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From: John Musselwhite To: All Msg #745, Oct-16-93 00:25:48 Subject: Geologic Timetable Hi All! This was posted in our local CALGARY echo and I thought some people might appreciate the cross-post. ---------------------------------------------------------------- CALGARY CHATTER From : Sid Lee 1:134/122 Mon 11 Oct 93 20:19 To : All Tue 12 Oct 93 01:13 Subj : Geological Time Scales ---------------------------------------------------------------- I promised last week to post answers to a question I posed at that time. The question was (paraphrased) "Without using a calculator, if the entire history of the Earth from it's creation approximately 5 billion years ago were represented in a length of time of 1 year, and if the human race became a recognizable entity approximately half a million years ago, when would that have been on our one year scale?" 5 billion years is 5 followed by 9 zeros (5*10^9) and half a million years is 5 followed by 5 zeros (5*10^5). So half a million represents 5*10^5/5*10^9 or 1*10^-4 or 1/10,000 of the total. 1/365 would be 1 day on our scale so we must be in Dec 31 somewhere! 1/1000 would be approximately 1/3 of a day (8 hrs) so we are after 16:00 hrs on Dec 31 and we still have another 1/10 to go! 1/10 of 8 hrs is less than an hour so our rough conclusion is that on our one year time scale compression mankind appeared shortly after 23:00 (11 pm) on December 31! Turning to the calculator we can refine this to 23:07! Here are some other interesting "markers" (times given are from the Canadian Global Almanac 1993 [with formation of the earth assumed at 00:00:01 on January 1]): Period Time Desc Scaled Time ------- ------- ----------------------------- ----------- Cambrian 575 Mil First Fishes appear and great Nov 20 development of invertebrates Ordivician 480 Mil Jawless fish. Algae become Nov 26 plentiful Silurian 435 Mil Coral, first amphibians, Nov 30 Forests of fernlike trees Devonian 405 Mil Oil & Gas formed, first insects Dec 2 Pennsylvanian 310 Mil Appalacian Mountains formed Dec 9 First reptiles Triassic 225 Mil Reptiles dominate the Earth Dec 15 First mammals appear Jurassic 180 Mil Dinosaurs achive largest sizes Dec 18 First birds appear Cretaceous 130 Mil Flowering plants appear, Dec 22 Dinosaurs die at the end Tertiary 65 Mil Mammals become common Dec 27 50 Mil Primitive apes, early horses Dec 28 and Elephants appear 27 Mil Flowering plants and trees Dec 30 resemble modern ones 1.5 Mil Early Humans reach Europe and Dec 31 North America Pyramids 5000 yrs Dec 31 23:59:29! Christ 2000 yrs Dec 31 23:59:48! Columbus 500 yrs Dec 31 23:59:57! Puts an interesting perspective on things does it not?


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