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////// // ////// // // // // // ////// // // // // ////// ////// =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= The Lawless Society =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Welcome To The Lawless Society. Issue #15. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The Adventures of Sheetman =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- If you are an avid reader of TLS files, you must CERTAINLY remember the one describing my extreme boredom brought on from a move to a different town. Well, basically, the boredom or loneliness is still the same, but work and college have seemed to suck up most of the idle time that I used to have. Yes, it does make things a bit more tolerable, but still boring. Anyway, in that episode, I mentioned the reason for my relocation - My stepfather. Well, at the time I got a lot of responses telling me that they found my description of my stepfather as somewhat numerous. Comments like "Brainchild" and "Wonderboy" were used as colorful descriptions of his personality. I feel, in the light of recent events, that a follow up on Wonder Boy is not only necessary, but it may even brighten your day. EVERYTHING in here is 100% true, although you will surely doubt a few examples. Here it goes. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Living away from my parental units (again) has changed my view of my stepfather. I am no longer FORCED to deal with his lunacy and ridiculous philosophies on how I should live my life. (Life according to Wonderboy.) It has changed from a viewpoint full of anger and rage, to one of humor and gratitude (that I no longer have to live in his world.) Last March, My mother got out of the Looney Bin (as I so often call places concerning mental health - Ironically, I'm about a step away from one myself.) When she returned she found my stepfather showing signs of what she thought was regret (at himself for having driven me out of the house single handedly.) She would call me and tell me this, but I never did believe her. I knew there HAD to be something else behind his so-called sadness. I thought this mainly because in the 13 years that i have been acquainted with him, I never knew him to regret a thing....not even the most obvious screw-up in his personal life. For those who DON'T know, my stepfather is a Manic-Depressive. My mother is also manic depressive, but in normal state is depressive. Stepdad is normally manic. His Lithium keeps him in a mostly normal state of mind. When mom went into the looney bin in Arizona, Bob (my stepfather) decided not to listen to the countless doctors who told him drinking alcohol would anhialate his lithium balance, and he decided to drink anyway. That is what led to the episode described in the earlier textfile. To sum it up, I would either be forced to kill him, or move out. So, I moved out. When mom got back his lithium balance was thrown off in the other direction because of his sudden stopation of drinking. THAT is what was responsible for his so-called sorrow for fucking me over. :) In May, he decided that he didn't need to take his lithium anymore. He said, "I'm a Man, and no little chemical can control my life. I can do it myself." Just in case you don't know, the primary symptom of a Manic Depressive is not taking their medicine. Especially in Normally Manic patients. Well, he went to his normal medical doctor and told him he was feeling fine without his medicine (What Manic wouldn't?) Well, moron (Doctor Gilliberti who has an office on jack Martin Blvd. in BrickTown) said that was good, and he didn't need his medicine anymore. Well, that is when the fun began. Hang on, this is gonna get funny. He went into a manic fit that lasted several weeks. Since I was not there, I cannot give you the events in order of occurrence, but I will just throw them at the wall and see what sticks. Here they are. 1) On a shopping trip to Caldors in Brick, he went up to several strangers who were also shopping (mostly fat bald men - I dunno why) and grabbed their nose and pulled till the person screamed. My mother was with him and couldn't believe what was going on. BUT she didn't think anything unusual of this YET (Go figure.) 2) On a trip to the beach, Wonderboy heard a group of 3 surf punks say the word "FUCK". Well, he approached them and said "Now listen guys.....There's no cursing on this beach, no cursing is allowed. By the way, My name is Bob [shaking their hands]" They were shocked, but Bob eventually left to enjoy the sand and sun. On their way out, the 3 surf punks turned into 8, and one of them said the word "FUCK" again. Well, Bob went up to them again, and said "Now look guys, I warned you. There's no cursing on this beach. Now, you can curse, but only if it's used in the form of an adjective." So, to be a ballbuster, one of the surfpunks said "You mean, we can say 'There's no fucking cursing allowed on this beach?'" Bob replied, "Now ya got it. By the way, My name's Bob [Shaking their hands again]." As he was leaving, one of the surfers said "Bye BOB"....Bob walked up to him, stared at him intensely, grabbed his nose and pulled.....Needless to say, the surfpunk screamed and ran away thinking a lunatic is after him. 3) Seems at this time, Bob wore 3 wristwatches. One 5 minutes behind, one on time, and one 5 minutes ahead. When asked about it, he replied "I working on a mathematical equation to solve this problem we have with time. If we can just eliminate this problem [The Space/Time Continuum] everything will run smoothly." 4) Another primary symptom of normally manic patients is a lack of sleep. Seems, on his way to work everyday, Bob would NOT go to work, but stop on the side of any of he 3 major highways he happened to be on, pull over, lay down on the side of an embankment, and admire nature. This is normal, eh? 5) Seems his delusion of former manic episodes (The one about him being Sheetman - A Super Hero who wears a sheet as a cape) returned. 6) As he stated to my mother when she asked who he thinks he is, he said "Don't worry, I don't think I'm god....just second in command." He said he wasn't as powerful as god, but could still accomplish almost anything. This IS THE MAN, My MOTHER LOVES. Needless to say, he was committed to a mental hospital. Since then he has been discharged and is living somewhat of a normal life again. The funny thing is, he still doesn't see anything wrong in the things he did or thought when he was in a manic episode. I know this is one of the shortest TLS files, but I don't think anyone else is working on one, so I'll just release this one as it is. Hope ya enjoyed it. - Powerslave =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- BEELZABOARD BBS(TLS HQ's) - (908)899-1270 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- CyberChat Online Systems (42 lines) - (908)506-0610 =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Panther Modernz Systems(TANJ HQ's) - (908)830-TANJ =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- All systems support 1200-14.4k BPS Modems =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-


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