Dear Readers, May 1st brings you the 49th Issue of ModemNews Magazine and it will be relea

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Dear Readers, May 1st brings you the 49th Issue of ModemNews Magazine and it will be released in the following formats. We would like your comments. MNEWS49.ZIP Our original DOS ANSI version of ModemNews Magazine and required(!) for all DOS based NewsStands, and optional for others. This edition is the only one that can be sent via RelayNet autosend each month. MNEWS49.CPT Our Macintosh edition and REQUIRED for all MAC based NewsStands. Optional for others, though we would hope you would not leave your MAC users out of this. MNTBK49.ZIP ModemNews for Windows! Created using Asymetrix Toolbook v1.53. (Multi-Media) This edition will need the Toolbook runtime modules 1.53 that can be downloaded as RTBK153.ZIP from our BBS. This edition is optional for NewsStands, though we would hope you would start to carry it on a regular basis in addition to the ANSI edition and features graphics MIDI music (while you read). We are moving towards this edition as our standard. MNTEXT49.ZIP The TEXT files from the articles that will appear in the above editions of ModemNews. This edition is created for those who use computer platforms that cannot make use of any of the other editions, such as the Amiga and CoCo. This is, of course, optional. It is released in a format that can be used with the BBS Door program READROOM. A runtime is included for your home reading pleasure. The Staff of ModemNews Magazine BBS 203.359.2299 RelayNet : MODEMNEWS (Site ID #465) CIS: 71726,2721 TTN: Jeff Green (Net Chat Conference) PBN: ModemNews Conference (Jeff Green) Internet :


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