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FBI's 2nd issue.. We're sorry for the delay, we took a little vacation, literally.. Be looking for the next release sometime around the end of Sept. Well, on with the articles! ******************************************************************************* Aye... it's the Sentinel again... back with another kicking bomb idea... its the FBI Death Grenade Two! Start out by reading the previous carbide.fbi text in the first newsletter. Put the baloon in... as directed, but first make sure its pretty dry ( set it out somewhere for a day... or use a hair dryer, etc.. ) then toss some vinegar and some Sodium Ferrocyanide ( a crystalized substance... mine was blue ) then throw in the calcium carbide. ( for a better bomb, put the CC in a separate holder, if the bottle top is big enough ) Now, put this outside away from people for a few days... so the vinegar and the Sodium Ferrocyanide can make Hydrogen Cyanide (i think) anyways, after the few days,if the bomb dosen't explode (make sure its in a cool place, FAR away from anything living ( and NOT the fridge ) you shake it so the baloon bursts and mixes with the CC. Put this somewhere where the victim is going to go (you have about 30 seconds before it goes off) also, leave a burning rag next to it. this will cause an explosion of acytylene gas, hydrogen cyanide, flame and shattered glass at about 300 FPS. the kill range is about 5 feet. the Fuck up really bad range is up to about 10- 15 feet. If you watch this go off... make sure yer 80-100 feet away because the cyanide gas goes FAR. If you just want an explosion, just use the CC and water... its not QUITE as deadly. NOTE: I havent wanted to kill anyone that bad recently, and hence, this recipe hasn't been tested. So be careful. brought to you by , *****{================- ' the Sentinel c1991 FBI all rights nonexistant. ************************************************************************* Garbled UseR and the FBI present... T H E S O D A C A N . . . . Just one more part of "The Militant's Militia" This is one of the most deadly, evil, vile, destuctive and just plain dire explosive devices known to the FBI. This weapon operates on the "Deadman's Switch" theory, but is easily disguised as an innocent recylable object. The reason it is so demonic, is that once it is set, merely TOUCHING the device will set it off. Thus one could place it on a doorstep, behind a car, or just in the middle of the street where some innocent passer-by could mistakenly set it off. Even worse, some cheap fool, or environmentally concious person could set it off. Depending on what type of explosive you use, and whether or not you add shrapnel, the device's power could range from a small flare, to a tremendous detonation! The concept is quite simple, and will be given in an easy step by step format, for your reading pleasure. :) 1. Decide what you want to do with the bomb, to use it as a scare tactic, or to detonate a city block, or maybe just a small, but powerfull explosion. 2. Pick up the following ingredients for the bomb: (1) Aluminum can used for soda or beer. Ranging from 12oz and up. (1) Spool of wire, any color. Preferably solid. Fone wire works nice. (1) Mercury Switch.(optional) (1) Mini SPST Switch. (1) SPST pushbutton switch. Normally ON. (1) Spool of solder, and a nice iron. Neatness counts! (1) Nine Volt Battery. 2A. Now here's where your decision in step 1 counts.. If you want a scare tactic, Pick up some flash powder (or flare powder) and a nice 1.5V flashlight bulb. ( convieniently available at your local RADIO-SHACK ) 2B. WHAT!? You want to detonate a city block?! You are a lunatic! We must get together some time. Go to your local store and pick up some ammonium nitrate ( instant coldpacks, or fertilizer ). Now Aquire, or make ( not advised ) a nice #8 blasting cap. On second thought, making one might be better for your purposes, because you can make it MILITARY style. (75% more powerful then conventional blasting caps. ) #8's have a tendency not to work well with Ammonium Nitrate. 2C. Just a nice routine explosion eh? Pick up a flashlight bulb ( 1.5V ) and some gun powder, or black powder. 3. Take your nice, innocent can, and empty the contents. Cut the top CLEAR off right under the rim. DON'T Be messy, if you bend the can, start over. Neatness makes the bomb WORK. 4. Drill a hole in the direct center of the bottom of the can, barely big enough to thread the pushbutton switch in, and secure it with the handy bolt that comes with it. 5. Now cut a small rectangular hole, near the inside edge of the botom of the can to house the mini switch. 6. OK, the CAN section of your process is complete. Time for the hard part. Hope you can solder. Here is a nice, cheap ASCII diagram.. yes it sux.. but watcha gonna do? / | |-------------------------------/ -----------|-----------| | | --- | + ---------------------- | | ---- | |-----------//-----| |9 | | | | V| ---------------------------- | | | | | ---- \ / \ / 0 KEY: 9V : Nine Volt Battery. 0 : Detonator, or flashlight bulb. / : Mini SPST switch. / | : Pushbutton switch. | --- // : Mercury Switch. + : Positive terminal. - : Negative terminal, or wire. |,/,\ : Wire. Ok, now that I've wasted your precious time with that horrid diagram, I will explain it. The Wires leading to and from the mercury switch are NOT TO BE PUT in if the mercury switch is omited. Simply enough, The current goes through the wires to the first switch, if the first switch is ON, it goes to the next switch, If this switch is on, It goes to the detonator, which in turn explodes the device. I reccomend you test your circuit with a multi-tester before you go about construction of the bomb. This will help to assure a NON-DUD. I advize that you remove the nice detonator before doing this, unless of course you are a massochist. 7. You managed to follow the diagram and constructed the WORKING(optimal word here ) circuit. OK.. now the fun begins. Place the pushbutton switch in it's proper hole, and secure. Do the same with the mini switch. Tape the good ol nine-volt battery to the inside of the can. Add some epoxy for safety's sake. MAKE SURE NO WIRES TOUCH EACHOTHER! IF THEY DO.. well.. alas.. a good militant was he. 8. OK, fill the can up about 1/4th the way up with your explosive of choice. Pack if desired. Get a small amount of shrapnel if desired and add generously. Add no more than 1/4th the total wieght of the can. 9. If you opted to use the mercury switch, place that here. Place it in a manner so that if the can is moved from the vertical direction it will set off the detonator. 10. If you are mercury-less place the detonator here. If you used the switch fill the can with enough explosives to cover your newly placed switch. If you have used the flashlight bulb, now is the time to CAREFULLY break the bulb, WITHOUT damaging the filament.. test with a multi-tester.. If you screw up.. your bad luck. 11. If you used the switch, place your detonator here. In either case, fill the can the rest of the way up. 12. Get out the epoxy and glue the top back on. You have just made a soda can.. Now, if you are proceding with this file, before reading it completely, you are probably dead about now. Here's why you died: During the final stages, you left the mini switch ON. This is the arming switch, and should ONLY be used during testing, and planting. You managed to build up a large amount of static electricity and discharged it into a can full of explosives. Bad move. Use ANTI-Static spray to avoid this. You did this by a nice, warm open fire. Or better yet you smoked nearby the device. Bravo on an excellent demise. You left the device stiing in your nice hot window sill, where it exploded killing your family. I applaud you. You decided my instructions weren't good enough for you, and WINGED it. You let some wires touch in the final stage of construction. Avoid this by coating all wires and leads with melted plastic, or use electical tape. The first method is prefered. Well, If you got this far.. you are alive. (I hope!!) OK, you have yer nice, prepared device, and wish to plant it. This is simple. Sort of. There is a danger factor involved, so be forewarned. Take the device to the site. DO NOT arm it until it is absolutly ready! This is CRITICAL ! The easiest place to put is is on a raised platform such as a door step. Place the can on the edge of the step, make sure it is perfectly vertical. The Pushbutton switch should be pushed in now, and in the OFF position. Now CAREFULLY arm the device. CAREFULLY slide it over to about the center of the door step, so that it gets kicked over when someone steps outside. If you used the mercury switch, you now realize why it is optional. If you move the can too fast, the switch will detonate you. If you are placing this on a large flat surface, using the mercury switch is HIGHLY advised against! Place a VERY thin sheet of paperboard under your can, compressing the bottom switch. Poke a hole in the bottom of the can, so that it can be armed. Arm the device, and place it on the ground. Push down on the top of the device, and SLOWLY remove the paperboard. If the paperboard was thin enough you survived. Get the hell out of there, and DO yourself a favor, and wear gloves.. finger prints are WAY uncool. Ok, The mercury switch is VERY VERY dangerous, but it also makes it absolutely impossible to disarm the bomb should someone discover it. The paperboard can be simply cut away from the edges in the flat surface bomb. this can be extremely useful in circumstances where you are placing the bomb in an area that is very bumpy, or rocky, like loose sand or dirt. Or if you just prefer to keep your life. How Your Bomb Works: Well, simply enough, once it is armed, if the pushbutton switch is released the circuit will be completed. With the mercury switch added, if either the switch or the button is tripped, it will explode. The current will set off the detonator, or if you used the flashlight bulb, It will cause a high intensity flame to be produced for about 1-2 seconds. This is quite enough to explode any light explosive. To tell you the truth, you can use any explosive that you desire with this bomb. One time I even saw one of these made completely of THERMITE. Holy shit the whole can just melted, and fused with the road tar. If you want, you can use plastique, or just pour in some nitroglycerine(HA!). Basically, it's up to you.. and it's your life. So have fun. (c)1999 Garbled User and the FBI. All rights confiscated by government agents. ************************************************************************* Eight line wiring.. The New Standard? Choice excerpts from "Telephone Inside Wire Standards" Brought to you by Garbled User Well, here I was, on vacation.. looking around my room here.. Lo and Behold... what's this?! New inside wiring standards.. 8 LINES?? Yep. They've changed the wires.. no more red right ring for us... The following is a bunch of quotes, and paragraphs from the pamphlet, I only took the good stuff out.. the rest is just " You and your telephone " garbage. My comments to the various quotes will appear after the ">" sign. "This brochure covers most inside wire applications. You can also obtain information about approved wire and equipment from local building and hardware stores, electrical supply stores or your local public library. For more technical, detailed standards you may purchase the Standard Proposal No.1558-B, which addresses, "Residential and Light Commercial Telecommunications Wiring Standards" by contacting the Telecommunications Institute of America ( TIA ), 2001 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, 9th floor, Washington, DC 20006 - 1813 or Phone (202) 457-4912. Cost is approximately $25.00." > Hmm.. 25 bux for a book? Must be pretty good.. I think I'll check my library > On this one.. Geez, I never even knew such a place existed. Well, If anyone > gets a copy of this.. tell me. If it's any good I may get a copy for myself > and scan it out for distribution to YOU guys.. " Wire for telephone service must be solid copper wire and should have at least eight (8) conductors, four (4) pairs of wires. The American National Standards Institute ( ANSI ) standard code listing for this classification of wiring is "CM", which represents "Communications Wire." Approved wiring will be stamped with the code "CM". O These wires must be individually paired and twisted together. O Flat wire ( i.e., undercarpet wire ) or wire not being twisted together is NOT ACCEPTABLE. O Wire smaller than 26 gauge should not be used at anytime. ( The higher the gauge number, the smaller the wire. ) O The conductors must be sheathed ( wires covered ) in an insulating jacket or enclosed in conduit. Some existing wire is only two (2) pair. This is not considered standard for new installation. Existing 2 pair is acceptable for single line service. Four (4) pair wire is optional for lines used with computers, fax machines, etc. It also reduces crosstalk (interference from other lines) and provides a spare pair in the event of malfunction. Four ( 4 ) pair enables easy installation of additional lines without the expense of installing new wire." > Whoa. I wonder why flat wire is unacceptable? And why would you want to >twist together all those wires? Seems like Ma Bell is upping the voltage on >us.. Hmmm.. that part about the computers.. It seems more and more like they >are getting us ready for a " Computer Rate Tax " Meaning all lines that are >used, or even shared by a computer have some phenomenal increase in the bill. > > How can having 8 wires instead of 4 decrease crosstalk? It's still using the >same old 2 wires to a phone. So how can it decrease crosstalk? Hmmm.. >sounds like Ma Bell is trying to pull the wool over it's naive customers. " One wire of a single pair of wires is for conducting voltage and the other is for grounding the circuit. The universal standard color code is provided below. RING/GROUND TIP/VOLTAGE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pair 1 White Blue Pair 2 White Orange Pair 3 White Green Pair 4 White Brown EXISTING TWO PAIR WIRE: Pair 1 Green Red Pair 2 Black Yellow " > Whoa! That sounds DAMN confusing.. How in hell are you supposed to tell >which white wire to use! not everyone has a multitester! I'm starting to like >this plan less and less.. "Wire run distance limitations are to be no more than 250 feet for 22 gauge, 200 feet for 24 gauge and 100 feet for 26 gauge. EXCEEDING THESE DISTANCES COULD RESULT IN OVERLOAD OF THE WIRING SYSTEM AND CAUSE THE TELEPHONE SETS OR SYSTEM TO MALFUNCTION." >Why don't they just illustrate how to destroy their systems? A map of the >central office would be nice. Jeez.. all you need is alot of coiled wire, >and a phone, and you can obliterate them. It must drain the voltage from the >central office or something.. Tee hee hee. "Each outlet in your home should have a separate set of wires which connect to a primary point where your inside wire ends and U S WEST facilities begin. This is called the DEMARCATION POINT and usually connects to a REGISTRATION JACK/STANDARD NETWORK INTERFACE, installed by U S WEST Communications, which includes a protector. The protector acts like a circuit fuse preventing harmful voltages from entering your inside wiring." >Well I guess that means Blotto and Urine boxes are out. ::sniff:: " FOR SAFETY REASONS UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ARE CUSTOMERS OR THEIR VENDORS PERMITTED TO CONNECT EITHER NEW OR EXISTING WIRE IN ANY WAY TO U S WEST'S PROTECTOR OR BYPASS IN ANY WAY THE REGISTRATION JACK/STANDARD NETWORK INTERFACE (DEMARCATION POINT)" >Do you REALLY think that's for "customer safety"?? Oh come now. Beige boxing >is what they're afraid of. "NOTE: BEFORE WORKING ON ANY WIRING ALWAYS UNPLUG YOUR CONNECTIONS AT U S WEST'S DEMARCATION POINT TO AVOID THE RISK OF ACCIDENTAL SHOCK. TELECOMMUNICATIONS WIRING CAN CARRY VOLTAGES FROM 48 TO 240 VOLTS D.C." > Well, that's news to me.. I thought voltage ranged from 6vdc to 90vac! >But somewhere else here it states that telephone wire is to at no time >carry AC voltage. Isn't that what makes the phone RING? > > Ma Bell is playing games! upping the voltage, I think she's trying to nuke >Blackboxing too. "If you plan on installing new wire, adding to, or rearranging your existing telephone wire, REMEMBER: Telephone wiring is intended only for a specific purpose, that is, only direct (DC) low voltages. The following standards will avert interference or problems with your telephone service or equipment. TELEPHONE WIRE SHOULD NEVER BE USED TO CONNECT AC VOLTAGES OR CURRENTS OF ANY KIND." > This was actually found at the beginning of the brochure, but I thought it >would be easier for you to see what I mean by placing it here.. > > Well.. Ma Bell seems to be either lying to us, or messing with the lines >in a SERIOUS way! The strange thing is, we still have an old bell ringer >phone here.. it works just fine! Ma Bell is still sending pulsing AC out. >Low voltage DC eh? Like 240VDC.. sounds low.. what do they consider HIGH!? The comments above are all opinions. They are not necessarily fact. But the above quotes, have been taken VERBATIM from the pamphlet. (including the massive overuse of the CAPS LOCK). We are glad to bring you the news, and hope to keep you informed about our changing present. So next time you go out beige boxing, and see 4 white wires.. Think of us. And if you do see this anywhere (I have yet to see it in use) drop us a line.. tell us what you saw.. We are ALWAYS interested in bringing YOU the news! ******************************************************************************* FBI presents... Di-NitroNapthalene Say what? Anywayz, here I go again.. This is a relatively odd concept, but I have heard of it being done extensively, in commercial explosives. Follow the nice step-by-step instructions. 1. Assemble the following ingrediants: (5) Moth Balls. The Napthalene kind. (1) Nitric acid. 130ml (1) Sulpheric Acid. 100ml (2) 250ml Erlynmyer flasks. (1) 250ml Beaker. (1) Funnel. (5) MR COFFEE filters. 2. That should do nicely. OK, now figure it out yerself! Just kidding, couldn't resist! Grind those moth balls up into a nice, fine powder. Don't even think about breathing any in. 3. Ok, this will be done in small amounts. I have not personally done this expirament, so I am advising caution. But I have heard of people doing it, using this method. 4. Mix the nitric acid and the sulpheric acid in a 50 - 50 ratio. ADD the sulpheric acid to the nitric! Otherwise it will splater! Mix this in the beaker. You will want approximately 200 ml. of the mixture. 5. Place your ground up powder in the bottom of the first flask. Lower the temperature of the flask to around 10 oC. This is very important, Make sure the temperature stays below 12 oC!! If it gets too High, RUN LIKE THE DEVIL. Also, you will want to cool the acid off to the same temperature, maybe even lower. 6. Add 100ml of The acid mixture. Keep the mixture cool, If it starts to warm up, try too cool it off by adding dry ice to the ice bath. If all else fails I advise a hasty retreat. 7. Let this mixture go for about 5-6 hours. Filter off the acid, so that only the mono-nitronapthalene remains. To my knowlegde it does not dissolve. But if it, by some unlucky chance does, you can boil off the acid, and leave the area ( do this outside! ) until the acid is gone. Then try to turn off the burner without putting yourself in direct danger. 8. The next step has been known to be EXTREMELY DANGEROUS! Even worse then trying to boil the acid off! This expirament is not for those without extensive safety equipment. 9. Ok, you have your mono-nitronapthalene in hand ( not literally ). Remove it from the flask or filter, wash all the acid off, you want NO extra acid on this mixture! Add this to the second flask. 10. Take your 50/50 mix, and add 30 ml of nitric acid to it. This should give you 130 ml. of the acid mixture, and it will be at an 8:5 ratio. 11. Chill the acid and the second flask to 35 oC. 12. Add the acid mixture. Make sure the temp does not go above 40 oC. This is VERY important. Like I said, this step is most dangerous, use a blast shield, and get the hell out of the area. 13. Keep this reaction going for about 1 day. At the end of it, you should be able to filter off the di-nitronapthalene. If not, you know what to do. Wash the substance, let dry, and enjoy. Ok.. Now this stuff is NOT to be taken lightly, I have seen it in action. It combines the worst properties of nitroglycerine and flash powder. It is said to be very explosive, and it also is very un predictable. One report says that it usually acts like gunpowder, but one time he left it unconfined to dispose of some, and when he lit it, it nearly detonated, making a thunder that shook the ground all around him. He was over 100 feet away! I intend to make a batch of this soon, and I will put the results in the next issue of FBI. If you want to be safe, I suggest that you wait for that article. But for those of you with alot of courage, go for it! Just don't blame me if it nukes you, or doesn't work period. (c) 1999 Garbled User and the FBI. All rights were mistakenly left in an acid bath too long. ************************************************************************* Lately there has been much hullaballo about the making, and use of Thermite. Many people state that it can only be lit with a vast amount of heat, such as a burning strip of magnesium. Others say they have lit it with a match. Here I will try to give an over view of the current theories, and let you come to your own conclusions. First, for those of you who may not know, I will describe thermite, it's uses, and basic construction. Thermite is a relatively easy substance to create, being made from ingredients that are somewhat simple to obtain. Thermite, when ignited, can reach temperatures nearing 6000+ degrees celcius, and has been known to vaporize carbon steel. The general "formula" for making thermite is as follows: 50% powdered rust. (iron oxide (Fe2O3)) 50% powdered aluminum (Al) Simple enough to create. Rust can be obtained quickly by running a low current (DC) through an iron object, and placing the object in water. One electrode is placed on the object, and the other in the water. This causes vast amounts of rust to be created, which can easily be extracted by evaporating, or boiling the water. The aluminum can generally be purchased at hardware or paint stores. It can also be made, by taking a peice of aluminum metal ( such as an aluminum door frame, or pipe. ) and shaving it off with a metal file. I have heard from some people, that thermite is not very picky in it's ingredients. One report states that he ripped apart an aluminum can with his bare hands, leaving peices roughly .5cm in diameter. He then proceded to make some regular thermite, with powdered aluminum. He had made approximately a bucket full of the large aluminum thermite, and sprinkled two to three handfulls of the regular thermite on the top. He then lit the mixture with a strip of magnesium, and let it burn. The entire mixture burned quite well, actually setting a fence nearly 15 feet away on fire from the heat alone. If this is true, then large amounts of thermite, would be much easier for a person to create, than if he had to use powdered aluminum for the entire mixture. It would also be MUCH cheaper. The other report I heard, stated that the ignition temperature of thermite, depended mainly on the grade of aluminum. He stated by getting the finest grade mesh of aluminum powder he could find, he effectively made the thermite more sensitive. He stated that this mixture led to less heat, but, also ignited with greater ease. So much greater ease, that he ignited a small handfull of the substance, by simply dropping a wooden match into the mixture. Such an easy to use substance would have obvious uses, such as being the ignition for regular thermite, which could then even ignite large thermite. This would also make thermite igniteable by wicks, and minor blasts. This could make a VERY dangerous weapon should it be put in a rocket or shrapnel bomb. I hope you found this article interesting.. I certainly had alot of fun reading up on these topics, and finally putting them into cyberspace. GarbLed UsEr (c)1999 FBI- All rights nuked to oblivion. ************************************************************************* Just in case you hadn't had enough... yes... its yet another. FORCE GRENADE! Yep, its another stupid destructive file from the FBi... one note... in case you were wondering, "Where's the phreaking files.. you are the PHREAKERS bureau... aren't you?" well, rumor has it on Garbled User's extended vacation he just might have made one... maybe. On to the force grenade... Al(s) and HCl(l) react to form Hydrogen... Just in case yer REAL stupid... this means, take a big bottle ( 2 litres are the standard... all though I don't know how they'll fare with the acid) and roll up some tubes or crunch up some balls of ALUMINUM foil... NOT tinfoil, then you to a hardware store (or if you bothered to read the whole file first, you already did) and you get some Muriatic Acid (this is HCl ie: hydrochloric acid) if they ask why, tell them you have to clean yer concrete patio... make sure its above 31.5% or thereabouts, or it just won't work right... If 31.5 seems a bit low... think of this, HCl is a gas... and Hydrochloric Acid is a gas in a liquid... so 37% is deemed "Pure" or lab grade hydrochloric acid. Anyway... I digress. So put the acid in first (be careful... they etch concrete with this stuff, think of what it'll do to yer piddies ) then when ready, toss the aluminum in. As aforementioned, this will create Hydrogen, and hydrogen will ignite, so leave a burning rag nearby. Because i'm in a really fucked up mood and really messed up the article and don't want to rewrite it... here's a summary. 1 6HCl(l) + 2Al(s) = 3H2(g) + 2AlCl3 2 Al = aluminum (foil, shavings, can?) 3 HCl = Hydrochloric Acid, or Muriatic acid (clean concrete with) 4 Mixem together inna big bottle with a burning rag nearby 5 Be careful... first time around use a small bottle and a little bit of the Stuff... and have a BB gun or a sling-shot handy to explode it if not enough force (NEVER PICK UP A FORCE GRENADE OR ANY EXPLOSIVE DEVICE THAT IS "SUPPOSED" TO BE EXPLODING) Garbled had an accident which involved a mild baking soda bomb going off in his hand... no serious damage.. fortunately it was a small plastic bottle. But it still left his entire hand numb for an hour. Written By , *****{================- ' the Sentinel ******************************************************************************* This is a list showing the phone numbers to many public access Unix systems. You can simply call these with your modem, or you may use PC Pursuit to dial them up. Many of these feature Usenet news, which is like a world wide message base, and Internet E-mail, which allows you to mail all across the nation. Some of these are free, while others charge fees. Dpending on the services, and the price, these systems are WORTH checking out, as many may have FTP or TELNET access. If you have access to TELNET, there is a list of bbs'es here, that may be used remotely. These can also be accessed through their port dialups, If you have the number. If you find any more, or get the numbers to the freenet port dialups, please send them to me. Enjoy! Last Telephone # Sys-name Location Baud Hours ----- ------------ -------- ----------- ------- ----- 12/90 201-759-8450^ tronsbox Belleville NJ 3/12/24/96 24 Equip ???, UNIX 3.2; Provides shell for some users, menu driven BBS with GIF and text downloads, adult discussion section; USENET, E-Mail (feeds available); Multiple line (-8568 300 - 2400 baud). 04/91 203-661-2873 admiral Greenwich CT 3/12/24/96 24 SCO Unix 3.2.2. (HST/V32) 203-661-1279, (PEP/V32) 203-661-2873, (V32) 203-661-0450, (MNP6) 203-661-2967. Magpie BBS for local conversation and Waffle for Internet mail/Usenet news. Interactive chat and games. BBS name is "The Grid." Willing to give newsfeeds and mail access. Anonymous UUCP: nuucp, no PW. 230 megs disk space. For more information contact uunet!sir-alan!admiral!doug (Doug Fields). 12/90 206-328-4944^ polari Seattle WA 12 24 Equip ???; 8-lines, Trailblazer on 206-328-1468; $50/year (flat rate); Multi-user games, chat, full USENET. Contact: uunet!microsoft!happym!polari!bruceki 05/91 206-367-3837^ eskimo Seattle WA 3/12/24 24 Tandy 6000 Xenix - Everett Tel 206-742-1150; 10 lines; First 2 weeks free, $48/year or $6/month thereafter; Shell access, C, Fortran, Pascal, unique conference, smart mail, UseNet News, messages, upload/download, other apps; Western Washington BBS List, 60 games online, free uucp connections. 04/91 209-952-5347 quack Stockton CA 3/12/24/96 24 Sun 3/160, SunOS 4.1.1; Aka - The Duck Pond; BBS at no charge, Shell - $2/mo ($4/mo expanded quota); Trailblazer access; login: bbs. Contact: ...!quack!postmaster or 12/90 212-420-0527^ magpie NYC NY 3/12/24/96 24 ? - UNIX SYSV - 2, Magpie BBS, no fee, Authors: Magpie/UNIX,/MSDOS two lines plus anonymous uucp: 212-677-9487 (9600 bps Telebit modem) NOTE: 9487 reserved for registered Magpie sysops & anon uucp Contact: Steve Manes, {rutgers|cmcl2|uunet}!hombre!magpie!manes 12/90 212-431-1944^ dorsai NYC NY 3/12/24 24 80386, SCO Xenix, Waffle bbs; 3 phone lines - 2400 baud, no shell (yet); BBS with over 250 non-Usenet newsgroups, 1.2 gb of mac, ibm, amiga, cp-m, appleII, cbm files; BBS is free, $25/yr for UseNet access, (180 min/day), $50/yr for extended gold access (300 min/day); Full news and mail feed from uupsi; login through bbs. Contact: uupsi!dorsai!ssegan 12/90 212-675-7059^ marob NYC NY 3/12/24/96 24 386 SCO-XENIX 2.2, XBBS, no fee, limit 60 min. Telebit Trailblazer (9600 PEP) only 212-675-8438 Contact: {philabs|rutgers|cmcl2}!{phri|hombre}!marob!clifford 12/90 213-397-3137^ stb Santa Monica CA 3/12/24/96 24 AT&T 3b1; BBS and shell access; uucp-anon: ogin: uucp NO PASSWD 3 line on rotary -3137 2400 baud (Telebit on dial in line). 12/90 213-459-5891^ amazing Pacific Palisades CA 3/12/24 24 AMT 286 - Microport David's Amazing BBS Fee $7.50/month;$35/6;$60/year 5 lines on rotary; Unique original software with conferencing, electronic bar, matchmaking, no file up/downloading 12/90 214-247-2367^ ozdaltx Dallas TX 12/24 24 INTEC/SCO XENIX 2.2.3 (286), OZ BBS - AIDS INFORMATION EXCHANGE - OZ, membership only adult BBS (over 18), fee $60/year. Four lines. Carries about 100 popular newsgroups and makes available the clarinet news feed (subscribed) from United Press on a same day basis. No shell. Login: guest (no PW). New users added weekly. Login: help (no PW). 01/91 215-336-9503^ cellar Philadelphia PA 3/12/24/96 24 DTK 386/33, SCO Unix 3.2, Waffle BBS - The Cellar BBS, no shell; USR Dual-Standard modems, two lines and growing. BBS is free; net news (full feed) and net mail by subscription. $7/mo, $35/6-mo, or $60/yr. 06/91 215-348-9727 lgnp1 Doylestown PA 3/12/24/96 24 80386, ISC 386/ix 2.21; Trailblazer+ on dial in line; No fee services: "*NIX Depot" BBS, BBS for UNIX/Xenix users; Fee services: Shell accounts and UUCP feeds, both provide access to Internet E-mail and full USENET News; Anonymous UUCP available for access to the latest nixpub lists, please see the footer of this list for more details; Contact: Phil Eschallier ( anon-uucp: ogin: nuucp (No passwd) 12/90 216-582-2460^ ncoast Cleveland OH 12/24/96 24 80386 Mylex, SCO Xenix; 600 meg. storage; XBBS and Shell; USENET (newsfeeds available), E-Mail; donations requested; login as "bbs" for BBS and "makeuser" for new users. Telebit used on 216-237-5486. 12/90 217-529-0261 pallas Springfield IL 3/12/24/96 24 AT&T 6386, 600 meg disk space; 4 lines w/ USRobotics Dual Standard modems; BBS available at no fee (UBBS), shell access for $50/year; E-Mail, Usenet; "guest" login available. 05/91 219-289-0282 nstar Notre Dame IN 24/96 24 SVR4 3.0 - 8 lines, USR HST DS with V.32/HST/v.42bis/v.32bis (above number), PEP/MNP5 on 219-289-3745. 1.5 gigabytes of files including all current GNU archives along with SIMTEL20/UUNET archives. 1421 newsgroups, newsfeeds & email forwarding. TBBS/QuickBBS like BBS software is very easy to use. Everything is available through BBS $30/yr; Also available in the 317 area code at 317-251-7391 (4 lines). Contact or ...!uunet!!sysop 04/90 301-625-0817 wb3ffv Baltimore MD 12/24/96 24 80386, UNIX V.3.2; XBBS for HAM radio enthusiasts; 780 meg online; Multiple lines, dial in - Hayes 2400, 9482 - MultiTech V32, 9663 - Tb+; Some USENET; Anon-UUCP available; Login as bbs (8-N-1). 03/91 303-871-4824 nyx Denver CO 3/12/24 24 Equip Pyramid; Public domain file area, private file area, games, Provides shell for some users, USENET, E-Mail, Multiple line. Contact: Andrew Burt, 04/90 312-283-0559^ chinet Chicago IL 3/12/24/96 24 '386, SysVr3.2.1; Multiple lines including Telebit and HST; Picospan BBS (free), USENET at $50/year (available to guests on weekends). 10/89 312-338-0632^ point Chicago IL 3/12/24/96 24 North Shore / Rogers Park area of Chicago. 386 - ISC 2.01 (SysV3.2), multiple lines, Telebit PEP on 338-3261, USRobotics HST on 338-1036, AKCS bbs, some usenet conferences available. 200+ MB online storage. Downloads, full usenet & shell access in the works. 09/90 312-714-8568^ gagme Chicago IL 12/24 24 3B2/300 - System V 3.2. E-mail, netnews, sources, access to anonymous ftp, local message base, etc. 06/90 313-623-6309 nucleus Clarkston MI 12/24 24 AMI 80386 - ESIX 5.3.2, large online sources archive accessable by anonymous UUCP, login: nuucp, nucleus!/user/src/LISTING lists available public domain/shareware source code. Contact: 10/90 313-994-6333 m-net Ann Arbor MI 3/12/24 24 Altos 68020 - Sys III, no limits; New SysOp/Owner; fee for extended service; The HOME of PicoSpan Conferencing software; 15 lines, 240 Megs; packet radio, 100% user supported; USENET; 2 dialouts, Trailblazer+ UUCP in/out; On-line games (including nethack & empire); E-Mail; C & Fortran compilers, multi- user party, access to Borne, Korn, C, BBS & Menu; on-line man pages; contact: Dave Parks 08/89 313-996-4644^ anet Ann Arbor MI 3/12 24 Altos 68000 - Sys III, no limits, 1st month free, fees range up to $20/ month (negotiable), accepts equipment/software in lieu of fees, Picospan conferencing, 120M, non-profit, user-supported, community-based, ideal autodidact educational system. Tax-deductible donations okay. 08/89 314-474-4581 gensis Columbia MO 3/12/24/48/ 24 Gateway 386 system w/ SCO Xenix V/386, DataFlex, Oracle, CHARM, & VP/ix. No fee. Online gaming, game design, and (oddly enough) data base design are the main focus. Modem is Microcom MNP 6. 08/90 401-455-0347 anomaly Esmond RI 3/12/24/96 24 CSS Laboratories 386, SCO Xenix 2.3.2; Trailblazer+; No fees; Waffle BBS, newusers log in as 'bbs' (no pw.) Shell accounts available to qualified users. USENET feeds available, limited feeds for non-PEP sites. XENIX software archive site, anonymous uucp login: xxcp pass: xenix Software listing & download directions in ~/SOFTLIST and ~/ARCHELP 10/89 404-321-5020^ jdyx Atlanta GA 12/24/96 24 386/ix 2.0.2. XBBS. Usenet (alt, gnu, most comp and a few others) and shell access. Second line (2400 below) (404) 325-1719. 200+ meg current Usenet and GNU sources. Specializing in graphics and ray-tracing under 386/ix (with/with out X11). Yearly fee for shell and/or downloads. Telebit access. Contact: ...gatech!emory!jdyx!tpf (Tom Friedel) 06/91 407-438-7138^ jwt Orlando FL 12/24/96 24 80386/33, System V.3.2, Waffle BBS, no shell access, 12/2400 bps only on 7138, Trailblazer access by request. Usenet news, no fee, login as "bbs". Contact: john@jwt.UUCP (John W. Temples) 11/90 408-241-9760^ netcom San Jose CA 12/24/96 24 UNIX, Sun Network SunOS 4.1; Netcom - Online Communication Services; 24 Telebit lines 9600/2400/1200; USENET (16 days), UUNET, GNU, X Sources, News Feeds, Shell Access (Bourne, Korn, C), ftp, telnet, slip connections, UUCP support, E-Mail, AT&T C++; Fee $12.50/mo + 1 time Reg fee of $10.00. Login as guest (no password). 09/89 408-245-7726^ uuwest Sunnyvale CA 3/12/24 24 SCO-XENIX, Waffle. No fee, USENET news (news.*, music, comics, telecom, etc) The Dark Side of the Moon BBS. This system has been in operation since 1985. Login: new Contact: (UUCP) ames!uuwest!request (Domain) 02/90 408-423-9995 cruzio Santa Cruz CA 12/24 24 Tandy 4000, Xenix 2.3.*, Caucus 3.*; focus on Santa Cruz activity (ie directory of community and goverment organizations, events, ...); USENET Support; Multiple lines; no shell; fee: $15/quarter. Contact: ...!uunet!cruzio!chris 10/89 408-725-0561^ portal Cupertino CA 3/12/24 24 Networked Suns (SunOS), multiple lines, Telenet access, no shell access fees: $10/month + Telenet charges (if used) @ various rates/times conferencing, multi user chats, usenet 12/90 408-739-1520^ szebra Sunnyvale CA 3/12/24/96 24 386 PC, ISC 386/ix 2.0.2; Telebit Trailblazer; Usenet News (full feed), Email, XBBS for first time users, shell access (registration required for shell), GNU, X11R4, and 386/ix source and binaries archives. 05/91 408-867-7400 spies Saratoga CA 12/24 24 networked Sun 3's, SunOS 4.1; 16 lines, 300/1200b on 7400, 2400b on 7790; free access, no limits, shell access granted with verification (donations accepted). email, usenet, mud, irc, waffle BBS, 1.2 gig. will provide trailblazer uucp connections/newsfeeds. (; ( contact: 11/90 408-996-7358^ zorch Cupertino CA 12/24 24 ISI 020 - 4.3BSD; 4 lines, 1200 only on 7361, 7378, 7386; $10/month, $100/year, flat rate, no time limit. Email, USENET, games, utilities, online man pages, Bourne, C, Korn shells. 525M online, 100M source archive. Registration required, verified; login as newuser, password public. Contact: scott@zorch.SF-Bay.ORG or (ames|pyramid|vsi1)!zorch!scott 07/91 408-458-2289 gorn Santa Cruz CA 3/12/24/96 24 -$ No fee, Shell access, UseNet and E-Mail access. Multiple Lines. Telebit PEP speed on main number. 06/91 412-431-8649^ eklektik Pittsburgh PA 3/12/24 24 UNIX PC- SYSV - UNaXcess BBS, donation requested for shell, login: bbs for BBS, limited Usenet news (amiga and gaming groups). RPG mailing list, and archive. Alternate number: 431-3064, Contact: or 06/91 414-241-5469^ mixcom Milwaukee WI 12/24/96 24 80386, SCO UNIX 3.2; MIX (Milwaukee Information eXchange) Fee charged for shell, E-Mail, and full USENET, $5/month. Multiple lines; login as 'newuser' password 'newuser' ... Contact: (...!uunet!mixcom!sysop) [414-962-8172 voice] 11/90 414-734-2499 aebbs Appleton WI 3/12/24 24 IBM PS/2 Model 55SX, SCO Xenix 2.3.2; Running STARBASE II Software. Enterprise Data Systems Incorporated (Non-profit). 100+ local rooms, PLUS USENET, Multi Channel Chat, 9 ports, $15 yr, flat rate for full access to net news, mail. The Fox Valley's only public access Unix based BBS. Contact: Chuck Tomasi (chuck@aebbs.lakesys.COM) 01/91 415-223-9768^ barbage El Sobrante CA 3/12/24/48 24 80386/33DX, Waffle 1.63; 400 MB HD online; MNP5/V4.2 modem; FNC InfoNet BBS sponsored by Forest NeoCom Corporation; No fee, no daily download limit, no DL/UL ratio; Supporting all computers; Access to 3 GB offline files free on request plus graphics files, special interest forums, free classified ads, information exchange, and more; Immediate first time access including downloads--follow on-screen login procedure and please, read instructions! Contact: George Forest, 11/90 415-294-8591 woodowl Livermore CA 12/24/19.2 24 Xenix/386 3.2.1. Waffle/XENIX BBS, Usenet Access; All users are welcome, no strings attached; No fee; For more information contact: ...!ames!pacbell!dplace!woodowl!william william@woodowl 11/89 415-332-6106^ well Sausalito CA 12/24 24 6-processor Sequent Balance (32032); UUCP and USENET access; multiple lines; access via CPN; PICOSPAN BBS; $3/hour. Contact (415) 332-4335 06/91 415-623-8652^ jack Fremont CA 3/12/24/96 24 Sun 4/470 running Sun O/S 4.1.1 offers downloading of netnews archives and all uploaded software. Each user can log in as bbs or as the account which they create for themselves. This is a free Public Access Unix System that is part of a network of 4 machines. The primary phone line is on a rotary to three other lines. 06/91 415-826-0397^ wet San Francisco CA 12/24 24 386 SYS V.3. Wetware Diversions. $15 registration, $0.01/minute. Public Access UNIX System: uucp, PicoSpan bbs, full Usenet News, Multiple lines (6), shell access. Newusers get initial credit! contact:{ucsfcca|hoptoad|well}!wet!editor (Eric Swanson) 04/91 415-949-3133^ starnet Los Altos CA 3/12/24/96 24 SunOS 4.1. 8-lines. MNP1-5 and v42/bis, or PEP on all lines. Shell access for all users. USENET--900+ groups. E-mail (feeds available). smart mail. Publically available software (pd/shareware). $12/mo. Contact: admin@starnet.uucp or ...!uunet!apple!starnet!admin 05/90 415-967-9443^ btr Mountain View CA 3/12/24 24 Sun (SunOS UNIX), shell access, e-mail, netnews, uucp, can access by Telenet PC Pursuit, multiple lines, Telebit, flat rate: $10/month. For sign-up information please send e-mail to Customer Service at or ..!{decwrl,fernwood,mips}!btr!cs or call 415-966-1429 Voice. 04/90 416-438-2855 contact Toronto ON 3/12/24 24 386 clone - Xenix 2.3.1, fee optional. USENET, email, multi-user chat, games. Contact: eisen@contact.UUCP martin loeffler 11/89 416-452-0926 telly Brampton ON 12/24/96 24 386 SysVr3.2; proprietary menu-based BBS includes Usenet site searching. News (all groups, incl biz, pubnet, gnu, CanConfMail), mail (including to/from Internet, Bitnet), many archives. Feeds available. $75(Cdn)/year. Contact: Evan Leibovitch,, uunet!attcan!telly!evan 12/88 416-461-2608 tmsoft Toronto ON 3/12/24/96 24 NS32016, Sys5r2, shell; news+mail $30/mo, general-timesharing $60/mo All newsgroups. Willing to setup mail/news connections. Archives:comp.sources.{unix,games,x,misc} Contact: Dave Mason / Login: newuser 07/89 416-654-8854 ziebmef Toronto ON 3/12/24/96 24 AT&T 3B1, Sys V, shell, news, mail, no fee (donations accepted) Carries most newsgroups (willing to add extra ones on request) Telebit access, willing to give mail feeds Contact: Chris Siebenmann, {utzoo!telly,ncrcan}!ziebmef!cks 02/90 502-957-4200 disk Louisville KY 3/12/24 24 386 clone, Interactive System V 3.2, 600 meg. 6 lines with rollover. Carrying most USENET groups, Shell access, multi-user games( including The Realm(c) ) multi-user chat, downloads, and more. Rate info available via a free trial account. mail feeds to the local Now reachable via Starlink! 12/90 503-254-0458^ bucket Portland OR 3/12/24 24 Tektronix 6130, UTek 2.3(4.2BSD-derived). Bit Bucket BBS publically available; login as 'bbs'. BBS is message only. Users intereseted in access to Unix should contact SYSOP via the BBS or send EMail to ..tektronix!tessi!bucket!rickb. Unix services include USENET News, EMail, and all tools/games/utility access. Alternate dial-in lines available for Unix users. 02/91 503-297-3211^ m2xenix Portland OR 3/12/24/96 24 '386/20, Xenix 2.3. 2 Lines (-0935); Shell accounts available, NO BBS; No fee; E-mail, USENET News, program development. Contact: ...!uunet!m2xenix!news or on Fido at 297-9145 03/91 503-640-4262^ agora PDX OR 12/24/96 24 Intel Unix V/386, $2/mo or $20/yr, news, mail, games, programming. Three lines with trunk-hunt. The first two are 12/24, the third line (648-7596) is 9600/V.32/V.42bis. Agora is part of RainNet. Contact: Alan Batie, 02/91 503-669-7395^ thebox Gresham OR 3/12/24/96 24 80386 (25mhz), SCO Xenix 2.3.2; 600Meg disk; PEP/V.32 on dial-in line, second line (7291) is 300 - 2400 baud only; Waffle, usenet news, unix and ms-dos files, email, etc ... Shell accounts by request; anon-uucp login: nuucp password: nuucp (file index in /public/info/INDEX) Contact: postmaster@thebox 05/90 503-644-8135^ techbook Portland OR 12/24 24 80386, UNIX V.3.2; XBBS & some downloads for unregistered users, shell accounts & full set of Usenet & FidoNet newsgroups available to registered users ($25/year); System answers at 8-N-1; login as BBS. 06/91 508-655-3848 unixland Natick MA 12/24/96 24 80386/25, Esix 5.3.2D; 8mb, 1gb of disk space; 3 lines, 1) 508-655-3848 12/24, 2) 508-651-8723, 12/24/96-HST, 3) 508-651-8733, 12/24/96-PEP-V32; Usenet news (1200+ groups); Multi-user chat; Shell accounts available - {$45/year; $25/6 Months} for full access (Usenet, email, Unix utilities, etc); Free BBS access to limited number of newsgroups -- Full BBS access available for $25 per year. Send mail for acct app. Contact or uunet!!unixland!bill 06/91 512-346-2339^ bigtex Austin TX 96 24 SysVr3.2 i386, anonymous shell, no fee, anonymous uucp ONLY, Telebit 9600/PEP; Mail links available. Carries GNU software. anon uucp login: nuucp NO PASSWD, file list /usr3/index anon shell login: guest NO PASSWD, chroot'd to /usr3 Contact: 10/89 513-779-8209 cinnet Cincinnati OH 12/24/96 24 80386, ISC 386/ix 2.02, Telebit access, 1 line; $7.50/Month; shell access, Usenet access; news feeds available; login: newact password: new user to register for shell access 08/90 514-844-9179 tnl Montreal PQ 3/12/24 24 80386 w/ SCO XENIX. No Fee. 2 hr session limit. XBBS/USENET, shell. Login as 'new' for a shell account, no validation. AKA: Northern Lights. Contact: norstar@tnl.CAM.ORG (Daniel Ray) 01/90 517-487-3356 lunapark E. Lansing MI 12/24 24 Compaq 386/20 SCO-UNIX 3.2, lunabbs bulletin board & conferencing system, no fee, login: bbs password: lunabbs. Primarily UNIX software with focus on TeX and Postscript, also some ATARI-ST and IBM-PC stuff 2400/1200 --> 8 N 1 Contact: ...!{mailrus,uunet}!frith!lunapark!larry 12/88 518-346-8033 sixhub upstate NY 3/12/24 24 PC Designs GV386. hub machine of the upstate NY UNIX users group (*IX) two line reserved for incoming, bbs no fee, news & email fee $15/year Smorgasboard of BBS systems, UNaXcess and XBBS online, Citadel BBS now in production. Contact: davidsen@sixhub.uucp. 12/90 602-829-3760^ atrium Phoenix AZ 3/12/24 24 Xenix/386 2.3.2; Electronic pen-pal service; login: mm; Contact:; International 12/90 602-941-2005^ xroads Phoenix AZ 12/24 24 Motorola VME1121, UNIX 5.2, Crossroads BBS, Fee $30/yr + $.50/.25 (call) prime (evenings)/non-prime, USENET news, multi-chat, online games, movie reviews, adventure games, dos unix/xenix files for dload, multi lines 07/91 602-293-3726 coyote Tucson AZ 3/12/24/96 24 Usenet news, E-mail, Telebit PEP on main line, no access fee. 11/90 604-576-1214 mindlink Vancouver BC 3/12/24/96 24 80386 w/ SCO Xenix; 14 lines, 660 Meg disk space, TB+ & 9600 HST available; No shell; Fee of $45/year for BBS access; E-Mail, USENET, hundreds of megs of file downloads; Operating since 1986. 12/90 604-753-9960 oneb Nanaimo BC 3/12/24/96 24 Eltech 9870 (80386), SCO Xenix, Waffle 1.63; Telebit on dial in line, 2400 baud on -9964; UUCP/Usenet (600 newsgroups) - $60/yr, but full read priv's available to all callers; No shell. Contact: kmcvay@oneb.uucp 08/89 605-348-2738 loft386 Rapid City SD 3/12/24/96 24 80386 SYS V/386 Rel 3.2, Usenet mail/news via UUNET, UUNET archive access. NO BBS! News feeds avaliable. 400 meg hd. Fees: $10/month or $25/quarter. Call (605) 343-8760 and talk to Doug Ingraham to arrange an account or email uunet!loft386!dpi 04/91 606-263-5106 lunatix Lexington KY 3/12/24 24 386 SCO UNIX, 3 lines. 1 line free, other two lines $5/mo; Shell access for all users; Menu driven for novices; Full News feed, Email, Games, C Compilers; News/mail feeds available Contact: Robert Sexton (robert@lunatix.UUCP) 08/88 608-273-2657 madnix Madison WI 3/12/24 24 286 SCO-XENIX, shell, no fee, USENET news, mail, login: newuser Contact: ray@madnix 09/90 612-473-2295^ pnet51 Minneapolis MN 3/12/24 24 Equip ?, Xenix, multi-line, no fee, some Usenet news, email, multi-threaded conferencing, login: pnet id: new, PC Pursuitable UUCP: {rosevax, crash}!orbit!pnet51!admin 12/90 613-237-0792 latour Ottawa ON 3/12/24/96 24 Sun 3/60, SunOS 4.1, 8meg Ram, 660 meg of disk, Telebit T2500; No BBS; Usenet & E-mail; Login as guest for a shell (send mail to root/postmaster asking for an account); Anon uucp is login as 'anonuucp' (/bin/rmail is allowed), Grab ~/README for the list of services; 12/90 613-237-5077 micor Ottawa ON 3/12/24/96 24 386/25, 300 Meg, Xenix 2.3.2, fee optional, USENET, email Contact: michel@micor.UUCP, Michel Cormier 06/91 614-868-9980^ bluemoon Reynoldsburg OH 3/12/24/96 24 80486, ISC 386/ix 3.2.2; Multiple lines, HST Dual on -9980 & -9982, Telebit T2500 on -9984; 2gb disk space; Bluemoon BBS -- supporting UNIX, graphics, and general interest; Full USENET, gated Fidonet conferences, E-Mail; Contact: grant@bluemoon.uucp (Grant DeLorean). 12/90 615-288-3957^ medsys Kingsport TN 12/24/96 24 386 SCO-UNIX 3.2, XBBS, no fee, limit 90 min. Telebit PEP, USENET, login: bbs password: bbs anon uucp --> medsys Any ACU (speed) 16152883957 ogin: nuucp ssword: \r Contact: uunet!medsys!laverne (LaVerne E. Olney) 04/91 615-896-8716 raider Murfreesboro TN 12/24/96 24 Featuring GDXBBS. BBS accounts are free, and available to the general public with unlimited capabilities first call. We also provide mail, shell, and USENET links. One hop from uunet. Complete source and binary archives available. Annual member fees for shell and uucp accounts are $40, with a six month sub for $25. 615-896-8716 is Intel 9600 EX modem using V.32/42/42bis. Line 2, 615-896-7905 1200/2400 only. For more info contact, or log into bbs and leave mail. 11/90 616-457-1964 wybbs Jenison MI 3/12/24/96 24 386 - SCO-XENIX 2.3.2, XBBS for new users, mail in registration for shell access, usenet news, anon UUCP avail, Telebit. Interests: ham radio, xenix Send SASE to: Consultants Connection 1427 Chevelle Dr Jenison, MI 49428 Contact: 2nd phone #: 616-457-9909 (max 2400 baud) 06/91 617-471-9675^ fcsys Quincy MA 3/12/24/96 24 80386, AT&T SysV/386 3.2.2, v.32/v.42bis modem; No fee for shell access; Partial news feed; Mail feeds available; Login as "bbs" to apply for an account. Anon-UUCP -- login: nuucp word: nuucp 12/90 617-739-9753^ world Brookline MA 3/12/24/96 24 Sun 4/280, SunOS 4.0.3; Shell, USENET, E-Mail, UUCP, IRC, Alternet connection to the Internet, and home of the Open Book Initiative (text project), multiple lines; fees: $5/mo + $2/hr or $20/20hrs per month; Contact: 01/90 619-259-7757 pnet12 Del Mar CA 3/12/24/96 24 Xenix, multi-line, no fee, full Usenet, email, multithreaded conferencing login: pnet id: new Contact: ...!uunet!serene!pnet12!rfarris 07/88 619-444-7006^ pnet01 El Cajon CA 3/12/24 24 BSD Unix, 3 lines, login: pnet id: new, some USENET, email, conferencing Home of P-Net software, mail to crash!bblue or pnet01!bblue for info. Contributions requested Unix accounts available for regulars, PC Pursuit access 2/88. 12/90 619-483-3890^ telesys San Diego CA 12/24/96 24 SCO Xenix 386; Telebit; TeleSys-II Unix Based BBS (No Fee) login: bbs; Xenix tested software for download; Shell Accounts available for access to USENET, email and full news feeds ($45/year); uucp-anon: nuucp NOPWD Contact: crash!telesys!kreed or 06/91 703-239-8993^ tnc Fairfax Station VA 3/12/24/96 24 Zenith Z-386, SCO Xenix; 120 MB HDD; 12 lines, tb+ for UUCP only; "The Next Challenge"; Usenet, mail, Unique (sysop written) multi-user space game; No Shell; Free and user supported --> No fee for light mail and usenet; Subscription required for game and unlimited mail and usenet at $25 / year; Contact: Tom Buchsbaum (tom@tnc.UUCP or uunet!tnc!tom). 12/89 703-281-7997^ grebyn Vienna VA 3/12/24 24 Vax/Ultrix. $25/month. GNU EMACS, USENET, PC/BLUE archives, Telebit used for uucp only, archives, Ada repository, comp.sources.(misc,unix,games) archives, net.sources archives, 3 C compilers, Ada compiler, 1.2GB disk, multiple lines 12/90 708-808-7300 ddsw1 Wheeling IL 3/12/24/96 24 Multiple 80386 systems, ISC 2.2; guest users 1 hr daily in AKCS BBS; fee for shell, regular Usenet access, unlimited use, and offsite mail; Authors of AKCS bbs; 1.2GB storage, fee $75/year or $14/bi-monthly, 7 lines, 19200 available on (708) 808-7305 (2 Telebits), V.32 on 808-7306, anonymous uucp (nuucp) from 12 midnight to 6 AM, ~/DIRECTORY/README for info on anon uucp. Newsfeeds and mail connections available; Internet access in the works (PLEASE contact us if interested). Contact: Karl Denninger (karl@ddsw1.MCS.COM), Voice (708) 808-7200 05/91 708-833-8126^ vpnet Villa Park IL 12/24/96 24 386 Clone - Interactive 386/ix R2.2. Free access to Akcs linked bbs includes many Usenet groups. Shells available for minimum contribution. Contributor privileges include access to ALL Usenet groups. Three phone lines include two Trailblazers. Contact: 06/91 713-438-5018^ sugar Houston TX 3/12/24/96 24 386/AT (2) networked - Intel V/386, 10 lines, usenet, news, downloads Homegrown BBS software, Trailblazer+ access, currently no charges. 06/91 713-568-0480^ taronga Huston TX 3/12/24 24 80386, System Vr3.2; 70meg disk, "Taronga Park" - custom BBS, shell access; On-line games (Public Caves); No fee; E-Mail, USENET; Hoping to add a second line, tb+ modem, and a 40 meg disk. 10/89 713-668-7176^ nuchat Houston TX 3/12/24/96 24 i386; USENET, Mail, Shell Access; 300M On-line; Trailbazer Used; No fee. 04/91 714-278-0862 alchemy Corona CA 12/24/96 24 33 Mhz 80386, 4MB, 330MB Disk, SCO Xenix v2.3.2GT, Telebit T2500; Usenet news (only subset, but if requested can add anything), CQnet groups, threaded conference system; Macintosh file area (support of other machines possible as demand grows) with X, Y and Zmodem batch transfers; No fees; Shell accounts available; New users login as "register". Contact: John Donahue {gumby, bbs, root}@alchemy.UUCP 01/91 714-635-2863^ dhw68k Anaheim CA 12/24/96 24 Unistride 2.1; Trailblazer access; 2nd line -1915; No fee; USENET News; /bin/sh or /bin/csh available 12/90 714-821-9671^ alphacm Cypress CA 12/24/96 24 386 - SCO-XENIX, no fee, Home of XBBS, 90 minute per login, 4 lines, Trailblazer pluses in use. uucp-anon: ogin: nuucp NO PASSWD 12/90 714-842-5851^ conexch Santa Ana CA 3/12/24 24 386 - SCO Xenix - Free Unix guest login and PC-DOS bbs login, one hour inital time limit, USENET news, shell access granted on request & $25/quarter donation. Anon uucp: ogin: nuucp NO PASSWD. List of available Unix files resides in /usr3/public/FILES. 01/91 714-894-2246^ stanton Irvine CA 3/12/24 24 80386-25, SCO Xenix-386, 320mb disk, 2400/1200/300 MNP supported; E-Mail & USENET; Fixed fee $20/yr; X11R4 archive and many packages ported to Xenix 386; C development system (XENIX/MSDOS), PROCALC 1-2-3 clone, FOXBASE+; anon uucp: ogin: nuucp, no word 03/90 717-657-4997 compnect Harrisburg PA 3/12/24 24 Equip ???; The Data Factory BBS; Multiple line, 1200 baud on 675-4992; No fee, restricted access to adult areas, some USENET, no shell; Contact: ...!uunet!wa3wbu!compnect!dave. 06/91 718-424-4183^ mpoint New York NY 3/12/24/96 24 Sun 4/110 - SunOS 4.1.1; $5/month optional;1 line;USR HST Dual Standard; Full Usenet news feed 1300+ groups; One hop from the Internet; full access to shell, and all utilities; Dave Lockwood SYSOP ( 04/91 718-832-1525^ panix New York City NY 3/12/24/96 24 Mac2x, 8MB ram, 1.1GB on 3 fast disks. OS: A/UX 2.0.1, a modern merged SVR2/BSD unix. Shell of your choice: sh, ksh, csh, tcsh. 5 lines, Telebit, 4 more soon. We connect directly to an internet site, and uunet is one hop away. Full UseNet feed, nn and rn for newsreaders, ELM or Mail for mail reading. Vi, Emacs, other editors. Compile your own sources if you like. $10/mn or $100/yr, NO hourly charge. Other lines are -1526, -1527, -1568, and telebit (number on request) Contact: Alexis Rosen (cmcl2!panix!alexis), 212-877-4854, or Jim Baumbach (cmcl2!panix!jsb), 718-965-3768. 12/89 719-632-4111 oldcolo Colo Spgs CO 12/24/96 24 386 - SCO-XENIX frontend, 2 CT Miniframes backend, e-mail conferencing, databases, Naplps Graphics, USENET news. 7 lines 8N1, 2400 on 2906, USR Dual 9600 on 2658. Self registering for limited free access (political, policy, marketplace) Subscriptions $10, 15, 18 mo for full use. Dave Hughes SYSOP. 12/90 808-735-5013 pegasus Honolulu HI 12/24/96/19 24 UNIX 3.2; on the Internet. Full shell access. Rotary with Telebit T-2500s (V.32 and PEP at 19200 baud supported). Full Usenet. Usenet and E-Mail feeds available. Comp.sources.* and other archives. Geared towards software developers. Call for subscriber fees. Contact: Richard Foulk 12/90 812-333-0450 sir-alan Bloominington IN 12/24/19.2/ 24 SCO UNIX 3.2; no fee; TB+ on 333-0450 (300-19.2K); archive site for comp.sources.[games,misc,sun,unix,x], some alt.sources, XENIX(68K/286/386) uucp-anon: ogin: nuucp password: anon-uucp uucp-anon directory: /u/pdsrc, /u/pubdir, /u/uunet, help in /u/pubdir/HELP Contact: (812-855-3974 days 812-333-6564 eves) 06/91 818-401-9611^ abode El Monte CA 24/96 24 XENIX 2.3.3; 2400 Baud (818/401-9666) and 9600 Baud PEP (818/401-9611); Fee of $40 per year; Newsuers login as 'guest'; Users get access to shell account, email, usenet news, games, etc. Contact: (uunet!!ttank!abode!eric) 03/91 900-468-7727 uunet Falls Church VA 3/12/24/96 24 Sequent S81, Dynix 3.0.17(9); UUNET Communication Services; No Shell; Anonymous UUCP, fee $0.40/min -- billed by the telephone company, login: uucp (no passwd); Multiple lines, PEP and V.32 available; grab "uunet!~/help for more info" ... Full internet mail and USENET available via full-blown accounts, Contact: or call [voice] 703-876-5050. 07/91 904-456-2003 amaranth Pensacola FL 12/24/96 24 No access fee, Usenet news and E-Mail. Telebit PEP on main line. 08/90 906-228-4399 lopez Marquette MI 3/12/24 24 Compaq Deskpro 286, SCO Xenix; Running STARBASE II Software. Great White North UPLink, Inc. (Non Profit) 100+ local rooms, PLUS USENET, Multi Channel Chat, 5 ports, $30 yr, flat rate for full access to net news, mail. Upper Michigan's ORIGINAL BBS (since 1983) Contact: Gary Bourgois ...rutgers!sharkey!lopez!flash (flash@lopez.UUCP) 06/91 908-297-8713^ kb2ear Kendall Park NJ 3/12/24/96 24 80286, SCO Xenix; No Fee; Shell Access, Usenet alt,rec,nj,sci,comp (readnews,vnews,rn,etc), Email (mush,elm,mailx); Mail and News feeds Available; Anonuucp login as "nuucp"; Contact: (Scott R. Weis), 1-908-297-8713 05/90 908-846-2460^ althea New Brunswick NJ 3/12/24 24 AT&T 3B2/310 - Unix SVR3.1, no fee. USENET, email, C development, games. Single line. Contact: rjd@althea.UUCP (Robert Diamond) 12/90 916-649-0161^ sactoh0 Sacramento CA 12/24/96 24 3B2/310 SYVR3.2; SAC_UNIX, sactoh0.SAC.CA.US; $2/month, limit 90 min; 3 lines, 2400/1200 baud on 722-6519 & -5068, TB+ on (916) 649-0161; USENET, E-Mail, some games; login: new Contact: root@sactoh0.SAC.CA.US or ..ames!pacbell!sactoh0!root 01/91 919-248-1177^ rock RTP NC 3/12/24/96 24 SparcStation 1+, SunOS 4.1; Fee: $200 installation, $25/month. Full internet access (FTP, TELNET, etc). Netnews (includes vmsnet, u3b, alt) and E-Mail. No limit on time, disk quotas enforced. 56Kbps and T1 internet connections also available. Phone number depends on location within North Carolina (PC Pursuit also available). Contact:, 10/89 919-493-7111^ wolves Durham NC 3/12/24 24 AMS 386/25 - UNIX SysVr3.2, XBBS, no fee for bbs. Rates for UNIX access and USENET are being determined. Developing yet another UNIX bbs (ideas welcome!) Single line, telebit coming soon. Contact: wolves!ggw or wolves!sysop [...duke!dukcds!wolves!...] [ abode actrix admiral aebbs agora alchemy alphacm ] [ althea amazing anet anomaly atrium barbage bigtex ] [ bluemoon btr bucket cavebbs cellar chinet cinnet ] [ compnect conexch contact cruzio ddsw1 delphi dhw68k ] [ dircon disk dorsai eklektik eskimo fcsys gagme ] [ gensis gna gold grebyn ibmpcug jack jdyx ] [ jwt kb2ear kcbbs latour lgnp1 loft386 lopez ] [ lunapark luntix m-net m2xenix madnix magpie marob ] [ medsys micor mindlink mixcom mpoint ncoast netcom ] [ nstar nuchat nucleus nyx oldcolo oneb ozdaltx ] [ pallas panix pegasus pnet01 pnet12 pnet51 point ] [ polari portal quack raider rock sactoh0 scuzzy ] [ sir-alan sixhub spies stanton starnet stb sugar ] [ szebra taronga techbook telesys telly thebox tmsoft ] [ tnc tnl tronsbox unixland uunet uuwest vpnet ] [ wb3ffv well wet wolves woodowl world wybbs ] [ xroads xtc ziebmef zorch gorn coyote amaranth ] --------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: ^ means the site is reachable using PC Pursuit. =========================================================================== Lists are available via any of the following: o "*NIX Depot" BBS on lgnp1. o USENET, regular posts to: comp.misc alt.bbs o the nixpub electronic mailing list. to be included or deleted from this distribution, send mail to o anonymous ftp from GVL.Unisys.COM [] under ~/pub/nixpub/{long,short} %%%%% Zamfield`s Wonderfully Incomplete, Complete Internet BBS List %%%%%% ============================================================================== Publishing Info: 8/5/91, with the wonderful textedit publishing system. Availablity: FTP or download at in /pub. E-mail request at Zamfield@Dune.EE.MsState.Edu Posted on alt.bbs.internet, every so often. ============================================================================== NAME ADDRESS LOGIN BBS Software ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Arkansas BBS bbs -- -- UseNet, IRC -- I must have gotten on here once, because -- I find that I have stuff available -- listed under it. This entry was listed -- twice, once as Unknown. The stuff avail, -- was under the Unknown entry. Strange, write -- if you know anything about this. BadBoy`s Inn bbs Pirate 2.0 -- -- Boards, Talk, Chat, Mail -- Currently being constructed. (8/2/91) Campus_d LOGIN CAMPUS_D -- Currently down and contemplating -- permanent removal. (8/2/91) -- Send comments/condemnations/pleading/ -- apologizing/reminiscing/etc. to -- DEN@UMDE.DBRN.UMICH.EDU Cimarron (in Spanish) bbs Pirate 1.0 -- -- Nice BBS, too bad it is all in Spanish. -- Good place to get aquainted with if you -- are trying to learn Spanish, lots o -- conversations to look at. -- PS. could someone tell me what Cimarron -- means in Spanish, or any language for -- that matter. Cleveland Free-Net ( CWRUBBS -- ( -- ( -- -- -- -- Usenet, Internet, MUD, Clarinet, USA Today -- ON-Line. Local mail, and Interest Groups. CueCosy cosy Cosy 4.0 -- -- Conferences and Topics. EAN Mail, Usenet -- FTP, downloads Kermit & Xmodem, Online -- Unix course, some local files. Delft University BBS BBS -- In Holland, Mostly Dutch. -- Files, messages, Chat area's Endless Forest 2001 -- 2001 -- Boards, E-mail. Reminds me of WWIV BBS. Heartland Peoria Illinois FreeNet -- fnguest -- Mail, Public Forum, Recreation, Calendar, -- Social services, Senior center, Teen center, -- Local job & government info, Legal, Medical, -- Tax, & Invest/Banking Forums -- SIG's, library, Home & Garden, Science & Tech, -- & Education Forums ISCA iscabbs DOC (Citadel) -- -- -- Mars Hotel Mars.EE.MsState.Edu bbs Pirate -- -- Boards, Talk, Chat, IRC, Mail. -- Fairly extensive files, -- ftp'able, Kermit,XYZmodems, National Education BBS bbs Pirate -- -- -- Boards, Talk, Chat, Mail. -- 'source' file section, but no files (8/2/91) Naval Acadamy BBS -- Single User BBS, boring. Nyx BBS new -- -- (was unreachable last try) OuluBox (Finnish) box -- -- Can set English as prefered language, -- said to switch to Finnish at the most -- inconvenient time. IRC Quartz Quartz.Rutgers.Edu bbs Citadel -- -- Rooms/Boards -- Suggest MUD to chat. Samba North Carolina bbs Modified XBBS -- -- (919)-962-9911 -- offers vi, emacs, rn, NEWS, MAIL -- local messaging, SIGS, Conferencing -- Files (Kermit/FTP), & INFO -- limited NewsFeed (8/2/91) Softwords COSY cosy Cosy -- SpaceLink BBS Spies In The Wires bbs -- -- Full UseNet NewsFeed, Posting to UseNet, -- IRC (for validated users). Virginia Tech Cosy ? -- cosyreg -- bbs (for list) Youngstown Free-Net visitor -- Unknown bbs -- Unknown 20 -- ============================================================================== SERVICES ^^^^^^^^ The following is a list of useful services that most BBS'ers are interested in. I have not checked any of these except Archie. If you have more info about these or if you know of other to add, please mail me: Zamfield@Dune.EE.MsState.Edu. I will make the changes and post the list again. Enjoy. :-) ============================================================================== Service Address Login ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Archie archie -- Enter name to find address for -- cnext.ucsf.EDU --, 5555 Full unix site. guest -- -- Money for access. GeoServer -- IRC Client -- -- not all IRC commands supported. Lookup Books -- -- lookup books by Title, Author -- ISBN number, etc. NCSU Services INFO or PUBLIC -- Network Information Service -- --, 117 Nslookup, TAC Info -- Slugnet chat system --, 2727 -- sorta like IRC UM-Weather Service 3000 -- 3000 Vatech Server ******************************************************************************* IDIOT HACKING II The revenge of the fool killers! Rwho? What? Who? Finger? W? Unix? Telent? Dialup? Garbled User? Shaddup. Yes, It's me again.. and again, and again... this is getting monotonus. Well.. One more article for you.. After this I'm done.. I swear it! No REALLY!! This is it!, the end.. no more.. kaput.. Yeah.. right.. when aardvarks fly.. OK.. ok.. enough nonsense.. Here we go with the ado.. Say what? You've just moved to a new NPA? You're a new hacker? You're on vacation, and feel the need for unix speed? NOT a problem.. The trick is of course.. quite simple. First, find the local port dialup for your area's university, corporation, etc. Ok, now pull out yor modem set it at E71, and dial. You can't find any dialup numbers?? ARGH! Well this is simple.. Pull out a fone book and a prefix scanner. Look up the local university, and see what it's numbers are. Usually the U will have all of it's numbers in a single prefix. Scan that prefix for carriers. If the university has all different prefixes, you could be in trouble. Scan around in those areas. Ex- University of East BubbaFuck Computer Center 666-1313. Ok scan 666-1300 to 666-1399 Have fun. The same method must be used with large corporations. Mainly ones dealing in computers. Ok your in.. usually you will see some sort of strange login after hitting return at least 500 times. Ex. <300 CR's> ACS PORT DIALUP 2400 QB13 tty666 Type ? for help. Enter your destination > Well great.. now what? Duh.. If it offers help.. TAKE it! >? Enter one of the following areas blackcube asmodeusland deathville quadline sunset uebvm lineuebvm uebVAX slownet crisco Or type one of these commands help hangup showspeed procecuteme > Ok.. Now.. anything that says VM should be immediately avoided. Vm is quite possibly the worst operating system ever invented. LineVM is equally as worthless. In my opinon VAX/VMS is the the best, but it is hell to get into.. SO if yer new.. avoid it. Sunset might be a sunOS unix.. But you never know. SunOS is FUN! Blackcube is obviously a NeXt, as are anything else with the words black or cube in them. Quadline might be a dialout system, or one of those horrid router systems. Slownet and crisco are routers ( which can be fun.. but not very often ) uebVAX is a VAX.. duh.. The others, asmodeusland and deathville, could be anything.. most likely the main system for that university.. DEFINATELY try these out! >asmodeusland Portdialup calling ASMO QB13, tty9 SunOS UNIX 4.3.1 (asmodeusland) login: Oh shit.. now what? OK.. this is where the fun comes in! finger it out yourself! login:finger password:finger Incorrect login login:w jqbroin 13:25 telnet cube bolsdew 15:31 ls what 19:00 what operator 01:01 chuser bob YOU DID it! Usually you have to go through about 4 years of this.. You have to try the following rwho password rwho, who/who, what/what, w/w, finger/finger. Most of the time it won't ask for a password. Now just idiot hack these beautiful accounts you saw above! jqbroin.. try broin, jq, jqbroin,jbroin,qbroin..and anything else you can think of! The what is you for your information. OK, you've got an account after many hours of using who accounts and idiot hacking. Now what? Well find out what sort of access you have! Look around your directory a bit. But there are THREE things you ALLWAYS do first when you enter a new account!! #1, look at the last login date that shows up right before the system announcements. If it is recent.. forget it. Use the account to do some real idiot hacking ( See FBI 0001, Idiot Hacking ). If the date is nice and ancient.. Have fun. #2 type "history" read the last 40 commands. If the guy has been doing all sorts of super - complicated programming and the such. Forget it. You'll die real fast.. If the guy sends out 400 mail messages a day, forget it. You'll be found out to fast. If all he does is login, check his mail and logout.. or something equally stupid.. take it from the fool. What sort of idiot has a password the same as his login name anyways!? #3, check out if he has a ton of mail.. If so find a new one. Type finger XXXXX where XXXX is your account name.. If it's a professor or something... well.. it's up to you.. but be careful. Ok, now try to send mail somewhere (us!) outside your local area. Wait about 10 seconds, and check your mail.. if there is a reply from the mailer daemon.. You have a shit system. ( no mail!! ) Now type rn, Rnews, Pnwes, Inews.. see what you can get into. Try listing your directory.. See what sort of neeto toys are there for you to play with. Well... I hope you have fun with your new accounts! Remember to try as many areas on your dialup that you possibly can! Enjoy your dayz! BTW- FBI is looking for Port Dialup numbers and adresses for a future list. PLEASE send us the number of your local dialup! WE NEED DIALUPS! Even if you only have the name, number.. whatever.. just send it to us.. ( with area code) Thank you.. (c)1999 FBI All rights accidentally lost in a chemical spill. ******************************************************************************* What to do with ROOT@UNIX -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ________________ /BY: GaRblEd uSeR\ /==================\ Hullo. Just another ARTICLE on my favorite oxymoron and yours!! UNIX security! OH yeah. This one covers what to do ONCE you HAVE root, not how to get root. So don't expect any magical formula here. Ok, you've logged onto your fave system with root. Now, the first thing you will want to do is secure things for yourself. Do this at about midnight. That is generally a good time to hack. You log in as root, look around. Who, what, ps, etc.etc... Make sure the REAL root isn't on.. or you could be one dead dude VERY fast. Ok, your safe.. not to many users on the system, no other sysadmin accounts on, ( daemon, uucp, sysadmin, etc. ) You will want to secure your session. Write down the current root password somewhere. Now change the password. This will keep the real root from logging in while you are on. MAKE sure you change it back before you log off, or you could be in some deeeeeeep shit. Now, you will want to secure your place on this system. Use the adduser ( or something to that effect ) to create a few bogus users. Now check the /etc/passwd file to be sure they are in there. Make them seem real, follow the guidelines on your system for making them. Example- My system uses the first letter of the first name,and the last name as the username. So my name would be guser. Follow whatever the formula is. Use a few real sounding names, I usually use Ralph Norwieg or Peter Franklin. (rnorwieg,pfrankli) As you can see it would be very hard to tell these are actually hacked accounts. Next you want to steal a few junked accounts. Find a few accounts that have never been used, or have only been used once or twice. 6 months since the last login is a good place for you to start. You can grab these accounts easily. Read the /ect/passwd file, look at one of the accounts you just created. Write down the password for that account, In it's ENCRYPTED form. Now edit the passwd file so that you replace the passwords of all the accounts you want to take with the encrypted code you just wrote down. Get it? You will be making all those accounts have the same passwd as the one you took the code off of. At your leisure enter the accounts and change the passwd to what you want it to be. Ok, you are now WELL established on that system.. the real root will never get rid of you. But what if he does? You have to leave some gates open! Here's what you do. Edit the /etc/hosts file, so that the only line in it is a "+" That's right just a plus sign. Delete the rest. This will allow you to log in from any other system in the internet. This way you can telnet in from anywhere in the world and hack away! Ok, now activate the finger login. This will let you login with account finger and look around a bit. Like finding users to idiot hack. Add this: /usr/sbin/in.rwho to the end of /etc/inetd/rc.inet This activates rwho. Which allows you to see who's on from a remote system. /etc/inetd.conf Just delete the comment symbol (a #) in front of the finger command. IF I remember correctly, you also have to add this to your /etc/passwd file. If so just add "finger::" that should do nicely. Now, while you have the chance, grab some user lists from around the world. Hopefully you have with you a nice big telnetable hosts list. I'll do an example using rcp /etc/trantor.passwd This will execute a remote copy from the other system to you. Feel free to edit this file as you please, and keep a copy for yourself. Now that you have edited it to your liking (changing passwords) type the following. rcp /etc/trantor.passwd You have just placed your edited passwd file onto that system. Logically one could start a wave of system takeovers throught the US using this method. But I HIGHLY advise against this, because it may lead to the loss of my beloved rcp command. Also, this works on most systems.. but be warned, there is probably a system out there somewhere where it does not. So don't yell at me if you can't edit the passwd file on your fave site. Mainly you should use the file for idiot hacking purposes ONLY. But this sure is easier.. and by that same note, MUCH more dangerous, you could end up stealing an intelligent user's account somewhere.. which is ALLWAYS a bad move. Smart users complain when they lose their accounts. Well, thats all I have for you this month.. Enjoy. Maybe next month I will think of some more lunatic things to do to those poor defenceless UNIXes out there.. See you on the USENET! (c) 1999 FBI. All rights lost in a hard-drive crash. ******************************************************************************* Garbled User of the FBI presents..... How to play the NAME GAME. or Surviving in an underground world. Ever since the beginning of time, there has been much confusion as to the correct name, or class to call certain people in the underground. I am attempting to bring you the most complete list possible. With this, hopefully we can clear up some misconceptions. Hacker A hacker is generally accepted as being a person who uses his knowledge of computers, operating systems, and software to break into computers. Generally a hacker tries to get into a system he does not have access too, and learn as much about it as possible, without getting caught, or damaging any data. Ex- "I think a hacker broke into our system last night, there seems to be 1 hour of billing left unaccounted for." Pirate A pirate is a person who copies, and trades programs and games that are under copyright. This is generally done over Pirate BBS systems, which are located world-wide. Ex- " Sierra has lost over $45,000 in the past year due to pirates coping their games" Trasher A trasher is a person who goes out late at night and searches trash bins of his local companies for valuable information. Such information may be credit card numbers, or local phone anomalies and codes. Ex- "We've caught a trasher in our garbage bin last night, and we are attempting to prosecute him for trespassing." Crasher This is a person who logs on to a system and causes it to crash, making it unavailable until the sysop gets on and reboots the computer. These people can also access the databases, and files of the system, making all of it available to himself Ex- "Some crasher crashed the system last week, and due to my vacation I was not able to correct the problem until now. I apologize for the system being unavailable for the past 6 days." Cracker A cracker is a form of a pirate who breaks the copy protection schemes on software they intend to pirate. These people are generally knowledgeable about programming, and many know ASM very well. Ex- "We have got to get a cracker to break this program! It's useless without the dox!" Anarchist This is a very general term, applied mainly to the person who engages in anarchy practices. This person will generally blow up a bomb in the middle of nowhere for fun, but causes little or no damage. These people can also be looked at as people who hate law in all forms, and go out of their way to disobey it, or cause trouble. Ex- " Did you hear that explosion last night?! It must have been one of those anarchists!" Militant This is a form of anarchist, whose main intent is to cause harm or damage. These people should not be confused with a terrorist. Their main cause is that of hatred, and a general dislike for humankind. They have been known to throw large bombs into parade crowds, or rallies. They are VERY dangerous, and usually phychopathic. Ex- "Did you hear about the militant who took out K-Mart with an uzi last week?" Computer Militant This is a person who logs on to a bbs, or mainfraim with the sole intention of destroying it, and all it's data. These people have tremendous knowledge in the workings of a computer, but are generally less knowledgeable than a hacker. Many times these people are nothing more than disgruntled workers, or ex-workers who are enacting their revenge on the company. Ex- "A computer militant formatted our hard-drive last night, causing the loss of all our data." Phreaker This is a person who is very much like a hacker. Instead of attacking and learning about computers, he uses the phone lines as a toy. These people are generally equal to, or superior to most of the phone company itself in knowledge of the workings of a telephone service. Many of these people have the power to do things nearly unimaginable to you and me. Oftentimes they can call long distance for long periods of time, and never pay a cent. Ex- "Some phreaker ran up a $20,000 fone bill last month! And he put it on the bill of some local company." Rodent This is an annoying person. Generally a wanna be hacker. He attempts to appear knowledgeable by reading every file he can get his hands on, and then bragging about things that never happened, or minuscule hacks. He is generally regarded as a nuisance and a fool. Ex- "That damn rodent keeps calling me and telling me how he broke into a C64 BBS. What an idiot.. a dead mouse could break into a C64.." Code Kidz This is one of the most hated people in the phreaker world. This is a person who acquires codes to make long distance calls, and does not give anything in return. He then proceeds to give the code to all his friends, and the code dies shortly thereafter. Ex- "I wish you code kidz would leave something in return! All you do is ruin our codes.. go bother some other area code!" Abuser This is a form of a code kidz, who takes a code and uses it to it's fullest extent, running up bills of $5000+. They also have been known to ruin a brand new code in less than 30 minutes. These people are hated by phreakers and the phone company alike. Neither abusers or code kidz have any knowledge of the phone system. Ex- "Abusers have ran up a bill of over $50,000 to poor old Mrs. Fletcher." Elf This is the absolute worst form of a rodent. These people are complete computer geeks, who spend all of their time on a computer. They know very little about ANYTHING that does not deal with computers. Most of their knowledge is completely useless although. Most of it dealing with PD software, and how to install a new motherboard. Many of them are wanna be hackers, but chicken at the thought of loosing their computer equipment. They generally have huge egos, and brag about their so-called-hacks. The majority of their information is publicly available, making it completely worthless. Ex- "Look at all these computers! I'm in elven heaven!" Well, I hope my little file helped to inform you people out there. Hopefully the oddities and wars between us can stop. Except for the elves.. kill them. ******************************************************************************* An Editorial On Windows, By GarblEd uSeR. Who Are YOU calling a LOW RANGE USER? In light of the recent Microsoft/IBM wars, it would seem that microsoft likes to refer to us DOS users as LOW RANGE users. Personally I find this to be quite an insult. I have been using dos since 2.0 came out, and I use it because it's simple, and effective. I am simply more at home with a text environment, and command line parameters. To the extent that I find myself spending more time in a GUI environment trying to load a program, then if I could just type "CHKDSK" and leave it at that. Personally, I have no hatred towards Windows, or any of it's products. Until now. It seems that windows is dominating the market. When I go to the local software store, too look at a new word processor I find interesting, the first thing I see is, "Windows 3.0 Product." Which to me, means, You can't use this product, unless you shell out $99 bux for windows. Not a problem, I just look for the DOS version. This used to work, but now, companies are starting to forget their DOS users, and are making products for WINDOWS ONLY. This I find upsetting. Such as Borland's recent aquirement of Ashton Tate. Rumors are now going around that Borland plans to drop support for the dos users, which would leave NON-windows customers like me, and many others, searching the market for a better program. This, in itself is upsetting enough. But reading an article on the Microsoft/IBM war, I see a small quote by Bill Gates. "We at microsoft have taken control of the low-range(Dos) and Medium range(windows) environments, while IBM has taken the High range(OS/2) environment." Many of you may look at this and say, So what?! But I do not. He is refering to those of us, who have the intelligence, and cleverness to use DOS, and saying we are LOW-range users! While windows users are concidered medium range. This makes little or no sence to me. How can a user who uses an environment such as windows, where all he does is use easy-to-understand mouse clicks, and neet little graphics for every command, be concidered a HIGHER range than those of us who take the time to learn how to REALLY use dos. Windows was modeled after the Macintosh, which was originally designed to give the user an easy to learn environment. This computer line was designed for the computer illiterate, and is now being considered a better class of users than those of us who actually have the competance to use command line programs?! Now, I understand that windows has neet little features such as being able to multi-task. But the same thing can be done in an environment such as DesqView. I am sure that there are many other users who dislike this simple approach to user interfaces. I find it utterly disgusting that my once high and mighty DOS machine, is being moved into the land of the MACS. If I wanted a Macintosh, I would have bought one. Should this trend continue, and dos-level programs become a thing of the past, I will not hesitate to drop my Dos in the garbage, and pick up a nice, cryptic copy of UNIX, or XENIX. So my words of wisdom to you corporate america, Forget not your "low-range" users, or they will forget you, and move on to a different line of operating systems, and companies. This is just my personal opinion. It may, or may not be the opinion of the members of FBI. But it is mine, and I intend to express it, and live by it. If you have an opposing opinion, concerning this, or any other topic, send it to me. If I get some letters of opinion, I will not hesitate to print them in a Letters To the Editors forum. -GarBleD uSer May your programs have the attention span of a four year old with hemmaroids. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- =- -= -= F.B.I Presents.. =- =- -= -= C Y B E R N E W S =- =- -= -= Bringing YOU the latest breaking news in the =- =- Phreaking, Hacking, Anarchy and Pirate worlds! -= -= =- =- Edited and Compiled BY The Sentinel. -= -= =- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- --==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==-- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=P I R A T I N G-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--== NOVEL DECLARES WAR ON PIRATES! BY: Garbled User Novell Inc. has incresed it's efforts to reduce piracy. Recently busting two BBSes for distributing copies of Novell NetWare 386 3.1.1, A program costing up to $10,000. Both of the BBSes were run in the california area. The Red October BBS in Walnut Creek run by Captain Ramius had ALL of the equipment for running the bbs taken away by the Novell agents with some help from federal marshals. The other BBS was The Original Wishlist in Redondo beach. A civil suit has been filed against Captain Ramius. This could mean up to $100,000 in fines. But luckily he WON'T be going to jail. We're all behind you Captain! In another report from the Software Publishers Association, a group that helps to lead the war on piracy, has stated that losses due to piracy have dropped. In 1989 an estimated 2.5 billion was lost to pirates, in 1990 only 2.4 billion. Gee guys, yer slaking off! Get with it.. ===---===---===---===---===---===---===---===---===---===---===---===---===--- =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=M A G A Z I N E S !-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= ===---===---===---===---===---===---===---===---===---===---===---===---===--- SPECIAL CUD ISSUE TO COME! BY: Garbled User I just spoke to tk0jut2 (The Cool dude who runs CUD), and I have a bit of news you all might be interested in. First, CUD 3.31 JUST came out. I can't wait to read it myself. Anyways, CUD 3.32 will be a SPECIAL cyberpunk issue! It will be out in about a week. Because they are taking a much deserved vacation. Soon afterwards, CUD 3.33 will be released. This will be one of their regular issues. Watch for it ! Copies of The Computer Underground Digest can be obtained at your local BBS, or at any of the FTP sites that carry FBI Presents! PHRACK RETURNS!! BY: Garbled User This is NOT a joke! Phrack is back. I recently spoke with a person with compiling the new issue. I was even offered a chance to write for them, so keep your eyes open. It is rumored to be Issue 1 Volume II, instead of following up from issue 32 where they left off. Look for it some time soon. ATI? BY: The Sentinel Have you seen the new one from ATI, Niether have I... Rumor has it that Activist Times Incorporated is no longer in existance. Anybody have any clues? This was learned from alt.society.ati due to inactivity... CYBERPUNK, CYBERSPACE, SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN? BY: The Sentinel In the most recent issue of Scientific American, you can find some VERY interesting articles on Cyberspace. As a matter of Fact, the entire issue is dedicated to the Cyberworld! Including interviews with LOD/H and their new company. Steve Jackson (Founder of STG) was interviewed about his ongoing case with the SS. Mitch Kapor wrote an article about his newly founded organization EFF. Make sure you pick up a copy of this Magazine.. You will find it very interesting indeed. ----====----====----====----====----====----====----====----====----====----=== ==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==--==- ====----====----====----====----====----====----====----====----====----====--- ******************************************************************************* FBI is ALLWAYS looking for more authors!! And more ways to become a better publication!! There are many things YOU can do, as a user.. to help us here at FBI. A) Send us your articles!! They can be on anyhting.. As you have seen, FBI supports Phreaking, hacking, and anarchy. We are also willing to support just about anything you send in! Send us in a carding file, we'll print it up!! The only reason this issue was mainly ANARCHY was the fact that I (GarBled UsEr) specialize in anarchy.. and I wrote most of these articles!! B) Say what!? You don't like the way we run FBI?!? Or even better.. you LOVE FBI and wish to shower us with praise and admiration!! Well.. for either of these.. get in contact with us!! You can allways MAIL us over the internet at the following address!! EIGHTS Put in the title who the message is for, It will be forwarded to the appropriate member. If it Is about an internet Subscription, Make the title "SUBSCRIPTION" and have the first line of your message the addresses that you want the issues forwarded to. I you want a certain issue, ask. We would be glad,and honored, to hear from you.. Whether it is praise, criticizm, or just plain hate mail.. We'd be glad to get it.. We want to improve the group in any way possible!! This can only be done with YOUR help! Also.. If you have an article for us.. MAIL it to us at these addresses!! We'll be SURE to get it.. and will be damn proud to put it in. Unfortunately.. we have a few rules concerning articles submitted to us. 1) No disclaimer is nessecary, as a general disclaimer will be put at the end of each newsletter! Putting a disclaimer in will just cause unneeded hassle for our poor editors. 2) In anarchy and Chemistry articles, all measurements must be in the following units.. or your article may not be accepted! Temperature - CELCIUS!! Distance - Meter(metric) Volume - Liter(metric) Mass - Gram(Metric) Please help us keep a standard in our newsletters by conforming to these standards.. If you wrote the file in english system originaly, please take the time to convert.. 3) Please submit only original articles, written by yourself(or copied form a book by you). Please do not submit articles that you also submitted to 12 different newsletters. If you send it to us, and follow these guidelines, it WILL be accepted. 4) Try to keep all Headers and credits to about 5 lines at the beginning and the end of the files.. This will keep our little publication neat for any of you readers Also.. If you would like a subscription to our publication.. Simply send us a message saying so. We are non profit, and therefore we will mail a printed copy of the newsletter out(prior to national release, so YOU are one of the first to get the issue!) postage due. This may sound like we are cheap, but this way nobody gets cheated, and we get to remain anonymous. Also.. we need your address to send you mail.. :) Don't worry, we will soon be getting a P.O. Box. Watch for it! F B I Thanks you for your support.. and we hope to bring you more quality literature in the future. Look for our future issues at these internet sites: or / / / -GarbLed UseR (Founder and Editor Of FBI NEWS!) Okay, here it is.. We know what you've all been waiting for! DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER DISCALIMER DISCLAIMER All information in the above files has been provided for educational use only and should not be used for other uses!! Should these files be used for any use other than the educational use intended, FBI is in no way responsible for any damage, or legal retribution that may occur to you or others. If you want to use these files to cause destruction or for illegal purposes, it is YOUR problem, and FBI WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DAMAGES INCURRED! ALSO!! MANY OF THESE FILES ARE VERY DANGEROUS!! I advise a basic knowledge of what you are dealing with before you go and fiddle with these toys(even though you ain't supposed to) If you get hurt.. don't Blame me. I cannot guarantee that all the info in these files has been tested, or is 100% accurate. Even though we try to be as accurate as possible, mistakes DO happen.. SO.. If you end up short a few appendages, in jail or whatever because of us.. It's YOUR fault.. Not ours. (Now the thrill is completely over.. What shall you do now?!) -GArbled usER Wasn't dat special?


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