To : David Rice Received: 15 Oct 94 20:01 Subj: SCICRE FALSIFIED? * On 10071994, David Ric

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From: Joe Morlan Posted: 12 Oct 94 11:53 To : David Rice Received: 15 Oct 94 20:01 Subj: SCI-CRE FALSIFIED? ***** On 10-07-1994, David Rice wrote to Arthur Biele ***** DR> #1: =WHAT= "Creation Theory?" I have never seen, read, or DR> heard of one, Ahem. Here is version 1.1 ---------------------------------------------------------- THE LONG AWAITED THEORY OF CREATIONISM The theory of scientific creation states that all living species were created as they are now and all extinct species were created as they were then. The primary scientific evidence for creation is that species breed true. Species do not give birth to new species. Lizards beget lizards and amoebas beget amoebas. There is ample scientific evidence that species reproduce themselves. Note that this makes no unsupported assumptions, nor does it invoke any supernatural entities. The Theory of Creation is thus more parsimonious than the theory of evolution, which states that species evolve into new species, either suddenly or by gradual steps. The theory of creation goes beyond the phenomenon of evolution which is limited to such things as the development of disease or poison resistance via natural selection and differential reproductive success. But evolution, by definition, acts only at the level of a population (or deme) while Creation applies to the inter-population level. Natural selection reduces diversity within populations and does not predict or explain the diversity of life on the planet while Creation does. The fossil record is replete with examples of creation. New species appear, and life itself appears suddenly in the fossil record. Further research is needed to establish the mechanisms for these well documented examples of creation, but current theory holds that these creation events imply the existence of a Creator. Note that the existence of this Creator is a conclusion of the theory of scientific creationism and not a basic assumption or premise of it. Mechanisms of creation may include any natural mechanism such as allopatric speciation which result in new species. Isolation, genetic drift, and secondary contact are the most likely mechanisms of creation, although polyploidy and possibly other mechanisms may occur occasionally. Note that these mechanisms are not examples of evolution because they are not confined to changes in allele frequency within a population as required to be considered examples of evolution. GLOSSARY Creation - Any event resulting in new biological species. Creator - Any agent of creation. Evolution - A change in allele frequency in a population over time. Population- A group of interbreeding organisms. Species - A population of actually or potentially interbreeding individuals which are reproductively isolated from other such populations, and which occupy a specific niche in nature. Theory - A scientific formulation which is: 1. Guided by natural law; 2. Explanatory by reference to natural law; 3. Testable against the empirical world; 4. Tentative; i.e., not necessarily the final word; 5. Falsifiable" DISCUSSION The theory of creation makes a number of testable predictions. E.g. it predicts that life will be organized into discontinuous, reproductively isolated population (species). The Theory of Evolution makes no such prediction, and there is no a priori reason to expect life will be organized into discrete species. Furthermore the Theory of Creation predicts that there will be evidence of creation events. Such evidence is abundant in the fossil record with new species and life itself appearing at various strata. The Theory of Evolution makes no such predictions and fails to predict the occurrence of abiogenesis. In fact, a logical extension of the Theory of Evolution predicts that no evidence of abiogenesis will be found because all life is theorized to have evolved from pre-existing life. Thus it is Evolution which is falsified by the data, not Creation. The Theory of Creation is falsifiable. If it were found that life were not organized into discrete, discontinuous, reproductively isolated populations, that would disprove Creation. If evidence were found that life always existed, that would also falsify the Theory of Creation. I welcome suggestions for improvement.


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