Date : 25Apr93 10:42 From : Hector Plasmic To : Rev Ronnie Subject : Water in the ground H

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Date : 25-Apr-93 10:42 From : Hector Plasmic To : Rev Ronnie Subject : Water in the ground Here's some facts for you to "IS NOT!" at, Ronnie: "Most ground water is derived from rain and snow and other forms of precipitiation. There are several other sources, it is true. At the time when sediments were laid down on ocean or lake bottoms, water filled the spaces between the grains of material such as sand and silt. The deposits were transformed into sedimentary rocks in the course of the ages. Water was trapped in these rock formations and some of it still remains there. Ground water may originate, too, from the steam rising from magmas -- molten rock materials -- deep within the earth. But the water trapped in rock formations and that derived from magmas make up a very small part of the total quantity of ground water." ... "The character of the rock formations will determine how deeply surface water will penetrate into the ground. This represents the bottom limit of the zone of saturation. In some places it is several hundred feet below the surface; in other places, several thousand feet. At a depth of several miles the pressure of the overlying rocks is so great that there are no open spaces in the rocks. Therefore, their porosity and permability are nil." --The Book of Popular Science, vol. 8, pgs. 322 and 324


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