This file comes to you courtesy of Jacque Shipley of the Mother Board BBS. We just can't t

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This file comes to you courtesy of Jacque Shipley of the Mother Board BBS. We just can't thank her enough. Please be aware that the contributed SPITFIRE SF.BAT commands or the Wildfire script commands represent the drive, directory and other specifics of the Sysop who donated them and will need to be modified to reflect your particular system setup. These are meant to serve as a guideline for installing the door on a SPITFIRE BBS and are not intended to replace referring to the documentation for the door installation instructions. Installing ModemNews Magazine on a SPITFIRE BBS System can be accomplished by several different means. If a Sysop wishes to only have one issue of ModemNews (presumably the most recent) I would recommend setting it up outside of Wildfire, using the normal SPITFIRE door installation procedure and running it from the SPITFIRE Door Menu or as a Sysop Configurable command from the Main, Message or File Menu. To do this, obtain the latest version of Doorway (DRWY205.ZIP currently, at the time of this writing) and ModemNews Magazine. Create a directory specifically for running your ModemNews Magazine as a door or Sysop Configurable command. For my system the directory is: C:\DOOR\MNEWS. Uncompress your Doorway utility and the Modem New Magazine to this directory. Once all the files are contained in this directory, you will need to modify your SF.BAT and SFDOOR.MNU files if you are running ModemNews as a door and create a SFMAIN.BAT, SFFILE.BAT or SFMESS.BAT if it is being run as a Sysop Configurable command option. As a door, you will need to include the following line in your SFDOOR.MNU to correspond to the appropriate door from which your users will access the ModemNews Magazine: ModemNews Magazine,10 Next you will need to modify your SF.BAT. Let's assume ModemNews is being installed as Door_A. When finished, your batch file should be similar to the one below: :DOOR_A CD\DOOR\MNEWS DOORWAY COM1 /L: /N: /M:20 /O: /S:* /P:NEWSxx.EXE /0 CD\SF GOTO LOOP :DOOR_B The specific Doorway command switches you will use will depend on how you wish to set up ModemNews on your system. For instance, the /O: option listed above, only is available to registered Doorway users for removing Doorway's opening screen and the /M:20 which sets a 20 minute time limit is limited to 10 minutes in the unregistered versions. If ModemNews is going to be set up as a Sysop Configurable command, place the commands contained between the :DOOR_A and :DOOR_B in the SF.BAT mentioned above in the appropriate SFMAIN.BAT, SFMESS.BAT or SFFILE.BAT. The appropriate SFMAIN.BAT, SFMESS.BAT or SFFILE.BAT should be placed in your main system files path for SPITFIRE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Personally, I wanted to have several issues of ModemNews available to my users. The easiest way I found to do this was to combine the features of Doorway and Wildfire. Wildfire provides an easy way to set up a menu to provide the various ModemNews issues and using Doorway to execute the NEWSxx.EXE file. So if you decide to run it this way, you can use the following set up: A directory will need to be created for each ModemNews issue you wish to have available. I name the directories I set up after the particular issue it contains. For instance, for this example, I will be setting up the October 1989 issue, NEWS13 (the 13th issue of ModemNews). The Doorway utility must either be placed in each directory or in a directory that is contained in your path statement. Then modify your SF.BAT as follows: SPITFIRE BATCH COMMANDS ----------------------- :DOOR_A CD \SF\WILDFIRE WILDFIRE MONITOR.CFG MNEWS :BEGIN IF ERRORLEVEL 60 GOTO DOOR IF ERRORLEVEL 50 GOTO DONE IF ERRORLEVEL 1 GOTO DONE GOTO DONE :DOOR CALL RUN WILDFIRE RESTART GOTO BEGIN :DONE CD \SF GOTO LOOP :DOOR_B Set up a menu in Wildfire for your ModemNews entitled MNEWS and set the particular issue up in the following manner: WILDFIRE SET UP AND SCRIPT COMMANDS ----------------------------------- DOOR ATTRIBUTES: Board Type = S Time Limit = 20 Security Required = 10 Re-Run Lock Status = N Expired Status = N EXECUTION SCRIPT Line #1: ECHO OFF Line #2: CD\DOOR\MNEWS13 Line #3: DOORWAY Line #4: DOORWAY COM1: /L: /M:20 /S:* /O: /N: /P:NEWSxx.EXE /0 Once again, the specific command switches you use with Doorway will depend on your preferred set up on your system. Sample ModemNews Set Ups Contributed By Jacque Shipley The Mother Board BBS - (515) 986-3464 9600/2400/1200 Baud Grimes, Iowa (And GREATLY appreciated! (ed))


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