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* Originally By: Thomas Kryston * Originally To: All * Originally Re: Guns and "Abusive" parents * Original Area: FIDO-AEN_News Service * Forwarded by : Blue Wave v2.12 BILL TO DENY GUNS TO ABUSIVE SPOUSES. WASHINGTON (AP) October 20, 1993 Several women lawmakers rallied around New Jersey Rep. Robert Torricelli yesterday as he offered a bill designed to keep guns away from people convicted of battering their wives or abusing their children. "There is nothing between an abusing spouse and a handgun. There is no restraint of law," the New Jersey Democrat said as he explained how his 'Domestic Violence Firearm Prevention Act" could reduce the number of women and children killed each year. Sen. Paul Wellstone, D-Minn., introduced the companion Senate bill. The federal legislation is modeled on restrictions already are on the books in Minnesota and California. Currently, gun ownership is prohibited for anyone convicted of a felony or deemed mentally incompetent. The proposed legislation would add to the list anyone convicted of misdemeanor crimes involving violence against a spouse or child, as well as those people under court order to stay away from a family member. Torricelli called his legislation complementary to the Brady bill, which would give law enforcement officers five days to conduct background checks of potential gun buyers. The Brady bill, which is soon expected to come before Congress, has the supportof the Clinton administration. Torricelli said he became interested in this aspect of gun control after a Rutherford, N.J., a woman won a restraining order against her husband, only to be murdered by him in fornt of her children. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Note: Remember Linda's post about the "Child Abusing" spouse that smoked in front of her child. According to this article, that person would be prohibitted from owning a handgun. (see first paragraph). Again I state, if a bill such as this passes, then you will see the definition of "child abusers" include wide-ranges. I forsee anyone convicted of DWI or DUI being labeled a child abuser. In fact it would NOT surprise me to see anyone "convicted" or fined by the EPA to be labeled a "child abuser" (After all they "abused" Mother Earth, what do you think they do to their own children) Do you spank your children? How about if you decide you do not want to vaccinate your children? The evil of this bill is their doublespeak and fallacious labeling. Since the majority of Americans do not abuse their child, they will see no wrong in preventing a "child abuser" or spouse abuser from obtaining a handgun.


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