards have been raided by the federal police recently, also many boards have there telephones tapped in a controlled affect to close down the threat of the future - Hacking, Phreaking, Anarchy Information. The governments have realized that as computers grow bigger and networks expand a lot further, there must be a need to protect THEIR privacy (which is really all the data collected on us) and that is why there has been a sudden push forward to catch the hackers, etc.. Criminals are just starting to realize that their old methods of getting information etc.. are out of date. It is the computer age now, and that is why hackers (good ones) are in upmost demand by the most criminals in jail/outside these days. Image the damage hackers can do by breaking into government / military computer systems. We are able with the right knowledge and equipment infiltrate these networks and obtain the information on what the government is up too. We can see what the governments have acquired information about us. Police computers would be a very useful tool in the hackers arsenal. Hackers can find out information regarding everyone, put out warrants for the arrest of people etc.. Drug enforcement computer systems would be an advantage for the drug dealers etc.. Military systems would be helpful to certain hackers to obtain classified information on the latest technology and use it to there advantage. Hackers can break into media computer systems and change the news etc.. This is why hackers are going to become the next generation of SO CALLED criminals. Hackers have the power to monitor the government - and they don't like it !!! That is why the governments realize to stop the threat of the hackers spying on them, then first of all they must stop the hackers at the very heart on the situation, and that is the telephone (dialing out.. why wait until the hacker has logged into a system before you catch him/her. Get him/her when he makes the call). AT&T is in the middle of trying to clean up the european countries at the moment, and they will be in Australia in the near future. Telecom is doing a great job in monitoring the phreakers etc.. they are currently investigating hundreds of overseas's callers and also local callers and are informing the government of these people activities. The 0014 - direct dial U.S.A number is being monitored, and most calls are being logged. Also most 008 numbers are logged and cli monitors are on the line. Some 0014 numbers are logged out of every ten people it will record the last one. Also the federal police have quite a few informers who have accounts on top boards who are feeding then information on certain users etc.. Also I have heard a rumor (not reliable) that there are some federal police who operate a board in N.S.W and also Victoria and that they are operating it, just like a normal BBS, but when certain users get too big, they get busted. The future looks bad for the hacker at the moment - or is it ? We hackers phreakers, software traders must not back stab each other, compete against each other, etc.. BUT we must form a united information network against the government, we must collect information, trade information between ourselves. We must realize that we have the power and technology to watch the government and see what they are REALLY up too. We must form global networks, such as future net, HSI etc.. and email across the world with our friends. Only by realizing this power can we start to break down the walls of the governments of our society and bring them back into reality, and let them see for themselves that the people do have a voice and that we will not be suppressed manipulated for any longer. " Bring back the power to the people " - Stop the New World Order, before it's too late - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- uXu #151 Underground eXperts United 1993 uXu #151 Call RIPCO ][ -> +1-312-528-5020 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------


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