To : All Subj: NEW THEORY STAY TUNED A new scientific theory that contradicts the widely a

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From: Bob Morse Posted: 5 Oct 94 03:51 To : All Subj: NEW THEORY - STAY TUNED A new scientific theory that contradicts the widely accepted fundamentals of Darwinian evolution, and that proposes an alternative explanation of the origin and diversity of life on Earth, will be announced by the theory's author some time next week (week of October 10). The theory, while obviously radical, appears to be rooted in sound scientific principles, and relies heavily on contemporary genome research and new research that characterizes DNA and gene structures at the molecular level. The author's announcement will be timed to coincide with the publication and release of a book-length articulation of the theory, and will take the form of a press release and a four-page synopsis (abstract) of the theory. We plan to upload both the press release and synopsis, as zipped ASCII text files (one *.ZIP file), to dozens of science-oriented and major commercial BBS's nationwide, beginning early next week. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, WATCH THIS SPACE FOR AN ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE RELEASE, AND A LIST OF BBS's WHERE YOU CAN FIND COPIES OF THE THEORY SYNOPSIS. My own involvement with the project is only as an editorial / PR consultant, so I'm not qualified to judge the scientific merits of the theory. But the author's credentials are impressive (Ph.D. in molecular bio & biochem, 12 yrs of genome research-- including 7 yrs at NIH and 3 more at Univ Wisc--and several publications in PNAS, J Molec Biol, J Biol Chem and other respected journals). And the theory itself certainly seems plausible (to an educated lay reader) and worth a good look. --- Maximus 2.01wb * Origin: The Deep-Sky BBS * (404)321-5904 (1:133/208)


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