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/ --- / | ///////////// ////////// //////////////// / | | | /// /// // // / |-| __ /// /// // // / | | | /////////// /// // // / |- /// ////////// // / |__ /// /// // // / /// /// // // / /// // ////////// // //////////////// // / Volume:001 / Issue:001 /--- \===================================/ Number of /-- reakers \ Founding Members / / Articles:011 / (ph) _ \------------------/ / Size of / \ \ GaRbLeD uSeR / Issue:0055k /--/ureau \ Halifax / /__/ \ The Undead Warrior / ---- \ Eights / / ncorporated. \ Kato / __/_ \ The Sentinel / ==================================\-----------------/ ASCII by GaRblEd UsEr INDEX: ##| Article Title | Author |Size| Content | --+------------------------------+---------------+----+----------| 01| Logo, Intro and Index | Garbled User |003k| Misc. | 02| Assination Made Easy | Garbled User |005k| Anarchy | 03| The Peanut Butter Bomb | Garbled User |001k| Anarchy | 04| The IMPROVED Carbide Bomb | The Sentinel |003k| Anarchy | 05| How to build a ROCKET Tube | Garbled User |010k| Anarchy | 06| Garage Gear Grenades | Garbled User |016k| Anarchy | 07| The Evolution of Cubes | Garbled User |004k| Humor | 08| How to Idiot Hack | Garbled User |003k| Hacking | 09| Mastering the Kermit Outdial | Garbled User |003k| Hacking | 10| Rules of Article Submission | Garbled User |004k| Misc. | 11| General Disclaimer | Garbled User |001k| EVIL!! | --+------------------------------+---------------+----+----------| Hello, And welcome to FBI's First Newsletter, FBI PRESENTS. We here at FBI Hope You like it. But before we begin, A little about FBI.. Editors : Garbled User and The Sentinel. Assistant Editors : Eights, Halifax, The Hackmaster. Date of National Release : 7/15/91 We are a group of Phreakers,Hackers,Crackers, Anarchists, and writers.. Basically our main purpose here is to inform.. We want to bring you the best information, as soon as we get ahold of it. We also believe that you, the end readers, users, and fans(hopefully!) are much more important than this group.. and We'll try to keep the egos under control(Ahem THG??). We also hope that you enjoy this newsletter. This will most likely be the shortest letter we put out, due to a cram for time and authors. Watch for our next 2-3 letters nearing the 2 meg mark.(They are currently in progress) Future Releases By the FBI The Complete Anarchist's Cookbook, all the pages, all the pictures!! The Manual of the Anarchist- A compilation of the worlds BEST anarchy files. The Poor Man's James Bond, also in it's entirety!! So besides those issues, we will mainly be presenting you with a good mix of files and ideas. Also.. we need authors, read article 10. FBI F(Ph)reaker's Bureau Incorporated - GarBled UseR/The Sentinel ASSASINATION MADE EASY By:GaRBlED UsEr PART I: The Beginning Ok.. So theres this guy who stole yer girlfreind, or beat up yer little sister, or something to that effect. What goes through you mind first? -Not WHY, not WHEN, not IF... But rather HOW should I kill him? Well, you could beat him up...naw...unoriginal. Plus you MIGHT get hurt! You could get yer 5 best friends, and beat him up. Nope, makes ya look wimpy. Well.. only one option left.. Assasinate him! How you say.. Well.. In the next few parts.. I'll tell you.. But Before I do.. READ THESE!! ========================= :THE ELEVEN COMMANDMENTS: : OF REVENGE from SCREW : : UNTO OTHERS by : : George Hayduke : ========================= 1) Thou shalt neither trust nor confide in anyone! 2) Thou shalt never use thine own telephone for revenge business! 3) Thou shalt not touch thine form of revenge! 4) Thou shalt become a garbage collector! 5) Thou shalt bide thy time before activating a revenge plot! 6) Thou shalt secure a "mail-drop" address in another city! 7) Thou shalt learn everything there is to learn about the vicitm! 8) Thou shalt pay cash all the time in a revenge plot! 9) Thou shalt trade with merchants who have never heard of you! 0) Thou shalt never threaten thy intended victim! !) Thou shalt not leave evidence lying around, however circumstantial. PART II: The Hunt Well, you know his name...that's a start. Now, as around about him. BE DISCREET!! Only ask CLOSE freinds.. or just kinda slip it into a conversation.. and sit back while people tell you all about him (especially his enemies!) Grab yerself a phone book.. Hopefully, you have a ROUGH idea where he lives.. Look him up.. and try to narrow it down. Ex- Yer huntin down a kid named Ralph Norwieg.. Well.. look up Norwieg.. WHAT?!! 30 entries.. Hmm.. he lives SOMEWHERE in liverpool.. that leaves 10.. Now call em all, and ask for Ralph, you should end up with one or 2.. with luck.. you can figure out which is him just by his voice.. Or a "POLL". "Excuse me, how many high school students live here?, and thier names?" (that one ALLWAYS works..) Now you know his Phone # and address... Now.. start planning... Step I: The LIE. Be REAL nice to him.. make freinds with him, tell him everything is forgiven.. Have one of your freinds threaten him, when they do.. jump in to "save the day". This will earn you his trust. Step II: The PLAN! Now.. First you need to decide an assasination method.. Hmm.. you could: -Poison his food -Blow his house up -Blow his car up O R Kill him(NOT advised.. VERY dangerous!!!) Ok.. Lets say you decide to poison his food.. Now, grab a vial of yer FAVORITE biotoxin, and eat lunch with him someday. Take him up to McDonalds.. Ask him "Tell me what you want, My treat.. just go find a table" You order his shit, and when NOBODY is looking, dump the little vial (MAKE SURE it is a POWERFUL poison.. so that it does NOT take much to KILL!!!) onto his food. Now.. This is VERY important.. Eat with him.. make sure HE gets the poisoned food(duh!) Don't act all jittery, or scared.. just act natural. Start a conversation even.. Sooner or later, the poison gets to him.. Now this is VERY IMPO!!!! Say ,no, YELL "OH MY GOD!! Ralph? Ralph?" (start shaking his sholder) "QUICK! Somebody call an ambulance!!, RALPH.. SPEAK TO ME!!,, Oh my god.. He didn't deserve to die" Make sure you show up at the funeral.. Cry alot.. bring lotsa flowers.. The cops will NEVER suspect you.. AND DONT brag about it!! Ya gotta act like yer best freind just died.. You even show the SLIGHTEST sign of hatered towards him.. yer toast. Even better, Use botulism.. WHy? IF it's a relative of yours, you can sue McDonalds while yer at it!! Don't like the poisoning idea eh? Well.. what was next on that list? OH Yeah.. Blow his house up. First off.. Timing is EVERYTHING.. You blow up his house while he's at school.. and, well.. that's just stupid. Actually.. The best thing to do is, call him up on the night of the bomb.. Ask him if he's doing anything that night. Talk to him.. blah blah blah. Keep the putz on the fone till he goes to bed. Then.. begin your plan. Point A. The more people who know what yer doing.. the bigger chance of a wimpout.. or a rat. Keep it to a FEW trusted freinds. 3 is a MAXIMUM! Point B. Hit about 2am. Give yourself enough time to be a couple miles away when it goes off.. an alabi helps. That should do it. Basically, Plant the bomb in a way you KNOW it will hit him. If his room is in the back of the house.. don't plant the bomb on the porch! Plant the devise AS NEAR TO HIM AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN!!! Even if it's enof explosives to blow up a city block. The only stupid assasin, is the one who is overconfident. Make sure you use a timer, you want an hour or two to get the hell away. Unless you intend to use a lightbulb, or sodacan.. or similar device.Follow these steps..and the basic rules of non-stupidity(threats are DEFINATELY OUT!) and you will have done a good deed for society.. the destruction of another dork. SO... the putz has a car eh? WELL.. this one is SIMPLE! Simply get yourself a nice fused explosive.. put it NEAR the passenger area of the car.. tie the fuse around the exaust manifold. And.. when your unsuspecting target drives to school.. he will hit the sky halfway down the highway. Ain't Death Grand???! Well.. this WONDERFUL file of destruction was brought to YOU by... GaRbLed UseR. Making your world more fun to live in.. not neccesarily SAFE.. but fun! (c) 1999 Garbled User All rights beaten over the head with a stick. FBI Yes.. from the WONDERFUL idea of the gerbil feed bomb comes...... The Peanut Butter Bomb. I was inspired by Acid Reign to write this file.. Bravo Acid..! Possibly you've heard of the almighty gerbil feed bomb. Well.. this is a variation of that WONDERFUL anti-personnel device. WHAT YOU NEED: -1- Jiff Peanut butter Jar.(NOT PLASTIC!) - - Gasoline - - Some gunpowder.(empty a few shotgun shells) -1- Model airplane glue. - - Sugar. -1- Fuse.(any type except electric) -1- Psychotic tendency. Ok.. Mix the gunpowder with the sugar in a 10:1 ratio. Then add enough model glue to thoroughly coat the mixture. Mix the glue and the mixture so that the newly formed mixture becomes VERY sticky. Half fill the peanut butter jar with this. Now, add the gasoline. Fill the jar the rest of the way up. Close the jar. Shake vigorously(not TOO vigorously!). Now drill a hole in the lid. Put the fuse in the jar. Light the fuse. And unless you are quite a far way away from this little toy when it explodes.. prepare to die. The only drawback to this bomb is.. if you add the gasoline a while before you set the bomb off, it may jam up. Of course.. you can overcome this by pouring the gasoline in JUST before you plant the bomb. This bomb will have about 2 - 10 times the power of the gerbil feed bomb. HAVE A BLAST! (literally) (c) 1999 GarBlEd UsEr All rights blown to hell. How to make a SAFEer Carbide Bomb! by Sentinel Ever make a carbide bomb and have it go off in yer face? Yes, No?. well, here'sa REALLY simple way to do such that is so mind bogglingly obvious i'm suprised I didn't read it elsewhere (yep, an FBI first!) First: i'll tell you how to make a regular Carbide bomb, and also explain why they suck. First off, go somewhere and TRY to get some Calcium Carbide. Now this is sometimes called "Lantern Fuel" They always say that you can get it in any hardware store... WRONG you'll end up looking like an asshole "Duuh, got any " Sometimes you can get it in "Hickville" hardware stores... (if the guy behind the counter is wearing Flannel, has a sunburnt neck, and has a beard, chances are, yer in hickville) another possible location is "Spieleology" shops (people who climb in caves) ask fer lantern fuel, you can usually buy it in "Economy Size" (ie: enough to blow the hell outta city block) The only place I seem to have found it is in the closet marked "Danger chemicals, Do NOT enter" in the science labs. it will look like gravel with brownish powder. and will smell like pig shit. Take a bottle, put a bit of water in it (about a third to half of the bottle) then place a handful of calcium carbide in the bottle (1 handful per 1/2 litre or an average "Soda bottle") Unfortunately as soon as the Calcium Carbide (i'll call it CC from now on cause i hate to type as much as you hate to read) AS soon as the CC hits the water it starts reacting, forming a gas not unlike acetylene (the stuff in cutting torches) now, this stuff spatters all over yer hands, clothes, the floor, and if you cap it (if you can manage) it blows up almost instantaneously. Ruining yer complexion. Yes now you can have the really improved Sentinel Version! take the bottle, and get yer normal run of the mill balloon, ie: the things you fill with water and throw out windows of cars. Take the water balloon and stick it on the end of a faucet just like you would for a water balloon, now slide the bottle opening over the balloon. THEN fill it with water. once there is sufficient water (ie: 1/3 to 1/2 of the bottle size) tie the water balloon (which SHOULD be inside the bottle) now take the CC bomb to wherever you want it, and throw the CC in, then cap it. if you notice the thing does NOT spurt out, because the water is in the balloon. Now, shake the bomb until the balloon breaks, then set it down (you have approximately 30 seconds before you hear a BOOM! and shattered glass goes flying about 20 feet.) what's really fun, is arm it (fill the balloon, add CC and cap but do NOT shake it) then tape it to the bottom of a gas tank on a car, or any other vehicle, or just toss it in the back of a truck. Eventually the balloon will rupture from either the knocking around it gets or the reaction of the CC and the small amount of water that always seems to get in the jar. For added excitement, leave a burning rag nearby or pour napalm on the bottle and light it (napalm = gasoline + lots of styrofoam peanuts) you'll get a HUGE fireball. REMEMBER: FBI takes no responsibility for anything you do anytime, EVER. So be careful. And if yer gonna put it on someones doorstep and ring the bell... Make sure its someone you REALLY hate, cause at close range, this will REALLY fuck someone up. Brought to you by , *****{================- ' the Sentinel Garbled User and the F. B. I. Present... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~Rocket Tubes and YOU!~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This file will tech you the basics of building, loading and using the dreaded rocket tube. This is one of the militant's most powerful devices!! The rocket tube is a simple device that will let you destoy things at extreme distances with relative ease! This desturctive mechanism allows the roving anarchist to take buildings, low flying aircraft, doors, and even people out from afar. Interested yet?? Well read on.. The rocket tube can be easily manufactured by taking a few trips around town.... A working knowledge in Model Rocketry will help you VERY MUCH! The better you are at rocket building, the more accuracy and power your tube will have! You will need: ----------------------------------------------+-------------------------------- | |Estes Rocket engines..(or any other brand) | These can be any size except | | | |mini, depending on the range. | | |Some basic rocket building equipment. | Tubes,nose cones, fins, ect. | | |Gasoline | Boom! | | |Model Cement | See above note! | |1|Shotgun shell and small nail(optional) | Used to set off bomb | | |Gunpowder | BOOM! | |1|A long metal tube. About 2 1/2-3 inches | This is the tube. | | |in diameter.. and about 2-3ft long. | | | |A small wooden handle |Take a guess! | |2|Wood screws |to hold the handle in | | |Basic assembly tools, glue, screwdriver ect|duh! | |1|Dowel about 1/8th inch diameter,3 1/2ft.lng|DOwel for rocket tube. | ----------------------------------------------+-------------------------------- Now here's a nice diagram.. ------------------------------------------------------------ open | | closed end end | | <---- --->| | | | | | ------------------------------------------------------------ \ \ \ \ \ \ \_______\ The back end should be TOTALLY sealed.. unless you want your face ripped apart. a blast shield around the front end made of sheet metal would also be a good idea! But is not nessecary if you put the handle farther back. NOTE- the farther back the handle is.. the harder it will be to keep the rocket straight.. and your accuracy will suffer considerably. Now.. the rocket is simple to construct... just build a basic rocket.. Now, cut the fins in a manner as shown... ______________ / / / / / / / / ------------------------------- --------------- | ------------------------------- \ \ \ \ \ \ \_____________\ The total width of the rocket(with 4 fins!) should be equal to the diameter of the rocket tube.. sand them off so they fit nicely. Now put the little straw on the side of the rocket. find yourself a long piece of metal, round and thin.It must be able to fit into the little straw on the side of the rocket, and should be 3 inches longer than the rocket tube. Put the metal piece through the straw, and fit the rocket into the tube.. You need to secure the metal dowel in a place in the sealed end of the tube. this will serve as a guide for the rocket. It may be easier if the seal on the back is removable, or at least seal it on AFTER you put the dowel in. The entire tube, dowel and all should be greased smooth, all throughout the inside. This will insure a smooth launch. Now.. to build your rocket.. I will give a distance estimation based on some estes charts, and personal knowledge.. Engine size | horizontal range | verticle range | --------------------------------------------------- A8-3 | 200-400 ft | 200-600ft | b6-4 | 300-600ft | 300-900ft | C6-5 | 350-1000ft | 400-1450ft | d12-5 | 600-1500ft | 800-2300ft | (the best! most advised) you will want to select your engine depending on the range of the target. Also remember.. these are MUCH heavier than normal rockets.. it is not advised to aim low!! aim just high of your target, depending on the distance.. For very long distances.. aim at a 30-45 degree angle.. Practice makes perfect. Practice with wieghted down duds before you go indiscriminatly blowing up nuke plants.. A normal rocket is made with recovery wadding, and a nice little parachute.. Fuck these.. This should be made the following way. A)Take 1 paper towel.. soak it in gasoline.. B)Take 1 paper towel.. soak it in battery acid, and muriatic(HCL)acid. let dry (optional ^^^) C)Mix gasoline and gunpowder in a 3:1 ratio.. disolve thouroughly. Soak 2 paper towels in this and let dry. Now take your tube and do the following.. --------------------------------------------------------------------- nose || gunpowder | C | B | A |engine --------------------------------------------------------------------- (a,b,c correspond to the steps listed above) Now, there are two ways to build this rocket.. 1) Rocket will fly until out of fuel and then explode..(can be delayed) this is good for kiling people, scare tactics, and airplane destruction. 2) Rocket will run out of fuel, engine will eject.. and will explode on impact. The uses for this are obvious, doors, cars, buildings, landforms(heh heh). For number one.. glue the nose cone on.. and launch(more on that later) For number two.. replace C with A. omit c and b. place a stopper about 1 inch thick in front of the engine. Glue this in.. fill the remaining space with more gunpowder. Now.. take the shotgun shell, and glue it in so that the primer faces out the front of the rocket. Drive the nail through the nose cone, so that the head of the nail is at the tip of the cone. Get some more tubing and.. ---b----------- a------ --c----------- ------- -------------- ---------------- a is the nose cone, b is the extra tubing, and c is where the shotgun shell is..the nail tip, sticking out from A should just touch the primer. put some glue around it to insure the placment. B should be glued around C. and A should have a very WEAK bond to b. When the rocket hits cone first.. the bond between a and b breaks. this causes the nail to break the primer, and set off the shell.. causing a VERY nasty explosion. Ok.. now the last part.. the engine... Take your engine.. and make a slow burning fuse... 15-20 seconds should be enough.. (depending on how fast you want the rocket going off).. Now.. Scrape a larger hole out of the clay in the back.(use a drill bit) FIll this with gunpowder and a fuse. place a little glue on the end to hold it all in. To launch.. place the straw(from the rocket) on the dowel(in the tube). Get a lighter.. Light the fuse. Tilt the tube back so the rocket falls back into the tube. DO NOT PUSH IT IN YOURSELF..(I shouldn't need to explain this one!) Aim the tube, and wait for the rocket to fire.. hold steady.. this mutha kicks one damn ass punch! Also.. wear goggles.. don't be an idiot. NOTE- The engine bit can also be done with the regular igniters from a rocket.. but remember.. they have a 50% failure rate.. so by gaining an electrical push button system.. you can lose your launch speed.. and possibly your life! What to use this for.. These rockets will be refered to as TYPE A (launch/explode) and type B (launch/impact/explode). Type a is normally used to cause a BIG fireball in the middle of nowhere.. but if launched into somebodies stomach.. can be quite cool! Also this type is used to blow up aircraft, due to the phenominal aim you would need to actually HIT the plane.. this can take it out as long as you get near the craft.. and time it right. These are also used to destroy crowds.. This tactic is quite deadly!Launching one of these into a crowd is like blowing up a bomb in the middle. These rocket tubes are comparable to RPGs and bazookas!! Type B is used to take out tanks, cars, doors, buildings and other assorted non moving objects. The explosion from type B is MUCH bigger than a.. but will not travel as far! Type B can also be used to set off a pre-planted explosive somewhere by aiming at the general vicinity. So.. when you've got a big gang fight to go to.. and your out numbered 10:1.. bring good ol Nellie the RT along.. when they see a rocket shoot out of that tube and blow up the swingset.. they'll run like hell!! Or maybe your fighting a civil war... playing war games.. or whatever.. Just remember.. This was brought to YOU by the FBI.. and GarbLeD USeR. Note- If the engine fires and the rocket does not leave the tube.. Chuck the tube .. and hit the deck.. you fucked up somewhere.. and the rocket will still explode!!! Also- These tubes are REUSABLE.. so you can make 400 rockets, and only need one tube... but try and re-grease it FREQUENTLY.. otherwise the above may happen to YOU! Also.. the first time you make this.. try it without the dowel in the middle.. sometimes it works better with, and sometimes better without. I suppose it depends on the quality of the rocket. This FBI paper was paid for, in part by a special grant from noone. Copyright 1999 GArbled UseR. All rights Blown to Hell. The SECRET of THE GARAGE GEAR GRENADES !!!!!!! And other assorted easy-to-do-detonations! Yes.. FBI and GaRbLeD UseR bring you another informing, wonderful article.. This article is based on the need for weaponry.. FAST, and cheap. Example 1- Your house is surrounded by urban terrorists, they want your girlfriend to come out, naked, with her hands up. What do you do?? Example 2- Your nextdoor neighbor has noticed a few STRANGE smoke clouds coming from your home, and has decided to call the Feds. Too bad you have 30 kilos of coke stashed under your bed. WHat to do???! Example 3- Your best freind has been taken hostage by the KGB, and is being held in a warehouse 1000 ft. away. He has 30 minutes to live.. No car, No ready made weapons. WHAT WILL YOU DO?!?!? Well.. aside from the corny examples, you pull out this article. How will this ASCII save your best friend from the KGB? Easy, It teaches you a simple fact. That every household in america contains enough explosives to detonate a city block. No way.. uh uh.. you say.. Well... READ ON!! BTW-A few of these were taken from other authors to make this file more complete.. The author is listed underneath the title. Special Thanx to Acid Reign and BIOC 003 for being great role models.. The Gerbil Feed Bomb BY:Acid Reign This is a simple weapon.. Have a pet? Small rodent perhaps?? Modeling Cement?? EVEN better! Great, now get some gasoline, a glass jar, and a wick. (See later text for how to on wicks!) Take the glass jar, Powder up the pet food, (preferably green pellets but the little cylindyrs do nicely) Now take the modeling cement.. POUR it in. Mix thouroughly.. Now that you've TOTALLY emptied about 2 glue containers into the mixture. Fill the rest of the bottle with gasoline.(did I forget to mention the gerbil feed should only about half fill the container?) Shake. Now take Mr.Wick Put it in through the top. Light, run, hit the dirt!!! VERY powerful.. one went off in Beirut and killed 57 people!! The BIC BomB! BY:Garbled User This is a very simple, and powerful grenade, and can be made MORE powerful with some BB's and glue. Take a lighter, preferably with LOTS of fluid.(BIC disposable) Pull the metal thing off the top, now pull the little wheel out. Optional:Coat with glue and roll in BB's! Now.. Light the little plastic bits at the top(heat until they bubble!) and THROW!! Should make a nice BIG fireball. If you included the optional step watch your opponents die from a shotgun-like blast! Generic Pipe Bomb By:Garbled USer This simple bomb can be made many many wayz!! 1) FIll with assorted explosive powders(match heads, Rocket Engines, rust, aluminum powder, or whatever else you have laying around that looks deadly!) 2) Same as method 1. Omit the part about drilling the hole for the fuse. simply fill a MR. COFFEE filter with DAMP Nitrogen Triiodide(discused later) and put in one(or both) end(s) of the pipe. Unviel,throw, Enjoy! 3) The ol' Gunpowder and wick works too.. but can be donw with shotgun shells too!! Exploding Arrows By:Garbled User Another simple bomb. Get the following. Shotgun primer(from UNFIRED shell) BB. Glue. Bow Aluminum arrow. Gunpowder. Fill the arrow with gunpowder. Glue the primer to the end of the arrow. Glue the BB to end of the primer. Shoot at your intended enemy. Watch him die in pain as the arrow explodes! This also tends to produce millions of little shards of aluminum, which can be quite deadly when accelerated(say,.. by an explosion). (as allways, gunpowder can be replaced by many other things..) Gunpowder Replacements (for the anarchist in a jam for time) BY:Garbled User Simple replacements for gunpowder. Rocket engine powder(ground up) Ground up match heads Emptied out bullets and shells. Emptied out Bottle rockets and other assorted fireworks. These replacements will do nicely in a REAL jam. And even when you have the right equipment.. Most of these work equally or better than the real thing. Except maybe the match heads.. they have a knack for being more like flash powder.. but are still comparable!! Quick Wicks BY:GArbled uSer These wicks aren't the best.. but do OK in a jam. Take any burning string(except nylon, if it melts when burned, it's nylon!) Get some acetone(nail polish remover) and gunpowder(or ground up charcoal if in a SERIOUS jam. (you is bummin!) Mix in 1:1 ratio. Dip string in mixture. Let the ACETONE soak in for awhile. Let dry. Repeat about 10 times. This should give you a VERY NICE WICK!! Blast Oil BY:Garbled User This is a strange liquid.. Take a Plastic peanut butter jar,(or any plastic jar) Fill up with half nail polish remover and half 99% iso-propyl alcohol. Either- A) Ignite mixture, run fast B) Ignite bottle, throw fast C) Pour on target, Light and run fast!! if used properly.. it sometimes has a nasty property of causting the entire mixture to become gaseous.. INSTANTLY.. this can cause a TREMENDOUS exlosion!! One note.. Try to get 99% pure Iso-Propyl Alcolhol.. The lesser the purity, the lesser the chance of explosion.. Same with the acetone! BE CAREFUL!! Force Grenade BY:GArbled User This little bastard will blow just about anyone 30-100 feet back!! Can cause a car to nearly flip over.. and can cause almost nuclear damage to a window! Simply Grab the vineger, grab the ol ARM and HAMMER baking soda. Take a cheap plastic bottle(2 liter is good). Take some paper towels.Fill them with alot of baking soda. Wrap them VERY thoughroughly(but small enof to still fit thru the neck of the bottle). FIll the bottle about 60% up with vineger. TAke the baking soda rolls you made(about 10) and drop them in. then just close, and throw.. FAST!! The reaction causes a HUGE amount of CO2 gas to be produced.. causing a BIG BOOM! You can ALSO use a glass bottle, which will create MANY nice, sharp glass shards! Which function nicely as an anti-personel device. Death Grenade BY:Garbled User This is the same as a force grenade, except the minor fact that it releases a cloud of poison gas SO deadly it will kill just about anyone nearby! (not to mention the sheer power of the bomb!) Just replace the Arm-n-hammer with any ammonia containing liquid (ammonia Water works the best (ammonium hydroxide)) Replace the vineger with a chlorine containing liquid, like industrial strength chlorine bleach. Ever wonder why they allways tell you not to mix the two?? Now you know.. they produce chlorine gas. heh heh.. This will produce QUITE a blast.. and a green cloud that will sweep a city block.. so try not to be downwind of the bomb!! It will also take longer to explode..So you have more time to throw the grenade.. BUT Don't be thinking... "Gee, I have all the time in the world.. I think I'll have a few cigs before I throw this" Or you will end up looking VERY dead. By more time I mean about 10- 15 more seconds added to the safety margin before the thing HAS to be thrown! Another STRANGE thing you can do with this one is, tie a turpentine soaked rag around the bottle.. (DO NOT LIGHT) This will react with the chlorine, and catch on fire, releasing TONS of black smoke.. and an interestingly noxious smell.. which is also probably very dangerous. (No I'm not sure.. Would YOU stand near a death grenade to find out whether or not it was deadly??) Fire Grenade BY:Garbled User Quite simple. Same as above two. Use Calcium Carbide and water. Harder to do because CaC2 is NOT usually a houshold chemical.. Unless your wife is a speliologist. Now.. Simply tie a gasoline soaked rag to the bottle, light, throw.. run. SHould make a nice, big.. powerful blast.. emitting a HUGE fireball!! This should be used with a glass bottle, be advised.. if you throw the bottle to hard.. it will break, causing a not-so-awesome explosion.. Of course.. when using glass you could allways cushion the outside! All of these should be thrown as soon as they are closed.. The gases they produce are quite harmful.. and being nearby when one explodes is ALLWAYS a bad idea!! Propane/Butane Bomb BY:Acid Reign. Also added to by GArbled User Well, this bomb was constructed by us in an attempt to not only make an antipersonnel device which was easy to construct, but also to create the biggest fireball that the world has ever seen. So, you get the power of pure butane, with the added advantage of simplicity in construction...have phun! 1. A Cannister of Butane Fuel: Easy to obtain, this can be found at just about any good drugstore, certainly at a hardware store. 2. Gun Powder: See above. 3. Plastic Container: Preferably a TupperWare-(tm) glass, as it will both melt away and explode, while glass will shatter with heat, and metal will not explode. 4. A Fuse: You can buy these in places, but if you don't want to go thru the hassle, simply rub model glue all over a string, it'll work just as well. 5. Masking Tape: Or electrical tape, or cellophane tape, or whatever kind of tape that you've got lying 'round the house. Assembly 1. Fill the plastic container with 1/4 to 1/2 inch of powder. 2. Center the butane in the container, atop the powder. 3. Fill the rest of the container with powder, around the butane. Pack it down -- lightly, just so that it fully fills in the container. 4. Insert the fuse at least 1/2 inch into the powder, and pack the surrounding powder as in step 3. Seal the top of the container around the butane with a small covering of masking tape. 5. Plant the device in a target area. 6. Light the fuse, and... 7. RUN LIKE HELL!! 8. (Detonation): If this is done correctly, and you get well out of range of the fireball, the immediate, (and non-immediate), area will be "up in smoke," persay. A Diagram of Proper Construction __| Butane | / | Cannister | >*< _ / | | | / \ _| |_ __| Tape | | Bomb |______| / \ / | Covering | | Fuse | _|_| |___/ |.|.| |.:.| |:|:|_______|:.:|_ |.|.| |.:.| \ |:|:| RONCO |:.:| \__| Plastic | |.:.|_______|.:.| | Container | |:.:| |:.:| |.:.| |.:.| |:.:| |___|______| Notice the "designer" | |_:.|_______|.:.| | butane fuel, here! | | Gun |__/|:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:| | Powder | |_______________| Acid Reign - and - Riff Raff ______________________________________________________________________________ Now for the Garbled User enhancements!!! Use propane instead of Butane. Use an oxygen tank along with the butane/propane.(BIG WHITE BOOM!!) Ever see those HUGE propane canisters used in outdoor BBQ's? Get the idea?!? No oxygen tanks?? Use Whipped Cream(in the spray container) No butane/propane?? Use WD40 or other aerosols!! (WD40 and other lubricants are the best tho) All of these should make your little butane bomb capable of nuking a city.. Or.. just drop yours off by the local propane cylinder exhange at your corner store.. heh heh.. Of course.. there are those HUGE propane canisters.(6-20 ft long!!) those would be fun to watch. Nitrogen Tri-iodide. BY:Garbled User Simple enof. Take alot of ammonia water, mix with 3-4 bottles of iodine. Shake for 5 minutes. Filter through MR Coffee filter about 10 times. Let dry. A) You now have a crimson substance with explosive properties, and a nasty temper.. (Extremely shock sensitive) B) You may also use the liquid over again..(Re mix with iodine. make more!!) You have a virtually endless supply, as long as you have Iodine bottles, you have explosives!! PeroOxyacetone BY:GArbled User A useful chemical. These aren't exact measurements.. but when you are in a hurry.. you could care less. 50/50 Acetone/Hydrogen Peroxide. add 10 drops Muriatic(pool) acid. Have fun with white filtrate.The Filtrate is somewhat SHOCK SENSITIVE.. so be advised not to stomp on, hit, mutilate or whatever while in possesion. The main way of setting this off though is to use a wick, or fire of some sort.. I suppose it could be used as a replacement for gunpowder.. but I haven't tried. Also.. It usually takes a few hours to complete the reaction.. so be patient.. Try heating it in a 40C water bath.. that should speed it up alot! Tennis Ball Bomb BY:Acid Reign SImple enof. Take tennis ball, strike anywhere matches, gunpowder. Cut the heads off the matches. Open up the tennis ball. Fill the tennis ball with those match heads. Pour in some gunpowder for kick. Seal the hole up with rubber cement and duct tape.. Throw at your enemy(very hard!) watch fun as he dies!! These little pukes are quite powerful.. but take QUITE a shock to set off! My advice is to practice your pitching skills before taking on an enemy with these.. or you could end up dead, and laughed at. Also.. NEVER SQUEEZE!!!! One time we moved a 50 lb park bench about a foot with one. Imagine the fun you could have, if you made a HUGE batch of these, got a car, and one of those nice MR. TENNIS PRACTICE SERVERS. You know.. The ones that shoot tennis balls out at high speeds for court practice!! You could take out a fucking niegborhood!! Basic Moltov Cocktail BY:Garbled User 60% oil, 40% gasoline. Wine bottle filled with mixture,rag soaked in mixture. Cork. Put rag in bottle, so most of it sticks out. Cork the bottle. Light the rag. Throw at intended target. The bottle will break, releasing the oil/gas mixture. The burning rag will ignite this, and the whole area will be covered in fire! Now to have fun, replace oil with styrofoam!! NOW watch the fun when it explodes!! Of course you could allways use Blast Oil instead of gasoline.. :) Spray Bottle Flamethrower. BY:GArbLed UsEr Even EASIER.. Get one of your nice little spray bottles,(mom or wife uses them to water houseplants). Fill with one of many liquids.. * Blast Oil * Gasoline * Ethyl or Iso-propyl Alcolhol Boiling Water Ammonia Water Chlorine Bleach * Naptha(lighter fluid) Drano(or other like fluids) * Nail polish Remover Now.. If it has an asterick beside it.. SImply pull out MR lighter, and hold in front of the blast! Turn to MIST for a deathly fireball, or STREAM for a nice line of deadly fire! For the other liquids, ALLWAYS USE STREAM!! TRy to aim for the face. If you can hit the eyes, any of these are guaranteed to blind the enemy. No spray bottles?? Look under the sink.. Maybe a WINDEX bottle, OR.. if you have children.. a squirt gun will do nicely. Be warned! Many of these liquids will eat through plastic! So if your weapon catches on fire.. THROW! Do not attempt to put it out! Also try and use them quickly.. or you may end up covered in DRANO! (The tip of the weapon will occasionally catch on fire.. this is OK.. but be careful and put it out.. the tip may melt.. and you is toast when it does!! Quick formula for HIGH EXPLOSIVES! BY:GArbled USEr Quite easy. 88% Ammonium nitrate 12% Charcoal powder. (See below on how to get Ammonium Nitrate) So.. as you can see.. The modern anarchist is supplied with what he needs, by the very entity he uses it to destroy! In a single house alone.. there is probably enough explosives to take a nice big building down! By simply walking down to the corner store.. many more are found.. Butane fuel, fireworks...alcolhols.. the whole bit! Your local hardware store sells nice stuff like aluminum powder, toulene(!!!!) and pipes! Plus other assorted goodies if you know what to look for. The grocery store has even MORE! Instant cold packs. They are just water and AMONIUM NITRATE!! heh heh.. I need say no more. So.. my advice to you, the budding young anarchist... Go to your favorite store.. Read lables.. If it sez DO NOT MIX WITH blah blah. MIX IT!! If it sez to keep away from fire, drop a match in it. Look for your neccesary anarchy ingredients in your favorite products.. and if you are lucky enough.. You may find EXACTLY what you were looking for! This has been another GArblEd UsEr / FBI presentation!! 1999 FBI. All Rights Systematecly Destroyed. 14:33,7/8/91 Ibid. T H E . FBI P R E S E N T S . . . The Evolution Of Cubes. Oh no.. This is exactly what you are thinking to yourself as you read this.. Not ANOTHER F.B.I paper!! Spare me.. Heh heh heh.. It's too late!! You've allready read the title.. You are doomed to continue now. You may have learned about evolution in biology, or possibly from a local fanatic. But they never told you the truth... What ALL scientists fear... The Cube Theory. Yes. over the years, the inane theory has been put down, over and over.. mainly by evolutionists that fear the truth.. But now the theory has been revised, and the street clinics, and back alley liposuctions can come to an end now.. Yes.. the theory is being made public.. By your socially concious freind at the F.B.I. GaRbLeD uSeR.. ============================================================================= | "Billyons and Billyons of people hate this theory!" -Carl Sagan, infidel. | ============================================================================= Millions of years ago.. a small spark began on the earth, who knows what caused it.. Some say blind luck. Others argue supernatural interference. But only the cubists can explain this theory.. We must go back, 20.. no.. 30.. 40 billion years. The Big Bang. This event has still mystified scientists and dope addicts alike for many years now. But this.. is the answer to the cube theory. It is thought that at this time, a black hole of tremendous mass, existed, and it's own great mass caused a mighty catastrophic explosion. Giving birth to Galaxys, Stars, Planets, Landforms.. and later, curious little beings who like to discuss trees. This has always been refuted by the simple question, "What was there before the big bang??" To find this answer, go to your local Post office. Yes.. just a day ago last year, the Wonderful U.S. Postal service lost my package. I spent over a hundred dollars mailing 19 cubic meters of lead to my freind as a birthday present. The post office lost it. HOW could ANYONE, even one as incompetent as a post office employee, loose 19 cubic meters of LEAD?! The answer came to me today. It was sucked into a space time vortex, and landed in the past.. 40 billion years in the past to be specific! See the tie. The universe began due to the hard, dilligent work of our US postal service men and weomen. If it wasn't for their contstant incompetence, and lack of common sence, the universe would not exist today. oops.. Back to the story. As I was saying, this huge cube of metal JUST happened to land on an energy fluxuation. This energy compressed the cube to the size of a cat. Then the energy began to take the form of the cube, and the cube was replicated, and this was repeated, over and over. Soon the mass became tremendous, and the entire cube collapsed upon itself. A great explosion soon followed. This was the fabled Big Bang. Soon the stars were formed, and our little sun came to be. And what a nice sun it is. This gave birth to a world, full of little beings, that would soon fufil their niche in the universe, to create it. Should this world have been destroyed before the completion of my task.. we would never have existed. You can thank me later. So next time you see that postal service worker walking down the street, stop him. Thank him for your existance. If he weren't so incredibly stupid.. you wouldn't be around! Don't let the Trees getcha! No.. I won't let you... AIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! How could you!!.. It's all over.... I depart.. from the realm.. of the sane.. Like I was ever a member! HA.. send your pencils to The foundation to help gArBleD UsEr. Don't hesitate!! Call now!! You can help, melt a mind! GARBLED user and the FBI Present.. How to Idiot Hack. Say what?? You want into your fave unix,vax, or whatever system.. but you don't have an account? Well you could allways BRUTE FORCE hack an account.. But this is a waste of time.. and most times doesn't work.. Instead.. you IDIOT hack.. Yes.. the sad truth about users of School Mainframes is.. They have no idea what they are doing! All you need is a list of accounts on the system you hope to hack.. Ask around to the local hackers.. maybe they have a few.. or if you can get in.. you've got it made.. Simply. more /ect/passwd this will show you the ENTIRE userlist for the system. capture this.. Now hangup and logon again.. Take the first account and go to the login prompt.. (I will use Unix for an example here..) Login:gwbempky Password:......... Well.. what do you do?? You need a password.. It's actually quite simple.. 90% of the users have the SAME PASSWORD AS THIER LOGIN NAME. So.. just go down the list, pump int the user name , then pump it in again for the password. I guarantee you will get at LEAST 1-10 acounts that way.. simply find one that hasn't been used in a LONG time.(It will tell you the last login when you logon) Now type passwd or something like that and commendeer the account.. Or to make it last longer.. just leave it alone and try to erase all traces of your existance. Chances are the user is a fool, so you can trick him with simple things like hidden dirs! just type mkdir .programs this will create a dir named .programs that will only show up if the user typed ls -lt * This system is PROVEN to work.. I have found 10 out of 15 attempts to work!! After that.. it got so hilariously funny I couldn't continue and just comendeered one. So.. Get a userlist.. and HACK!! HACK HACK HACK!! And enjoy your new UNIX/VAX/WHATEVER accounts! (c)1999 Garbled User/ FBI All Rights Found Guilty Of Treason In a Court Of Law Brought to you BY>>>>>> GaRbLed UsEr Founder of F. B. I. The art of outdial..! So you logged on to your local shitty unix system.. And after the initial Excitement of hacking an account...and FPTing around the world..Impressing your freinds by telling them you called Finland yesterday(too bad it was FTP), Using yer SENDMAIL and the usenet... Now WHAT... about the only thing you can do is get X rated gifs from italy.. Right??? WRONG... The unix system is EVERY Hackers/Pirates DREAM!! Why you ask? Well.. simple... imbeded DEEP in the code for KERMIT..(that horrid UNIX transfer protocal) Is a VERY nice function.. dial YEs.. YOu can call your favorite BBS (Like The Realm Of Nihilism!) at about 9600 BPS.. regardless of your modem speed.... AND It's all charged to the UNIX SYSTEM!! Now.. to find out if your host has this feature enter Kermit, and type "?" If it sez dial.. you are in BUisiness!! Simply type the following commands.. help dial help set line help set modem help set speed this should give you an idea of what yer up against. First thing to do.. is to set the modem.. type set modem ? this will give you a nice list of modems to chose from.. you should choose Hayes.. this is usually the best.. Now type set line ? this will tell you what to set the line to!! In my case I have to CWD to /dev then type set line tty Now type set speed to whatever value. YOU have an outdial!! Now type dial 13156560846 this will dial the Realm Of Nihilism.. if not.. you did something wrong.. after it screws around fer awhile.. type connnect at the prompt.. and there's yer terminal screen!! now download whatever you want..(AT 9600!!) and use the bbs normally.. now you can exit.. and download everything from your unix site using kermit(yuk!).. Slow.. but FREE!! BTW- I advise against using this feature if you have a legit account! the school may just BILL you!! ($953.45 for 34 calls to Syracuse NY) heh heh.. have fun.. and Thank GarbLed UseR for opening a new door in Pirating! GarBled UseR bids you farewell.. happy hacking.. -Avast ye Scurvy DOS.. Prepare to be boarded!!!! (C)1999 FBI All Rights Forfieted by The High Command. FBI is ALLWAYS looking for more authors!! And more ways to become a better publication!! There are many things YOU can do, as a user.. to help us here at FBI. A) Send us your articles!! They can be on anyhting.. As you have seen, FBI supports Phreaking, hacking, and anarchy. We are also willing to support just about anything you send in! Send us in a carding file, we'll print it up!! The only reason this issue was mainly ANARCHY was the fact that I (GarBled UsEr) specialize in anarchy.. and I wrote most of these articles!! B) Say what!? You don't like the way we run FBI?!? Or even better.. you LOVE FBI and wish to shower us with praise and admiration!! Well.. for either of these.. get in contact with us!! You can allways MAIL us over the internet at the following adresses!! EIGHTS HaliFax The Sentinel GArBlEd UsEr We would be glad,and honored, to hear from you.. Whether it is praise, criticizm, or just plain hate mail.. We'd be glad to get it.. We want to improve the group in any way possible!! This can only be done with YOUR help! Also.. If you have an article for us.. MAIL it to us at these addresses!! We'll be SURE to get it.. and will be damn proud to put it in. Unfortunately.. we have a few rules concerning articles submitted to us. 1) No disclaimer is nessecary, as a general disclaimer will be put at the end of each newsletter! Putting a disclaimer in will just cause unneeded hassle for our poor editors. 2) In anarchy and Chemistry articles, all measurements must be in the following units.. or your article may not be accepted! Temperature - CELCIUS!! Distance - Meter(metric) Volume - Liter(metric) Mass - Gram(Metric) Please help us keep a standard in our newsletters by conforming to these standards.. If you wrote the file in english system originaly, please take the time to convert.. 3) Please submit only original articles, written by yourself(or copied from a book by you). Please do not submit articles that you also submitted to 12 different newsletters. If you send it to us, and follow these guidelines, it WILL be accepted. 4) Try to keep all Headers and credits to about 5 lines at the beginning and the end of the files.. This will keep our little publication neat for any of you readers. Also.. If you would like a subscription to our publication.. Simply send us a message saying so. We are non profit, and therefore we will mail a printed copy of the newsletter out(prior to national release, so YOU are one of the first to get the issue!) postage due. This may sound like we are cheap, but this way nobody gets cheated, and we get to remain anonymous. Also.. we need your address to send you mail.. :) NOTE- Our internet accounts do not allow for the sending of mail outside of our system.. therefore it will be impossible to respond to your messages. So don't go around thinking we hate you because we never responded.. F B I Thanks you for your support.. and we hope to bring you more quality literature in the future. -GarbLed UseR (Founder and Editor Of FBI NEWS!) Also, You can now leave a Voice Mail Message for the FBI by calling our 24hr Voice Messaging Service! Dial 1-800-888-4615 Then dial 8+4425 Leave us a message!! Later Thanx Go To Undead Warrior for getting us that VMB 1 day before release date! DISCLAIMER DISCALIMER All information in the above files has been provided for educational use only and should not be used for other uses!! Should these files be used for any use other than the educational use intended, FBI is in no way responsible for any damage, or legal retribution that may occur to you or others. If you want to use these files to cause destruction or for illegal purposes, it is YOUR problem, and FBI WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DAMAGES INCURRED!! ALSO!! MANY OF THESE FILES ARE VERY DANGEROUS!! I advise a basic knowledge of what you are dealing with before you go and fiddle with these toys(even though you ain't supposed to) If you get hurt.. don't Blame me. I cannot guarantee that all the info in these files has been tested, or is 100% accurate. Even though we try to be as accurate as possible, mistakes DO happen.. SO.. If you end up short a few appendages, in jail or whatever because of us.. It's YOUR fault.. Not ours. (Sorry about that.. But you know how it is :) )


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