Atheists DO NOT state that nonintelligence can make something as complete as man. Your exa

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Atheists DO NOT state that non-intelligence can make something as complete as man. Your example is obviously based on the false premise that an intelligence is required to form life. It is simply your lack of knowledge of what processes transpire during the develop- ment of life that results in intelligence. To say that a monkey will somehow, in a random way, typeset the Gettysburg Address is absurd and a mockery of science. Energy form sun's UV rays (or lightning) | | | Ammonia----------> <----------Methane (NH3) | (CH4) | Hyrogen----------> <----------Water (H2) | (H2O) | | | Amino acids and other kinds of simple organic compounds such as formaldehyde (CH2O) | | | Aggregation and clumping | | | Cell-sized aggregates called coacervates | | Accumulation in ocean as a rich soup of organic molecules and coacervates | | Gradual acquisition of cell-like chemical charachteristics | | First primitive cells | | "Higher" evolution | | Plant and animal kingdom (no monkeys with typwriters yet)


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