C0rpse Issue 2 How to Spot A Lamer Well, here I am on New Years day. It would seem that I'

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C0rpse Issue 2 - How to Spot A Lamer Well, here I am on New Years day. It would seem that I'm putting these out on all of the major holidays eh? Oh well, it's not intentional, but just whenever I'm in the mood to write something I suppose. Speaking of writing something. Hmmmm... not quite sure yet what the topic of this one is gonna be either. I suppose I just like babbling about nothing like this before my files. Gives inspiration I guess, anyways, here's something of a plot/topic for you. Ahhh, the bbs lamer. A being so completely devoid of intelligence that he finds it necessary to inflict others with the constant annoyance of his presence. Why do they do it? I don't think anyone really knows the answer to that, but they seem to come out of the woodwork for some reason or another. Granted, most bbs'ers are dubbed "lamers" when they first begin, but then they learn the "in's and out's" of the subject and adjust to make themselves less noticeable. But then comes the true lamer; the one that never seems to realize what an ass he is making of himself, and believes that he is being pretty cool hiding behind his computer screen making fun of and annoying others. Here are a few encounters I've had with lamers and a brief description of what they did. Some of the handles I will divulge, and others I will not as I see fit... well, here goes Here's the person that I consider BBS enemy number one in the 908 AC. He's a complete schlepp and since I'm gonna be putting some stuff in here that would expose him for the complete lamer that he is, I will leave out his handle. Let's just call him "Lame Man" for now ok? This all starts with some mail from this kid to stalker (sysop of Mosh Pit/Ghost Town). He says he would like some help setting up FrontDoor (in and of itself, this wouldn't be so bad since FD is a fairly complex thing to get going). It all gets funny when Stalker refuses due to the fact that it would take nearly 4 years to tell someone how to set FD up over the phone when you're not even quite sure how it works yourself; believe me I've tried. So after being rejected, Lame Man gets pissed, and decides to reply back to Stalker with something along the following lines "Set up FD for me or I will put a virus on your BBS and take it down." Oh boy, watch us shake. Now Stalker isn't a very vengeful person, nor is he very good with confrontations, so when I get wind of this, I take it upon myself to call this person voice and "jack him up." Nothing really serious was said aside fro a few names called and a polite "don't call the BBS back." Of course things didn't end there. Stalker decides to let him back on (for reasons that elude me to this day), and the kid seems to have stopped being a jerk. Anyways, I get a new user on my system by the name of "Executioner" (I know this discloses his Identity, but I really don't care at this point). He's on for a few days b4 I catch him while he's online and ask if it's a good time to do a voice validation. He informs me that he entered an incorrect phone number and that he is really Lame Man (Dude Man/Joe Haberl if you haven't gotten the hints yet) and thus begins the next saga of dude man's initiation into the lamer hall of fame. I decide that he was never really planning to follow thru on his threat and give him minimal access and a second chance (hey, everyone makes mistakes). About ten minutes after I call him and do teh voice validation, he's back on the system and after a chat attempt (I had the pager turned off so he'd think I wasn't there), I see him do a //\\*D (the renegade shortcut key for sysops to shell to DOS). Of course it didn't work for him, but I broke into chat and told him to go away. He called back a few seconds later, and the following chat ensued from the logon screen. I'll narrate it for you, so just sit back and laugh till you bust a gut. DM = Dude Man PA = Me (Panther) 3:52 pm Wed Nov 24, 1993 Recorded with user: Nobody #0 Chat reason: None ------------------------------------ DM: believe me, if I wanted to do somethin to this board, I would of done it t PA: really, and what could you do, mr. big time hacker boy? DM: OH well I could have had my friend fix this board up nicely, he's a terrorist his board deals with terrorists PA: wow, scare me... tell ya what... why don't you send your terrorist friend to the BBS so's I can laugh at both of you DM:I don't think you would laugh after the damage he would do, he's pulled down almost all ABBS members board in O.C. and there's another one going down real soon, he's even talked about Chris's board, cause he thought he was an ABBS member PA: welp, whether I'd laugh or not has yet to be seen... why don't you send him to see what he can do... I've had threats like this b4 from you and others, and nothing ever comes of them... why don't you show me that you have some amount of brains or guts and have you or your friend try to hack my BBS... consider this an official challenge DM: well from the looks of it, it doesn't look that hard, there's a lot of weaknesses, the main one, is FRONT DOOR, my friend's buddy PA: I know about backdoors in FD, and I have personally patched them all... anyone with a small amount of knowledge can DM: well do you know about the LOGIN: ********** type a certain command in, and BOOM! he's in your dos PA: afraid not... as I said... I have patched the backdoor's... including the Login prompt, which I might add is about the easiest one to use... can't your friend do better than that? DM: oh no, I'm just naming some things he's done, ohm btw if your phone bill get's c/c's 900 # on it, ohm you might want to ask my friend about that PA: well, have your friend do whatever he likes... I believe I have an idea who your friend is anyway, and I don't believe he'd be one who would mess with me DM: I don't think you know him, he doesn't even belong to c/c, he's not John Creo either PA: well, I don't call c/c and I wasn't thinking John Creo either... DM: ok, if you think you know him, tell me his FIRST name PA: hmmm... lemme see... **** perhaps>? DM: not even close, your off by about a lot, I'm not even going to count PA: anyways... I seriously doubt if there's anyone around here who would do that to me, and if they did, they wouldn't be too happy afterwards... this chat is growing old... why don't you go away unless you have something interesting to say DM: I was wondering if you want rg files, I'll u/l them to c/c if you want, cause I think every board that runs rg should have rg files, or bbs utils PA: well, I'm not you, I don't think that, and I can get all the RG files I want from many different places DM: oh I know, I can to, I"m just making an offer to save ya some time PA: no thanx... BTW: what's the verdict, are you and your friend gonna take down my BBS?... Hmmm?... that seemed to be the way the conversation was going, and right about now I'd really like someone to laugh at DM: no, cause I have nuttin against this board PA: or maybe because you know for a fact that neither you or anyone else you know is capable of doing it? DM: oh yeah that's it, gosh darnet panther your one hell of a smart kid, you just figure it right out don't ya NOT! PA: well, if I'm wrong then prove it... I'll sit back here and watch you "hack" at my BBS and if you can get anywhere with it, I'll let you do what you want... how's that sound, or are you gonna be forced to admit that you're a know-nothing loser and couldn't get into this system if I drew you a map DM: OH MAN YOUR JUST TOO SMART, I don't have the equipment right now, it's being borrowed, but if my friend wants to waste his time with a NON ABBS member, I"ll let him, but there's ABBS boards that have to go down more than yours PA: ok... just for kicks, and so I'd know who I was up against... what's the handle of the person you're referring to as your friend DM: To tell you the truth, I don't know what handle he uses, I just know his real name PA: what's his first name then so you don't disclose his full identity DM: Rob PA: hmmm... I know a few rob's... wanna give his last name, or would he not appreciate that? DM: I don't think he even know's about this board, he doesn't do much bbsing, his board has to be up a lot, so he doesn't have time, he's to busy with the terrorists PA: well, anyway, if something shows up on my phone bill, I'll just inform you that you will regret it DM: oh I know, cause you have it all in logs don't ya PA: My phone calls?? afraid not... the BBS stuff tho DM: yeah, you have this whole chat in there, so you'll save it, then bring it up in case something does happend, just like on underground, and c/c, you have your capture on, do you really think I would give his name or handle your sadly mistaking I"m not dumb ya know PA: people would say otherwise, and anyway, buffers mean absolutely nothing anywhere... whether it be in court or somewhere else since they can quite easily be forged DM: hold on a sec yeah I see what ya mean, you could log on as them, then chat, all though hmmm...I"m trying to think.............................................. can't remember, ohm what term program do ya run? PA: I use a few different ones... mostly Qmodem 5.0... anyways, I I wanna see if your friend can hack the BBS... but I don't want him screwing with my phone line... someone will end up paying for it DM: well actually I noticed you have the plans for it right here on your board PA: the plans for what? DM: the thing he uses to charge things to other bills PA: yeah... it's call "third party billing"... quite simple actually DM: yeah, but he doesn't with special equipment so that it can't be traced PA: like a divertor perhaps... anyone who didn't use one would be foolish... look, this chat is boring, I'm tired of ending up talking like this with you every time I see you... don't call the BBS back... don't mess with my phone line... capish? DM: well I"m locked out of the board, that means 1. your phone bill will be totally over charged by someone 2. terrorists will take this board and fix the u/l d/l system nicely, 3. they'll fix your hd for you, by expanding your hd 4. and many other's to come :) all this can be avoided very easily PA: you forgot 5. I get really pissed off and have everyone that I know do all of these thing and more to you... I dunno who your friend is, but I know only about 8 people around here who could do what you're talking about, and I happen to be friends with 7 of them... only one is questionable, and I still doubt he'd mess with me... trust me, you'd be better off in the long run not messing with my phone... as for the BBS, I have a fair amount of respect for someone who could hack a secure system, so let them do what they'd like DM: ok, but you see if you get pissed, we get happy, and when my board goes up with it's new name, and number, it's going to be taking over this board, cause ya see I"m going to have terrorists on there, and just advertise your board on the BAD LIST PA: ahhh... terrorists are too sloppy... lotsa brawn.. no brains... you're sitting on a bbs with quite a few devoted, intelligent hackers on it... not to mention a mentally unstable sysop with a large collection of baseball bats... I could quite easily have all the same things and more imaginative things done to your BBS and phone line... this is not something you want to get started... believe me... the BBS is one thing, considering I could retaliate without much problem... the phone line would make me have to talk to the operators at the phone company for an hour and they really get on my already high-strung nerves, so this would not be wise DM: well if you come with b bats, my friends will be waiting with their guns fully loaded PA: no no... I don't come with baseball bats... that's too tasteless... => User disconnected Well, that's that basic gist of the dude man saga. He was by far the most fun to toy around with. Below I will go into a recent escapade I had with someone. I have no idea who it was, but dude man is a prime suspect. Someone log's onto my BBS at around midnight under the handle "your mom"... real name "your mom's pussy". Pretty intelligent person we're dealing with here. So I break into chat with him and it goes something like this. PA=Me YM=Your Mom person PA: Bet you think you're pretty cool logging onto here with that handle eh? YM: take it down! PA: Come again? YM: take this board down now or we will slam your ass in jail!!! PA: ok, just to play the moron here for a while... a few questions what agency are you from YM: FBI PA: Your full legal name? YM: PA: original last name... you can't do better than that?... and your position? YM: second below bill clinton my nephew PA: well, thanx for playing along like this... now I have traced the call and will us CNA to get your real info and work from there... hasta la vista sucker. All in all, it was pretty short, but loads of fun. He must have been a little bit scared since he didn't answer the phone when I *69'd him. I could have had tons of fun with him voice, but he chickened out. Of course I didn't go to all the trouble of getting his number and using CNA. That would have made for loads of fun tho. Well, I believe that's all I have to share with you right now. I'll certainly have some more lamers on my BBS in the near future and I will be sure to post all of my wonderful escapades with them. C0rpse Support BBSes The Asylum (908)914-9318 SysOp: Panther


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