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### ### ### ### ### #### ### ### ### #### ### ### ##### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ### ##### ### ### ########## ### ### ########## ### ### ### ### Underground eXperts United Presents... ####### ## ## ####### # # #### ## ## ####### ## ## ## ## ##### ## ## ## ## #### ## ## #### # # ## ####### ## ## ## ## ## ##### ## ## ## ## ## ####### ####### # # ###### ## ## [ uXu Index 12-Nov-93 ] [ By The Chief ] ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ * The intro. "Break it up, break it down." I'd like to say that this release has been delayed a thousand times. Nothing grabs time as life can do itself, but this one was amazing. People lost access to computers (ie. hard drives crashed, modems burned), some had trouble with tough exams, new distribution sites were checked more than once, due to the delay, numbers changed, people change. Maybe it's time for another Life file huh? . But. Here we are, another release. Files from The GNN, The Chief and a new really promising contributor, Hedge. From fiction to lyrics. There are two other special releases on the way, which we think you'll like. One in english and the other in swedish. Due to some size limitations on our side, these will probably not be sent out to the mailing list, but will be available from the FTP/FSP sites. It is possible that we'll send them out in pieces though, but more about that when it happens. uXu, through Anonymous ftp? uXu Mailing List? Fsp? Jeppers! All files (0-147) are available from the sites listed at the end of this file. These sites will get the new releases after the people on the Mailing-List have received their packages. If you have an Internet address, you can subscribe to uXu (and request back-issues) by E-Mailing uxu-info-request@lysator.liu.se. When you request back-issues, please list the number(s) of the issue(s) instead of title(s). Example: Subject: uXu BACK-ISSUES Body: 003,022,054,065,023 To subscribe, just let the BODY of the letter contain the word "SUBSCRIBE", and every new release will be mailed to you as soon as it is ready. Simple and easy. uXu Copyright Notice? We're sorry to have to add this notice to our files, but it was necessary. Please read through the small but informative notice at the end of this textfile and believe us when we tell you that it had to be done. There's no respect these days. Easy way to find what's new. At the far left-side of the index files, there are stars (or multiplication characters) which let you know what's new since last time. You don't have to read through the whole index for the latest info, just scan the file for the stars. The Chief / uXu "Don't start playing games that you can't finish." --------------------------------------------------------------------- Be a part of the uXu team! Here's what you need to know... --------------------------------------------------------------------- Just call one of the boards listed at the end of this file and leave private mail to The Chief for further information (if needed) or to let us know you'd like to join. Don't hesitate! Call today! 'netters -> E-Mail The Chief (check address at the end of the file). Member --> We're happy if you write a minimum of two files/release. You do have to write something for each release to be listed as Member. Contributor --> We don't expect you to write for each release. You write when you have something to write about. We do want you to write something for every 3 releases to be listed as Contributor. Support Board --> To become a support board, we have to check your BBS first, so include number/name/nup when applying. As a support board, you'll have one file-area for uXu files and one for files TO uXu, where only the uXu editor (or errand-boy ) may download files. * Password protected files are okay too. --------------------------------------------------------------------- Current uXu Writers Name Specialities State ----------------------------------------------------------------------- The Chief - Fiction, News, Coolness, Facts - Member/Ed The GNN - Anarchy, Weirdness, Fiction - Member Phearless - Tips & Trix, Crazy Fun-N-Humor - Contributor Ralph 124C41+ - Sexual Degeneration, Tips & Trix - Contributor * Hedge - Fiction and Truths - Contributor ----------------------------------------------------------------------- On-The-Move uXu Writers Name Specialities Was ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Sarlo - Abusiveness, Wit & Blasphemy - Contributor Quiksilver - Lyrics - Contributor Mister Monochrome - Lyrics, Anarchy - Contributor ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Current uXu Support Boards (check numbers at the end of the file) Name SysOp State ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ripco ][ Dr. Ripco Main U.S. Inlet/Dist Site Demon Roach Underground Grandmaster Ratt Distribution Site, U.S. Solsbury Hill Laughing Gas Distribution Site, U.S. LHD} Hacksaw Distribution Site, U.S. The Hideaway Lmoe Distribution Site, U.S. * Metalland Southwest Drunkfux Distribution Site, U.S. * Cyberpunk System Legacy Distribution Site, U.S. * The KungFu Theatre Runaway Train Distribution Site, U.S. * The Metaphysical Workshop Daemon Distribution Site, U.S. * The Alliance System 0perator Distribution Site, U.S. * Piracetam Burning Chrome Distribution Site, U.S. * Destiny Stone II Ripmax Distribution Site, Australia The Phrozen Realm Mechanix Distribution Site, Canada Arrested Development Peter Venkman Distribution Site, Holland Pegasus Superuser Distribution Site, Switzerland ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- uXu Hall Of Thanks Name For... ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Bellman & DrunkFux ...giving us our first anon. ftp site directories Dr Ripco ...help with the Ripco File & great support Mac??? ...help with the distribution of the Awards file Omega ...fixing things. Filters were unnecessary! :) Sarlo ...defending & explaining uXu to non-informed Tequila Willy ...hey man, let me know when you're ready. Dude? ----------------------------------------------------------------------- __________________________________________________________________________ I N D E X - Standard Releases 000 - 147 [November 1993] No Title Author Size -------------------------------------------------------------------------- [000] An Introduction To uXu The Chief 8k [001] The European Digest Vol.1 Issue #01 The Chief 15k [002] The European Digest Vol.1 Issue #02 The Chief 31k [003] The European Digest Vol.1 Issue #03 The Chief 26k [004] The European Digest Vol.1 Issue #04 The Chief 12k [005] How To Get...Older Women The Chief 15k [006] The BIG System Vol.1 (Chapters 01-10) The Chief 46k [007] How To Get Even! The GNN 4k [008] Car Explosion Look-Alike The GNN 4k [009] Making A Small Flame Thrower The GNN 2k [010] Miscellaneous Crimes The GNN 3k [011] Miscellaneous Terror The GNN 7k [012] Projects For The Extremely Bored Anarchist The GNN 4k [013] Suicide! The GNN 5k [014] The European Digest Vol.1 Issue #05 The Chief 40k [015] uXu Index #1 The Chief 11k [016] Preventing A Murder The Chief 9k [017] How To Cause Panic Phearless 12k [018] Public Enemy - Apocalypse 91 Lyrics The Chief 36k [019] OOOOoooo! The Chief 7k [020] How To Shrink A Head The GNN 3k [021] The European Digest Vol.1 Issue #06 The Chief 22k [022] How To Kill An 'Elite' (in rhymes) The Chief 4k [023] Castle Chronicles Chapter One The Chief 10k [024] Your Mini Guide To Master The Art Of Chaos Phearless 7k [025] 101 Uses For The "Tower Of Power" The Chief 11k [026] uXu Index #2 The Chief 12k [027] The Ten Most Wanted By Interpol The GNN 4k [028] The BIG System Vol.2 (Chapters 11-15) The Chief 15k [029] Information Terrorism (At School) The GNN 3k [030] Unleashed - Where No Life Dwells Lyrics Mister Monochrome 8k [031] The Truth The GNN 4k [032] Castle Chronicles Chapter Two The Chief 10k [033] uXu Follow Up #1 - Dr. Ripco & Ripco BBS The Chief 124k [034] The Truth About Women The GNN 4k [035] Wpoeiwop The Chief 9k [036] uXu Index #3 The Chief 13k [037] Anarchist Unite The GNN 4k [038] A Jolly Good Day In School The GNN 6k [039] Depth Charge The GNN 3k [040] Depression The GNN 6k [041] The Excuse The GNN 3k [042] Childish Thoughts Phearless 4k [043] The Anatomy Of Hate The GNN 4k [044] Golf Ball Enjoyment Phearless 4k [045] Fun With Electricity Phearless 3k [046] Acid Human Terrorism The GNN 5k [047] uXu Index #4 The Chief 15k [048] AI The GNN 8k [049] Alarm! The GNN 3k [050] Castle Chronicles Chapter Three The Chief 6k [051] How To Deal With The Police The GNN 3k [052] El Presidente - Handgun Shooting Skill The GNN 8k [053] Friday The 17th The Chief 10k [054] Errors The GNN 5k [055] Eternal Life The GNN 9k [056] What Goes Around... The GNN 5k [057] I Know Who You Are! The GNN 5k [058] The uXu Annual Textfile Writer's Awards Info The Chief 13k [059] Squib Joke The GNN 4k [060] The Voice The GNN 7k [061] Torture With Things Laying Around At Home The GNN 7k [062] uXu Index #5 The Chief 18k [063] Divine Problems The GNN 8k [064] Castle Chronicles Chapter Four The Chief 10k [065] Listen Carefully The GNN 9k [066] The New Girl at Work Ralph 124C41+ 12k [067] The Doors' Complete Lyrics Quiksilver 110k [068] What Happened? The GNN 3k [069] The European Digest Vol.2 Issue #01 The Chief 30k [070] A Joke for VMS-Users Ralph 124C41+ 5k [071] Judgement Day The GNN 6k [072] uXu Index #6 The Chief 18k [073] Electricity The GNN 7k [074] The European Digest Vol.2 Issue #02 The Chief 21k [075] Toy Soldiers The GNN 7k [076] The Non-Fictionous "Over The Edge?" Phearless 14k [077] The Lost Soul The GNN 6k [078] How To Get...Older Women Part II The Chief 20k [079] Smog's Revenge The GNN 41k [080] The European Digest Vol.2 Issue #03 The Chief 41k [081] Laser Human Terrorism The GNN 5k [082] The Cure For Paranoia The GNN 5k [083] uXu Index #7 The Chief 19k [084] 10th Generation The GNN 12k [085] H0w t0 fix ur kredit! Sarlo 3k [086] Headhunter The GNN 6k [087] How to annoy an enemy (or make a new one) Ralph 124C41+ 4k [088] Backfire The GNN/Phearless 17k [089] TIC - Downtown Julie Brown Spills Her Guts Sarlo 6k [090] People of the Elite Scene - Yargh! The GNN 6k [091] Clean Shaven Beauty Ralph 124C41+ 3k [092] Blackstone Rising Sarlo 11k [093] Meanwhile The GNN 2k [094] uXu Index #8 The Chief 23k [095] Feline Superiority The GNN 6k [096] The Family Man The GNN 6k [097] Criminal Me or Eat My Confessions Part 1 Phearless 14k [098] Utopia The GNN 9k [099] Two Poems in One Phearless/The GNN 6k [100] A Year With uXu The Chief 11k [101] Sex! The GNN 7k [102] Meaning Of Life The GNN 2k [103] Vampires Anno 90's The GNN 10k [104] Church Of The Re(A)listic The GNN 3k [105] uXu Index #9 The Chief 24k [106] What Do You Think About Bleed? The GNN 7k [107] uXu Lyrics: Curve - Doppelgnger (v2) The Chief 12k [108] Dental Torture The GNN 6k [109] Clean Shaven Beauty II Ralph 124C41+ 3k [110] The Civilized Primitive Prowler The GNN 11k [111] Now It Can Be Told - uXu Members Speaks Out ALL 8k * [112] uXu Lyrics: Curve - Pubic Fruit (v3) The Chief 15k * [113] uXu Lyrics: Slowdive - Just For a Day (v2) The Chief 9k [114] Elite Modemtraders The GNN 23k [115] Castle Chronicles The Sequel - Chapter One The Chief 10k [116] uXu Index #10 The Chief 26k [117] The Missionary Man The GNN 4k [118] I O U Phearless 10k [119] ...As If Every Day... The GNN 9k [120] Pleasurehouse Interview The Chief 12k [121] Perpetum Mobile - Three Poems The GNN 9k [122] uXu Lyrics: Suredo, Pleasurehouse & A Shrine The Chief 18k [123] The Open Road Towards The Future The GNN 8k [124] Everything's Gonna Be Alright... Phearless 13k [125] They Are Coming The GNN 9k [126] Why? The GNN 7k [127] uXu Index #11 The Chief 27k [128] Als Sprach The GNN - Ten Topics The GNN 8k [129] The Anatomy Of Boredom Ralph 124C41+ 4k [130] Castle Chronicles The Sequel - Chapter Two The Chief 12k [131] Dream On Ralph 124C41+ 6k [132] The House Of The Criminally Insane The GNN 10k [133] The Twelve Miscellaneous Facts About Life The Chief 9k [134] The Last Night Of The World The GNN 9k [135] Death Is Rotten Ralph 124C41+ 7k [136] Live On Stage Again: Messiah! The GNN 8k [137] uXu Index #12 The Chief 28k * [138] The Last Frontier The GNN 7k * [139] Letters To The State Anon. Contributors 10k * [140] The Killing Truth The GNN 6k * [141] uXu Lyrics: Curve - Radio Sessions The Chief 11k * [142] The Lynch Mob The GNN 9k * [143] Prometheus Symptom The GNN 8k * [144] Vengeance! Hedge 6k * [145] Rage! The GNN 7k * [146] The Power The GNN 2k * [147] uXu Index #13 The Chief 29k -------------------------------------------------------------------------- I N D E X - Swedish Releases 00 - 07 [November 1993] No Title Author Size ------------------------------------------------------------------------- [01] VaktB, Bestmmelser fr Vaktpersonal Phearless 32k [02] Dial-a-Nerd Phearless 14k [03] Vattenfall, Dataskerhet & Virushysteri? The Chief 22k [04] Elaka & Roliga Trix i Unix Rubicon 6k [05] Analys av Rda Arm Fraktionens Politiska Ml The GNN 22k [06] Historier ur en Sjuk Hjrna Ajo 10k [07] Historier ur en Sjuk Hjrna II - The Return Ajo 7k ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I N D E X - Den Svenska Rapporten (DSR) Swedish [November 1993] [Swedish Computer/Hacking/Telecom News] No Release Date Size --------------------------------------- [01] Sep 18, 1991 27k [02] Oct 28, 1991 45k [03] Mar 31, 1992 23k [04] Apr 30, 1992 28k [05] May 31, 1992 97k [06] Jun 30, 1992 133k [07] Jul 31, 1992 133k [08-10] Oct 31, 1992 61k [11] Nov 30, 1992 78k [12] Jan 22, 1993 109k [13] Feb 28, 1993 74k [14] Mar 31, 1993 75k --------------------------------------- * uXu - Description Index Standard Releases ^ / \ / \ /\ /\ / \ / \ Underground eXperts United < uXu > Release Update #13 \ / \ / Nov 12, 1993 \/ \/ \ / \ / v August November August November August November Releases 1993: 138: "The Last Frontier" by The GNN. A rational statement trying to see through the government's interest in the wide area networks of today. A couple of answers to questions if this is good or bad, and what will probably happen in the near future is presented here. 139: "Letters To The State" by Anon. Contributors. This one was sent to uXu through an anonymous mail-address, to be published with this release. It's a story of lies, "dangerous people with computers", informers and the police. 140: "The Killing Truth" by The GNN. The truth can be fatal, we all know that. But how fatal can it be? If you knew, would you care, or would something else happen to you? Do you dare to know? 141: "uXu Lyrics: Curve - Radio Sessions" by The Chief. One of the best Curve collections out on the market today. Their Peel sessions are better and differs from the originals. You a Curve fan? Scope this one out. 142: "The Lynch Mob" by The GNN. Crisis, governments, scape-goats, refugees, anarchists and the 'normal' people. The GNN corrects the picture on the wall with yet another insightful look under the magnifying glass on how the world works. Do you believe? 143: "Prometheus Symptom" by The GNN. Creeping fiction from the meister himself. Knowledge, power and pain. People say knowledge is power. At least right now. 144: "Vengeance!" by Hedge. Now there's a new name in the game. Hedge presents himself with a story that might just not be fiction at all. Or is it? The guilty ones know for sure. 145: "Rage!" by The GNN. Yes, Rage. Will you put up with anything? What do you do when someone tells you to go to hell? Do you do that then? I don't think so. What do you do when someone tells you to do something? Depends on who it is, right? The police? 146: "The Power" by The GNN. If you read GNN's last, really popular one called 'Meanwhile', you will love this one. And it is so true, so true. You'll get the message. 147: "uXu Index #13" by The Chief. Perhaps the index isn't needed anymore? What do You think? Let me know! E-Mail me with your comments and we'll head the way you turn us to. Though we've got one for this release doesn't mean there aren't any new sections, new information, general statistics and, just for fun a couple of those sections are listed neatly and well below for you: - An introduction about current events by The Chief. - Updated Writer and Support Board Lists. - An updated uXu Hall of Thanks List. - An updated list of all uXu files in Short format. - In-depth descriptions of the new files. - An updated list of places where to contact uXu. [#147 also includes an Index for the uXu-S and DSR series] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also call these fine boards: [Fishy until Release #14] Pegasus [+41]-71-715577 [v32b] (uXu Switzerland Outlet) The Stash [+46]-13-175042 [v32b] (uXu Sweden Home) Sedes Diaboli [+46]-586-43766 [v32b] (uXu Sweden Outlet) * Destiny Stone II [+61]-924-62553 [14.4] (uXu Australian Outlet) Ripco ][ [312]-528-5020 [14.4] (uXu Main U.S. In/Outlet) * Cyberpunk System [316]-942-0064 [v32b] (uXu U.S. Outlet) * The Metaphysical Workshop [317]-736-6439 [2400] (uXu U.S. Outlet) * The KungFu Theatre [401]-351-5345 [v32b] (uXu U.S. Outlet) The Phrozen Realm [514]-738-2105 [2400] (uXu Canada Outlet) * The Alliance [612]-251-8596 [16.8] (uXu U.S. Outlet) The Hideaway [708]-748-1911 [v32b] (uXu U.S. Outlet) * Metalland Southwest [713]-468-5802 [v32b] (uXu U.S. Outlet) Demon Roach Underground [806]-794-4362 [2400] (uXu U.S. Outlet) * Piracetam [813]-996-3902 [v32b] (uXu U.S. Outlet) LHD} [818]-546-2332 [14.4] (uXu U.S. Outlet) Note: ----- Arrested Development [+31] Soon back up again Pegasus [+41] 10 lines in, X.25 NUA: +228 4752 1 2574 Lunatic Labs [213] Sometimes * Solsbury Hill [301] Moving [14.4] (uXu U.S. Outlet) * The Metaphysical Workshop [317] Weekdays 9pm-4pm, weekends 9pm-9am ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The uXu Connection ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Internet - chief@lysator.liu.se (The Chief) - ralph@sfbbs.edvina.se (Ralph 124C41+) - dan_phear@skylink.sublink.org (Phearless) FTP Sites - ftp.lysator.liu.se /pub/texts/uxu - zero.cypher.com /pub/uxu * - etext.archive.umich.edu /pub/Zines/UXU (+ gopher) * - centreville-3207.dorm.umd.edu /pub/uxu * FSP Sites - Port 21 /other101/Online-Book- Initiative/NewsLetters/UXU * Mailing List - uxu-info@lysator.liu.se (to post to all list-members) * - uxu-info-request@lysator.liu.se (for administrative things) IRC Channel - #uxu (weekends mostly) Snail Mail - uXu, P.O. BOX 5, S-790 23 SVARDSJO, SWEDEN [BLEED I and II can be found at ftp.luth.se under /pub/amiga/game/role] ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Underground eXperts United Copyright Notice ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The files spread by uXu is copyrighted material, however spreading is allowed as long as the following rules are followed: - No commercial spreading whatsoever. - Filenames are in the format UXU-nnn.TXT where nnn is the valid number of that release. You may re-archive it, but keep the UXU-nnn.aaa format (aaa stands for archive-extension like ARJ, ZIP, LZH etc.) - You are NOT allowed to add, subtract or in any way change the text. Please note that neither uXu nor the authors take any responsibility for the information contained in the files. We have no responsibility for psychical or physical damage or injuries caused by use or misuse of the files. If something is unclear or if you want to get more material from uXu, please contact one of our distribution sites or write directly to chief@lysator.liu.se. ________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________


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