Dear Readers, This is a preissue of Dogma, and as with any first issue there is a need to

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Dear Readers, This is a pre-issue of Dogma, and as with any first issue there is a need to set forth a certain set of objectives, the goals toward which a magazine aspires. Well, surprise! We don't have any. no discernible agenda whatsoever. In fact, I think the word ``agenda'' sucks, and as I am editor, of sorts, I hearby ban the word from this magazine altogether. What we do have is an open forum for you folks who harbor a secret desire to express unadulterated spite. Yes, that's what Dogma is all about - but there's so much more! For instance, how many magazines cover only one topic an issue and fill every page with subversive information and editorials? Okay, so there's a lot, but dammit, we're the best! And what makes us better then the rest is the simple fact that, uh . . . we, uh . . . have a cool name! Oh yeah, and also because you write in and tell us all the dirty little secrets you know and then we tell everyone else. However, you shouldn't think that this is just some collection of hacks putting together another subversive, dime-a-dozen eletric rag to satisfy their own ego's. No way buster! We're in it for the money too. But until we think of a was to collect money without actually paying you writers out there - it's free. What a deal! (Like you'd pay for it anyways you stingy bastards.) If you are the kind of person who might be inclined to write something similar, please send us a note at ElfSystems, Inc. Rt. 6 Box 429, Paris TX 75462; fax us at 903-785-1924; send E-Mail to me at; or get in touch with us on GridPoint BBS (number will be released soon).


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