Area: BIOGENESIS Date: 24 Aug 94 08:16:34 Public To: Salvatore Pallotti Subject: Flood sta

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Area: BIOGENESIS Date: 24 Aug 94 08:16:34 Public From: John Brawley To: Salvatore Pallotti Subject: Flood stats On (20 Aug 94) Salvatore Pallotti wrote to John Brawley... SP> And there is one of the major flaws of the evolutionary "Model", SP> it runs contradictory to the Second Law of Thermodynamics! -- (*sigh*) I wasn't going to start (see other message), but it seems so obvious that the hydraulic ram water pump is a perfect illustrative example of what 'evolution' does, that I guess I _will_ start.... Here: the hydraulic "ram" is a very simple device, that pumps a little water (continuously) to a _higher_ level than the water 'head' used to drive it. It uses a lot of water (wastes it) in order to defy the _apparent_ "second law" argument. It works like this. ________water tank / / _________pool of water / \\ / \\ / \\ / \\ / \\hydraulic ram/ Now, the hydraulic ram has two valves, a little one and a big one. The big one is in the line from pool to ram, the little one in the line from ram to tank. Let's start with the water flowing down the big pipe from pool to ram: in the ram, there's a flapper valve that closes when the water rushing past it reaches a specified velocity. When it closes, the water rushing down the big pipe is _suddenly_stopped_. There inside the hydraulic ram, the water pressure suddenly goes 'way high (from being suddenly stopped inside the ram). This sudden high pressure forces a little squirt of water into the little pipe to the tank, through a second valve that is held closed otherwise by decently strong spring pressure. Now: almost as soon as the big-pipe water is suddenly stopped (but _after_ the little high-pressure squirt into the other line), the main (big) valve re-opens, because it has a much weaker spring that holds it open whenever the pressure goes low (because the water has stopped flowing). As it opens, the water from pool to (through, actually) ram begins to flow again, and to accelerate. As soon as this free-flowing water reaches the speed that 'catches the edge' of the big 'flapper,' it slams the flapper valve shut again, and the whole cycle repeats. The hydraulic ram is an _elegant_ little device, although it makes a constant "whap!......whap!......whap!" noise, a few seconds between "whap!s." I have seen one of these operating at a one megagallon per day spring, on my family's property in Centerville, Missouri, so we're NOT talking about a hypothetical device. The ram works _continuously_, it has only two moving parts (the two valves and their associated springs), and requires no driving power other than the water running down a pipe on a gentle slope. It is profligate in its use of the driving water, "wasting" about 90 to 95 percent of the energy in the water "head," but it creates a high- pressure driving (pumping) force that pumps water _much_ higher in the gravitational field than the driving force itself. It "violates" the Second Law of Thermodynamics....or does it? No, it doesn't. It just wastes a lot of energy to do a _little_ something that is opposed to entropy. Hence the hydraulic ram water pump is a decent model for energy use in the evolutionary process: it uses a lot of energy (sunlight falls continually on earth) to produce a small anti-entropic effect (evolution). A water wheel does a similar thing, "wasting" all the water falling over it in order to gat a little torque out of the waterwheel shaft. Hence _on_its_way_down_ from high-order to low-order, _work_ can be extracted. You can't get something for nothing, but you _can_ easily get a little bit of something for the expenditure of a whole lot of something else. Hydraulic rams are horribly inefficient, but they _work_ and they seem to oppose entropy (oppose the second law). Now: if the hydraulic ram is real (it is, and since I've personally seen one operating, I'd actually bank my _life_ on its reality), then where is the violation in any similar use of lots of energy to achieve a little anti-entropic effect, like 'evolution' does? Eh? So, as you see, evolution HAS NO THERMODYNAMIC PROBLEMS! J B InterNet: NETmail: Fido=1:100/435.1 Toad=86:8102/9.1 Family=8:3006/28.1 ... Copenhagenists don't do it unless somebody's watching.


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